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Mystery Crime and Suspense

Good Morning Fans, switching it up to Mystery and Suspense today! Don't forget to check out the Giveaway and very informative tab with Shannon Sonneveldt. We also have two events going on. Hidden Secrets by Angee Taylor Release party and Mohawk Moon Blog Tour by N Kuhn that will end with the Release Party for Storm of the Mohawk! 

Now, enjoy your freebies!

You Know Who I Am (The Drusilla Thorne Mysteries)
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Drusilla Thorne's husband Colin walks out on their marriage of convenience with style: he disappears right in the middle of their magic act. Before he vanishes, though, he steals a bracelet from her, a bracelet that could tip off the people who’ve been searching for Drusilla and her younger sister Stevie for years. Drusilla won’t allow that to happen.

When she finds Colin in Los Angeles, he’s dead. Before dying, he got the both of them involved in a nasty game of Hollywood blackmail. The investigating detective finds out her identity is as fake as her marriage was and he’s determined to find her guilty of something. Her lawyer might have more allegiance to the shadowy figure footing the bill than to her. And her sister does something Drusilla can only hope they live to regret.

Drusilla had better figure out who killed Colin before everything comes apart and the police figure out who she really is.

City of Light (City of Mystery)
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Set amid the glamour of Paris on the brink of La Belle Époque, City of Light is a tale of murder, mystery, and masks where no one is quite what they seem…

City of Light, the second book in the City of Mystery series, opens in 1889 Paris on the eve of the Exposition Universelle, the ultimate World’s Fair which debuted Edison’s phonograph, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and the Eiffel Tower. Detective Rayley Abrams has traveled from Scotland Yard to France to study the new science of forensics with the Parisian police. Lonely and awkward, Rayley easily falls under the spell of a beautiful British expatriate named Isabel Blout, a woman with a murky past and suspicious social connections. 

Paris may be abuzz with excitement, but there are also rumors that the Exposition is running out of money and that Eiffel may not finish his celebrated tower in time for the opening day celebrations. The French police are so eager to present a perfect image to the eyes of the world that when a most unusual victim washes up on the banks of the Seine, they literally keep the murder under wraps. 

Back in London, Queen Victoria has rewarded Rayley’s friend and rival, Trevor Welles, for his work on the Jack the Ripper case by naming him head of Scotland Yard’s first forensics unit. Trevor scrambles to assemble his team: Tom Bainbridge, an aristocratic young medical student, Emma Kelly, sister of the Ripper’s last victim, and Davy Mabrey, a bobby with profound common sense and a knack for earning the trust of witnesses. The unit is investigating a raid on a male brothel when an alarming telegram draws them to Paris and into the drama and intrigue surrounding the Exposition. But will Trevor and his team be able to unravel the web of deception in time to save Rayley?

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It’s 1934, the depth of the Great Depression, but business is good for Martin McDonough, a private eye who is in the right place at the right time. There are plenty of unsolved murders in St. Paul, a city with such a corrupt police force that it has become a haven for trigger-happy gangsters. McDonough is used to solving crimes the easy way, by persuading his copper pals to give him the low down. But when a newspaperman becomes the victim of a gang hit, and his pretty widow wants to know why, things get complicated. McDonough might end up dead, or worse yet, married.

Low Jinks on the High Seas
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After weeks of self-exile on Tortola, day-sail skipper Captain Brian returns to St. Judas, home to pirates, fairy dust, and little boys who never grow up. Girded for the final showdown with his wife, Billie, and the man who has been monopolizing her time, he finds a disgruntled heir, Spanish gangsters, and a dead tourist, whose murder the police in two countries are trying to pin on him. Trying to pin him down is a Lufthansa flight attendant, as aggressive as his adversaries. Betrayed by friends and spouse, his baker's dozen of foes, including an obeahmon, torment and befuddle him. He gets little help in turning his life right side up except from Elroy, his Flamingo Bay irregular.

Due Justice (Justice Series #1**)
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When a famous plastic surgeon's decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in its head, Federal Judge Willa Carson's "little sister" is caught in a high-stakes game of greedy lawyers, blackmail and deceit. Fiercely independent Carly is the number one suspect. When Carly asks Willa for due justice, Willa has everything to lose. But she risks it all to uncover the conspiracy and keep Carly alive. Can Willa possibly win?

Lee Child, Sue Grafton, and John Grisham fans Margaret Maron love Diane Capri!

Harriet Klausner says: "Judge Willa is the nicest, most likable sleuth to come along in years!"

The Contra Costa Times says: "When Judge Wilhelmina Carson returns, I'll be waiting!"

