Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Night Groove

Good afternoon fans. Sorry this is so late! Had some difficulties today. Enjoy the freaky deaky I got for you today! 

Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas, #1)
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Each year lykaen princess Sarina Brunes goes through her breeding cycle—a powerful force that makes the desire to mate nearly inescapable. When Sarina is sent away by her father to endure the breeding cycle alone, she never expects a sexy Alpha to come to her doorstep.

When Alpha Vane Kategan stumbles upon Sarina in her breeding cycle, he is determined to help her, if only to ease her pain. However, she is resilient and denies them both what they so desperately want. Vane isn’t a man who takes no for an answer. He won’t give up on his seduction until they both find bliss. What neither of them count on is falling in love. At the time when they need each other the most, they are torn apart by her father’s cruelty.

Now Sarina must fight to be with the one she loves and risk losing the only family she has left in the process. Can Sarina escape her father’s grasp for the arms of the man she loves?

The Initiation of Ms Holly (Xcite Erotic Romance Novels)
Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club. Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles deep within the heart of the organization. Rita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed. During her initiation, sex with her new lover from the train, Edward, is forbidden but Alex the dance instructor is happy to take his place and Leo the zoo keeper is happy to encourage Rita’s animal instincts. With more and more titillating punishments in store and the club’s sexy head Vivienne intent on her failing, will Holly succeed in her lengthy and lurid initiation?

A French Affair
Sydney Tyler is renting a barn conversion in Northern France, planning to spend the fortnight getting some words down on her novel. Unfortunately, construction work in the other half of the building puts an end to her peace and quiet. Genuinely upset that the builders are going to disturb her, the property’s handsome English owner, Harry Bay, offers to make it up to her. He’s a little flirtatious, and after spotting his wedding ring, Sydney keeps him at arm’s length. Sexy as he is, she has no intention of getting involved with a married man. But when Sydney learns the truth about Harry, will their mutual attraction spur them on to work through their emotional baggage and make this more than just a French affair?

Heart You (Roommate Romance #1)
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** Heart You is an erotic romance short story for ADULTS ONLY! This novelette is roughly 7200 words and contains a hot sexual triad between two female roommates and their Valentine's Day boy toy. **

Have you ever wanted something you know you shouldn't? That forbidden fruit. A temptation that will surely lead you down the path of illicit indulgence, and ultimately, pleasure beyond your wildest imaginations.

That was the daily torture Samantha put herself through when she thought of her roommate, Kara. Sitting alone on Valentine's Day, Sam found comfort in sharing her innermost secrets with her trusty journal while lusting over the brown-eyed goddess. At least until Kara comes home with a sizzling hot man and a night full of naughty games that would even make cupid blush.

How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires
My name is Yanna Everleigh. I used to think that being an old-fashioned virgin would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away - well, the kind who didn't do love, at least. But I was wrong. If anything, it simply made my billionaire want me even more.

His name is Constantijin Kastein. He blows hot and cold, arrogant and cynical one moment and then disarmingly sweet the next. He makes me forget all about waiting for true love and just go for mind-blowingly hot sex. He makes me want to be his, even though he seems to want other women, too.

But he's also Netherlands' #1 playboy, and I'm my own worst enemy. I must be on my guard.

Maybe if I tell him first that I love him - maybe if I pretend that I don't see the coldness in his eyes when we talk about that word - pretend that I don't feel him putting distance between us when I ask for something he's not yet ready to give - maybe he'll finally realize that he doesn't have to seduce a woman who loves him. He just has to love her back.

Or not.

Curvy Girls Need Love (BBW Romance, Rock Star Romance)
When curvy burlesque dancer Tessa Snow meets sexy drummer Stone Street in a diner, she has no idea what pleasures fate has in store for her. She tries to act aloof, but she can't resist the sober rock star with the perfect face and a body to match.

After just one kiss in a darkened parking lot, Tessa realizes that resistance is futile. The heart wants what the heart wants, and Tessa's heart wants Stone.

Warning: This 5,000+ word story contains graphic language, a sexy BBW girl with a healthy appetite, mind-blowing oral sex, multiple orgasms and explicit descriptions of hot sex between a curvy burlesque dancer and her physically perfect rock star lover. Intended for mature audiences, 18+ only!

Cabin Fever (Unnatural Lover #1)
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The first serial of the Unnatural Lover series, with new releases coming every Friday.

She was barren. Lifeless.

That’s how Amanda Stenser felt when she was told the news that she couldn’t have children. It was a blow to everything she’d dreamed of, everything she’d hoped. Now she felt lost, and her boyfriend suggests she get away from everything for a few days. That’s why she heads up to the cabin deep in the woods, but she never could have expected what changes awaited her up on that lonely mountain.

