Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's a Mystery to Me

Good Morning Fans! We have a new author spotlight up, this week is CM Wright enjoy getting to know her as much as I have! 


The Butterfly Forest (Mystery/Thriller)
College graduate student Molly Monroe is about to release rare butterflies not far from where the FBI used 4,000 bullets in a shootout to kill Ma Barker and one of her gangster sons in 1935. Molly snaps a picture that will frame something she never sees coming.

Sean O'Brien does see something -- a predator. Between the sea of cars in a Walmart parking lot. Walking quickly. Stalking two women. 

As O’Brien tries to prevent the abduction, he opens the door to a new relationship. And he opens a dark door to a horror that is secluded within the forest. He follows veiled tracks that lead him farther into the woods where an evil from the past intersects with a frightening presence to form a volatile trap with only one way out.

Savior Frequency (Frequency Series Book 1)
"What if there was no way to determine if the thoughts in your head, were really your own? It's not your computer you need to worry about being hacked, it's your mind."

Jordan Callahan is a regular guy, who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every moment in a crowd coils up with the anticipation that someone around him may die. It could be a tragic accident, or random act of violence. But there's a good chance death is coming, and there's nothing he can do about it.

Kayci Dewitt is running for her life, from the same clandestine government group for which she works and there's no place to hide. If there is any hope to survive this mind-war, she's going to have to unlock the ability that Jordan has been suppressing all his life. 

When two people with similar frequencies get together, amazing things are possible. But it may be too late, for both of them.

Do you know your frequency? Could you protect yourself? This action-packed paranormal/thriller will make you rethink what you think you know, about everything around you. 

Take No More (The murder mystery thriller) (James Blake #1)

Nothing like a murder to get the blood flowing

When James Blake discovers his wife has been murdered in their London home, he is determined to find her killer. Julia, a conservator - a protector and preserver of fine art - has left him with just two clues: the words help me on her mobile phone and a strange attachment of Michelangelo's Leda and the Swan. 

As the prime suspect of his wife's murder, James flees England and sets out on a trail of deception and danger across the sweeping landscapes of Venice and Florence into a dark underworld of corruption, a trail that will lead him to the killer - and the shocking truth behind the mystery.

Once, Twice, Thrice Demise (A Noose Murder Mystery)

‘This whole thing is like one of those dodgy clichéd murder mystery TV shows...'

Peter Smith is lodging with the squabbling couple Ruby and Arthur. Their teenage daughter has a crush on the rather wet schoolboy Alex, and can't focus on her exams. She has a good excuse to get out of them when a jobbing joiner is found battered to death in the exam hall.

Noose is on the case, which leads him to unpleasant builder Simon Berre and his corrupt business dealings. Peter is also investigating Simon, as he's trying to get Ruby and Arthur's house demolished. When a peeping tom is also murdered, and Peter ends up beaten by Simon's thugs, it looks like an open and shut case.

But, a mistake by Noose could spell disaster for innocent young Alex...

The Long Midnight Of Barney Thomson: A Serial Killer Thriller (Barney Thomson #1)
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Barney Thomson — awkward, diffident, Glasgow barber — lives a life of desperate mediocrity. Shunned at work and at home, unable to break out of a twenty-year rut, each dull day blends seamlessly into the next.

However, there is no life so tedious that it cannot be spiced up by inadvertent murder, a deranged psychopath, and a freezer full of neatly packaged meat.

Barney Thomson's uninteresting life is about to go from 0 to 60 in five seconds, as he enters the grotesque and comically absurd world of the serial killer… 

Cold Fear

In the remote, rugged corner of Montana’s Glacier National Park known as the Devil’s Grasp, little Paige Baker of San Francisco disappears with her dog, Kobee, while on a camping trip with her family; or so her mother and father have told authorities.

A multi-agency task force launches a massive search as Paige fights to survive in the wilderness. Time hammers against her and soon the nation is gripped by the life-and-death drama.

Secretly, behind the scenes, the FBI grows suspicious of Paige’s parents. Their recent history and disturbing evidence links them to a horrible secret from the past.

The Dead Beat, volume 1
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The dead really aren't that different from the rest of us. Some work honest jobs and pay rent on their host bodies every month, right on time. But some of them refuse to play by the rules. Police Exorcist Arphallo Sirus and his murdered partner, Sam Trent, hunt down the ghosts that break the laws of the living and the dead.

