Friday, June 14, 2013

Down and Dirty

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So, I'm feeling a little dirty today? How about you?! What's your favorite type of Erotica? Me? I like the dirty paranormal kind! Give me a badass wolf any day of the week! So, today, here's a list of full on Erotica to help feed your need! Including some spicy Firemen, short stories and paranormal!! Enjoy 

The Little Red Book of Romance
The Little Red Book of Romance brings together all the early writings of author T.H. Dillon in one convenient volume, plus an entirely NEW short-story exclusive to this book! Complete with introductions from Thomas himself, each story now comes to you in a newly revised and updated format. Included are all eight of Thomas Hunter Dillon’s works from The Little Purple Book of Passions, and all four of his works from The Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions. The Little Red Book of Romance brings you an array of sexy and sensual offerings from the erotic and daring, to the paranormal and bold. These are the unique stylings that launched the career of Thomas Hunter Dillon.

An Indecent Proposition Part I
B&N Link $0.99
Two men. One Woman. Half a million dollars. A very indecent proposal...

One night. That's all Erik and Keegan want with Julianne. And they've come up with the perfect plan: Offer Julianne a half-million dollars.

Julianne is in debt up to her eyeballs due to her mother's illness. Five-hundred-thousand dollars would pay off her bills and give her a start on a new life. All she needs to do is have sex with a man she's never met.

When one man becomes two men with scars both physical and emotional, will she run...or take the money and experience the night of her life?

Also available in the A VERY NAUGHTY XMAS anthology.

Ruler (A Paranormal Erotica Short Story)
Arie is having a bad night but what else is new? When vampires deal with demons nothing less can be expected. He heads to the Hellfire Club to report back to his sexy boss, Tessa Green, anticipating that she’ll be less than satisfied with the details of his night. Instead he finds a hot new hire waiting in her office. Alone in the office, she offers him an intriguing opportunity to improvise. 

This quick, dirty read contains profanity, voyeurism, BDSM (of the DIY variety), M/F and F/F situations. Not for the faint of heart and intended for audiences over the age of 18.

The Sweetest Revenge
One email.
Would you say no to a sinful night in Las Vegas with the gorgeous guy you've always had an embarrassing crush on? Neither does Susannah. Even if she has to trick, forge and seduce her way into his arms. 

One big, fat lie.

Brian's best friend asks him to keep an eye on his little sister while she's in Vegas. Since when is he a babysitter? Getting rid of Suzie as fast as possible is Brian's only objective. But she isn't playing by the rules and he's in over his head before he knows what hit him.

One night of sweet revenge they'll never forget.

A Girl's Adventure - full length erotic novel
B&N Link $4.49
When a mysterious stranger gives failed actress Greta May his phone number, she dreams of adventure and plucks up the courage to call him. But the moment she enters his flat he, rips off her panties and spanks her bottom. At first shocked and humiliated, Greta grows bewildered as the pain turns to an overpowering feeling of pleasure. After being tied to the bed for a thrashing, she agrees with rising excitement to play a game where she will win a prize if she does everything Richard demands.

It is the beginning of an erotic journey of self-discovery, where Greta meets Dirty Bill, the water sports specialist; Vanlooch, who uses oils from unusual places to highlight his portraits, and the moody Count Ruspoli who, after bedding 10,000 women, has taken a vow of chastity. Can Greta save him? Under Richard's firm hand Greta finds her true nature through discipline. After meeting film director and bogwash artiste Tyler Copic, she seizes the elusive prize: the chance to play the role that will change her life and put her back in the spotlight.

Doctor's Orders: The Exam (#1)
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Claire is living a boring life, full of little humiliations and impossible dreams. That is, until she gets a secretive invitation to see the mysterious Doctor.

Claire is skeptical about his treatment at first, but hell, what does she have to lose? At least it's exciting. She doesn't expect the Doctor to be so tall, so attractive, so commanding. She doesn't expect to be examined so...thoroughly. She doesn't expect to be disciplined so effectively. And she doesn't expect to be fucked nearly unconscious, coming until she can't see straight.

But Claire's treatment isn't over yet. The Doctor has big, big plans for her... 

Lost, listless Claire is unexpectedly swept up in a complicated dance of dominance and sexual submission with the Doctor himself, all as part of her treatment. Each session, she learns something new about herself and her sexual desires. Each session, she gets closer to her ultimate goal: the Doctor himself.

