Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dramatic Beginning

Good Morning Fans. Let's see what we can get into today! I have some drama's for you. But first, make sure you stop over to the Giveaway tab to see what's there! Giveaways going on now will end Sunday at midnight. 

Too Many Sisters
Callie Armstrong's personal life was already in turmoil. However, now she's being forced to share her successful music production company with three business partners.

One partner wants her husband.
One partner wants her money.
One partner wants her trust- even while keeping secrets.
Is this how it is with all sisters?

Callie has decisions to make, secrets to uncover and lies to unravel in the mist of family chaos. The only thing she knows for sure is that when they're all together, it's just too many sisters.

Somewhere In Sevenoakes
Maddison has been single and on the market so long, even her friends think she's replaced her love-life for two cats and a career. Having been badly burnt previously, Maddie is content to exchange flirty glances with the handsome, suited stranger she shares a train with on her daily commute to London while waiting for Mr Right.

James' demanding profession as a solicitor sees him more committed to the workplace than women. His legendary legal reputation has females falling at his feet. Rather than run straight into a risky 'Gold-digger' relationship, James is curious to learn more about the stunning, shy girl seated opposite him on his carriage to and from work.

An opportunity one morning for an introduction is seized by James and the small exchange finally offers them both the chance to explore what's missing in their lives. Their romance quickly derails when an alteration in the railway timetable prevents James from passing his number to Maddie one Friday night.

Without any sign of James on the usual South Eastern line the following Monday morning, will Maddie be able to track her man down or are they both approaching destination 'Heartache'?

Bully (Fall Away)
My name is Tate. He doesn't call me that, though. He would never refer to me so informally, if he referred to me at all. No, he'll barely even speak to me.

But he still won't leave me alone.

We were best friends once. Then he turned on me and made it his mission to ruin my life. I've been humiliated, shut out, and gossiped about all through high school. His pranks and rumors got more sadistic as time wore on, and I made myself sick trying to stay out of his way. I even went to France for a year, just to avoid him.

But I'm done hiding from him now, and there's no way in hell I'll allow him to ruin my senior year. He might not have changed, but I have. It's time to fight back. 

I'm not going to let him bully me anymore.

The House Swap
John and Vanessa house swap for the summer with Brian and Saphire, a beautiful couple living in California. 

Vanessa hopes she and John will reconnect once they take a break from their hectic city life and get away from John’s band. Things get off to a great start for them as they settle into Brian’s gorgeous oceanfront home, but when John runs into his favorite rock star on a night out, he becomes obsessed with becoming a famous musician all over again.

Brian hopes to spend more time with his ailing mother and introduce Saphire to his childhood home in Evanston. The problem is, she’s busy looking for the perfect place to shop for new shoes than spending time with Brian and his mom. 

Home is where the heart is, but who’s home?

Revenge (Lost Souls)
Franciska Varga returns from L.A. only to be met at Atlanta's airport by the very two men that chased her away. Damon hopes to rekindle their relationship and Sam hopes She'll agree to help him in a new case. In spite of her misgivings, Effie is immediately drawn to the case when she gets a vision from a piece of evidence that Sam has presented her. Her vision is strong, but alarming as Damon and her boat are both in it. 

Effie is torn between her feelings for both Sam and Damon, but that's not her worst struggle. Her visions are growing stronger as her Clairessence--her keen sense of smelling things that are not there. As Effie keeps track of the scents drifting through her day to day life she realizes that her growing abilities are working together with an unexpected jealousy to help her solve a horrific chain of murders. 

Effie, the new modern day, "Nancy Drew" has found her niche, but can she keep her mind off of Sam as she works by his side? Either way, she's forced to act before an unusual killer destroys them all.

So Much For Forever
Ryan burst through the hospital doors to the emergency room. He could see his mother standing at the end of the hall and he raced toward her. When he got there everything slowed down, he could hear his heart beat in his ears and every breath came out loud like the crashing of waves as he turned to see what she was watching. He was facing a large glass window and at first all he could see was blue scrubs, about six sets of people circling a table. He could see blood on some of them. His heart stopped as he noticed Rachel was standing next to him crying, then everything went silent as a high pitched ringing started to build in his ears. 
One of the doctors moved just enough for him to see the small hand of the person they were working on, a child’s hand. Ryan started to shake; this was his son lying on that table. 
The ringing got louder.
All the doctors seamed to freeze and the one with his back to them slowly turned around to face the window.
Ryan started to shake harder as he felt the tears building up in his eyes.
The doctor facing them started shaking his head, letting them know he didn’t make it.
Ryan snapped as all of the sounds of the hospital returned.
“NOOO!” He screamed as he hit both his fists against the glass. “NO!”