The Dead Beat is a short story serial. This volume contains the first nine stories.

1. The Restless and the Wicked
2. Death Do Us Part
3. Dressing Down
4. Sealed by Night
5. Blood in the Water
6. Save the Date
7. Taking Prisoners
8. Drink Deep
9. The Death of Arphallo Sirus

Black Rock Prison
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What is the worst sentence that can befall a convict in Illinois? Not life in prison, not lethal injection. The worst punishment is to be sent to Black Rock Prison, a black-walled fortress whose exact location no one knows. The new warden of this unusual prison controls every dimension of each and every one of the convicts unfortunate enough to be sent there.

The inmates soon will discover that they are not normal people, nor have they been imprisoned there by chance. The sentences awaiting them will be carried out in the shadow of a sinister threat. It isn’t long before they find out that much more than their own lives is riding on solving the mystery of Black Rock.

The Last Confession

A New York mobster on his deathbed. A priest struggling to make things right. A policeman facing a tough choice. THE LAST CONFESSION is a great Mafia tale of betrayal, revenge and justice.

The bonus content includes the prologue and the first four chapters of ARCTIC WARGAME, the first book in the wildly popular Justin Hall spy thriller series. It also includes the prologue and the first four chapters of TRIPOLI'S TARGET, the second book in this series, which came out in October 2012. Both thrillers hit the Amazon's Top 10 Best Sellers lists in 2012 and 2013.

The First Kill
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At what point does a man choose to become a hired killer? Sean Riley is a hit man. His first kill defined the man he became.

Short story based on characters from the two Michael Sykora novels - No Justice and Beyond Salvation.

Bonus material included!

Tucker's Way
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One woman's childhood was steeped in abuse and poverty. Another woman lived a public life of privilege and a private life of abuse.

Tucker's Way is the tale of Tucker and Ella who are forced to trust each other with their lives. Much like the characters portrayed by Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger in "Cold Mountain," they come from very different backgrounds and believe they have very little in common. But they soon find that they share a common link of abuse and neglect that continues to chain them to their past and will ultimately link them together.

Raised by an abusive father and living on welfare in the south, Tucker trusts no one. She lives as isolated a life as she can while also raising her daughter’s three children. But when Ella moves in next door, Tucker is forced to rethink her view of the world.

Ella is recovering from breast cancer and from being divorced by one of Tucker’s long time antagonists, Judge Jack. Ella's openness about her life crashes headlong into Tucker's closed-door attitude.

Tucker's Way is an inspirational story about overcoming incredible odds.

A Cry In Silence (The Viper)

John Ferguson, a retired ex-MI5 agent, finds his daughter has gone missing while returning to her mother on a flight back to Italy. He sets out to discover what has happened to her, only to uncover an unsavoury situation being orchestrated by a high ranking Italian minister with close ties to the Mafia, who has expectations of becoming wealthier and more powerful beyond anyone’s comprehension. 
John meets up with Colin Spence, whose girlfriend had also mysteriously gone missing. They go about a plan in the hope of finding John’s daughter only to discover a situation which is much more than a straight forward kidnapping.
Everything changes for the worse, with unpleasant consequences, when Colin’s life tumbles into a torrid race to stop another attempt at kidnapping his girlfriend.
Why was Helena kidnapped, who was responsible, and why were the authorities not concerned or

The Delphi Agenda

You thought the Inquisition was scary the first time around. Now they have modern technology! 

Papyrologist Lisa Emmer’s world flips when the Surete meets her at her Metro station with news of the savage murder of the esteemed Paris historian Dr. Raimond Foix, her friend and mentor in the study of ancient documents. Horrified, Lisa finds clues at the crime scene left behind for her by her mentor—clues to a secret kept hidden for centuries. These clues make her a prime suspect in the murder investigation, and also put her directly in the cross-hairs of a deadly commando group that proves to be none other than a contemporary offshoot of the Inquisition.

They want an ancient document that reveals a secret so explosive it could change the world—a document they’ve been tracking for centuries. Led by a sadistic priest and a vicious but very accomplished nun with excellent military cred, their mission is to destroy the document—no matter what the cost in blood.

