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Good Morning Fans! So, our two giveaways have ended. But never fear, another one will be up soon! 
The winner of the Lizzy Ford Giveaway is Colette Reviews.
The weekend winners are: 
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Well now, I have a question for all of you. Is there an author you want to see interviewed? To learn more about? Our spotlight series has a few openings. If there's an Indie author you want to know, tell me. I'll do what I can to make it happen :) 

Now, on to the freebies

After the Ashes
Lorelei Sullivan longs for the home and family that was torn from her during the war. After the death of her mother, she follows her younger brother out west, hoping for a fresh start with her last living relative. Instead she finds a ruthless bounty hunter looking for the brother she knows she must protect at all costs. She doesn't expect the price to be losing her heart to a man who promises her nothing but shared passion.

Christopher Braddock wants information more than the bounty of a bumbling kid who got mixed up with the outlaw Braddock has been searching for since the war. But when his prey's sister tries to throw him off her brother's trail, Braddock isn't noble enough to not let her try. What he doesn't expect is the spark that brings his body, and worse, his numbed emotions back to life. His unexpected feelings for Lorelei has Braddock crossing the line from bounty hunter to outlaw. He'll do whatever it takes to keep Lorelei safe, including breaking her heart.

Off Limits
Two years ago, Emily Burnham, had an epiphany about the shallowness of her life. And she made it her mission to become a different person…a better woman. Out from under the controlling thumb of her mother, Emily is tasting the real world for the first time. And she likes it.

Nixon Caldwell has served his time in the Marine Corps, surviving two brutal tours in Afghanistan. He is back home, surrounded by what he likes best…isolation. It's certainly the easiest way to avoid confrontation of the consuming guilt that is weighing him down.

When an accident brings Emily and Nix together, he soon learns he is not the master of his own fate. Struggling with his own pain, Nix tries to guard himself against Emily’s charms. He wants her in his bed, but he doesn’t want her in his heart. 

Having grabbed life by the horns, Emily wants it all. But is she willing to accept just the small part of himself that Nix is offering? Or can she reach the part of his soul that he has deemed to be Off Limits?

Deliver Me (The Holmes Brothers)
B&N Link $2.99
After being dumped by her boyfriend and passed over for yet another promotion, Monica Gardner moves to New Orleans, determined to make a name for herself as the new attending ER physician at Methodist Memorial Hospital. As for men--she's through with them. But when given the chance to chair the hospital's annual charity banquet, Monica must elicit the help of gorgeous Ob-gyn Elijah Holmes.

Eli will do anything to thwart his matchmaking Mama's plan to reunite him with his high school girlfriend. So, when the sexy new ER doc asks for his help in planning this year's charity banquet, Eli devises the perfect scheme: He'll help put on the best banquet the hospital has ever seen, if Monica poses as his new girlfriend. But when Eli finds himself falling in love, he realizes convincing Monica of his true feelings may be his greatest delivery yet.

First Class Hero (First Class Novels)
Lieutenant Commander Paul Lathem has served his country proudly for eleven years as a navy Seal. He has risked life and limb to preserve freedom and has loved every minute of it, but having entered his thirties, he realizes he’s looking for more. He wants the wife and the kids and the life he sees his older brother Matt enjoying. And he is sure he wants it with Nic, but she isn’t convinced.

Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Nic Stewart has had a difficult childhood, with scars burned deep in her heart. Recently fired from her job as a kindergarten teacher, Nic increases her employment search radius and ends up in Manhattan, just blocks from the Lathems…and Paul. 
Will Paul be able to soften Nic’s heart and rescue her from the demons of her childhood? Can he convince her she deserves a love story?

Treading Water, The Treading Water Series, Book 1
B&N Link $4.99

Love is the last thing on Jack Harrington’s mind when he sets out to meet Andi Walsh’s flight. Recently back to work after spending more than a year tending to his comatose wife, Jack is focused on getting through each day and caring for his three daughters. However, the moment he sets eyes on Andrea Walsh, the interior designer who has come to decorate the hotel his company is building in Newport, Rhode Island, Jack begins to wonder if Andi might be his second chance. After a disastrous marriage, Andi, single mom to a hearing-impaired son, isn’t exactly looking for love, either, but that’s what she finds with Jack. The two embark on a long-distance relationship fraught with challenges as they balance the needs of their children and dueling careers while Jack continues to care for his wife, Clare. Just when Jack thinks his life is once again settled, he is confronted with a new challenge that tests him in ways he never could've imagined, leaving him to wonder if "happily ever after" is in the cards for him.

The Tycoon's Seductive Revenge
Ellie Montgomery’s beloved hotel is going up for auction. She must cater to the highest bidder, or she’ll lose her family legacy, her dreams, and the only life she’s ever known.

