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Well Fans, guess what? It's Thursday, and you know what that means? Um, well, it means that I have a list of Horror books for you! I'm busy busy setting up this weekend's giveaway! YAY! So watch for it! Make sure you check out the JOHN QUINLAN interview and spotlight. John's invading my blog all month long!! 


You Only Die Twice
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Description:  In her past, Cheryl Dunning died once. A violent act killed her, but heroics brought her back. Now, if she can't save herself from two serial killers hunting her in the Maine woods, she's about to die again, this time from two men armed with a Bible, guns, a deep belief in God, and their twisted interpretation of his word.

Fueled by their righteous fury, they are determined to find Cheryl and murder her for what they perceive as her "life's worth of sins." What they don't know is what Cheryl knows. She's a Maine girl, born and raised--and she knows how to use these woods in ways that might, if she's lucky, turn them against each man.

Zombie, Inc
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Twenty-five years after the deadly plague, the United
Five State Republic's most successful company, Zombie, Inc., is in
trouble. Will a simple case of dwindling supply and lessening demand be
the end of them or will Zombie, Inc. find a way, however unpalatable, to

My Deliberate Mistake
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Drowning was supposed to fix everything. We were meant to die together. That's not what happened. 

Ana Turner goes through shrinks like normal girls run through boyfriends. They'd probably be able to help her if she ever told them what was actually wrong. But hearing the voice of your dead twin isn't exactly a minor diagnosis, especially when all Julia wants is for Ana to join her at the bottom of a lake. Only this summer Ana's not listening. Win the college scholarship. Fall in love. Stay away from water. That's the plan.

Too bad Julia thinks the plan sucks. She doesn't want Ana to be happy. In fact she doesn't want Ana to have anything. Not puppy dog love from the cute cowboy Noah or forbidden sex with the sculpting tutor Mark. She wants payback for the mistake Ana made six years ago and this summer she'll kill to make sure she gets it.

The Knife and the Wound It Deals
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Thirteen tales of gothic terror, chilling suspense, and uncanny occurrences, The Knife and the Wound It Deals leaves no strange stone unturned in the journey down the extreme and disturbing pathways of the human psyche. The subtly shocking opening story introduces the terrible monsters that can determine our fate, from external realities like death and time to internal demons like madness, lust, and revenge. With a diverse range of settings, subjects, and themes, this collection connects the traditions of the gothic past to our equally disturbing present: a murder victim who refuses to stay buried; a World War II era wedding dress with a score to settle; the defeat and strange triumphs of death and bodily decay; a routine operation that reveals a horrifying secret world; an ancient burial ground that unearths a most bizarre set of corpses; the compulsions and consequences of desire, ambition, and dread… The Knife and the Wound It Deals—a dark and disturbing exploration of the lurid obsessions, strange twists of fate, and mysterious forces that haunt our darkest midnight hours, plus a sneak preview of B.E. Scully’s controversial new novel All Things Truly Wicked.

Personal Demons: Book One in The Jake Helman Files Series
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Jake Helman, an elite member of the New York Special Homicide Task Force, faces what every cop dreads—an elusive serial killer. While investigating a series of bloodletting sacrifice rituals executed by an ominous perpetrator known as the Cipher, Jake refuses to submit to a drug test and resigns from the police department. While battling a cocaine addiction, Jake starts a high-pressure position as the director of security at Tower International, a controversial genetic-engineering company. Beneath the polished exterior of the corporate identity and the CEO—who has a reputation as the frontiersman on the cutting edge of science—is a deranged mind. As Jake delves deeper into this frightening laboratory, he discovers much more than unethical practices performed in the name of human progress. Sequestered in rooms veiled in secrecy is the worst crime the world will ever see—the theft of the human soul. Horrifying and gruesome, this is a gripping, suspense-filled novel that offers intense arguments about science, ethics, and human life.