Desperate to clear her name and to stay alive, with the help of a handsome yet mysterious banker, Lisa must solve the clues and uncover the millennia-old secret before her adversaries can find and destroy it. Since she was a child Lisa had suffered from uncontrollable fugue states. Now she discovers just in time that what she always thought was a liability may in fact be an almost paranormal ability to see things in ways others cannot. The trail leads everywhere from ancient cemeteries and tombs throughout France to Istanbul and Greece, as Lisa and Steve desperately stay one step ahead of their enemies, solving the clues to a dangerous treasure hunt their lives now depend upon.

Two Birds (A Short Mystery)
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A short mystery from the bestselling author of THIN BLOOD.

Kristine Abbey lies unconscious and bleeding on her kitchen floor. Crouched next to her with his hands clamped over the knife wound in her abdomen, her husband, Daniel, screams at the couple's sister-in-law - and his ex-mistress - rooted in the doorway. Time slips away...

3,300 words

Buy this short story and receive a Vicki Tyley novel of your choice. Details inside.

Shadeland (The Ethereal Crossings)
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One year after the designated “Eidolon Revolution” and all the other-world demons have been exposed, seventeen year old Liv Burnett is still the same, apathetic person she ever was. And when a woman dies in her home town, Liv doesn’t think anything of it, choosing to focus on more normal things; things like just graduating high school and moving in with her life-long friend, Luke. But soon Luke is thrown into jail on the sole reason that he isn’t human and has been labeled as the Ellengale Nightstalker for crimes he didn’t commit. Trying to figure everything out Liv realizes she has picked up her own stalker by the name of Jared; an aggressive but alluring man who claims he’s trying to find the real killer too. Taking a chance she normally wouldn’t, Liv follows Jared down dangerous roads in hopes of saving not only her friend, but the lives other women in town.

Sudden Death
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Reid Clark is a pro golfer at the top of the leader board during the PGA tour; he is also a hothead with a reputation for trouble. Reid receives a death threat right before teeing off on the final day of the Master's Tournament, and hires a P.I. to track down the perpetrator. Suspense builds throughout as Reid tries to compete in one of golf s most prestigious contests...and woo the woman he loves...while dodging death at every turn. Sudden Death will score big for all mystery lovers.

Thirsty Planet
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This page turning thriller takes place in two time periods and is packed with political corruption, greed, murder, and even an inter-century love affair. It was a finalist for the prestigious Montaigne Medal award for thought provoking literature. Time travel is central to the story, but its true genre is "political and religious literary fiction," rather than pure "science fiction." This is a fast moving mystery story about broken politics and the future of the Earth, a multi-century whodunnit with theological overtones. And for people who like literary puzzles there is an "Old Testament" Exodus allegory, with biblical clues to be found in some of the key character's names.

Calamity (Captain Grande Angil Mysteries)

Captain-for-hire, treasure hunter and former legionnaire Grande Angil -- Gray for short -- starts a new job to help make ends meet. He finagles himself a private detective's license in the hope of establishing a niche business in marine investigations. But his first case turns out to be a doozy. A woman in pain. A son lost at sea. A forty year old mystery. And a secret someone plans to keep hidden at all costs.

Fortunately, Gray doesn't scare or back down. He has three ex-wives, one kid with each, a history of adventure above and below sea level, a take charge and get-her-done attitude, a good friend with a respectable credit rating, a great boat, a crappy car and the willingness to see a job through to the bitter end.

But facts are facts. Angil doesn't know squat about being a detective.

His first client pulls into his dooryard three months after he prints his business cards. She arrives in a stretch limo driven by a large, monosyllabic black man. Angil plays it cool, acts the part of an experienced P.I., and takes what he perceives as an easy job -- researching the boating accident that killed the woman's son. Everybody seems satisfied, until it's time to say goodbye.

Back in the dooryard, the driver helps the woman into the car. He gently closes the passenger door, turns to Gray and says: "If you hurt her or cheat her, I'll kill you."

It's a case that will take Grande Angil from the depths of Penobscot Bay, Maine, to the bowels of Langley, Virginia, to the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean.

Calamity, a novel of contemporary maritime fiction incorporating a hard-boiled rookie detective and a strangely disturbing conspiracy, is the first book in the Grande Angil Mystery Series.