Carter Stratton plans to be the highest bidder, payback for how the Montgomery family treated him and Ellie’s long-ago rejection. Bent on revenge, he’ll accept nothing less than her complete surrender, body and soul. 

When his intent for revenge turns into seduction, Carter must decide whether he wants a chance to even the score, or a second chance with the woman he never stopped loving.

To Be With You (The Sunset Series)
B&N Link $0.99
No matter how hard she's tried, Nicole Pierce has always picked the wrong guy. She dumps them as soon as they reveal themselves as the cheaters and abusers they are, but it's left her heartsore and discouraged. When she needs a date for a social function, from now on she's going to pick one from the gorgeous, hands-off, strictly-business escorts of Club Blue.

Her childhood best friend Sean Rollins won't stand for that. He and Nicole haven't seen each other for years, but he's the safe, long-distance shoulder she can cry on--a hard role for Sean, who loves her in secret. When he finds out about the escorts, he wants to keep her safe. Even though he knows more about martial arts than Armani, and even though he hasn't told Nicole he's now in the same city, he becomes an escort at Club Blue under an assumed name.

To his relief, Nicole chooses him. He's tall, dark, handsome...and oddly familiar. But Sean doesn't know there's a horrible reason for Nicole's choices in men--and his attempt at protecting her may have blown every chance he'll ever have with the one girl he loves.

Foolish Notions
B&N Link $3.99

Hardnosed-CEO James Taylor years to find the right nurse for his ailing mother, Marie. When his ex-girlfriend Samantha whom he hasn’t spoken to in almost a year fills the position, sparks fly.

Passion builds when James and Samantha live under the same roof. Turmoil boarders desire—the two fuse and feed off each other. For weeks things simmer. James is consumed with wanting to explain to Samantha what she really witnessed the night she saw him kissing another woman. Samantha refused to listen.

Love and passion can’t be denied and it lures them into the bedroom. The physical intimacy not only uncovers buried emotions, but also the love they have for each other. James feels they are rebuilding what they once shared, while Samantha secretly fears that he may hurt her again. Her heart wants him, but her mind won’t let her forget.

Healing Her Heart (Crystal Lake Series)
Dr. Gabe Allen has a rule about dating colleagues but when he meets ER nurse Larissa Brockman he's tempted to break his vow. Larissa's faith draws him back to the church he'd left behind, but when their lives are on the line Gabe discovers that Larissa is the one who needs to learn about the true meaning of forgiveness. And only Gabe can help heal her heart.

Chasing Beautiful (Chasing Series #1)
B&N Link

What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you? 

An orphan at the age of seven, there was one thing that Sienna Richards didn't do easily--give her heart. She made that mistake once by trusting and giving her heart to her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, Kyle Matthews. When Sienna left for London to study, she was taken aback when Kyle told her that he's been seeing someone else. 

Hurt and betrayed, Sienna decided to fly back to LA to confront him. The whole idea of "closure" was definitely a bad idea. She immediately left, deflated and aggrieved. Back in London, Sienna was surprised when her very good friend, the magnetic Blake Knightly, seemed to be determined to have her. Blake was relentless but will not settle until he gets ALL of Sienna. 

Women clamored to be the handsome aristocratic Blake. Who could possibly resist a compelling man that drew such power and commanded attention by simply just breathing?

When Sienna was about to give in, fate stepped in and muddled her mind and heart once again. Kyle moves to London to be close to her. If Sienna thought her life was in shambles before, she should think again. 

Hiding Hollywood
 Andi Carrington has a problem.  And everyone's reading about it.

She has a torn Achilles tendon, her business is under financial stress, and she's suddenly being blamed by the world's media for breaking up the marriage of one of Hollywood's leading men.

It'd be different if it was true, because ironically, Rush Dawson is the heartthrob she'd most like to run away with to a deserted island, but Rush has stolen her image, blackened her name and violated her privacy.  

And then he tells her a story, and Andi has a new problem - falling in love with him.

The Wedding Dress Diaries (The Wedding Season)
B&N Link

Bridal shop owner Amber Davis dreaded the moment she'd run in to Parker Robinson while working on his sister's wedding. She'd spent every summer in the Hamptons with his family as a kid, fantasizing about kissing him. But she's shocked to discover that the confident boy who'd given Amber her first taste of love has become a man who mocks its very existence.
Parker can't believe the girl who used to follow him around has grown into a beautiful woman—one with some very naughty ideas when she fits him for his tux. But Amber also knows why he's shut everyone out of his life. She's not the kind of woman Parker gets involved with…even if he can't keep his hands off her.
Amber doesn't do one-night stands or casual hookups, but she's wanted Parker long enough to make him an exception—especially if she can convince him he needs love in his life, too.

