Sunday, June 16, 2013

Something for the Dad's

Happy Father's Day Fans! Today, I have a list of Freebies and Cheapies for the Dad's out there! So spread the word and let Dear old Dad know where he can find the free books to feed his Kindle or Nook, especially if that's what he just got for Father's Day!

Black Ops The Gate
What if the Japanese succeeded in their atomic bomb program in World War II? And what if the legacy of that program has sat in a submarine at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge for all the decades since then?

In Manchuria in 1945 a German U-Boat delivers the dying Reich’s processed uranium. As Russian forces close in on the infamous Unit 731 Concentration Camp, the Japanese load one of the two bombs they’ve developed on a submarine bound for the United States. They detonate the other to destroy all evidence.

Present day United States. Lake, a covert operative for the United States government, is on the trail of rogue militia terrorists. He begins to learn that various factions are all searching for something in the San Francisco area. Something powerful. Something that was lost over sixty years ago, but still can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

Battling the Japanese Yakuza, North Korean agents, home-grown terrorists, and betrayal in his own organization, Lake must uncover the history of this threat in order to prevent disaster. 

Created, The Destroyer (The Destroyer #1)
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When you're on death row, minutes from the electric chair, and a hook-handed monk offers to save your life if you'll just swallow a simple little pill... what've you got to lose? You take the pill. Then you wake up, officially "dead," in the back of an ambulance, headed for an undisclosed location. Welcome to your new life, working for CURE, the most secret, most deniable, most extra-judicial government agency ever to exist. Only the President knows about it, and even he doesn't control it.

That's what happened to Remo Williams, a New Jersey cop framed for a murder he didn't commit. Framed by the very people who saved him, in fact. And now, trained in esoteric martial arts by Chiun, master of Sinanju, he's going to become the ultimate killing machine. Remo will be America's last line of defense against mad scientists, organized crime, ancient undead gods, and anything else that threatens the Constitution. Remo Williams is the Destroyer.

An action-adventure series leavened with social and political satire, the Destroyer novels have been thrilling readers worldwide for decades.

Cargo of Coffins (Stories from the Golden Age)
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Unlock your inner Sherlock. He was the last man Lars Marlin had expected to see in Rio de Janeiro— and it took all of his willpower not to slay him on the spot.
Paco Corvino was a smooth-talking and slippery con man, a contraband runner, and escaped convict . . . not to mention murderer. He also was the man responsible for changing Captain Lars Marlin into Convict 3827645 of the penal colony in French Guiana known as Devil's Island— a prison from which he had only just escaped.
An unstoppable whirlwind of events brings Paco on board as the debonair chief steward of a luxury oceangoing yacht with an heiress and her rich friends as passengers. At the helm is skipper Lars Marlin. No one else knows that Paco and Lars are bitter rivals with an old score to settle, or that the voyage will be their final showdown upon the high seas.

Stealer of Flesh (Kormak Book One)
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To the world at large, he is a mercenary and assassin, a brutal killer with a deadly blade. In reality Kormak is a Guardian, one of an ancient order sworn to protect humanity from the servants of the gathering darkness.

Kormak is a sword and sorcery hero in the tradition of Conan, Solomon Kane and Druss the Legend, a driven man with a mission to hunt down the ancient demons who slaughtered his family. His fast-paced, action-packed adventures take him from one end of his richly detailed fantasy world to the other.


The Ghul are the Stealers of Flesh, an ancient race of demons who possess the bodies of humans to work great evil. Now one of them has been freed from its ancient prison using Kormak's own dwarf-forged sword and the Guardian must pursue it to a haunted city on the edge of the world to end its reign of terror.

Stealer of Flesh contains four-linked novelettes that tell the epic tale of Kormak's hunt for a prince of demons. In it he encounters a conspiracy of demented mages, an army of werewolves, Orcish blademasters and a beautiful alchemist and her insane poet brother.

Bar Girl
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Siswan started life as a simple village girl but an alcoholic father and a needing mother would change her life forever. She must seek out the help of the foreign men who visit her country - but first she has to learn their ways.
From the first chapter to the last Bar Girl tells a harrowing tale of life in Asia where the only thing that matters is money, where love and respect have to be bought rather than earned, and where women always come second.

Police Action
Andrew was lucky to have been accepted into the Worlder Force. Now that nearly every country was a member, the need for standing armies had all but disappeared so the Worlder Force was quite small. Their role was more like that of a heavily armed police force than an army. As well as sorting out trouble if it erupted - and being so well armed and well trained their mere existence was a fairly strong deterrant to trouble even starting in the first place - they trained for and reacted to natural disasters, ready to deliver much needed assistance whenever and wherever it was required. Apart from the prestige of being part of such an elite force, that was really why Andrew had joined. His chance to help, when help was what was needed. But there were a few little thorns that needed pulling out before they could concentrate fully on that. Like the drugs that were still flowing out of South America.