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John Taylor is a brilliant and sexy young man in need of BDSM training to curb his Dominant sexual tastes. But John is a deeply damaged soul, bound to his tormented past. 

Submissive Kelly Flynn has a huge crush on John Taylor, and is restrained by troubling ties of her own. She is suffering from the "Fatal Female Flaw" when ordinarily sensible women fall madly in love with an unattainable man who can't, or won't love them back. There's no possible way Kelly can ever break through John's defenses to the tortured soul beneath... or can she?

Bound is a BDSM erotic romance about guilt and redemption, the secrets people conceal, and how true love really can really conquer all.

Anything He Wishes (Billionaire BDSM Erotic Romance)
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Jessica Hunter's life was turned upside down when she lost her job and had to take a new one waiting tables in a swanky Yacht Club for the rich. 

She loathed the rich and hated waiting on them but that wouldn't stop her from taking an offer from the man that she may not be able to resist. 

Rich Nathan Ross may be the one man who can change her mind about her situation. That is...if she does Anything He Wishes.

Billionaire Brothers (Stranger Sex, MFM)
When Kathryn grows tired of her uncommunicative boyfriend she goes out into the streets of D.C. dressed only in her sexiest lingerie and a red coat. Stopping for a drink at an upscale hotel bar, she's approached by a couple of rich brothers, who persuade her to join them in their penthouse suite. Happy to share her, the three soon find themselves acting out their wildest fantasies. 

WARNING! This short story contains very graphic scenes of oral, anal, and MMF sex. This new release from author Moira McGuinness is intended for mature audiences 18+ only!

Excerpt: Finally finding the bathroom I surveyed myself in the mirror. ‘You know what they want from you, right?’, I asked myself. ‘I do’, I replied. ‘Is that what you want?’, My inner conscious asked - ‘You can just go home, you know!’. Staring at myself, surveying my still remarkably intact makeup I responded. ‘Fuck responsibility. Let’s do this’.

In truth I’d been planning this moment ever since Ross first laid his hand on my knee in the bar. Knowing that my companions were unaware that I was dressed only in my sexiest lingerie underneath my coat, I took it off and hung it on the door hook. Black bra. Thigh high stockings. Tiny black panties. Nothing else. It was time for me to make my grand entrance. My big reveal.

Striding towards the living room like a model on a catwalk I saw that while both were looking at their phones, both looked up in my direction at the same time. Standing in front of them I posed with one hand on my hip, and summoned my most confident, sexy voice.

“Well then boys, who’s dick am I going to have to suck to get a drink around here?”.

Pillaged by the Viking (Viking Plunder)
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When the marauding ship of blonde Vikings sacks Eliza's village, she knows her fate even as they drag her onto their ship. One by one the women of her village are tied to the masked and forced to satisfy the entire crew, but Eliza's turn never comes. When she reaches the Viking village, she's taken to the chief's longhouse, and learns that her fate may be much worse just a shipload of men--if she can't satisfy the chief, she'll be thrown to the mercy of the entire village!

This erotic short is for adults only. It contains hulking barbarians, a reluctant maiden, defloration, and mystical, steamy sex.

Carmen's New York Climax
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Young and rich, Kurt Nielsen is New York's most eligible bachelor. Except now he can't even bring himself to talk to a woman. How could he, after his last girlfriend took him to court? Kurt is still smarting from the injustice of it all. 

Sick of his anger, his friends have bought Kurt a call girl. What could be better than a high-class hooker to cheer him up? The working girl will arrive dressed as a hotel maid, with an entire scene arranged.

Kurt has never paid for sex before and is uncomfortable with the idea, yet he agrees to meet her at the Hilton. But things don't go as planned when he arrives at the hotel two hours early.

Unknown to Kurt, when the maid walks into his suite, she isn’t his call girl. Carmen is an actual hotel maid, with a host of secrets and problems of her own. Sex-starved, Carmen simply cannot resist the carnal magnetic allure of Kurt. 

Although they are complete strangers, sexual need and animal chemistry overwhelms them both. They quickly discover ecstasy together, again and again and again.

But what will happen when they discover their mistake?

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister
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Mistaken for her sister, Diona Brown had been tricked into visiting the island home of the Billionaire Nikias Dranias, who planned on keeping her there as his prisoner to stop his brother from marrying the woman he believed to be no more than a gold digger.

However passion had quickly flared between the two, and now Diona had found that she has to escape to not only save her sister but also herself from the enigmatic and distrustful Greek.

Hot, Rich and Dominant
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New and naive...