Valentine from a Soldier (Soldier Series Romance Novellas)

Event planner Sarah Cooper is stuck in San Francisco the weekend before Valentine's Day, missing her best friend's bachelorette party. Special Forces officer Ryan Bradley is just passing through. After a chance encounter, their evening together leads to a night of red-hot passion.

When Sarah finally returns home, she discovers a secret from Ryan's past that makes her question everything. Does their love stand a chance? Or was her night with him just one big mistake?

Enjoy a steamy romance this Valentine's Day! Valentine from a Soldier is the second book in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas.

In Too Deep (Hidden Cove Series)

IN TOO DEEP is the first novella in Shay’s powerful, new anthology, AMERICA’S BRAVEST. (All six novellas are available in a boxed set.)
In the Hidden Cove Fire Department, Gabe Malvaso is a favorite among firefighters. He’s tough, fair, has a good sense of humor and loves his work. But for eighteen months, he’s avoided a member of his crew, Firefighter Rachel Wellington, despite his knife-sharp attraction to her. She is also drawn to him but is equally determined to keep things professional between them--until they’re trapped in a basement for a day, thinking they’ll never be rescued. Then, their feelings for each other explode like the building around them.

Our Little Secrets (Montana Romance)
B&N Link

Michael West swore he would never fall in love again. So when the beautiful and wily Charlotte steps off the train looking for a new life he jumps at the business opportunity she presents. Engaged forty-five minutes after meeting, married the next day, Michael thinks he’s found everything a respectable man should have. Except that Michael is as far from respectable as they come. They agreed not to ask questions about each other’s pasts, but when the past seeps into their present Michael suspects his passionate new wife is not who she says she is. Too bad he’s already fallen in love with her.

Charlotte Baldwin has a secret. She fled Philadelphia to escape the sins of her past but someone is following her. What better way to hide than by marrying Michael West, Cold Springs, Montana’s enigmatic shopkeeper? A new name, a new life, and a passionate husband is exactly what she needs to leave her sins behind. But when it comes to keeping secrets Charlotte may have met her match in Michael. When a connection neither of them expects catches up with them, the shocking revelation means Charlotte may have run right into the arms of her enemy.

No sin stays a secret forever….

To Tame a Renegade (Delaney Brothers)
Hot on the trail of an elusive bank robber, Chad Delaney couldn’t afford to stay long in one place. But the hard-hearted bounty hunter had a soft spot for children in need, an affliction that led him straight to the door of Sarah Temple, her five-year-old son in hand. In no time, Sarah’s violet eyes and fiercely independent manner rooted him to the spot. He’d heard the rumors of her wanton ways, and watching the sway of her hips and the gleam of her raven hair, he wished to sample every one of them.

The last thing Sarah wanted was to be nursed night and day by the rugged lawman who showed up at her doorstep, The burns on her arms were minor compared with the pain brought by years of the town’s scorn. But under Chad’s tender ministrations, she felt the heat of her fury turn to flames of desire. And she vowed to conquer his wanderlust with white-hot passion, to tie him to her in a bond forged of true love.

Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid (Kellington Book One)
Caught behind enemy lines at the Battle of Waterloo, nurse Jane Wetherby is forced to seek shelter with British operative Lord Edward Kellington. After a night of passion, the two are separated. With nothing but the alias Jane used to protect her family, Lord Edward is unable to find the woman he can't forget.

Seven years later, Jane courts scandal by serving as the unofficial surgeon in the village of Marston Vale. When Edward arrives to formalize his betrothal to a viscount's daughter in accordance with his late father's wishes, Jane has no choice but to watch the match proceed. When a threat from the past emerges, Jane must join forces with Edward to safeguard her loved ones. But at what risk to her heart...

Regency Masquerade
Old fashioned regency romance with a metro sexual twist - Frances comes to London to discover her identity and finds a Lord she could easily fall in love with - there's only one problem, he thinks she 's a man. And her adventures are only just beginning.

Twice a Rake (Lord Rotheby's Influence, Book 1)
B&N Link $0.99

When Aurora Hyatt loses her journal in Hyde Park, her ruin is a foregone conclusion. After all, if anyone discovers her writings, they'll find scandalous fantasies involving the newest rake in Town alongside entirely-too-candid thoughts about her typical dreary suitors. Aurora will either be forced into a loveless marriage with the first nodcock to make an offer, or she'll be assigned a permanent position on the shelf. Oh, dear good Lord. What catastrophe will God smote down upon her next?

If Niles Thornton, Baron Quinton, desires to maintain any semblance of his current lifestyle, he must fulfill the requirements his grandfather has set for him. First and foremost: he must marry and begin filling his nursery within the year. When he is nearly barreled over by a racing curricle and a journal flies out to land at his feet, his troubles are over. Inside the journals pages, Quin discovers a scandal waiting to happen. Surely a young lady who would write such brazen things in a journal (and then dare to lose it) must recognize the necessity of a hasty marriage, even if the gentleman making the offer is rather less-than-honorable.