Turn Around When Possible
A vacationing couple take a GPS suggested shortcut through the mountains on an old, abandoned road, foreshadowing a tragic accident awaiting them, its consequences and an unexpected result.

FORTY YEARS LATER (David Grossman Series)
Successful middle-aged publishing executive David Grossman risks everything to fulfill a promise to a woman he has not seen in forty years. When teen sweethearts and now aging Baby Boomers David and Jill reunite after four decades, sparks fly fast and furious, despite his long marriage to Allison and Jill’s reputation as a famous, former lesbian.

Jill Black, a “one hit wonder” Hollywood screenwriter, is consumed with a last chance to write and direct her own film. Success will reinvigorate her career. Failure will end it. When a pompous studio “suit” begins to undermine her authority and threatens to kill her project, the pressure forces her to spin from rage to murderous madness as she ensnares David in her plans.

Love and betrayal. Revenge and redemption. For some it ends happily. For others it all comes undone in this fast-paced drama of Baby Boomers trying to hang on to their lives, their families, and their Woodstock dreams. A riveting debut novel of suspense and humor, masterfully told by Steven Jay Griffel. 

Evening's Dust
Raised by a violent, alcoholic father and a frightened, victimized mother, Ella's adulthood is stunted by growing up in her father's long shadow. Despite her rich education and finding a rewarding job working with elderly patients, something is missing from her life.

Attempting to fill the void, she falls for men even more damaged than herself. Forever searching elsewhere, Ella looks for answers in every place except where she should: inside herself.

Her fulfillment finds possibilities in a career she couldn't have dreamed of as a child and in a man who might finally be "The One."

But Ella can't help but ask, "Is he truly?"

Off The Grid
Luke Kincaid is a model employee at the only company in the world that can deliver wireless electricity. He's engaged to the CEO's daughter and is quickly becoming the go-to corporate spy on its behalf. But Luke would rather tear the company down from the inside. The company killed his parents and it must pay.Threatened by a secret that could destroy him and any chance of revenge, Luke sets off to find the true origins of wireless electricity, but discovers a vast deception that will change the world forever

The Stages: A Novel
Daniel Peters is an American living in Copenhagen. He works in the Kierkegaard Research Center as a translator and suffers from Asperger's. When his boss (and former fiancée) is murdered soon after the discovery of a new Kierkegaard manuscript--a collection of poetry believed by some to be a forgery--Daniel is a prime suspect. His condition makes it difficult for him to tolerate changes to his routine or interpret people's behavior, but he is drawn into the mystery despite himself and must work with the police to uncover the truth. Satterlee clearly is familiar with Copenhagen and Kierkegaard, and this knowledge grounds the story and lends it realism. This is a deftly crafted mystery that will leave readers curious and surprised, as well as empathetic to Daniel, whose Asperger's is portrayed realistically.

The Smell of Pines: A Long Walk With Death
The light at the end of the tunnel beckons. So close he can reach out and
touch it with his fingers.

Seventeen-year-old Derek Patterson is as near to death as a person can get 
and still be considered alive. Hours from civilization and no one at home to 
notice him gone, if he can't lift his broken body from the pine needles, his 
demise will be slow and painful.

But Derek isn't ready to die. 

With one foot in this world and the other foot in the next, a teenager opens his 
eyes and battles for life on the forest floor. All odds are against him, and even 
a slight chance of survival depends on finding the motivation to continue a life 
that has only ever beat him down. 

A story that will force you to reconsider everything you think you know, The 
Smell of Pines examines heartbreak, forgiveness, and the human impulse to 
fight for another breath even when there's nothing left worth living for.

Letting Go (A Short Story)
A chance encounter gives a grieving woman new perspective in this 2,350-word short story by the award-winning author of A STRANGER'S TOUCH and A STRANGER'S KISS.

22 Inches of Rain - Uncensored
This is not a children’s book. It is an inspiring story of a chronic insomniac who discovers the meaning of life through his terrible struggles. You will not forget this book anytime soon—guaranteed.