The Lost Ark
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In a lonely bar in eastern Turkey, ex-National Geographic photojournalist Sam Ward is hired to find an eccentric professor who disappeared high atop Mount Ararat, fabled resting spot of Noah's Ark.

Accompanied by the professor's beautiful daughter, archaeologist Faye Roberts, Sam soon stumbles upon a secret stronghold—a base of operation for unleashing hell of earth.

Now running for their lives, Sam and company are about to come face-to-face with the greatest archaeological discovery of all time...

Not What She Seems
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Steven Ashton, a billionaire from New York, and Emily Grant, on the run from the law...and when they meet he can’t help falling for her. What he doesn’t know is that interfering in her life will put his own life in danger.

When billionaire Steven Ashton couldn’t stand his high society social life anymore, he left the stress of New York on a vacation for his soul. The need to meet real down to earth people led him to a small Nebraska town. He didn’t want to lie about who he was, but he couldn’t exactly tell them the truth. 

Emily could have easily fallen in love with Steven, under different circumstances, but her past was catching up with her and she needed a new life. If the authorities found out about her, she could lose the one thing that meant everything, her four year old son.

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High school can be a difficult time in a young person’s life, especially toward the end where one has to start making the sudden transition into adulthood. For Jimmy Hawthorn it is even worse. Not only does he need to successfully make that transition, he has to do it while hiding the fact that he is the one responsible for the disappearances of two fellow high school girls, both of whom are prisoners in a secret underground fallout shelter he discovered behind an abandoned house on the outskirts of town.

Dark Quests: Three Screenplays
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In the tradition of Indiana Jones, The Mummy and Tomb Raider, comes three bestselling adventure screenplays together in one omnibus:

Around the world, someone is stealing the cursed Judas Coins, the same thirty coins paid to betray Christ. Disturbed by these events, the Vatican hires our hero, antiquities thief, Trey Jordan. Trey's mission is simple: find the coins first. And to combat the dark power contained within the cursed coins, Trey will be entrusted with a powerful weapon of his own, a weapon hidden deep within the Vatican's secret vaults.

As the adventure begins, he will team up with a past lover, the beautiful numismatist Eve Roberts, a coin collector herself and owner of one of the cursed Judas Coins. Their search begins with a famous sunken ship and will lead to a bizarre castle located in the middle of a Scottish loch. And waiting at every turn is the mysterious Draken, whose dark power multiplies with the acquisition of each new coin. In the end, when a seemingly victorious Draken brings together all thirty coins, when the Gates of Hell have been thrown wide open and the world has been plunged into darkness and chaos, a desperate Trey Jordan will unleash the ferocious power of the legendary Fourth Nail.

The race is on to find the true Garden of Eden, as a ruthless Russian billionaire, dying of a rare disease, will stop at nothing to find the Tree of Life and its alleged healing oils.

Written in the tradition of Indiana Jones and The Mummy, Lost Eden is an epic adventure story about the search for the greatest archaeological discovery of all time: The Garden of Eden.

In "Merlin's Tomb," two children are about to come face-to-face with one very famous wizard...and one infamous dictator.

The Bleeder and Other Stories
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"The Bleeder"
Leo Dershowitz is an unsuccessful artist with minimal talent. But all that changes one day when he finds the macabre source of his artistic muse—and now nothing will stop Leo from creating his masterpieces.

"Deal With the Devil"
A private investigator gets the wrong end of a deal gone bad. Or does he?

"The Back of Beyond"
A lonely bar at the far edge of the world gives the owner much more than he bargained for.

Plus a bonus scene from Vampire Moon.

She Didn't Tell
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BreeAnna Barton was born right after WWII to loving parents and was the center of their world. Her life began as ordinary as the families of the hit TV shows during the 50's and 60's. By the time she was three years old however, a drastic change was beginning to take place in her secure little world.
Bree wanted so much to be a normal, happy child and teenager but the word "normal" didn't seem to exist for her. Abused, time and again, both physically and mentally until she was eighteen years old, there seemed to be nothing but black clouds on her horizon. She rose each time with another ray of hope and strong determination, only to be beaten back down. Outsiders turn their heads as the brutality that takes place inside her home stays within those walls, never to be discussed or shared by anyone involved. The rainbow was gradually fading from the clear blue sky of her dreams.
As Bree's story unfolds, you'll hold your breath as she rides along with the changing winds, wanting to encourage her as she fiercely attempts to fight back against her attackers. She is courageous, determined, and through it all, still has the capacity to love. But, just how long and to what extent can these traits carry her? How much pain and suffering will this diminutive child's body be able to endure? Tiny bits of happiness are dashed as she rounds each corner, her journey reaching it's final destination.........

Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series)
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Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana. 

Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.

DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty.

Low Man
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Benny is having a tough year. He lost his good-paying job and is working a late shift at a convenience store. His infant son is deathly ill. And now he’s being robbed at gunpoint. One bullet later, he finds out how precious life is and how far he must go to keep it, even if it means walking straight through Hell.

In the fog of death, he discovers that life isn’t about what you have, but how much you love—and how far you’ll go to see your love again. 

Deception at Dark Hall (The Briony Martin Mystery Series)
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February 1956…Three months after returning from Maine, Briony Martin is headed to Chicago for the christening of her best friend’s baby. Upon arriving, she discovers Paige’s brother-in-law Daniel has been attending séances at Dark Hall, an opulent Gothic mansion rife with rumors of witchcraft and drug use. Paige is worried for Daniel, who has become enamored with the beautiful Sharlyn Dark, a medium who claims to communicate with the dead.

Having had some recent encounters with the paranormal, Briony is talked into attending a séance with Daniel to find out if he’s being financially swindled or emotionally taken advantage of. What she finds at Dark Hall is strange history, secrets, and some unusual inhabitants who may or may not be what they appear. 

When Daniel stumbles upon a murder and almost becomes a victim himself, Briony uses her newly acquired detective skills to help solve this and older crimes that have a connection to Dark Hall. In the meantime, after three weeks of no correspondence, she’s finally heard from John Fletcher, the man she met in Maine and her new love interest. He’s planning to visit soon, and with his promise comes a surprise that could alter her life in ways she never dreamed.

This is Book Two of the Briony Martin Mystery Series.

Up in Flames (A Casey and Catt police procedural #1)
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When Chandra Bansi and her baby, Leela, are burned to death, DCI ‘Will’ Casey and his less than politically-correct sergeant, Thomas Catt, rapidly come under pressure from their superintendent to put a couple of skinhead thugs behind bars for arson.

Superintendent Brown-Smith, acutely aware, after the fiasco that was the failed inquiry into the murder of black, south London, teenager, Stephen Lawrence, that he is in the hot seat, is desperate for a speedy and politically-satisfactory solution to the case. Worried that his previously smooth and upward career progression will be irretrievably damaged, he places additional pressure on Casey.

But the investigation quickly unearths suspects other than the skinheads, suspects unlikely to endear him either to his superiors or the Asian community.

The resolution of the most difficult case of his career is not eased by the arrival of his impecunious hippie parents. Urgently in need of a temporary home, they selfishly concluded that decamping to Casey's peaceful haven will provide the solution to their current difficulties.

But their raucous, undisciplined lifestyle causes Casey sleepless nights at a time he most needs calm. Bedevilled at home by his irresponsible parents, bedevilled at work by accusations of discrimination from the usual quarters, Casey and ThomCatt must wend a circuitous path through all the additional problems the investigation throws up.

For instance, just how respectable is Chandra’s businessman father? And what about her in-laws, who seem to have blamed their westernised daughter-in-law for the death of their only son? Other members of the victim's family also come under suspicion. Casey must use the utmost sensitivity in his handling of the case if he is not to cause unrest in the Asian community.

And, at the heart of the case is the fact that Chandra, a modern young woman, had been uncomfortably caught between two cultures. It’s hard to say which is the more dangerous.

When The Fox Dies Even The Rabbit Weeps
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A Chicago homicide detective searching for a kidnapped young girl in 1930 colonial Shanghai unearths an unlikely international conspiracy...
For disillusioned Detective Jake Puccini, the shortest distance between a cop and a crime is never a straight line. In order to find the young girl in his last few days of an enforced police exchange program in China, Jake must first reevaluate a stagnant multiple murder case he thinks he's leaving behind. He must also determine for Police Commissioner Gibbons why a high profile councilman, who allegedly committed suicide, was shot post mortem. 
Even more puzzling, Jake must determine how communist organizer Kang Sheng, in Masquerade and wanted by Gibbons, appears to know his every move.
As Jake delves into three seemingly disparate events, he's unwittingly drawn into a precarious John Le Carre-esque cloak-and-dagger game by both Gibbons and Kang, discovering that virtually everybody he knows is not who they appear to be.
'When The Fox Dies Even The Rabbit Weeps' is a crime thriller of novel proportions inspired by historical facts and actual characters.