The Woods of Red Hill
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Like most towns, Ridgeware has a dark history. Its inhabitants know of the history, apart from newcomer Gary Strand. Strand has recently moved from London to experience the "quiet life" and finds there is more to the town than meets the eye.

David Dawson is a family man, and like other residents, knows of the dark history surrounding Ridgeware and the woods, and the infamous story of Killer Kelly.

To the adults, Killer Kelly was a character from years back that massacred his family. To the children, Killer Kelly is a ghost that is still present and lives in the same shack where he killed his family, which is situated on the common hill, between Ridgeware and the woods.

This thriller is written as seen through the eyes of an adult, and also that of the three children, Alan, Neil and Steven Dawson, David Dawson's son.
Packed with developing eerie stories, innocent friendship, and scenes of terror, "The Woods of Red Hill" dissects each character and tells the reader how they have been affected.

Accomplished in Murder (Accomplished Mysteries, Book 1)

Murder was never so refined...

When her holiday on the coast of Cornwall takes a deadly turn, it is up to Drucilla Winterbourne to uncover the dangerous secrets the inhabitants of Blackridge House will do anything to conceal. But can a proper young lady from London society comprehend the dark motives of a killer?

Accomplished In Murder is the first in a series of historical mystery novelettes featuring intrepid Victorian heroines up to their bustles in crime. These works are only loosely connected and can be read in any order.

This novelette is equivalent to 55 printed pages or an average reading time of forty-five minutes.

Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery Book #1)
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Det. Roland March is a homicide cop on his way out. But when he's the only one at a crime scene to find evidence of a missing female victim, he's given one last chance to prove himself. Before he can crack the case, he's transferred to a new one that has grabbed the spotlight--the disappearance of a famous Houston evangelist's teen daughter.

With the help of a youth pastor with a guilty conscience who navigates the world of church and faith, March is determined to find the missing girls while proving he's still one of Houston's best detectives.

The Antigirl Murders - Let's Begin
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Three women die of heart attacks. Detective Oliver thinks they may be connected. All three had similar profiles. All three had tough jobs that are usually filled by men. The first woman died on March 8th. International Women's Day.

Then a fourth female is found dead. The same profile. Is a serial killer murdering women who are competing with men?

But a lot of powerful people don't want Ollie on this case. They want him to go ahead and retire, like he should have last year.

What should Ollie do?

WARNING: This book contains a few graphic scenes.

Murder On The Ghost Walk (Magnolia Mystery Series)

BOOK #1 IN THE MAGNOLIA MYSTERY SERIES. In the historic port city of Wilmington NC, every old house has a ghost. The mansion Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, is restoring, with its crescendo-thumping spectral organist, is no exception. When Ashley makes a grisly discovery, the residents of quiet, quaint Orange Street are horrified. Halloween weekend finds Ashley and Melanie dressed to kill at the Cape Fear Crime Festival’s costume party where an evil trickster treats them to murder.

Breaking the Cycle
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In this short story, Kate Bynum is a patrol cop working the graveyard shift. She has seen more than her share of domestic violence calls. More often than not, these besieged women are unable to find a way to stop the torment on their own.

When she meets a young woman who is trapped in an abusive marriage by her politically connected and powerful husband, Kate knows she must find a way to help the woman escape and break the vicious cycle of abuse.

San Francisco Secrets (Sam Slater Mysteries)

Noted novelist and newspaper editor Edgar Watson Howe once said. “A man who can keep a secret may be wise but he is not half as wise as a man with no secrets to keep.”

As the spring of 1958 arrives in San Francisco, it seems that baseball player turned private eye, Sam Slater and his fiancée, TWA stewardess Amelia Ryan, are surrounded by people who have secrets.

A prominent doctor, John O’Dell is being blackmailed by someone who has discovered a dark secret from his past. When the private investigator trying to catch the blackmailer is murdered, Dr. O’Dell hires Sam Slater to try to pick up the pieces. Someone is playing for keeps and will do anything to protect their own secrets.

Meanwhile, Amelia begins her new job as an international stewardess which takes her on adventures to New York City, London, Paris and Rome. In hot pursuit is a womanizing older pilot who has his sights set on Amelia.

Their lives get even more complicated when a mysterious woman from Sam’s past returns.

Sam and Amelia’s relationship will be tested as they work together to solve the mystery on the foggy streets of San Francisco.