The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak
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It was the start of another ordinary day at the office for Max, he was emailing a friend when one of his other early morning co-workers called for his help, someone was having a heart attack. Rushing to the aid of his fallen co-worker Max knew one thing, it wasn't a heart attack. Heart attack victims didn't bleed and didn't start chewing on anyone they could catch either. Once the victims died they came back to life with only one goal; to consume the living. Now Max was stuck in a rapidly deteriorating situation thirty miles from home, where his wife and two kids were sleeping away the warm mid summer morning. He had to get back to his family and get them to a safe place, if he could find one. Forming a group made up of his coworkers Steve and Tom and a police officer called 'Stewart' they make their way into the city to save the ones they love. The newly returned, however, were not all mindless shamblers and some of them had a plan..

The Mall
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“At just under 8 million square feet and towering four stories, with one subterranean level for time-saving transport, the Mall of the Nation is home to 1600 stores and an additional three stories of residential apartments. 
Boasting a 30 screen movie theater, a five star resort-style hotel and two five star restaurants, the Mall is everything you ever wanted in one place.
You may never want to leave.”

When single mother Lara Myers finds herself suddenly homeless with her two children, she takes refuge for the night in the Mall of the Nation, a completely automated retail complex that never closes. When a catastrophic event occurs, the Mall is locked down, causing Lara to be separated from her ten-year-old son Owen .

Trapped and desperate, Lara enlists the aid of Simon whose job it is to maintain and repair the Mall’s army of Bots. Lara finds herself in a life and death struggle to save her family from homicidal and supernatural forces to which Simon may hold the key.

For they discover that they are not alone and that something does not want them to escape from….

The Mall

Risking Eternity: An Urban Fantasy/Vampire Romance (Timeshifters)
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After a childhood spent watching her psychic mother eke out a living reading tarot cards in their shabby New Orleans apartment, Hayden Farrell isn't taken in by much. As far as she's concerned, the only thing extraordinary about this world is people's willingness to put their faith in things that don't exist. But when teen-age prostitutes start turning up dead, the Boston homicide detective is forced to do something she hasn't done since she fled Louisiana. To catch the killer she's got to trust a stranger whose version of reality threatens to destroy her own.
Valentin Grigorievich has wanted revenge since London's most notorious serial killer betrayed him more than a century earlier. To get it, he needs Hayden's help--and maybe her life as well. While he may be immune to her good looks he finds it increasingly difficult to resist the dark connection that binds them. Will the vampire's plan give him the satisfaction he craves or rob him of his soul mate?   

This novella is the prequel to the Timeshifters series.

Vampire Vic

Would you give up donuts…for blood? Fat, balding accountant Victor Thetherson hoped becoming a vampire would turn his life around. But Victor can’t stomach confrontation and gets queasy at the sight of blood. Instead he gets it from the blood bank, diluted in bloody Bloody Marys. The result: a vampire who doesn’t bite, and a man who gets no respect.
Victor’s slacking staff mockingly calls him Vampire Vic. Victor’s boss amuses his wife by intimidating Victor on video. His ex makes him stay out late while she entertains boyfriends in the house she insists they continue to share. One night it finally boils over, and Victor bites someone. And then another…and very soon, he’s no longer visiting the blood bank.
Muscle replaces fat, and his comb-forward widow’s peak takes root. Victor basks in newfound attention and respect, at the office and at home. But real vampires get hunted, and as the transformation reaches the tipping point, Victor must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the power of the vampire.

Kellie's Diary

A series of diary entries through the eyes of a little girl as she tries to survive the end of the world.

What if the early 1990's didn't happen as we remember it? What kind of world would we live in today?

This story is told from the viewpoint of 9-year-old Kellie, a typical third-grade girl living her life as anyone else would, and she shares her daily activities with her diary. When the world crumbles and the dead walk, Kellie struggles to survive and find her way home, all the while sharing her tale with her diary.

This is an account of our hypothetical past, present and future.