When Nell starts work for the Cassidy Corporation's marketing team, she doesn't expect to give offence to the CEO's young, gorgeous and enigmatic son during her first day. Sure she'll be fired by the end of the week, she instead finds herself pinned up against the stairwell wall two days later, with his lips on hers...

Confused, yet curious...

It seems there are two sides to tall, dark and delicious Marc Cassidy, and something in Nell is calling the dominant in him to the fore. He wants her for his own, and he's not afraid to show her how he feels. Though she tries to resist the intense chemistry between them, neither of them is convinced by her half-hearted protests, and it's not long until Nell is plunged into the heady, unfamiliar world of sexual submission. Can she obey his orders and figure out if what she feels is more than just pure desire, and maybe unravel the mystery that is Marc Cassidy in the process?

Beg (Songs of Submission #1)
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This novella is the first in a series, and is about 70 pages long, 22K words.
Part 2 - Tease - is available now.
Boxed set of Sequence One, the first three novellas, Beg/Tease/Submit - Available on Amazon.
My name is Monica. I'm a singer born and raised in Los Angeles.
I've stopped dating. When I cut a record, or win a Grammy, maybe then I'll be with someone, but every man in my past has done everything he could to make me submit myself to him, and it's gotten in the way of my career. I won't do it again.

But there's Jonathan. He owns the high-rise hotel where I work, and he is gorgeous and charming. I refuse to fall in love with him, even though when he asks me to submit to him, I want nothing more.

Heat Wave - Part 2 - Erotika Short Stories for Women (Adult Short Stories for Women Series)

Part 2 of the Heat Wave Erotika Short Stories for Women Series

After sleeping with her best friend's husband, Sara Beckett finds herself entangled in a Web of lies and deceit.

This hot-blooded, sexual temptress certainly knows how to get what she wants from men. But when she finds herself knee deep in a very touch-and-go situation, she begins to question her own morality..

Van Horn

Aging playboy Earl Bourgeois had devoted the majority of his adult life to marijuana, drinking and women. After decades of eluding his responsibilities, he looked up and found that he was on the verge of destitution and in desperate need of a secure atmosphere to regroup.

After his business savvy nephew Cedric extends an invitation for him to move into his guest house in the affluent Hollywood Hills, Earl eagerly accepts the offer believing that the overture would somehow lead to him fulfilling his lifelong dream of living on a boat in the marina. Shortly after settling in Earl begins wrecking a slew of relationships and finds himself packing his car and fleeing back to New Orleans.

His road trip takes an unforeseen spin when he picks up a peculiar drifter and is further derailed when he is pulled over and detained when authorities find narcotics in his dilapidated car.

After getting word from his scheming niece that his mother has planned an impending family reunion that he might not be released in time to attend, Earl reflects on his blunders and vows to change his self-indulging ways.

Will Earl make a liar out of the old saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or will he continue leading his seedy lifestyle?

His Darkest Dreams: The Billionaire's Secrets


Sarah Langdon has been translating international conference calls for
billionaire Peter Ibramovic for two years, and even in her dirtiest of
fantasies, she never thought for a moment that the handsome executive
actually had his eyes on her as well.

What starts out as a simple translation session quickly ignites into a
passionate fling, and a new world of sensual pleasure opens up to Sarah
as she learns just how deep Peter's darkest desires run.

When a gunman breaks into the office late that night looking for Peter,
Sarah is caught up in the action. Someone wants Peter Ibramovic dead,
and now she's a target too.

Sarah's billionaire lover has a secret, and she needs to uncover it before it's too late.

Part I: 8,600 words. This story contains explicit sexual content and is recommended for mature audiences only.

An intimate tale of love, sex and loss.

What happens when the line between love and despair is blurred? Sabrina must find out if she has room in her heart for both. Her devoted, disabled husband has planned a Valentine’s Day to remember. Her biggest surprise – that unrestrained passion can heal her deepest wound. If Sabrina can let ecstasy wash away her pain, she will have been given the most valuable Valentine’s gift of all: a love that endures through eternity.

Untamed Hunger (Alpha Colony)

Alpha Colony 1: Major Sasha Young has been stationed at Alpha Colony for the past three years, part of an elite military team assigned to maintain order and resolve conflicts between the shapeshifters. She has watched the hostile morphs, secretly fascinated by their predatory grace and animal magnetism. The colonies were established to protect defenseless humans from these genetic anomalies. So why does she feel like the morphs are the ones being victimized?