Under Dark Skies (Five Crime Stories)

Under Dark Skies is a collection of five crime stories, totalling over 25,000 words.

It includes:

The Good Samaritan – an Australian trucker soon wishes he had not stopped for two people on a lonely road (dark suspense, horror)
The Pledge – a college student encounters a dangerous secret society (thriller/suspense)
The Enigma of Lucy Ash – a beautiful woman returns home with tragic consequences (noir, murder mystery, crime drama)
A Deadly Prelude – a music producer has to make a deadly decision when he discovers a new artist (crime drama)
The New Boss – DCI Lisa Boone investigates the drowning deaths of three young people in a Welsh town (mystery/detective)

Author's note: the larger collection Afterburn and Other Stories contains all of the stories in this collection.

Looking for Chet Baker: An Evan Horne Mystery (Evan Horne Series)
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Still recovering from violent past cases, pianist Evan Horne takes some gigs in Amsterdam, where the old jazz clubs are alive and well. There he finds himself reliving the last days of legendary blues trumpeter Chet Baker, who died under mysterious circumstances.

The Storm Giants

What makes a man turn his back on everything he’s ever held for true? Makes him walk away from the money, the willing women, the power over people? From the terror he sees in their eyes when the storm giants come out to play?

Doctor Dauffenbach’s widow is knocking on Everett’s door, talking like they’re still an item. It’s unfortunate there’s so many obstacles in the way of making her heart stop.

Everett’s wife Kerri is beginning to suspect his history with the widow, and she’s forced to examine things about their life together that she’s successfully ignored since the beginning.

Everett’s mom Bambi is on her death bed and still manages to foul things up for him. Maybe she did try to rescue him from the storm giants when he was a kid – but she never tried to rescue him from the things he saw under her roof.

Everett’s son Raymond trusts him to keep the howling winds of chaos away. But to keep his family alive he has to break every promise, and return to the crazy-clown, evil-funhouse mindset he thought he’d left forever.

Throughout, the treacherous storm giants will be his only friends. They’ll help him review the lessons he learned as a child: that blood isn’t shy about spilling, and that it always means something to somebody when people leak.

Everett knows the catechism of violence to his core, and there can’t possibly be any fairy tale ending for him and his.

Can there?


Thirst Trilogy Collection Vol. 1-3 includes the following books:


Year 2053. An unknown event triggered the appearance of an extreme pandemic. Trying to cure it, the scientists only made things worse. The virus mutated, and soon, people started to turn into bloodthirsty beasts. The few survivors took refuge inside underground colonies, or inside heavily fortified cities. The war against the beasts seems to be endless, and the damnation of souls is a certainty for those who disobey the unwritten laws of the universe, both human and supernatural. Daniel Anderson is one of the few survivors. He is decided to find out the truth about what caused the apocalypse, and to save his beloved wife. A quest for love, revenge and immortality might be the last chance for saving his soul.
At approx. 50,000 words, “The romance of blood” is the first volume of the Thirst Series.


Year 2054. Nine months later, after the events of “The romance of blood”. The bloodthirsty beasts are attacking the last bastion of the resistance, and a difficult choice must be made. The very existence of The Order is threatened, but the change may come from where nobody expects. Daniel Anderson discovered some terrible secrets, and nothing is what it seems. Tyria, his daughter, is the only one who can change the fate of humankind, but without any supernatural help, she might fail.
At approx. 25,000 words, “The blood curse” is the second volume of the Thirst Series.


“The Hybrid” continues the story of the Thirst from where it was resumed in the previous book, “The blood curse”. The only chance for winning the war against the bloodthirsty vampires is to raise an army of lycans. A powerful hybrid is awaken, and the balance of power changes dramatically.
At approx. 21,000 words, “The Hybrid” is the third volume of the Thirst series.


At approx. 1,500 words, "The fallen angels" is a short story about the beginning of the Thirst series. Two fallen angels, brother and sister, vampire and lycan, fought over the centuries for power, for blood, for supremacy, but the event which caused the apocalypse is the one which is going to converge their destinies to a single purpose, to mutual destruction.