The Truth Has Teeth


A collegiate-aged Brodie Wade takes on his first cold case with Phil Dawson, who has finally risen to the rank of Detective. In this case, Brodie encounters a Truth manifestation like he’s never seen before–a werewolf. He must decipher the latest riddle before the werewolf hunts him down and tears him apart.

A book about one woman's encounter with evil. Reminiscent of Dean Koontz's INTENSITY, this is a fast-paced tale that ventures into some very dark places.

Mercy Higgins is a recent college graduate who lives a fairly sheltered life. Following the death of her mother to cancer, her father brings her on a hike for a needed escape.

Victor Dolor has been secretly watching Mercy. Consumed with the certainty that the End of Everything is fast approaching and he must help “cleanse” the world for the coming Dark Time, Victor pursues Mercy for one purpose.

Up high on Blood Mountain, Victor brutally attacks her.

But that is only the beginning of the nightmare for Mercy. When her father is attacked as well, she is left alone to fight for herself.

And on Blood Mountain, the path to survival can get very gruesome.

Rise of the Witch (The Witch Hunter Series: Book 1) Introductory Price

What would happen if a supernatural being from mythology arrived in the modern world?

When Peggy Stuart learns she shares her name with a notorious witch from the witch trials of the late 1600s in Scotland, she feels a need to find out more information. Little did she know that her actions would lead to the Resurrection of the witch, who has lain dormant for over 300 years, waiting for the day she was released to once again unleash her powers on an unsuspecting world.

Finding that modern weapons are useless, and unable to control the witch, drastic action is considered by the government to try to stop her. Peggy and her partner, Matt Taylor, a historian at the local university and expert in mythology must work to try to discover the truth behind the witch's execution in the 1600's. Only then, can they find a way to stop her and avoid the catastrophic event being planned by the authorities.

Their investigation leads them to shocking discoveries about the past, and present, which will change the world as we know it forever and thrust them into a new life, where they must fight to preserve and protect.

Contamination Prequel (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Series)

The infection starts with Frank, one of the locals at the town bar. In just a few hours, it has consumed the entire town.

Dan Lowery, one of only four police officers in St. Matthews, soon realizes he is no match for the impending destruction. Violence and bloodshed litter the streets, and the infected roam freely. No one is safe here--not even his family.

Somewhere, someone knows what is happening, and about the horrors to come...but is it too late?

The Spirit Seeker Society.

“Why not search for ghosts?” Maggie Bench suggests, almost as a joke. First year students at King’s College were given the task of creating a campus society. With its rich historical background, Nova Scotia has its share of haunted sites. Surely the assignment will be a breeze. No one expects to find anything – it’s not like ghosts are real, right?
The Spirit Seeker Society is born, as five students band together in a quest that will alter their lives. They’ll learn that the dearly departed don’t always stay buried. That corpses have horrifying secrets. And, that danger doesn’t always come from the dead. Sometimes, it’s the living who are the most terrifying at all.
The Spirit Seeker Society is a scary, tightly-woven tale that blends fiction with reality and brings historical events into the present.
If you don’t believe in ghosts, think again.

Sven the Zombie Slayer

When a zombie outbreak of unknown origin hits their town, strongman Sven, gun-lover Jane, track star Lorie, and video game warrior Milt find that their lives have become entangled in zombie gore.             

The first sequel to Sven the Zombie Slayer is City Hall of Blood.

The second sequel to Sven the Zombie Slayer is Mayor of the Damned.

See what the Ruled by Books blog had to say about why you should read Sven the Zombie Slayer:"Do you like zombies? Dumb question...everyone likes zombies. Do you like action packed books with real characters placed in extraordinary situations? Do survival scenarios excite and entice you? Do you like to laugh and get grossed out at the same time? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should check out Guy James's Sven the Zombie Slayer. It's a fast paced romp through a zombie outbreak that mixes up some of the basic tenets of the genre to create something new and exciting...[t]here's good writing inside and a zombie story worth staying up late with."