Fanning the Flames (Romance Firemen Series 1 : A Firefighter Romance Novella)
Schoolteacher Cassie McDonald can’t believe her good fortune. She’s being wooed by multi-millionaire, Nick Mandeville. She’s also found a wonderful friend, Brendan McKay, one of the sexy new firemen who recently moved to town.

But things aren’t always so cut and dried.

Nick is hiding some dark secrets about himself and Cassie can’t stop dreaming about her sexy fireman friend. When disaster strikes and Cassie is left with a difficult choice, she discovers the surprising things than can happen when you start fanning the flames of desire...

Just for One Night
Successful business woman Lucy is in London on business for one night only and she just wants to unwind from a stressful day. She didn't count on coming across George at the pub close to her hotel though and is immediately intrigued by him. 

Tall, husky and long-haired, he strikes an imposing figure which she simply cannot resist. She wants him, that much she knows. To feel dwarfed by his powerful presence during one passionate Friday night in the capital, before going back to her usual workaholic life. 

If you like your men big and strong on the outside, yet hiding a softer side, this short story is for you.

In His World 1 - (Billionaire Contemporary Erotic Romance)
B&N Link
After an unexpected encounter with a handsome young billionaire, an unsuspecting and innocent secretary must now suffer the devastating paybacks from his powerful and devious fiancée/business partner.
Late at night, when the offices are empty and everyone is at home with their loved ones, a young Alice Jennings stands alone inside a huge bathroom. She is changing into her maid's uniform. She had no choice. She needs the money; she needs this job. 

Routine and boredom are her life, but fate decides to give her one last thrill ride. They spot each other. She does not mean for it to happen; but it happens and she definitely does not regret it...

Suddenly Alice finds herself in the world of the billionaires and power brokers, lust, greed, and danger stalk her every move.
Can Alice survive the wrath of the ultra rich and the super powerful?
Who or what is really waiting for her in Hong Kong, China?
Is there room for true love or is she only deluding herself?

Mistresses (My Reason to Cheat)
A short-story collection which follows the lives of five unfaithful couples. The stories are all connected and deal with different emotional aspects of cheating. Over 13500 words (250 words/page) of steamy erotic romance. Contains mature content intended for adult audiences only.

Mistress Claire
Tuesdays belong to Claire and not even her lover’s wife can get in the way. The one hour appointment in his office needs to be uninterrupted, but when a call from Richard’s wife excites Claire more than she expected, she makes it a point to keep the wife on the phone while she gets what she came for. After all, Tuesdays are all about Claire.
Mistress Casey: Casey had been looking to re-connect with her husband emotionally and physically, but even her weight loss and sexy lingerie doesn’t help. When a gym’s owner becomes aware of Casey’s needs, and understands an unsatisfied marriage as well, Casey finds it easy to trust someone other than her husband to fulfill her.
Mistress Lexie: Lexie has attended six conferences in the past month, watching James present. When she’s called up to the stage to help out, it occurs to her James has noticed her as well. Unable to hide her feelings for the stud, Lexie gives in to each hidden touch he’s able to make while presenting. And when the curtains go down and lights go off, both take advantage of the little privacy they have.
Mistress Paige: She’s lived with the mistake of choosing the wrong guy in high school, but Paige can no longer deny that Colin, now her dentist whom she rejected, has always held her heart. When Colin admits he shouldn’t have let her go, Paige can no longer lie about her feelings. Soon, their friendly appointment turns into a passionate session, geared to fulfill both their needs.
Mistress Amber: Amber doesn’t understand how her husband could have lied on their wedding day and for so many years since. At therapy she confesses she can no longer see a resolution to their marriage. Facing similar marital issues, her psychiatrist struggles to convince her how beautiful and worthy she is without showing her. The only therapy both need is one which doesn’t involve clothing.

Sensual Erotica 4: Deeper, Baby!
B&N Link
A sensual two part "quickie" about partner swapping and a little menage a trois - (Approx. 7150 words) Perfect for mobile eReaders - have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix.

On the same night...

Troy and Kate go to a swingers bar. She convinces him that it'll be fun to switch partners, but Kate secretly wants to take two men at the same time. Troy is unaware he is part of the night's entertainment. 

Amy cannot pass up the chance for a ménage a trois at the dance club. Mirrors, brute strength, and a little creativity make for an interesting night of pleasure for all three.