Grayson Evans, a rare white-tiger shifter, is frustrated and appalled by how little their human keepers understand the average "morph." After an especially violent altercation between leopard and tiger shifters, he decides it's time to educate them. He's had his eye on Sasha ever since she arrived at Alpha Colony and introducing the feisty beauty to the full potential of a felidae-morph is going to be his pleasure -- and hers!

From Aubrey: The Alpha Colony series has always been a fan favorite and I'm hoping the re-launch will introduce these steamy paranormal stories to some new readers. This series is set in the near future and features shapeshifters, primarily feline but I throw in a wolf-shifter or two. I plan to release the rest of the books on May 13th. The amazing new covers and book blurbs are posted on my website. Until then, enjoy this preview of life in Alpha Colony!

Worthy of the Billionaire's Attention

Claire is the new hire for Mr. King, and soon becomes more than just his employee. Their past relationship may have gotten her the job, but it will take all of her current skills to satisfy Mr. King's dark desires.

Emerald Green

Meredith discovered her fiancé in bed with two of her bridesmaids. Then she meets a handsome stranger who buys her an emerald pendant and offers to share his fudge with her. Before she can blink she is naked on a private, secluded beach and the mouth-watering stranger is coaxing her into sexual situations that both startle her and bring her more fulfillment than she's ever had. The afternoon is an initiation into the pleasures of the flesh, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Life is about to hand Meredith another surprise which will open yet more doors to her own sexuality.

Possession - Book Two in The Perfect Slave trilogy
An m/m tale of contemporary and historical love and bondage

Tristan is the modern day slave of Astor, master of the clandestine slave circle called the jeu. Astor is intent on cleansing the jeu of its corrupt masters while fighting the demons of his past. Konstantine is the ancient slave of Abarak. Taken captive during the Crusades, his mind is opened to a panorama of bondage and sexual delight in pursuit of a dream of ancient spiritual bliss. Tristan is gradually succeeding in thawing ice-cold Astor, who he loves devotedly. Master and slave embark on a journey to the birthplace of the jeu where they reconnect to its mysterious roots. However, Tristan is coveted by twisted rival master Jummal, who will stop at nothing to procure him. Tortuous days lie ahead for master and slave as Astor fights to retain his hold on the jeu and Tristan is taken hostage by a man sexually darker than he could ever imagine.

Roman and Juliet: An Erotic Romance (The Aerie Doms)

For one night, Colorado rancher Roman Grainger is an honored guest at The Aerie, Xavier Greer's private BDSM club. Roman's not sure the whips-and-chains stuff is for him, though, and he's about to leave when he sees Juliet Howard, half-naked, kneeling at his feet.

Juliet Howard, a regular sub at The Aerie, figures she's won the sub lottery when she looks up at a real cowboy, complete with the boots and a Stetson in one hand. But when they get to The Medieval Room, she realizes that Roman's not exactly an experienced Dom. Still, he's the sexiest man she's seen for a long time. And since the regular Aerie Doms are either paired up with their own subs or nervous about playing with Juliet because she's "the delicate one," she's not letting Roman go just yet.

Can one night together be the start of something wonderful, or will it just be a fantasy played out for them both?

Christina Thacher wrote this short story so you can try out her writing at minimal cost. Roman and Juliet features other characters from The Aerie Doms universe, but it's a stand-alone story with its own satisfying ending.

Warning: This erotic romance has lots of sex, including some light bondage (approximate length: 11,000 words). The bonus material has more sex, including dominance and submission, impact play, and a really kinky scene in The Aerie owner's office!

Short Erotic Tales

A collection of short erotic tales that will arouse you and capture your imagination. With tales of erotic hauntings and out of world experiences, your mind will be able to escape into a world full of surprises. ***These tales are graphic in nature and are meant for adults only***

Surrounded by Death: Woods Family Series Prequel

His family speaks of his death as a tragic example of why it's too dangerous for the Woods men to be around available women.

Eric Woods is now dead, but was his last night as a living, breathing mountain lion shifter as horrible as his family has always believed?

Experience Eric's last night with Simone--a woman whose need for carnal pleasures far exceeds all rational thought.

Order of books in this series:
Surrounded by Death (Prequel to Woods Family Series, a short story)
Surrounded by Woods (Book 1)
Surrounded by Pleasure (Book 2)
Surrounded by Temptation (Book 3)
Surrounded by Secrets (Book 4, Coming January 2013)

Elfbitten (A Taryn Malloy Fantasy)

This book is an erotica novella. It contains explicit imagery. If you are offended by erotic contents, please be aware before reading.