Alma Harper has been trying to forget what happened in Widowsfield 16 years ago. She has a good life as a music teacher now, and might rekindle her relationship with her one true love. However, the number 314 haunts her, and threatens to bring her back to the day that her brother disappeared. When a reporter shows up, just days before March 14th, Alma realizes that her past is coming back to haunt her. What happened on March 14th, at 3:14, 16 years ago? No one but The Skeleton Man can remember.


An ancient city, entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world.

A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhibit of the city's artifacts.

Underneath, they wait for her.

Underneath is a ten-thousand word novelette, approximately fifty pages.

Crooked Pathways

Crooked Pathways
A collection of hilariously woeful yarns
rinsed in the darkest of humour, draped across a paranormal catastrophe waiting to happen!

Smashed on glue, Jimbo became intuitively aware of his fleshy remains being pulled gently from him like eggshell being peeled from a hard-boiled egg. It would seem that not breathing nor needing to breathe was a truly awesome and infinitely more effortless way to be! He felt as though a gigantic cosmic sponge had absorbed all the wretchedness from his life, sucking all his karmic woes away. This was an excellent feeling.
Danny Texas is not a well lad. Battling with leukaemia he takes you through a heartrending comedy as a patient at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in the 1980s, finding himself trapped in a geriatrics ward. A poignant tale about a pure radge.
Jimbo and his three stoned friends decide to cycle from Bristol to the Black Mountains revved up on microdots, valium, and eggs beans and chips. A psychedelic bike-ride these four loons will never forget as they accidentally stray onto blighted land soaked in historical eeriness.
What does an opinionated, belligerent, alcoholic atheist do when he finds himself in a weird after-life, marooned in a Cornish pub? Cosmic Mark, has to come to terms with being dead as well as being dead thirsty for whiskey. The time has come for a settling of scores, the time has come for a little driNky...
Let the haunting begin!

The Deadsong

Gina Starkweather lives in Hemming, a rural Tennessee town where thirteen children die each year from snakebite. It has been an expected phenomenon for nearly twenty years, and only the victims' mothers suspect why. They wouldn't have had children at all, had a stranger not appeared and promised them the gift of life.

These desperate mothers finally bore children without knowing their offspring would never reach adulthood.

It has been written off as myth, a local legend that speaks of one called the Keeper of Serpents who comes in the night with his army of snakes to claim those born under the stranger's contract before their eighteenth birthday. When Gina learns of her own mother's deal with Death, she and her brother set out to find the Keeper before her time runs out.

Lakebridge: Spring (Supernatural Horror Literary Fiction)

Vermont, picturesque and lovely, attracts visitors from across the country in search for the perfect picture, the perfect fall foliage or perhaps a taste of maple syrup. Stansbury is best known for the odd covered bridge that spans Stansbury Lake and goes nowhere, connecting no roads and serving no known purpose. The locals call it the Lakebridge. Very few know of its mysterious origins and fewer care to know more. Those visiting the town perhaps take a few snapshots and leave, their curiosity quelled by an uneasy feeling that they shouldn’t think on it anymore.

The tourists will eventually leave Stansbury, but its residents strangely linger, seemingly held captive by a force they barely recognize. They also do not think about the town’s mysterious artifact much except in passing, all but Gil, his father, Ben, and a few others. They know of the bridge’s dark history and understand that it is responsible for every horror that ever befell the people of Stansbury: the people who fear the bridge but will not speak of it. The bridge makes people do things – bad things – so that it can continue to love and care for them all.

Some have tried to destroy the bridge, but as long as the bridge is fed with the lives of the innocents of Stansbury it will go on – loving the people of Stansbury.

Lakebridge: Spring is the first of a four book cycle revolving around Stansbury and the Lakebridge.

Paranormal investigator Harry Thomson has never seen a ghost or a ghoul or anything he hasn't been able to explain away in down-to-earth prosaic terms.