In a drunken haze, Quin kisses Aurora on a crowded ballroom floor, necessitating their immediate marriage. Quin's troubles are only beginning, however, as Aurora's writings are soon the focus of both gossip rags and drawing room conversation. When word arrives of an even greater scandal following in his wife's wake, will he prove himself a drunken abuser like his father, or will he become the loving husband of Aurora's fantasies?

Harvest Moon

Cursed, abused, and desperate, Dancing Cat steals a look inside her tribe's Sacred Bundle for a glimpse into the future. In doing so, she incurs the wrath of a powerful ancestor who takes everything from Dancing Cat: home, family, and even her gender. 

Injured, alone, and in a man's body, she meets Bearclaw who is on a spirit quest. As their friendship develops, Dancing Cat must weave a path through friendship, identity, and longing, all the while fearing her people will find her and take away her new-found freedom.

And throughout all this, she asks herself if love is stronger than magic.

Sand: The Colonel's Daughter
Dallas is a Special Forces Lieutenant who is driven by his promise to protect the Colonel’s daughter Abby from an opium drug lord. He is torn between duty and his love for her and when he discovers that the drug lord's charming—murderous son has befriended Abby, there's no limit to how far he is willing to go to protect her. 

How The Military Watches Out For Men Who Love True (Lunchtime Love Stories)
Kayla Bell has been dating Lieutenant Ryan St. Cloud, who is stationed at White Sands Missile Range. The two are in love and have been talking about a life together. He's looking for the perfect wedding ring before proposing. His best friend is also newly married, but his wife is self-centered and uncaring. Kayla finds out a secret, and struggles between making a moral decision or will she keep a secret that's wrong. 

Duty to Serve
"Only the dead have seen the end of war"
~George Santayana

You stay in one place too much time and you suddenly find yourself somewhere else. You're aching to escape your permanent position, but you cannot, because your campaign is not yet over. So respect your place, honor it, give it love and nurture it, for it is the last place you'll ever visit.

This volume is the first of many.

Sara's Secret
B&N Link

Sara’s Secret: a new adult novel set in the hot streets of Austin, TX!

Recipe for a disaster:

Start with two brothers, one good, one bad, and both of them too badass for their own good. Bobby: trying to get away from his controlling girlfriend Molly, all the while eyeing his best friend Sara. His big brother Nic: wanting an out from drug-dealing after a big bust and a plea bargain, can he find new life and long-term stability working in a coffee shop as his past comes back to haunt him? Or will he try for a short-term fix and screw everything up.

Add one girl with a dangerous secret.

Sara: tired of hiding her feelings for best friend Bobby. Or that she hooked up with his big brother over the summer. But those don’t even compare to the secret she isn’t allowed to share. Will her black-belt skills in Aikido be enough to keep her centered when the world goes tilt?

Haley's Man
When Haley Miller posts on a sexual fantasies forum that she wants to have an orgasm while surrounded by her friends, one reply stands out. Intrigued and desperately aroused, Haley prepares for the orgasm of her dreams. But when she arrives at her friend’s house, she learns that the man of her dreams, Seth Gardner, is back in town. Now she must decide if she wants to go through with her plans for public pleasure or go after her dream date with Seth, or risk losing them both.

Her Midnight Ride: Bar, Bike, Bed (BWWM erotic romance)
B&N Link

Greg walks into the bar on Janelle's night out and it's lust at first sight. She never thought she'd feel like that about a white guy, but sexy biker Greg isn't like any of the men she's met before.

Unfortunately, one of her past conquests just won't leave her alone. When she puts Errol down so she can hook up with Greg, he vows to get his revenge.

Back at Greg's place, there are secrets in the air, but once they get in the bedroom Janelle's too busy to worry about what she doesn't know.

Will disapproving friends and Errol's temper mean it's just a one-night stand, or will Janelle find a way to see Greg again?

This short story is roughly 8,700 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

Fire Always Burns: Lighting the Match (Coming of Age, New Adult Romance)
B&N Link

Fire always burns. Three friends just have to make sure that it doesn't burn them.

Holly managed to escape the boring mountain town where she was born by going to college. However, she found herself having too many wild nights and too many mornings of waking up in unfamiliar beds to keep her scholarship. Now that's she's back in Conifer, she has no idea what she is going to do with her life and no hope for the future.

Andrew's father died a couple years ago in an electrical accident, leaving him to care for his distraught mother. More than anything, he wants to move on and escape this small town to follow his dreams, but his mother would be lost without someone to take care of her.