The Ragtime Kid: A Ragtime Mystery (Ragtime Mystery Trilogy)
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Brun Campbell, a 15-year-old piano-playing fool, hears Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” played one 1898 afternoon in Oklahoma City. It’s destiny calling. Asking for ragtime lessons, he’s told, “No, Ragtime is colored music.” So Brun runs away from the family farm to Sedalia, Missouri, to persuade Joplin to take him on as a pupil. What Brun doesn’t expect is to trip over the body of a young woman. He thoughtlessly picks up a couple of items before he rushes away from the murder scene.

When Edward Fitzgerald, a man who befriended Brun his first night in town, is arrested for the woman’s murder, Brun is certain he’s innocent. But if the boy shows anyone the things he pocketed at the scene—things he now knows belonged to Scott Joplin—he’ll point the finger at the composer...and himself.
Brun decides to get Fitzgerald, Joplin, and himself off the hook by finding the real killer, but for that he eventually needs some help from Dr. Overstreet, the alcoholic town mayor; and John Stark, a man pushing sixty, who’s been employing Brun at his music store.

Sedalia is rife with suspects, some of them opportunists bent on stealing Joplin’s music. And then there are the girls and women—mysteries to Brun—like a teenager seized with religious fever, a couple of mischievous prostitutes, and an attractive, ambitious young woman with a hint of scarlet in her past, who further complicate his pursuit of the killer.

San Francisco Values
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The San Francisco real estate market may be clawing its way back from oblivion, but still it's nothing compared to the heady bubble days of 2005. Just ask real estate queen Ella Barker. She's at the top of her career, a master of San Francisco’s hysterical housing market, when some maniac comes along and start slaughtering real estate agents. Ella considers this outrageous under any circumstance, but it's more than just a little distraction in a market where a child’s future earnings are mortgaged, Open House lines stretch for blocks and prices go up by the hour. Then Ella gets word the most expensive home ever in San Francisco is coming on the market, so she sets out to do whatever it takes to rake in the mega-commission. But first she has to get the listing, which means winning over the elderly, eccentric seller, a woman whose closest advisor is her gorgeous, aggressive, bisexual maid from Rio. Ella’s also got clients with a troublesome case of buyer’s remorse, a vindictive television reporter making scurrilous accusations and a sexy new man with the most unexpected tastes behind closed doors. Ella runs a dangerous obstacle course through San Francisco’s gossipy, backstabbing terrain, trying to crown her career with a monster sale. All she has to do is stay alive long enough to close the deal. sfvaluesbook.com

Death Bell

This is a World War Two spy novel, yet much more than that. It features the factual mystery project of the Nazis named Die Glocke - The Bell. The story begins in wartorn Vienna and moves to London and Silesia and the The Bell itself. Twists and turns keep the reader guessing to the final page. A must read for anybody interested in World War Two and the mystery surrounding General Hans Kammler.

Joe is Online
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Once Joe is online the world begins to change, and not for the better.

The story weaves between Joe's gradual transition from a disturbed and lonely teenager to the orchestrator of an online cult, and the efforts of Penny Hunt, a cyberterrorism expert, to track him down and stop him.

Spanning continents and decades, in 'Joe is Online' you'll meet a nefarious internet psychic, a evangelical tele-atheist and glimpse a world which seems just around the corner. 

Game 7: Dead Ball (Marshall Connors Series)

Secrets, lies, and revenge provide the sparks that ignite a fiery collision between past and present…

A puzzle takes shape as baseball’s World Series unfolds, but the pieces don’t fit: a string of missing women, strange threats, gambling problems, kidnappings, and relationships long dormant are all somehow connected, but Marshall Connors--major league umpire--may run out of time before he can solve the mystery.

Marshall’s season has ended and he is looking forward to post-season plans that include time in Florida, first helping his mentor teach an umpire training class, followed by a lot of sun. Those plans are cut short when Marshall is given a surprise assignment to work the World Series as crew chief, but the real reason is not discovered until he is neck-deep in trouble.

The sudden change in plans rekindles a relationship with the O’Hara family--Terry, major league pitcher and Game 1 starter in the Series, Michael, Terry’s father and former major leaguer, and Samantha, Terry’s mother and Michael's ex-wife--but Marshall quickly realizes some things truly are better left alone.

As the Series plays out, so does the truth behind long-buried O’Hara family secrets and Marshall is caught in a storm that threatens to destroy him and those he loves. With the help of his best friend, Thomas Hillsborough--ex-CIA spy--Marshall fights to solve the puzzle before the Series reaches its climax in GAME 7: DEAD BALL, the ultimate contest of survival.

