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Shannon Sonneveldt

Good Morning fans. Our new author spotlight is Shannon Sonneveldt. Shannon has created a fantastic book for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, as well as those who would just like to see what it's about and understand what those diagnosed go through. This book is great for family, friends, as well as the sufferer. Read through, get to know Shannon. She also writes poetry. Those books are listed below, along with a great giveaway, and useful links, as well as my reviews of all Shannon's books! Enjoy! Thanks for being here Shannon!

Title: Fibromyalgia: Living a Life of Blessing and Hope

Author: Shannon Sonneveldt


Imagine living in a pain beyond description, unable to do the simplest tasks that you have been
doing your entire life, unable to sleep, and dealing with sensory overload (every noise is to
loud, light to bright and smell to strong). All this with people telling you that you’re fine, it’s all in
your head, just suck it up and move on. Imagine how you would cope with the pain and other
symptoms with no support from friends, family or the medical community. How would you move
forward? How would you live your life each day?

This is what many diagnosed with Fibromyalgia experience every day. Fibromyalgia takes
a toll physically, emotionally and relationally. Millions of people have been diagnosed with
Fibromyalgia; these Fibromyalgians must navigate the pain and myriad of other symptoms often
with little support. No Fibromyalgian should feel like they are in this alone, there are millions
of us and we can provide each other with support, encouragement and advice. Through each
other and with the help of Christ, we can all make our way through the dark tunnel of pain into a
new life of blessing and hope.

Within these pages you will find:
• Basic information and details about Fibromyalgia
• Recent research and advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of Fibromyalgia
• Stories (mine and others) of those who have navigated the journey and found a life of
blessing and hope after the diagnosis
• Action steps (treatment options) to take to create a new life plan that will lead you to a
life of blessing and hope
• Tips on what fellow Fibromyalgians have found useful in their journey
• Links to educational and support resources

If you have Fibromyalgia, you are not alone. Others share your experiences and there are many
places to find support and encouragement. Many have found a different but better life on the
other side of the diagnosis.

If you are the family or friend of a Fibromyalgian, this is an opportunity to understand what they
are experiencing and how you can support them and provide encouragement.


In hindsight (truly what would we do or learn without hindsight!) I see I began having problems
with those ‘associated’ conditions or diagnoses long before the Fibromyalgia symptoms began.
I had migraines and digestive disorders first. Perhaps I am genetically predisposed and my
trigger was pregnancy and the birth of my son – who knows for sure, but it’s a theory. It was a
difficult (both physically and emotionally) and frightening pregnancy and delivery and my health
seemed to continue to decline after his birth. If this was my trigger, I can’t regret or bemoan
my situation, as he was and is a blessing worth any suffering I may have or must continue to
endure. While I declined, again in hindsight, I see the progression as symptoms were added to
my list of complaints. This included several instances of driving to pick my son up from daycare
and finding myself forgetting not only where I was going, but why and how to get there – and
this was driving to a place I drove to twice a day five days a week. Other’s who have shared
their stories also had fibro fog show up in this same method. This was my fibro fog in action.
Again who knows really what caused the escalation of my symptoms, but perhaps it was my
son’s ongoing health problems throughout his earlier years that was the prolonged stressor or
trauma that finally resulted in my head first collision with the Fibro Freight train.

Many Fibromyalgians will understand. There comes that day where everything has become
excruciating, you have so many symptoms and so many places that hurt in a way that is beyond
description that you can’t put any of it into words, if you are even able to come up with a single
coherent thought. I couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch. I couldn’t walk to the mailbox much
less run up to 10 miles like I was accustomed to doing in addition to the many other activities
and day to day chores I could no longer do. There wasn’t a part of my body that wasn’t in
excruciating pain. I was constantly in tears. No one could touch me. I couldn’t hug my son or
my husband. The lightest touch to the arm felt like someone was cutting the limb off. Wearing
clothes was an exercise in torture (I am confident in saying that everyone in my life was thankful
and blessed that I endured the torture and didn’t walk around naked). I wasn’t sleeping. No
matter how exhausted my mind and body were, sleep wouldn’t come. I couldn’t figure out how
that was possible. If I managed to take a shower, I had to lie down and rest between each step
of getting dressed – shower, rest, put clothes on, rest, brush hair, rest… you get the picture. The
migraines and digestive problems were worse than ever. My senses, which had always been
somewhat sensitive, were off the charts. I couldn’t stomach most smells, noise – even at normal
levels – made my head want to explode, bright lights brought headaches, dizziness and nausea.
I felt sick to my stomach all the time. The list goes on. And yet, on the outside, to most people,
I looked fine. No major wounds or injuries to account for the pain and no way for me to prove to
those around me just how much pain I was in when I had had no recent traumas, accidents or
injuries to explain the ‘sudden’ development of these symptoms. Body meet freight train.