When they reconnect, Holly comes up with a plan, a plan that will change all their lives for the better. She knows that to start a fire, all it takes is a spark. However, as the sparks ignite and begin to burn, she realizes that she may have stood too close to the flame, and the torch she carries for Andrew burns brighter than ever.

Will Holly manage to rekindle old loves, or will the destructive fire in their hearts consume everything they hold dear?

Will Andrew have his wishes come true?

Angel Redeemed (Deadly Sins)

This is a BONUS SHORT STORY (less than 10,000 words) added from Angel Unborn (book 1 in the Deadly Sins series) and told from the hero's point of view. Ripped from the afterlife, Ursus, a defiant archangel, faces an ancient prophecy regarding the woman he loves. Will he bend to Heaven's will or claim her as his own?

Silver Lining: A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man
B&N Link $0.99

" Looking for a distraction, any distraction, I prodded. “Tell me about it. When did you two meet? What happened? How did he get you to fall in love with him?”
Another laugh. This one was full of genuine happiness and it made her cheeks glow. “I’ll tell you all about it another time. I promise.”
I told her I would make sure she kept her promise and she laughed saying it wouldn’t be a burden to gush about their love story. "

Well that promise has been kept. Finally find out how the Key unlocked how the Bell rings.

The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Angel Detectives Case #1)
An appaloosa horse is the only eyewitness to a killing, a sack of Montana sapphires is missing, and only Heaven knows the whole truth.

In "The Man Who Fell from the Sky," some themes of "Ghost" meet "The Horse Whisperer" in this full-length, paranormal whodunnit mystery that is packed with romantic suspense, danger, dark secrets and high spiritual stakes.

Cody Bliss, angel detective, is assigned by Heaven to the mortal body of J.R. Wilder, a paroled murderer, in order to solve his own previous untimely demise and take care of unfinished business with Mariah, who is unable to move on with her life until she knows what happened to her missing husband.

Against the backdrop of a western Montana ranch near Glacier National Park, and in the company of Mariah and her tight-knit family, Cody (inside the body of J.R. Wilder) must solve the murder mystery using forensic clues and the spiritual powers of an angel. He must also yield to J.R., whose body he is using, as that tragic man falls in love with his former wife.

In The Man Who Fell from the Sky, almost every character has a deep, dark secret. And the clock is ticking. If J.R. Wilder doesn't change his lifestyle, the Angel is Death is coming for him, too, and soon! Not only that, his former cellmate shows up with a proposition that could be his undoing. That man has a secret that J.R. desperately wants to know, a missing piece of his own life puzzle that has haunted him for years. To add to the danger, the dark angels try to tempt the angel detective by using Mariah.

Personal Demons (Desolation Diaries)
What happened after the story ended?

A Desolation Novella

What do you do when your past comes back to bite you in the ass--with very sharp, pointy teeth?

James thought life was good--living in Paris with Miri, not a single bad guy in sight.

Until the goddess Hel came to reclaim him.

Marked: A Two Halves Novella
B&N Link

Shapeshifter Xander will remain stuck in oblivion between
good and evil until he is marked--either with the sphere that will identify him as a servant of the underworld or with the water mark, serving the keepers of humans, vampires, and warlocks.

One decision will mark him and his twin sister Mira equally.
She is in love with a man bearing the water mark and wants Xander to follow the path of the good. But Xander loves a black witch, a minion of the underworld. All he has to do to join her forever is kill.'

Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire 1)
B&N Link

When duty forces a shaman to stop a vampire from her revenge, love doesn't just burn... it bites.

For two hundred years, Niki DeVeraux has been tracking the monster who murdered her family and made her a vampire. She finally catches up to him only to face more than she bargained for in a too-sexy sheriff who makes her remember she's still a woman. With duties as Keeper of the peace and Sheriff, Shane Spencer must protect humanity and stop the friction between the local Arcaine races before it turns into an all out blood war.

When wolves start turning up dead, the tension between the races grows and suspicion falls on Niki. Shane knows she's not to blame, and it has nothing to do with the primal urges she stirs within him. Working together, they must stop the hostilities from going over the edge. Trouble is, the desires raging between them might prove more dangerous than the surrounding

Hunter's Blood Special Edition (Cursed by Blood Saga)

B&N Link

This fast paced short story is 50% of the download, and sets the beginning of the Cursed by Blood Saga. The 120 page novella also includes the first four chapters of book two... Enjoy!

Revenge. It's a way of life for psychic, Lily Saburi... 
Haunted since the brutal murder of her best friend and partner, she's obsessed with retribution--a vigilante bent on striking a blow for humanity against the shadowed world of the supernatural. Prey turned predator she aims to even the score--one bullet at a time starting with the beast that changed her life forever.