Deeper, Baby is told from two different perspectives:

Part One is all about Troy. His kinky girlfriend is eager for attention. Troy doesn't realize Kate has invited him to the swingers bar so she can fulfill her fantasy of being taken by two men at the same time. Troy is in for a rude awakening when he finds out he is supposed to be part of the entertainment that evening.

Part Two is told from Amy's point of view. The same night, Amy meets up with "The Boys" at the dance club. The threesome only has a half-hour to enjoy their last ménage a trois. Amy is in for the time of her life as both men concentrate on giving her sensual fulfillment before they say their final good-bye.

One Naughty Girl (A Landry James Short)
B&N Link $0.99
Landry James is one naughty girl who can't be controlled by her husband — or anyone — until she meets up with a mysterious man who offers her the opportunity to put her particular skill-set to work.
Join Landry on her various sexcapades as she romps her way through various adventures — clothing optional!

This is a short story of 7,000 words.

Maid To Order - full length erotic novel (Xcite Xtrm)
B&N Link $4.74
An erotic novel with spanking and bdsm themes by Penny Birch.

Penny’s niece, Jemima, is in disgrace and has been sent away to work in a hotel for the summer by her scheming step-mother - a woman who delights in dishing out bare bottom spankings. This is no coincidence. Not only is the hotel owner the notorious Morris Rathwell, organiser of the kinkiest parties in the country, but Jemima also met the hotel manager, Mr Hegedus, at one of Rathwell’s debauched parties. Then there are the hotel guests, her fellow staff and the truly appalling Mrs Hegedus to contend with. So that by the time Jemima is dressed up in her severely abbreviated maid’s uniform, she knows she’s already in serious trouble. Maids, secret worlds behind closed doors, and good old fashioned punishment for bad girls – Penny Birch hits the spot again with the preoccupations her readers love.

Keep Me Safe
Sky Sinclair is the sexy, sassy investigative journalist known for digging the dirt on the underworld. She oozes sex appeal and knows how to use it to open the doors of the worlds most hardened criminals.....but now her latest investigation turns personal......

Kane is an ex British SAS Captain who now runs Elite Defence. Dark and brooding, he shoots first and asks questions later. He prefers actions, not words. His assignments are Top Secret and always high risk. 

When DCI Jack Mercer of the Specialist Crime Squad at New Scotland Yard calls in a favour, Kane is about to take on his toughest assignment keep safe the one woman who he secretly rescued from a hostage situation four years ago. Sky Sinclair.

Keep Me Safe tells their story.

His Indecent Proposition ('Bound and Shackled to the Billionaire' BDSM erotic romance)
B&N Link $0.99

Hardworking Susan Chalmers is 29 years old, ambitious, and desperate to be promoted to Vice-President, but her hated company rival is getting an edge on her with the boss. 

Then Channing Crawford - the reclusive billionaire company CEO - makes her an indecent proposition. For one week, she must submit to his every sexual command - no matter how bizarre and foreign to her sensibilities. In return, he will give her what she craves.

But Susan hasn't counted on Channing himself affecting her so deeply. He's extremely handsome, unpredictable, unknowable and dominant, but there are also whispers about his mysterious and unsettling past. Susan is about to be swept into a world she has no control over.

HIS INDECENT PROPOSITION is the first volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM series. At 10,000 words, it chronicles the beginning of a strange but compelling erotic romance.

Wicked Pen Chronicles: Release
This short story contains explicit language and is recommended for over 18 readers only. Word Count Approx 6000 words.

Her husband was a bastard, she has two kids and longs for a white knight to sweep her off her feet. For now she settles for dark pubs and random men buying her drinks. That is until she arrives home one night and meets her babysitter's brother. Tall, dark and sexy, Tommy is everything she has wished for. However, is he forbidden? The neighbor's youngest son and ten years younger than her.

The Mating: Hostile Hearts Part 1
B&N Link
She never knew someone like him would come...

Iliana meets Nickolas in the restaurant where she works as a waitress. He is beautiful, rich, witty--and beckons her for just one date. Yet her senses whispers a warning: "He's unpredictable." She will never know what to expect with him. 

Nickolas woes her everyday, nonstop, for a month.  He brings her to his secluded castle, straight from the pages of a fairy tale, and dazzles her with a display of romantic lights like she's never seen before. All of this... for her

He is the epitome of control, like a panther, but as a lover he was just as wild. He sets her body on fire, and it consumes both of them again and again. Sex with him is simply incomparable! 