Bargain Books

Secrets to Die For (A Detective Jackson Mystery)

When young social worker Raina Hughes arrives at a ramshackle trailer outside of town, she’s on a mission to protect a small boy from abusive parents. But when Detective Wade Jackson arrives at the same location hours later, his mission is far grimmer: investigating Raina’s murder.
The victim’s vicious death is a shocking event for laid-back Eugene, Oregon—and even more chilling when one of Jackson’s fellow officers suspects an elusive rapist whose appetite is turning murderous. Jackson thinks he’s got a tight case against the meth-head dad who menaced Raina, but the evidence seems to leave his suspect in the clear—and a homicidal sex offender still on the loose. What Jackson fears is that his new love affair with nurse Kera Kollmorgan may be knocking him off his game. And what he never expects is to find an ally in savvy reporter Sophie Speranza, who may have stumbled on the killer’s shocking motive. But even as Jackson and Sophie team up to tighten the noose, their quarry zeroes in on his next victim—ready to take his twisted game to the next level.

Bones Are Forever: A Novel (Temperance Brennan)

A woman calling herself Amy Roberts checks into a Montreal hospital complaining of uncontrolled bleeding. Doctors see evidence of a recent birth, but before they can act, Roberts disappears. Dispatched to the address she gave at the hospital, police discover bloody towels outside in a Dumpster. Fearing the worst, they call Temperance Brennan to investigate.
In a run-down apartment Tempe makes a ghastly discovery: the decomposing bodies of three infants. According to the landlord, a woman named Alma Rogers lives there. Then a man shows up looking for Alva Rodriguez. Are Amy Roberts, Alma Rogers, and Alva Rodriguez the same person? Did she kill her own babies? And where is she now?
Heading up the investigation is Tempe’s old flame, homicide detective Andrew Ryan. His counterpart from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is sergeant Ollie Hasty, who happens to have a little history with Tempe himself, which she regrets. This unlikely trio follows the woman’s trail, first to Edmonton and then to Yellowknife, a remote diamond-mining city deep in the Northwest Territories. What they find in Yellowknife is more sinister than they ever could have imagined.

Guilt by Association (A Rachel Knight Novel)
Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight is a tenacious, wise-cracking, and fiercely intelligent prosecutor in the city's most elite division. When her colleague, Jake, is found dead at a grisly crime scene, Rachel is shaken to the core. She must take over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family.

But she can't stop herself from digging deeper into Jake's death, a decision that exposes a world of power and violence and will have her risking her reputation--and her life--to find the truth.

With her tremendous expertise in the nuances of L.A. courts and crime, and with a vibrant ensemble cast of characters, Marcia Clark combines intimate detail, riotous humor, and visceral action in a debut thriller that marks the launch of a major new figure on the crime-writing scene.

Mirror Image
The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn't just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole's face, the famous senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge for a husband, and a powerful Texas dynasty for in-laws. And as she lay helpless in the hospital, she would make a shattering discovery: Someone close to Tate planned to assassinate him. Now, to save Tate's life, Avery must live another woman's life -- and risk her own...

THE AMBASSADOR'S WIFE (An Inspector Samuel Tay Novel)

The first body is in Singapore, on a bed in an empty suite in the Marriott Hotel. The second in Bangkok, in a seedy apartment close to the American embassy. Both women. Both Americans. Both beaten viciously and shot in the head. Both stripped naked and lewdly displayed.

The FBI says it's terrorism, but the whispers on the street are that a serial killer is stalking American women across Asia.

Inspector Samuel Tay of Singapore CID is something of a reluctant policeman. He's a little overweight, a little lonely, a little cranky, and he smokes way too much. Thinking back, he can't even remember why he became a police detective in the first place. He talks about quitting all the time, but he hasn't. Because the thing is, he's very, very good at what he does.

When bodies of American women start turning up, Singapore CID calls in Inspector Tay. It's a high profile case, and he's the best they have.

Then why is it, Tay soon begins to wonder, that nobody seems to want him to find the women's killer? Not the FBI, not the American ambassador, not even his bosses at CID.

When international politics takes over a murder case, the truth is the next victim.

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