Taryn Malloy is a Bright Elf, her magic lives in her blood, fueled by sex and lust. Recovering from a terrible break-up, Taryn’s best friend, Roxy, decides it’s time for Taryn to get back in the game. She’s wallowed long enough and let her magic diminish to a dangerous level. Tonight, Roxy is taking Taryn out to a club that caters to the carnal needs of the supernatural community of their city. Roxy is determined to make Taryn forget about Cillian and she knows the only way to get over one elf is to get on top of another. A night of elves, fairies, vampires, revenge and more is exactly what Taryn needs.

Every werewolf has an instinct. Lyssa's is to submit.
While the human part of Lyssa rebels against the iron fist of her domineering alpha, the wolf in her is unable to resist his every advance. Caught between the primal draw of her instincts and her desire for independence, she finds comfort in the company of Hawthorne, another wolf living on the outskirts of the pack hierarchy. But as Lyssa's attraction to Hawthorne grows, she realises that his instinct may prove to be even more dangerous than her own.
The alpha is watching them, and Lyssa must learn to control her animal nature, or be consumed by it.

5700 word erotic short story featuring graphic descriptions of sex. Not for the faint of heart!

The Vampire's New Plaything - erotic short with vampire, ménage, bdsm, thriller, and Halloween themes

An erotic short with vampire, ménage, bdsm, thriller, and Halloween themes.

Nikki has the Sickness; the desire to be preyed upon and fall under the spell of a vampire. At nights, she tosses feverishly in her bed. And then she runs out of milk at 2 a.m. What happens next is as unexpected as it is certain. And along the way, she saves a man’s life.

Cheap Books

Parlor Tricks $0.99 Amazon

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the tattoo shop? Lots of hot guys, testosterone, ink and lust. Here's a compilation of short stories that divulge the inner most fantasy of what happens after the ink.

Private Message $0.99 Amazon

Tess has never had sex. Believe it or not, she’s never had a decent kiss.

The aspiring Seattle painter and photographer is still recovering from the trauma of being beaten and nearly raped at a rock show nearly three years before. So she keeps life simple: she goes to school, goes to work in a coffee shop, goes home, goes on living.

But then Ben’s naked body crashes—almost literally—through Tess’s wall against the world.

Ben is doing his dad’s art-teacher girlfriend a favor when he agrees to pose nude for her drawing class. But what he draws is the interest of the irresistible punk-looking girl—and it’s interest he reciprocates, with interest.

Their sexual chemistry is too much to resist. But it’s when they have their clothes on that their heat quickly slips on ice. Ben’s womanizing history is one thing, but it’s history of another kind—related to that fateful night at the rock show—that threatens to tear the young lovers apart forever.

Sirens Surrender (Forbidden Desires) $0.99 Amazon
Ralaia is a siren– tired of being in the world above. She wishes daily to live with the majority of the Sirens in the underworld– her specialties are needed to recruit the men the Queen so desperately needs to satisfy her. Siren’s Surrender is the prequel to the novel Siren’s Desires to be released in August 2013.

Sin at Sea (Sinful Novellas) $0.99 Amazon

When Alysin decided to surprise her boyfriend at work with dinner, the surprise was on her. Since he was going at it with his secretary on the conference table, she packed a bag and called her BFF. Jolie and Alysin had been traveling the country, working as digital nomads for ten years ever since graduation. Taking this as a sign it was time for a new move, they decided to take a cruise, regroup, and make a plan.

Then she meets Mr. Bedroom Eyes. Following her lead, they pretend to be married so that she can rid herself of the guy who started hitting on her before the boat left the dock. Though it was supposed to be a momentary arrangement, he asks her to take it one step farther. Then another and another. The cruise promises to be memorable in every way that matters.

Along the way, Alysin learns that she won't have to fake an orgasm if she's with someone who knows what to do, that not all men suck, but the best ones suck really well, and that sometimes what starts out as something pretend, can fast become something completely real. Will the woman who lives life with no regrets, regret that she made that stupid rule about not exchanging names and contact info?

More Than Enough $1.49 Amazon

Macy Young's life has been more than she bargained for but things turned around when she met Luke. Luke Nolan was supposed to be her distraction but he became so much more. While helping her best friend Halley plan her wedding, her ex fiancee Trevor James comes walking back into her life unexpectedly. Is her new found love and happiness enough to save the love she's finally found with Luke?

Stripped $4.99 Amazon

So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you're faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you'd imagine. That doesn't make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact. There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He's in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger. Not the kind of desire I'm used to though. It's something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He's People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive. He's the hottest actor in Hollywood. He's the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind.

He's the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what's he doing looking at me like he has to have me? And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes?

I'm a virgin, and he's an American icon of male sexuality. I'm a stripper, and he's a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me. I know I should say no, I know he's the worst kind of player...but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not.

And then things get complicated.