Hide and Seek
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An unforeseen school reunion sparked by the death of a childhood friend quickly turns into a living nightmare for Peter Stevenson. 
Waking the day after, he finds his friends missing, his possessions gone, and himself placed at the centre of a game of hide and seek.

Yet this is no ordinary game - like those of his childhood days - but a twisted version, directed by a madman and with the lives of his old friends on the line.

As the dramatic day unfolds, Peter is forced to relive his past to ensure that his friends have a future. And as the cruel challenge against the clock unfolds, he is forced to come to terms with the fact that one of his closest friends could be the mastermind behind the sinister game of life and death.

Skeleton Crew
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A simple twist of fate puts a terrorist in the hands of a semi-retired American Mossad Agent as the worst terrorist attack in history takes place in central Massachusetts. The terrorist talks and the chase is on. Using enhanced interrogation tactics and a lot of back-up the Agent works to root out those responsible before another attack can happen.

Blood Flats: a novel
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***Lee McCabe is home from Iraq, but home has changed.***
Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and recently discharged U.S. marine Lee McCabe never imagined the dangers awaiting him in Hawkins County, Kentucky. While Lee has been in the Middle East, a network of violent methamphetamine traffickers have established a foothold in the county, corrupting, intimidating, or murdering anyone who stands in their way. 

***Charged with murder and marked for death***
Lee quickly discovers that his neighbor, Tim Fitzsimmons is a meth dealer. When Fitzsimmons and his girlfriend are killed in a drug-related hit, Lee attempts to intervene. The law and the community blame Lee for the murder. The meth traffickers target Lee for death, knowing him to be a witness to the crime.

***Enemies motivated by passion, greed, and desperation ***
Sheriff Steven Phelps has his own personal reasons for hating Lee: Twenty-five years ago, Lee’s now deceased mother had a youthful affair with the sheriff. The sheriff planned to marry her--until she jilted him to be with the man who became Lee’s father. Phelps is torn by his duty to justice, and his obsession with the doomed love of his adolescence. 
Lester Finn is a classics-quoting, self-aggrandizing local hoodlum and meth dealer. He is caught between the law and the Chicago-based mafia, which wants a greater share of the southern methamphetamine trade. From his bar, the Boar’s Head, Lester controls a sordid regional enterprise that consists of gambling, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Lester is torn by his grudging respect for Lee---and his need to see the ex-marine dead.

Paulie Sarzo is a Chicago mobster, a rising star in the Coscollino crime family. He despises Kentucky, Lee McCabe, and most of all, Lester Finn. But Paulie has an important mission to accomplish in Hawkins County: If he fails to eliminate Lee, he risks the ultimate punishment for failure in la cosa nostra.

***A journey toward death or redemption***
Dawn Hardin is a former golden girl, honor student, and premed whose life has fallen into a downward spiral of meth addiction and prostitution. Dawn had a tumultuous relationship with Lee before he went to Iraq. Now she tries to help him wage war against the mafia, even as she struggles with her own inner demons, and a family that wants to deny her existence. 

The Hunter is a mysterious figure who compels Lee to go on the offensive against the forces pursuing him. But will the Hunter offer any concrete assistance, or only advice?
Brett St. Croix is a journalist who offers to tell Lee’s version of events. But Lee suspects that St. Croix has a contrary, private agenda of his own.
Ben Chamberlain lost his wife to a meth-related murder. Will he assist Lee; or will Ben’s desire for revenge destroy them both? 

***A battle in Blood Flats***
Pursued from all directions, Lee embarks on a cross-country journey toward the town of Blood Flats. There he faces a showdown---in which he must pit his wits and determination against the ruthlessness and superior resources of his enemies on both sides of the law.

The Greeks of Beaubien Street
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Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you'll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food. In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn't fit in. A Detroit homicide detective, she manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates 
the most devastated neighborhoods in the city she can't help but love. She is a no nonsense workaholic with no girlfriends, an odd boyfriend who refuses to grow up, and an uncanny intuition, inherited from her mystic grandmother that acts as her secret weapon to crime solving success. Her story winds around tales of her family and their secret laden history, while she investigates the most despicable murder of her career. 

The Greeks of Beaubien Street is a modern tale of a family grounded in old world, sometimes archaic, tradition as they seek acceptance in American society. They could be any nationality, but they are Greek.

The Devil Stood Up
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Could the Devil, Himself be our ultimate hero?

This is the brutally told story of how the Devil, after countless millennia of strictly doing God’s will of punishing sinners in Hell, decides to lay down a Judgment of his own. 