But all that is about to change when he and his partner agree to meet with a boy who might just be the reincarnation of history's most infamous mass murderer. Young Donald looks like a sweet, innocent little boy. But sometimes looks can be deceiving and before the night is through, two will die and the fate of the world will hang in the balance.

If you like Stephen King, you will love Sean Platt and David Wright. I've read a bunch of their books and am HOOKED!! Yesterday's Gone is amazing.

ForNevermore: Episode 1 (The dark fantasy serialized thriller)

From the writers of the groundbreaking post-apocalyptic serial “Yesterday’s Gone,” comes a dark new fantasy horror serial, “ForNevermore.”

All 17 year old Noella Snow ever wanted was a normal life.

But normal died with her mother, minutes after she was born. Then again when her father was murdered before her eyes on her seventh birthday. Now she spends her days in quiet misery, an outcast at school, harboring a secret crush on her best friend, Sam.

Noella’s only happiness lies in her dreams, in a world where her father still lives and Dante, a mysterious stranger with a deadly touch, guards over her.

Now those dreams have turned to nightmares as Noella begins hearing voices, witnessing murders she can’t possibly know of, and seeing the monsters from her sleep merging into her waking life.

Noella doesn’t want to return to King’s Point, the psychiatric hospital where she was forced to go after an “episode” two years earlier.

She tells herself she’s better.

But then one night Noella sees the impossible... Dante, watching her from afar, as he has for centuries – nearly as long as he's loved her.

Is Noella losing her mind? Or is she linked to a hidden world, destined to be normal ForNevermore?

ForNevermore is a bold new paranormal serial, with awesome cliffhanger endings that will make you feel like you’re watching your favorite TV show right on your Kindle.

NOTE: Contains mild language and violence (probably a lot less than what you’d find in a PG-13 movie.) Appropriate for Young Adult Readers 

Yesterday's Gone: Season One


On October 15 at 2:15 a.m. everyone on Earth vanished.

Well, almost everyone.

A scattered few woke alone in a world where there are no rules other than survival... at any cost.

A journalist wanders the wretched reality of an empty New York, in search for his wife and son.

A serial killer must hunt in a land where prey is now an endangered species.

A mother shields her young daughter from danger, as every breath fills her with terror.

A bullied teen is thrilled to find everyone gone. Until the knock on his door.

A fugitive survives a fiery plane crash. Will he be redeemed, or return to what he's best at: the kill?

An eight year old boy sets out on a journey to find his missing family. What he finds will change him forever.

And there's a few people who aren't surprised that this happened at all. In fact, they've been dreaming about this day for years.

These survivors aren't truly alone...

Someone or something is watching them.

And waiting...

Strangers unite.

Sides are chosen.

Will humanity survive what it never saw coming?


THIS IS THE COLLECTED EPISODES 7-12 of the post-apocalyptic serial thriller Yesterday's Gone. The books are the same as the individual episodes (available for $2.99 each.)

Exclusive wrap-up interview with Sean Platt & David W. Wright and editor Matt Gartland.
The first TWO CHAPTERS from ForNevermore, Platt & Wright's newest serial thriller, now available.



On October 15, everyone in the world vanished.

Well, almost everyone.

Some were left behind, attempting to piece together what happened, find their loved ones, and survive.


SEASON TWO picks up where SEASON ONE left off.

One man finds himself on a mysterious island that holds secrets, and perhaps even answers, to what happened on October 15.

A group finds itself taking refuge at The Sanctuary, a religious compound with an enigmatic leader called The Prophet.

A serial killer finds himself leading an unlikely group of survivors.

A young man searches to prove himself to his group, and avoid being bullied ever again.

A young child is called to perform another miracle at great personal cost.

Every decision.
Every action.
Every dream.
Every alliance.
Every secret.
Every betrayal.


THE STUNNING SEASON TWO FINALE that will have you on the edge of your seat...

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