Thunder Valley (Thunder Valley Trilogy)
Thunder Valley is a story about five friends that take an annual camping trip. Love and lust lead to confusion and conflict. All the emotions that can tear lives apart or cement them for eternity are experienced in this thriller/mystery. Best friends become bitter enemies, new friends become lovers and lovers become something unexpected in five short days. Thunder Valley is the first completed novel in a trilogy.
Thunder Valley is a little known campground in Northern Minnesota. Rico, Julie, Conner, Dave and Sam take their annual summer trip. The five friends wonder why such a nice campground is so unknown. On the first day of the trip Rico meets the girl of his dreams; Sunny is sexy, smart, and sweet. Rico quickly forms a bond with Sunny. However, behind Sunny is a darkness that will test Rico and put him in the middle of a love triangle with Julie, his best friends’ girlfriend. Thunder Valley is a love story that will tear friendships apart and bring new loves to the brink of insanity.

The Child of Mystery - Chains of Darkness 1
Nook Link
The clock is ticking, and time is running out...

Time for Melinda is fast running out. Time for her to make her escape. And time to make a daring rescue.
The only thing fifteen-year-old Melinda has been thinking about ever since she found out that she was betrothed to a man twice her age was how to escape the madness of the cult she had been trapped in. But escape seems easier said than done, especially since Melinda is being kept under the watchful eyes of her Uncle, an Aunt who never seems to sleep, and the Elders.
Melinda has the unique ability to see things no one can, like Angels and, once one Halloween, a demon. Her power also allows her to see a boy named Caleb, who isn't really a boy but has the fading aura of an Angel, get captured by the Elders. Kept in chains and tortured, Caleb's agonizing cries are a constant reminder of why she must get as far away from the cult as she can. She must escape, and soon, but not without trying to rescue Caleb.
Does Melinda have the power to not only save herself, but to save Caleb? And if she can save him, has she saved an angel... or a demon?

Fixing Sam: A Novel
Nook Link
After a failed marriage proposal, and an apathetic suicide attempt, Samuel Grant is looking for a reason to wake up in the morning. An ex-child star and the son of two famous celebrities, Samuel searches for an existence worth living while wandering through the surreal landscape of the entertainment industry.

Trying to see through a haze of scotch and antidepressants, his journey takes him through the flashbulbs of gossip obsessed paparazzi, the confined limits of a hospital bed, the seedy apartment of a neo-hippie, the emotional neutrality of a therapist's office, the social bubble of a Canadian reality show, and the imprisoned realm of a hotel suite with limitless room service.

Featuring a large cast of unique characters, "Fixing Sam" is a post-modern search for the meaning of life in a media-saturated existence.

Level Zero
Nook Link
The never-ending wars, pollution, and overpopulation of the near future have caused the outdoors to become uninhabitable, and the government is forced to create a new world, a virtual existence that allows civilization to continue. Shopping malls, schools, concert venues, and religious gathering places all exist in the infinite confines of this new reality, yet the most popular domain for most teenagers is the one that houses the endless array of digital games.

When the sequel to a popular title is released to the public for a special beta test, a group of players eagerly log in to try out the new experience. What seems like harmless violence quickly turns all too consequential when the players realize the game's biggest error: They can't log out. Forced to battle their way through an endless army of monsters programmed to kill their avatars, the players must fight against the clock and find a way out of the game before the real world catches up to them.

Mind Cafe
Nook Link
The Mind Café: death’s waiting room and the only refuge for a woman trapped in her body after a tragic accident leaves her unable to do anything but watch the world and think. A fiction, paranormal short story just under 5,000 words, part of a larger collection of stories depicting a day in the life of the unique.

Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts
Nook Link

Prepare to be ferried to an unfamiliar realm on the bony back of despair. Author Dustin LaValley takes us down face first with rapid-fire flash fiction in the form of Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts. Already associated with the dark and bizarre, LaValley expands his repertoire to experiment with form and literary introspection. These harrowing meditations on the nature of the world--and the very purpose of humanity--not only provide chills, but strangely the effect of this read is vastly disproportionate to its length, leaving us with scars to contemplate for a long time to come.

Cheap Books

Jessica (The Manhattan Stories) $0.99 Amazon
Jessica McCarthy’s only Christmas wish is for a home of her own and children. All her friends are already married and had children. Believing that true love will never come her way, she settles for the man she sees as her last chance to realize her dream, handsome, charming, ne'er-do-well, Zachary Belk. 
Jessica’s father, one of the most successful businessmen in 1860’s Manhattan, warns her that he isn't a good prospect for a husband. Jessica seldom goes against his advice, but Zachary is the only man in New York who has courted her. 
His own firm is on the edge of bankruptcy and he desperately needs a financial lifeline. Jessica believes she is only being realistic when she agrees to be Zachary’s wife, but she soon finds out her carousing husband doesn’t share her hopes for domestic life. 
The stock market crash of 1869 changes all their lives. Born into wealth, Jessica never had to ask the price of anything. Now the cost of simply putting food on the table is the first thing on her mind when she awakes every morning. Jessica must adapt drastically to being penniless. 
She calls upon her faith in God, her friends both old and new, and her own determination, not only to survive, but to find peace, happiness, security, and a real love.