Compelled by the horrific case of a young mother who murdered her child and the lawyer who gets her set free, the Devil comes to Earth seeking justice. Lesser Demons, Patron Saints, and seemingly, God, Himself, conspire against him and then, the biggest complication of all: he meets Kelly, and the Devil, Himself falls in love.

But is Kelly, herself more than she seems?

Deadly Memories
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Who is the beautiful Jayne Doe? And why does someone want to kill her?

Ex-detective Saul Becker learned the hard way not to get involved in the troubles of beautiful women. But what else can he do when a barefoot, catatonic Jayne Doe turns up practically in his backyard? Who is she, and what is she so afraid of?

Jayne Doe doesn’t remember anything about her life before she crawled into a hollow tree at the lake next to Saul’s home.. All she knows is that she’s afraid of something—or someone.

Together, Saul and Jayne set out to uncover her past. But they are in more danger than they know, and it will take all of Saul’s skill and training to track down the past that’s stalking them. 

Deadly Memories is a fast-paced novel with unexpected twists and a surprise ending.

Rebekka Franck Series Box Set
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Book 1 - One, Two ... He is coming for you
Set in the Danish coastal town of Karrebaeksminde, journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six year old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter, when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the kingdoms wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence in Karrebaeksminde. While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets - long buried but not forgotten - will see the day of light.
One, Two ... He is coming for you is the first book in Willow Rose's mystery-series about the reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune.

BOOK 2 - Three, Four ... Better lock your door:
It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from a S&M chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex at the hotel-room at the local inn.

But someone else showed up in the room and suddenly it was no longer a game.

Zeeland Times star-reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the news-paper and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets.

BOOK 3 - Five, Six ... Grab your Crucifix:

The Priest is a man with a mission from God. He is to help those possessed by evil to finally become free from their stronghold. He has expelled demons for years and had great success.

But there is one demon he never managed to cast out. And that demon has now come back to get him.

Rebekka Franck and Sune are on a vacation in Northern Zeeland when they suddenly find themselves involved in what turns out to be their most horrifying case to this date.

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A young runaway takes refuge in a makeshift shack under the Hollywood Freeway, forcing the autistic woman in it to find milk for her sickly newborn – a search that ultimately ends in tragedy when the woman is run down by a hit-and-run driver after a violent confrontation with several teenagers. When one of those teenagers, seventeen-year-old Karen Devane, is implicated in the woman’s homicide, the tabloids are quick to exploit the tragedy, thanks to Karen’s recent antics as a spoiled Tinseltown “celebrat” riding on the coattails of her famous grandmother, the legendary Kate Stanton. Complicating matters is the dead woman’s daughter, who’s determined that Karen be held accountable for her mother’s death, even after the charges against Karen are dropped. With tensions between Karen and her family near breaking point and the paparazzi relentlessly hounding her every move, Karen makes a startling discovery which finally puts her on the road to redemption – and links the dead woman to her beloved grandmother. 

Karen’s discovery raises a host of troubling questions for Kate, forcing her to revisit the horrors of her past in search of answers. But Kate soon realizes that some questions are better left unasked after a seemingly random shooting leaves her granddaughter fighting for her life and Kate scrambling to stay one step ahead of a killer who’s determined to end her life in order to save his own.

Change of Address (A Spencer Manning Mystery)
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Spencer Manning decides not to follow in his Dad's police footsteps and instead gets a PI license. Tracking down an unknown father involves him in murder and drugs as his first case leads him to a Chicago racetrack and the mayor's house.

Elvis Has Not Left the Building
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It's tough being the King.

Which is why in 1977 Elvis faked his own death and endured massive facial reconstruction surgery, and disappeared from the limelight to live a normal life as the unassuming Aaron King. Unfortunately, leaving fame behind also meant leaving his fortune behind, too, and now Elvis finds himself broke and living in near poverty in a small apartment in Los Angeles. Luckily for him, it turns out he's a pretty good private investigator.

Now in his seventies and contemplating a return to music (discreetly, of course), Elvis is hired to solve a baffling missing person case. The King digs deeper, and soon finds himself surrounded by the seedier elements of Los Angeles, from nefarious Hollywood producers who prey upon the young, to twin brothers with a very dark secret.

And as Elvis pieces the bizarre puzzle together, he slowly makes his singing comeback—and will be reunited on stage with someone even the King himself never dreamed possible.

Rose Of The Badlands (Sweets Maybrey)
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Philly crime boss Sweets Maybrey has a body in his trunk, a weapon underneath his seat and a state cop on his tail. 