Prepared for Armageddon she's in for the fight of her life. But when mortally wounded by a diseased and insane Were, Lily is rescued by a most unlikely savior--Were-hunter, Sean Leighton. Sexy and powerful, Leighton is charged with destroying anything infected with the deadly pathogen threatening the survival of his pack, and that includes Lily. But their immediate attraction leaves them both breathless and confused. As Lily grapples with truth about herself, Leighton is faced with the looming reality that he will most likely have to kill the woman he's falling in love with. Only time will tell if they are destined to be together or if they'll fall victim to the Hunter's Blood.

Love Wears A Stetson "Wyatt"

Broke, betrayed and broken hearted, 24 year old Kenna Jamison returns to her family’s ranch in Butte Montana. Six years ago, Kenna ran away from her life in Montana and her unreturned love in the form of Wyatt Walker. Wyatt was Kenna’s brother’s best friend and her constant tormentor. Will Kenna survive living next to Wyatt again or will fate step in and make them both see what they have been fighting for years.

This book series shows that there is more to individuals then meets the eye. Alpha males, sarcastic wise asses and head strong females, are not always what they seem. It will show, that beneath all the male blustering, wise cracking and outspoken voices, a warm and caring individuals lives, who with the love of the right person, can let their true self come shining through. It will reminds us, that there is .always more to a person, then what we see on the outside, and even the most bullheaded of individuals, can be changed, with the love and caring from that special someone.

Donovan's Angel (The Donovans of the Delta)

When Martie Fleming breezed into small town Pontotoc, Mississippi, determined to settle down and teach jazzercise in her home studio, she never expected to land next door to the minister. She never expected her playful golden retriever to steal his shorts right off the clothes line. And she certainly never expected to fall in love.

Everybody in town would agree they are so wrong for each other - everybody but Paul Donovan. With her gypsy outfits, her lively music and her irrepressible spirit, Martie is exactly the angel the preacher needs. But can he convince her? Can their love and his career survive the small town gossip and the fireworks Martie creates wherever she goes?

The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

For Jade, there is one customer who makes going to work at the coffee shop worthwhile, Officer Alex Kane. With just a look, Constable Kane turns her body into an inferno of desire, but being too shy to make the first move she endures countless nights longing for his hard body and tender touch. Luckily, fate has plans for the sexy cop and the cute, shy girl from the coffee shop. 

Carved In Stone (Contemporary Romance and Humor) (Art of Love Series)

Even though his sons tease him about not dating, and his ex-wife thinks he is still hung up on her, 53 yr old retired principal and stone sculptor, William Everett Larson, is glad he waited to date until he found 47 yr old high school art teacher, Jessica Anderson. He admires Jessica for her courageous art and for how she has dealt with her life. As far as Will can tell, the only part of Jessica damaged by her past is her heart. Jessica assures Will she is incapable of lasting love, but Will refuses to believe it’s true. When she offers him temporary sexual fidelity, Will decides to take what he can get until he can find a way to convince Jessica she is still capable of love.


Chiropractor Allarie Healy spends more and more time dodging her younger sister Simone’s attempts to find her a man. There seems to be no end to what the girl will do. So when the man known for the finest butt in the city ends up in her office for an adjustment, Allarie wonders if it’s all a hoax or if this time her sister has gone too far.

Dailey “Wiggle It” Wood, has made a name for himself in minor league baseball from his backfield motion during his batting stance. It’s garnered him arm candy galore and the attention he needs to get noticed for the major league. He’s even in a beefcake calendar. Then a ditzy blonde crashes into his car and drags him off to her chiropractor sister to keep his injury a secret.

Allarie’s not his type. Dailey’s not hers. But when they’re thrown together and forced to play a couple, perhaps their images of the ideal partner might just be… Cracked.

So Serendipity: the short story

Hell hath no fury like a scorned librarian, and Siri is one pissed off Interim Director. That new guy in town has stolen her dream job...and now he's about to steal her heart as well. But don't worry. Siri is going to get them both back, no matter what it takes.

This is the very short, and spicy, story that sparked the romantic comedy, SO SERENDIPITY (set to be released in 2012).

All of the proceeds from this author's sales go to charity. 

Getting Complicated (prequel to Getting Personal/Getting in Deep)

When Monique St.Cyr discovers her mother, a practically born-again-virgin, is writing erotic fiction, she realizes she’ll never again be able to show her face in public. But her mother is the least of her problems. Monique’s love life and her bank account tanks, leaving her emotionally and financially bankrupt.

After spending a few nights in her best friend’s teeny apartment, Monique realizes it’s time to move on with her life and learn from her past mistakes. Never again will she be swayed by another despicable, low life, belly crawling, cheating, lying man!