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Buy links:

Available in both Kindle and paperback formats

Amazon US: Fibromyalgia: Living a Life of Blessing and Hope
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00CD57VWA/

Author bio:

I am a Christian author writing educational, inspirational, encouraging, hope-filled and Christ-centered books across genres. I find inspiration all around me every day, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve also always had an overactive imagination. I was blessed with a son who has one too, allowing us to create stories and characters and drive my husband crazy by talking about them as if they are real people!

My latest book is inspired by my struggle, and others who were generous in sharing their stories and experiences with me, through the onset, diagnosis and adjustment to living with Fibromyalgia. I suffered from symptoms that went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years. After years of suffering and searching for answers, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia along with other associated conditions. With support from others, trial and error and a lot of prayer and faith in God, I was able to create a new life plan. This plan is a well-rounded, holistic plan that brought changes to almost every area of my life. With these changes, I feel better and live a more active and joyous life. My Fibromyalgia journey has blessed me with many new friends with their own Fibromyalgia journey and has strengthened my faith and trust in Christ. I am not and will not be for the foreseeable future be cured, but have found a way to lead a balanced and
blessed life filled with hope. I still need the support of family, friends and fellow Fibromyalgians for encouragement and advice, but have hope for what each new day will bring. I pray that every Fibromyalgian finds the support and encouragement they need to create their new life plan, a life filled with blessing and hope.

I have been an avid reader since I was a young child – happily sacrificing TV and playtime in order to read a good book. I have been capturing observations, feelings and events in poems and stories since middle school. As I have grown older, I continued to write and create stories to entertain family and friends and to help celebrate life’s special moments. I hope that my other works, currently my published works are in poetry, will provide encouragement and support to readers along with laughter and perhaps understanding of others. Inspiration through daily living is a wonderful and often humorous experience.

I am also passionate about education in all formats. Since 1999 my professional career has focused on the design and development of training for employees across industries and educational formats. I have specialized in analyzing the need for training and assessing the best method for training and delivery (classroom, live virtual training, blended, web-based training, etc). My was and is in the design and delivery of solutions that engage learners and translate to application on the job or in life.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Human Resource development as well as my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I live with my husband, son and two Scottie pups in Kansas. I love photography, traveling with family and friends, and reading and writing of course! I would love to connect and get to know you better. Please join me on my website, Facebook, GoodReads or LinkedIn.

Additional books currently available by author:

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Amazon US link: Puppy Poetry: The Exhausting, Funny and Sweet Moments that Come With Being Owned By Puppies
Amazon UK link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C1FW15E/

Author contact links:

Author Website: http://www.shannonsonneveldt.com/

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonSonneveldtAuthor/

GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/shannonsonneveldt

Amazon Author Central: http://amazon.com/author/shannonsonneveldt

Shannon LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shannonsonneveldt

Informative Links on Facebook for Fibro sufferers:



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  1. ¤•**✿Congrats Shannon Sonneveldt!!¤•**✿
    Fibromyalgia: Living a Life of Blessing and Hope

    I enjoyed the informative Description and Excerpt of your book.. I have a friend that I think she suffers from this debilitating disorder.

    I'm sooo sorry to hear that you've gone and are still going through such an ordeal, but you choose to do it in a Positive Way, and to Help Others as well, in the Process. Your book from your prospective and understanding of the disorder maybe will be able to help me to reach out to my friend, whom I care and worry about. I can pass on the info I read to her in a kind way not to offend and discuss if she might know of someone?! with these symptoms or such, and go from there...

    Thank ya to ♥Nicole♥ for an Intro to Our New Author Spotlight ~ Shannon Sonneveldt!!



    1. Thank you so much Becky for the kind words. I pray it will help you, your friend and others. If there are any questions you have or additional information you might need or just someone to run something by, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'd like to help as much as can - both you and your friend! Blessings and prayers to you both.

  2. What a wonderful book! I hope it does well. Good luck to you Shannon! >^.^<

  3. Really good book. My niece is going thru the pain right now with this. She's in so much pain can't do a lot because of the pain..I will have to try and get this book for her..Thank you for sharing this with all of us..

    1. Thank you - I hope that it will be helpful. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or additional resources, I'd like to help however I can!

  4. I have a very dear friend who lives with fibromyalgia - I will definitely be recommending this book to her! Actually, I will probably just give it to her.

    Thank you for writing this!

    1. Thank you. I hope she (and you) will find this helpful. Please reach out should either of you have questions.

  5. sound really good and can't wait to read it :)

    1. Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you think! :)

  6. You are an incredible strong person to continue on with your writing I know how debilitating Fibromyalgia is I enjoyed your excerpt It is wonderful to have something out there to read that helps guide those who feel no one else understands what a struggle this is nice to know someone else has gone threw the same we are not alone. Thank you and keep up your wonderful work you are an inspiration Debbie

    1. Thank you Debbie for the very kind words. I pray this book with help others because it IS so easy to feel alone and so difficult to find things that help. Blessings to you!