Thus opens the novel Rose of the Badlands, the third novel in the Sweets Maybrey crime series. While considering how to rid himself of the trooper Sweets remembers the tumultuous events of the past year. The disastrous fight with a no talent bum named Bobby Turner that ends with Bobby in a coma and Sweets, guilty for the illegal blow that devastated his opponent, on the hook to help find the man's missing sister, Rose. Turns out Rose is no saint, hooking and stripping her way through the Badlands, Philly's most notorious urban jungle. As Sweets' quest for Rose intensifies, his organization is being threatened by the Marks Brothers, a crew with a silly name but serious intentions and strong connections to The Commission, the head of organized crime in America. 

Soon, Sweets has no organization and no purpose. He forgets about Rose - he is broken, depressed, lost, and for the first time in his life, scared. The former boss hides in his condo, too afraid to leave. Two unlikely women rescue him – one elderly and white, the other a black wild child not unlike how Sweets used to be. With their help Sweets slowly recovers, determined to regain his self respect and what he used to have. He makes war on the Marks Brothers but the key to making himself whole, he realizes, is to discover what happened to Rose, fulfilling that promise made long ago.

The Resurrectionist
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This is Mad-men Seeking the Secrets of the Universe
This is the Entity at Christ’s Crucifixion
This is Satan at His Most Magic
This is Mans’ Predicted End
This is FBI Agent:

When Charlie O’Hare, an Irish detective sergeant and partner of Lieutenant Frank Weinberg of the 1920s New York Police Department; working Manhattan’s Lower East Side become involved with Marco Giuseppi, an Italian criminal and child abductor, little does he realise it will turn into a career for life and beyond. While trying to save the daughter of an Aleut Eskimo woman, and her Russian husband from Giuseppi, the two officers witness a supernatural occurrence. Unable to speak of the event, and determined to find the abducted girl, the two carry out their investigations against unknown forces that are allowing Giuseppi free reign to continue his trade in children.
Unknown to Charlie and Frank; hidden in the fabric of the US government, a brotherhood from Rome on a 2000 year-old quest – the entrapment for the knowledge it possesses of The Resurrectionist, the saviour of souls: the entity seen at Christ’s crucifixion – will thwart their every effort.
This fast moving story of intrigue will see the bedrock of Christian-Judaism ground to dust before being recast; with the climax, the President of the United States of America, the God fearing, Henry Clancy Montgomery III, having to make a leap of faith: to run with Satan and eternal damnation, or risk wiping mankind from the face of the earth with his soul intact.

A Reason To Kill (DI Matt Barnes)
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 Detective Inspector Matt Barnes is a cop dedicated to his job at the expense of all else. He and his team are protecting the star witness in the upcoming trial of gangland boss, Frank Santini.

All aspects of Matt’s life are altered forever when Santini hires a contract killer, Gary Noon, to hit the safe house. Only Matt survives the onslaught of an inventive and sadistic killer, but is left seriously wounded.

The subsequent search for Noon is both a personal and professional challenge, during which Matt is aided by Criminal Psychologist Dr. Beth Holder, who is brought in to build a profile on Noon.

The man they seek comes to consider Matt a threat to his continued wellbeing, and determines to eliminate him.

As Matt and Beth’s relationship flourishes, more people die at Noon’s hand, and events conspire to bring the cop and killer ever closer to a deadly showdown.

With an unknown enemy within New Scotland Yard, Santini’s goons hunting for him, and a second imported hitman also on his trail, Matt knows that the odds against him surviving by outmanuvring the various factions are at best slim.
Noon is the personification of evil; a psychopath using violence and cruelty to feed his sadistic needs. He considers himself a hunter: his fellow man, and especially Matt Barnes, the prey.

Only the Strongest Survive
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The novel opens with a hair-tingling scene, as two men kidnap Emely Donnovan, one of the wealthiest women in America, and bury her alive. What is behind this horrific crime?
Raised in a strict religious institution, Emely never knew her parents. Fearing a life of poverty, she starts up a small business that deals mainly with buying and selling stocks. Thanks to her extreme dedication and knowledge, the company grows over time into a major conglomerate. In her desire for ever greater financial security, this beautiful, ambitious CEO has accumulated a number of enemies.
But now she finds herself locked in the basement of a remote house in the middle of a forest, watched over by one of her captors who makes her buy and sell stocks for him so he can get rich. Her challenge to survive becomes even more complicated when Emely's captor falls in love with her

Three Religions, one killer
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'Three Religions, one killer' is the first draft English translation of a succesfull Dutch thiller. The book won the 'Zeeland version' of the prestigious Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedom Award, handed over by Roosevelts grandsons. 

