Monday, April 8, 2013

Seven Sisters Moon Promo

Title: Seven Sisters Moon
Author: D. VonThaer
Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Adult 16+
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Description:

Julius Caesar wrote of the Celts: The Celts were fearless warriors because they wish to
inculcate this as one of their leading tenets, that souls do not become extinct, but pass
after death from one body to another. Seven Sisters. The infamous collection of stars
align with the full moon on Halloween, alighting the sky for a destiny that s waited
centuries. Dru, a gifted, but tormented witch living alone on the coast of Ireland wakes to
find Ty, her long-time love, mysteriously disappeared. In Paris, Katerina, an oppressed
but talented dancer bravely takes the stage in one final performance before escaping a life
of tyranny, looking for a freedom she d only known in dreams. Aodh, The Dagda, a man

made of ancient legends, has slumbered for two millennia. Tonight, when the moon is
full and the stars are aligned, he rises from his temporary grave to find the world is not as
he remembers. His people, his family, his tribe have vanquished, along with the majority
of his considerable power. Chance takes him to Dru, and together they set out to find the
key to reopening his world, whilst forming a bond of friendship neither has ever
previously known. During their search, Dru learns Ty was no mortal man, but a god with
a prophecy to fulfill. Ty died before fulfilling that prophecy, setting off a chain of events
that would forever alter the future. Devastated, Dru abandons Aodh and the life that
should have already been hers, and finds herself in the company of the worst sort. She
begins a sordid affair with Kas, a daemon whose insatiable lust for power is only outdone
by his lust for Dru. Separated from the only friend he knows, Aodh is left to search the
world alone for answers. He meets the beautiful dancer, Katerina, and is instantly
smitten. He stays near her, pretending to be mortal, gaining her friendship. On Katerina s
birthday, just as Aodh is ready to concede to a life of mortality, Katerina is ripped from
him by Kas. Aodh's ideas on remaining mortal are no more; he has to unlock the secrets
to his world that will open a trove of unimaginable power to save the two women he
loves, before time is no longer in his favour, and he loses everything.

Author Bio:
Dayna Ranelle was born late July, 1976 in Ohio. A born and bred writing gypsy and
veritable vagabond, she called cities like Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington D.C. and
London home before sinking her feet into southern soil. Dayna now lives in Dallas with
her husband and three children.

A prolific writer, she has nearly twenty unfinished manuscripts collecting dust. One-by-
one she is dusting them off and adding a coat or two of polish for publication.

The first novels to come out of the fold are: Tuatha and the Seven Sisters Moon,
Serpentine Souls and Niles.

Amazon: Seven Sisters Moon (Tuatha)

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