This is the first of three planned novels in the 'Manhattan Stories' saga. It takes the reader from the opulent drawing rooms of Manhattan, New York, where fortunes are made and financial empires can collapse without warning, to the frontier cabins of Manhattan, Kansas, where everything, including true love, is possible.
The second in the series, Pillsbury Crossing, will be out soon.

Love Letters $0.99 Amazon
Nook Link $0.99
“My Dearest Darling,” the love letters began, and try as she might, she could not stop reading the letters she found in the old books. After reading one she was compelled to reach for another. Her curiosity urged her on. She could not stop… 
If you found a love letter in an old book, would you read it?

Suppose you purchased some books from a bookseller at a flea market and upon returning home discovered love letters inside, what would you do?
Would you read the letters? Would you try to return them? Would you destroy them? 

That is the dilemma that Katie Kosgrove finds herself in when she discovers love letters written by the man she knows only as Jack. Curious but unable to locate him to return the love letters, she begins to read.

The letters all begin with the same greeting, “My Dearest Darling,” and they each end with, “Forever Jack”. The letters start to transform her life in ways that she never would have imagined. She is thankful to the handsome stranger she met only once. 

Katie knows exactly what she would say to him if she were to ever see him again, until one day he reappears, back in her life. Their world begins to change once more, but the letters have an awesome power over both of them, until…

The Hangman (Good Reads) $2.99
On a cold November morning, a jogger runs through the woods in the peaceful Quebec village of Three Pines. On his run, he finds a dead man hanging from a tree.
The dead man was a guest at the local Inn and Spa. He might have been looking for peace and quiet, but something else found him. Something horrible.
Did the man take his own life? Or was he murdered? Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is called to the crime scene. As Gamache follows the trail of clues, he opens a door into the past. And he learns the true reason why the man came to Three Pines.
This book is a quick and easy read for people on the go.

In Search of Lucy: A Novel $2.99 Amazon
Lucy Lang's life is spiraling out of control. For years she sacrificed her own needs to care for her half sister and alcoholic mother, only to be abandoned by both. Now, at age 30, Lucy finds herself held back by memories and regret as she struggles to find her own purpose in life. But when her sister needs a kidney transplant, Lucy is the only one who can save her life.

With the help of new friends and a man who won't give up on her, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and find the answers she so desperately needs. Can she get past her emotions and have a chance at happiness? With its colorful and endearing cast of characters, In Search of Lucy takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions from sadness and heartache to happiness and hope.

South of Bixby Bridge $3.99 Amazon
$3.99 Nook LInk
About to turn 30 and being discharged from drug rehab, Trevor Roberts is sure he's hit bottom with nowhere to go but up. He soon learns that sometimes the "bottom" is just the beginning. With more twists than California's Highway 1, the intimate narrative follows a young man on a wild month-long ride to the dizzying, drunken heights of Napa Valley excess where he falls fast for his new boss's intoxicating wife and becomes entangled in a strange threesome affair. But things soon begin to unravel as Trevor is drawn into a secret world of sex and scandal, only to have his lust for success drag him down again through a phantasmagoria of hedonistic hell. "Shocking and unapologetic", South of Bixby Bridge barrels along with the "frenetic pace of a Hollywood blockbuster," delivering "poetic prose loaded with images". With gripping drama, witty dialogue, and sexy, jaw-dropping glimpses into the nouveau-riche underworld of California's wealthy elite, you won't be able to put this riveting new novel down. Buckle up and enjoy the read!

***If you or anyone you know has struggled with alcohol, drug, or sex addiction, you must read this!

Breakdown $3.99 Amazon
An influenza plague decimates humanity...
A man loses his wife and baby daughter...
Six years after a pandemic devastates the human population, former rock star Chris Price finally makes it from New York to Britain to reunite with his brother. His passage leaves him scarred, in body and mind, by exposure to humankind at its most desperate and dangerous. But another ordeal awaits him beyond the urban ruins, in an idyllic country refuge where Chris meets a woman, Pauline, who is largely untouched by the world’s horrors. Together, Chris and Pauline undertake the most difficult facet of Chris’s journey: confronting grief, violence, and the man Chris has become. They will discover whether the human spirit is capable of surviving and loving again in this darker, harder world.

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