The sporty twelve year old David Kerzner dreams about a future in developing the wooden box with glass eye we now know as television. In Worldwar II, when he is eighteen, the young jude flees from Amsterdam bach to America. He starts exploiting television in Boston, supported by a muslim and christian friend, instead of fighting each other. 

David must compete ex nazi Corbijn. That traitor stole all the possesions of the Kerzner family, as well as Davids ideas. Corbijns competition is literally killing.

UK Link $0.77
All Daniel wanted was a happy life with his new wife and children, but his ex-wife destroyed that dream. Now he's won the lottery and all he wants is Revenge...

The Crew
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APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEPTIVE - as Paul Jarvis of the National Football Intelligence Unit is only too well aware. He knows that Billy Evans is no ordinary East End lad made good. He's also a thug, a villain and a cop killer. Jarvis just hasn't been able to prove it... Yet.

So when Jarvis discovers that Evans is putting together a hooligan 'Super Crew' to follow England to Italy, he feels sure he can finally put Evans behind bars - if only someone can infiltrate the Crew and get him the proof he needs.

But nothing is ever that simple. The Crew believe Evans is just out for a full-on riot. Jarvis thinks he's trafficking drugs. But Billy Evans is always one step ahead. He has another plan. And it will be catastrophic for everyone concerned.


Canal End (A Horse & Hounds Mystery)
UK Link
Sally Carter (aka Snoopy) has somehow been shanghaied into working back at The Horse and Hounds pub - by her own interfering mother. Within hours two of the local regulars are found floating dead in the canal and she finds herself once again being drawn into a murder investigation. Trying to avoid working for the dangerous loan shark, becoming entangled with her sexy lifelong friend and attempting to find a home for her new unwanted pet Snoopy finds her life becoming seriously complicated.

KILLER GENES (The Art Gallery Mystery Series)
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Seattle senior citizen, DJ Kelly, and her three best friends and co-owners of the Waterfront Art Gallery, are detecting again. Despite an insistent internal voice that chides her for her risky adventures, DJ is not on the trail—this time to help Darlene, a nurse, who is trying to find a young man who was brought into the emergency room yelling a lot of strange, seemingly meaningless terms, including “CCR5,” and then who disappeared—possibly to the Psych Ward. Darlene has received a cryptic phone call from the young man and doesn’t know where to turn. The four women fling themselves into the search, assisted by their old nemesis, Police Inspector Keohan, and the gallery’s handyman and king of malapropisms—Jerry. But their investigation suddenly takes a dangerous turn and the four ladies find themselves in serious jeopardy. Will they find the young man and unravel the mystery of his apparent mental breakdown before it’s too late? Is he insane? Drugged? Or just pretending? It’s all in the genes—and in this case, they’re “killer genes.”

Virtually Scared To Death (A Julia Blake Murder Mystery)
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Julia Blake’s First Murder Mystery 

Julia Blake runs her own cleaning business. 

The first time she sees a dead body is when she discovers one of her clients, Mark Castle, lying dead on the floor of his luxury apartment.

She remembers things that Mark mentioned to her a few days before his death, things he was worried about.

A bottle of pills is lying open at Mark’s side, but they’re not his usual ones.

And why is his computer playing a continuous game?

Julia soon suspects that Mark was murdered. He was a good friend and she is determined to find out who killed him.

The Lost Girls
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B&N Link $2.99
The only thing hotter than the summers in Phoenix is the temper of a police detective who can't figure out why young girls keep disappearing. Katalina Wimple is that detective. Her obsession with the missing girls makes her the best person for the job, but it also serves as a refuge from the problems in her own life.

An Evil Shadow - A Val Bosanquet Mystery (The Val Bosanquet Mysteries)
UK Link $2.03
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The first in a series of books, each one taking a different crime as its theme. Val Bosanquet, a former New Orleans detective, is offered a job as Chief of a campus PD. A Haitian child killer he helped convict for the murder of her mother has just been enrolled at the university. Val stumbles across new evidence linking the ten-year old murder to a disgraced cop and one of America's most popular sportswear companies. Corporate corruption and Voodoo make for a volatile mix in the deep south.

Bargain Books

Villains is a short story about an aging and frightful man named Karl Wolf. Karl spends most of his time alone in his worn down house. His wife had long since passed away and his only son never comes to see him anymore. Karl, a surviving soldier of World War Two, is burden with the problems of old age. In his elderly state, Karl is finding himself terrified by several things; death, loneliness, shadows, and a string of murders that has recently plagued the local news. 