Overwhelmed by passion she has never experienced before, Iliana isn't really thinking clearly. It is every girl's dream unraveling faster than she could hold onto. Nickolas is just too good to be true. So she i sometimes afraid--of waking up. Of seeing the truth. 

Because all her senses knew his secret. There is something to Nickolas that more than meets the eye, and it's what's tugging at her to wake up. To just open her eyes. 

Conquest: My Vampire Lover Part #1 (A Dark Realm Novella Series Sample)

Caroline, a werewolf and princess of the Golden realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She's willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.

Chained in the Demon's Lair (Hellfire Circus)

Eight months ago, Julie Sampson was just a small town reporter who thought graduating high school was the most exciting thing that would ever happen to her. But now here she is, chained up in her underwear in the lair of the sexiest demon she's ever met (although he is, admittedly, the only demon she's ever met). How could all this have happened?

When Julie left town to join the Hellfire Circus, a carnival of seductive sin and sexual expression, her whole life changed forever. It was like all her dreams had come true. But behind the pleasures of the circus a dark secret lingered, one that the handsome Ringmaster had been running from for over two hundred years - a pact with an ancient demon and a price that would have to be paid in the blood of those he holds dearest. Like Julie.

Warning this story contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature, including BDSM, and is therefore strictly for adults only!

6,000 words

Blood Bound

Julian Luceanu is rich, powerful...and tired of the kind of women who only want him for his money. Nor is he alone in that, there is his cousin to consider. He, they, want something more, much more. It would take a special woman, if they could find her. Internet dating seemed a little far-fetched, but nothing else had worked. At least he'd be more or less anonymous. But although paranormals were becoming more accepted, Julian had a secret that would put all their lives at risk.

This is a work of erotic m/f/m paranormal fiction..

Cheap Books

One More Wish (a deep love story) $0.99 Amazon

One more wish is a short work of fiction, but promises to leave you crying, laughing and satisfied. Follow the life of Josh and how a young widower experience the loss of his wife and the possibility of a new love.

* Warning, although sensual in nature this work does contains erotic scenes of romantic sex between adults. It is not for sensitive readers or minors..

His Indecent Proposal (The Billionaire Marriage) $0.99 Amazon

Susan Chalmers is the happiest girl on Earth. She is getting married to her stunning and reclusive billionaire lover, Channing Crawford. She is Vice-President of his company, a position she well earned.

But before she can embark on their wedding arrangements, they have to journey to the Himalayan mountains to find Channing's son by his former lover, the very woman who had them both tortured and almost killed.

The boy resides in a secret Order. But would what they find there derail their impending marriage?

At 12,000 words, HIS INDECENT PROPOSAL is the first volume in the 'THE BILLIONAIRE MARRIAGE' romance series. It is a continuation of the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' series.

Forbidden Desire (A Sensual New Adult Romance) $0.99 Amazon

Now lovers in every sense, former hotel maid, Liz Turner, and billionaire crown prince, Alexander Vassar, are in Indonesia for a much needed break. Alex has to figure out how to tell his father that he doesn't to be trapped in a politically-arranged marriage with the beauteous Lady Tatiana.

But when they receive an urgent call that says, "Come home now, your father has had a heart attack", Liz is hurled unprepared into a royal world where prejudices run high and the classes are clearly divided. Alex's mother, the Queen, and sister dislike her intensely. The European tabloids declare her a "gold-digger" and the cause for his father's ill health.

Can Liz and Alex survive the sudden and unpleasant thrust into the limelight?

FORBIDDEN DESIRE is a 17,000-word New Adult romance novelette.

Mating Fever $2.99 Amazon

Jessica Talvert went to New Orleans looking for her roots and the mystery of her past. But some secrets were meant to stay buried. Little did she realize her arrival in the sultry city would spell her own doom.

Feral, dangerous, and oozing lethal charm, he captured Jessica with a kiss, but the Cajun rogue, Gabriel Benoit, is not what he seems. Danger follows him, exciting her beyond imagining, until she's swept into a world she never dreamed existed. A world of werewolves and vampires at war….

Rating: Contains graphic, explicit sex and violence which could offend delicate readers, profanity, and harsh language, graphic sexual content, werewolves and vampires and attempted rape. Previously released as Born of Night. Has undergone revisions and been slightly expanded. Short Novel: 34,000+ words. Also contains an excerpt from upcoming release: Project Nemesis 3: Primal Hunger