Ex And The Single Girl

Penis Teflon. That's what Portia Fallon calls the man-repelling curse that keeps men from sticking to the women in her family. When Portia gets dumped -- on Valentine's Day no less -- she fears she's inherited the curse. So when her mother calls her home, she leaves wintry Syracuse and her PhD work behind, and heeds the call. A summer back home in Truly, Georgia, and she'll be able to regroup and finally finish that dissertation...

She should have known it wouldn't be that simple. Her mother, Mags, is crazier than usual, and that's a high bar; Aunt Vera keeps smiling over of an emotional crisis she won't talk about; and Grandma Bev has her surly turned up to eleven. On top of that, there's a British writer in town they've decided will be Portia's "Flyer" -- a one-night-stand meant to clear a girl's energy so she can get the ex out of her system. It's the perfect plan, until Portia falls for her Flyer, and the ex shows up in town with a ring and a promise to stick for good. Now Portia has to figure out what she really wants, and what she's willing to risk to get it.

Sleeping Beauty A Novelette

Addalee wakes up from a coma with a strange new side effect--a fixation on her friend Kyle. Will it take a fairy godmother to let Addie get her fairy tale or will she be able to use a little of her own magic to get Kyle to see the light?

Casey's Home

Casey Wells is the daughter of the best baseball pitcher who ever played the game: “Wild” Billy Wells. When Billy dies, she is forced to reexamine his legacy and its effects on her own stalled life. She must face her family and acknowledge her regrets as she returns home for the funeral. Her childhood crush, Ben McDunnough, is attempting to hold onto his coaching job after Billy’s death. Twenty years before, a terrible injury cost Ben his major league career. Now he risks losing his last connection to the game he loves. While Ben and Casey rediscover dreams they have smothered for nearly twenty years, they find solace in their shared history. Using baseball as a metaphor for glory never quite attained, Casey’s Home delves into the moment when these two wounded people choose to greet the future with hope, even as they see the past with new clarity.

Bargain Books

Heart Stealers $0.99 Amazon

COP OF THE YEAR, Book One of the Bayview Heights series--When Captain Mitch Lansing is assigned to Cassie Smith’s high school classroom, sparks fly. He’s by-the-book, and she’s unorthodox and innovative in her teaching methods. But when Mitch develops an unstoppable bond with her students, Cassie finds her attraction to him irresistible.

LOST AND FOUND GROOM, Book One of the A Place Called Home series--Chasing a story, hardheaded journalist Kendra Jenner is caught in a vicious hurricane...and unexpectedly in the arms of a stranger who speaks no English. Fear leads to passion leads to their making a baby. Three years later, "Paulo" arrives at her Wyoming home, speaking perfect English, and with a new name. He announces he's come for his son and for her.

SOMEBODY’S DAD, from the Daddy School series--Fund manager Brett Stockton wants love, commitment, maybe even marriage—but no kids, period. Falling in love with photographer Sharon Bartell is easy. She’s everything he could possibly want in a woman...except that she’s the single mother of a two-year-old son. Can Brett learn to love Max? Or for both Max and Sharon’s sakes, should he walk away?

FALLING FOR YOU, Book One of the Pearl Island series--Propelled by a lifelong goal to buy the island home reportedly haunted by her colorful ancestors, Aurora St. Claire desperately needs Oliver Chancellor's help in securing a business loan, and she won’t take no for an answer. In the midst of convincing the hesitant blue blood to take a chance on her dream, Rory unexpectedly lands in Chance’s arms. Now, the mismatched pair can’t keep their hands off one another, and something tells Rory she’s headed for trouble-trouble in the name of love.

Dark Nights Dangerous Men $0.99 Amazon

From romantic suspense to paranormal romance; from a full length novel to a bite sized novella, whatever you're looking for, we've got the story for you!

STOLEN FURY by Elisabeth Naughton

To unearth a centuries-old secret, an archaeologist must team up with the rakish thief who's stolen both an ancient relic and her heart...

BOUND BY BLOOD by Cynthia Eden

Married to the enemy. In order to save her clan, vampire princess Morgan LaBeaux will do anything…even marry werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn. She may have to trust him with her life, but Morgan vows to never give the wolf her heart.

NO ONE TO TRUST by Katie Reus

When Elizabeth Martinez is shoved into the cross hairs of one of Miami’s death-dealing drug lords she has no choice but to depend on former Marine Porter Caldwell, her ex-boyfriend and the one man she’s tried desperately to forget.

RAPHAEL by Alexandra Ivy

The brilliant and dangerous diplomat of the Pantera shapeshifters, Raphael has devoted his life to discovering the key to the infertility that is threatening the extinction of his puma race. Creating a vast network of spies worldwide, he never expected to discover that the answer might be beneath his very nose. But when Ashe, a beautiful human female, crosses his path, his most primitive instincts are stirred. Unable to resist, he takes her to his bed, and is shocked when she becomes pregnant with his child. It’s a miracle that might prove to be the salvation of his people, but only if he can keep her safe from the mercenaries determined to kill her.