A number of elderly people are being murdered in their own homes. Karl is sure that one day he will be the next victim. Upon returning home from visiting his wife's grave, Karl finds himself in the middle of what could be the next headline for the local news. What his attackers do not know is that Karl is harboring his own dark secrets.

Sarah Woods Series (Books 1-2)
An Appointment with Murder
The first book in the series introduces you to massage therapist, Sarah Woods. While working late one evening at her office, Sarah finds her assistant has been strangled in the short time she was in the back with a client. Who would have done such a horrible thing? Was it a random killing or someone she knew? Although the police are investigating Sarah can't seem to stay out of it and embarks on a journey to find the killer.
An Act of Deceit
Sarah Woods adventures continue in this book when she decides to work for Carter, the unorthodox private eye from Boston. Sarah must go way beyond her comfort zone as the pair find creative ways to expose a cheating husband, Marty Quinn. When Marty ends up dead, the assignment takes a whole new twist. This is a fast paced, fun mystery read. A great blend of witty dialogue, suspense and enough adult humor to keep it interesting.
Intended for mature audiences.

Shakedown (Jack Davis Thrillers)
When FBI Agent Jack Davis investigates a mass murder, a leak of crucial information and his imploding personal life throw him into the ultimate danger zone - where truth lies at the heart of betrayal.

Fake Kate
Belinda can’t believe it. Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates! 

One of whom knows why Kate has vanished. 

To find her, Belinda will have to pretend to be her. Go on her dates, hang out with her friends, fake her entire life.

Only to discover Kate had been faking too, for a very long time...

Silent Witness
Danger. Deception. Conspiracy . . .In the shadow of forgotten memories, lies the deadly truth. The arrival of a mysterious letter turns an accident into murder and drives Nina Thomas to investigate her father's death. But what lurks in the past is a secret so deadly that searching for answers may be the last thing Nina ever does. H. Rylan Anderson has been undercover for years. Just when he's about to close the case, Nina shows up. Now he has to protect his identity, protect the girl, and keep hidden the truth about himself that threatens to shatter her life forever.To chip away the lies and unlock the mysteries hidden in her mind, Nina must learn to trust the one man who s sworn to help her . . . but how can she trust him when he may be the very soul responsible for her father s death?

Retribution: Fear
Fear, the first book in the Retribution series, is about a man named John James. John has been fighting crime for a while now, since he woke up from his 9 year coma. To help keep away the nightmares he has about being kidnapped, he goes out and fights crime every night. Working at WarCom, he has access to some top gear for the military. His boss then sends him out on a job to another city. Along the way he learns of an ancient prophecy. Better yet he fits the prophecy to a tee. The prophecy states he must save the world. Can John save the world? Does he have what it takes? Is he truly the one the Prophecy speaks of? Join John on his quest, as he finds out what his true destiny is.

Dying for Justice (A Detective Jackson Mystery)

Ten years ago, Hector Vargas confessed to the cold-blooded murder of Detective Wade Jackson’s parents. Now, facing his own death, Vargas has reached out from prison to declare his innocence. Armed with the shocking new truth that dirty cops railroaded Vargas, Jackson must revisit the painful past to get justice for his parents—and jail the ruthless killer. 
Meanwhile, Gina Stahl awakens from a two-year coma with a chilling message on her lips: He tried to kill me. Now Detective Lara Evans must probe the young woman’s desperate claim that her near death was not failed suicide, but attempted murder. 
As their investigations intersect, Jackson tangles with his estranged brother, hunts a loan shark turned philanthropist, and confronts his parents’ long-buried secrets, while Evans contends with a relentless reporter, shadows a fellow cop with a dangerous reputation, and struggles with her feelings for Jackson. But the more dark revelations they make, the deadlier the resistance they face from a killer terrified of losing everything…and willing to stop at nothing.

Buried (A Bone Secrets Novel)
Eighteen years ago, Chris Jacobs walked out of the forest, the lone survivor of a school bus load of children who’d vanished two years before. His memory was gone, his body beaten and emaciated.
Today, the sad remains of the missing children have been discovered along with evidence that they were held captive for years. But investigative reporter Michael Brody’s brother is still missing. He sets out to question Chris, hoping his memory has returned.
Constant fear of being found by his kidnapper has driven Chris into hiding. The only lead Michael has is Chris’s sister, Jamie. As they race to find Chris, Michael and Jamie somehow find each other among the decades of wreckage. But locating Chris may not be so easy. Now grown, his scars go far deeper than skin.
In Buried, the next thrilling Bone Secrets novel from bestselling author Kendra Elliot, a damaged hero digs deep into his terrifying past…and unearths a chance at love for the future.

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