PARISH by Laura Wright

Untamed and undeniably sexy, Parish, leader of the Pantera hunters, rarely leaves the magic of the Wildlands to deal with the humans he despises. But with the prized and risky Pantera birth on the way, puma shifter, Parish must travel to New Orleans to find and bring back a human doctor. The moment he sees the lovely, talented and all too human Dr. Julia Cabot he cannot resist the wild, potent drive to make her his. Betrayed and destroyed by love, Julia will not let her heart choose her path again. But as she and Parish fight to save the life of an unborn child, a fierce and overwhelming bond develops between them, threatening her frozen heart with the secret hope and ultimate temptation of love and family.


An emergency physician on leave returns to Baja Mexico in search of answers in the deaths of her mother and stepbrother and uncovers buried secrets that threaten her life and a man who threatens her heart.



--Three brothers who survive by the sword fall to a mad Romani curse...
--Three modern women with the power to set them free...
--Will they teach each other the true meaning of love, or will evil foil their happiness?

Animal Heat: A Paranormal Romance $1.99 Amazon

Life happens to us all - and sometimes in the blink of an eye, things can go from normal and mundane to absolutely awful. And so it goes with this tale. One minute Lynda Seron was having a regular, and even a plain old ordinary day at home with her sister, when something completely unexpected turns the night completely around in the worst way possible - for them both....

Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire $2.99 Amazon

Or that’s what it feels like to Kizzy Dean when a business disagreement with arrogant Greek lawyer Andreas Lazarides leaves her no choice but to accompany him to the Greek Isle of Rhodes. It doesn’t help matters this sexy brooding stranger, who is unaccustomed to the word No and the very idea of commitment, shows her what it feels like to be truly desired.
Amidst the ancient myths and alleyways, tensions run high as Kizzy feels an immediate attraction for the man she wants to both ravage and strangle.
Accustomed to gold-digging women, Andreas is mesmerized by Kizzy’s feisty nature and Gypsy beauty. Guilt and sorrow have been his only bedfellows since his sister’s death, but Kizzy stirs up a desire he’s unwilling to succumb to... until she makes him an offer he simply can’t refuse.

Beautiful Broken Rules $2.99 Amazon
What happens when you create rules to keep others out?

One thing Emerson Moore has come to terms with is that she is the school slut. She knows her way around a frat house and how to get what she wants. She doesn’t make any excuses for her actions and she doesn’t pretend to be anything different. She is who she is and with that she knows how to have a good time. She’s made rules to keep relationships at bay and avoid the demons of her past.

When her best friend, Cole has his two friends from back home move in with him she begins to think she has met her match with Jaxon Riley. Jax is the perfect mixture of tattooed muscle and a sweet-talking mouth. With “hand” written notes, a voice that exudes sex and knowing just how to get under her skin, Jaxon learns how to break all the rules. But will he just end up breaking her heart anyway?

Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack Series) $3.99 Amazon

For years, wolf shifter Jaime Farrow has harbored a not-so-secret crush on gorgeous Dante Garcea. But the time has come for Jaime to face facts: despite her best efforts, Dante just isn’t interested. And that’s probably for the best. The last thing Jaime needs is for anyone—particularly Dante—to find out about her little “problem.” The one that haunts her past and threatens to destroy her and everyone she loves…
As the pack Beta, workaholic Dante Garcea doesn’t have time for distractions—especially the kind promised by Jaime Farrow. It’s all he can do to keep her at arm’s length and his desire at bay. Yet when her flirtations abruptly end, Dante becomes suspicious. She’s hiding something, something big, and unless he can convince her to trust him, their entire pack could be in danger. He knows hot-headed Jaime will resist him…but Dante never takes no for an answer.

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Series) $3.99 Amazon

When female wolf shifter Taryn Warner first encounters Trey Coleman, an alpha male wolf shifter with a dangerous reputation, she’s determined to resist his charms. After all, Trey—who was only fourteen when he defeated his own father in a duel, winning the right to be alpha of his pack—can’t have anything to offer the talented healer besides trouble, or so she thinks. Taryn finds herself drawn in by Trey’s forceful demeanor and arctic-blue eyes, and she eventually agrees to enter an uneasy alliance with him. If the two succeed in convincing their respective packs that they’ve chosen each other as mates, Trey will win valuable political allies, while Taryn will escape an odious arranged mating.
But there are a lot of potential pitfalls to this plan—including the very real possibility that the wolf shifters, overwhelmed by their growing attraction to each other, will be unable to maintain the clear heads needed to pull off the deception.

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