Warleader: A Blood and Tears Short Story
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As a young warrior in the elite Kifzo army of his father’s tribe, Tobin lives a life consumed by the relentless training demands of his uncle. Despite his best intentions and hard work, he struggles to cope with his father's indifference toward him and his brother's outright hatred.

A chance opportunity may change all of that. Tobin’s father gives him, his brother and three other young Kifzo each a small squad to lead on a key mission. The squad leader who succeeds will be named Warleader and will command the entire tribe’s army. Tobin sees this as his best chance to step out of the shadow of his brother and earn the respect and recognition he’s always desired.

Warleader is a short story of approximately 9,200 words. It is a prequel to the epic fantasy Rise and Fall: Book One of the Blood and Tears Trilogy. 

JET (International Action / Adventure Thriller)
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Code name: Jet  

Twenty-eight-year-old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever. But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.

When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she loves. A gritty, unflinching roller-coaster of high-stakes twists and shocking turns, JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.

Fans of Lisbeth Salander, SALT, and the Bourne trilogy will find themselves carried along at Lamborghini speed to a conclusion as surprising as the story's heroine is unconventional.

Night of the Assassin (Assassin series)
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Night of the Assassin is the second book in the Assassin series, and is the gritty, edge-of-your seat prequel to King of Swords. A no-holds-barred, breakneck-paced thriller, Night charts the early years of El Rey - known as the King of Swords - a super-assassin responsible for some of the world's most spectacular and daring executions.

Framed against the backdrop of present-day Mexico's brutal narco-trafficking violence, Night of the Assassin chronicles the making of a monster - a cold-blooded, ruthless killing machine. Raw, disturbing, edgy and unflinching, this epic saga defies convention to create a roller-coaster of intrigue, suspense and thrills that will leave even the most jaded thriller aficionados gasping for breath.

Best if read after King of Swords, Night was written to provide background on El Rey, with the assumption that the reader is already familiar with the events in King of Swords.

Titan Six
Deep beneath North America, the U.S government has constructed a multi-billion dollar network of tunnels and military installations stretching the width of the continent. The tunnel system also houses covert defense department programs, continuity-of-government facilities, and secret testing sites. While excavating a new tunnel two miles beneath the Rocky Mountains, Titan Global engineers uncovered a startling find -- a metallic cube over one mile in height, length and width. The Titan Six team is called into action to investigate the mysterious structure, and uncovers an astounding mystery that could forever change the face of human civilization. Join bestselling author Christopher Forrest in his latest Titan Six action thriller.

Body Toll (Detective Clay Randall Series)
Body Toll is an action-packed cop thriller set in the oceanfront community of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In a city known for its beautiful white sands and vibrant downtown, a vicious murderer is on the prowl for his next victim. As the body toll rises, Detective Sergeant Clay Randall and his team work around the clock to catch the elusive killer before he strikes again. The author has created a fast-paced tale of murder and mayhem that gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the mind of a serial killer. Climb into the police car, strap on your seatbelt, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride guaranteed to leave you breathless as you witness a classic battle between good and evil. 

Deadly Stillwater (McRyan Mystery Series)
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Deadly Stillwater delivers...
GRITTY and REAL DIALOGUE... behind the scenes banter & slang of the detectives. 
VIVID YET QUIRKY CHARACTERS... likeable characters faults and all.
A STORY THAT BUILDS...with clues that puts you in the middle of the action. 

An abduction is just the beginning in a case of betrayal and revenge that will ultimately strike at the soul of the St. Paul Police Department.The ruggedly handsome Mac McRyan, a fourth-generation cop, is faced with a complicated brazen daytime kidnapping, a media storm surrounding the case, and political scrutiny. It is a case of betrayal and revenge that will ultimately strike at the soul of the St. Paul Police Department. From the searing streets of St. Paul to the murky waters of the St. Croix River, DEADLY STILLWATER is a book you won't be able to put down until its last gripping minute. 

Darkest Instinct
The body parts were first discovered in the bellies of sharks. Marine scientists in the Florida Keys insist sharks rarely dine on live humans, so there can be only one explanation: They were dead before they hit the water. Dr. Jessica Coran knows why. 

They call him the "Night Crawler." And he's out there, riding the tides with his victims, feeding the waves after his own perverse hungers are satisfied. 

But when similar murders surface in London, on the Thames River, Jessica faces double jeopardy. One killer? Or two... 

(This book is fifth in Robert W. Walker's Instinct series)

There are some interesting guests at the isolated old coaching inn on Dartmoor, England. One of them is the US First Lady, Kathryne Mannocks. Tired of her husband’s behaviour, she angrily leaves the White House to join former university friends for a re-union there. Efforts to impose blanket security upon her have been stubbornly refused, leaving her vulnerable and minimally protected.

A group of terrorists stage a murderous breakout from nearby Dartmoor prison. Armed with guns and explosives, Dravid, an Islamic jihadist and Eamon, a Free Ireland veteran, lead an uneasy and temporary alliance to further their causes. They make their way to the Three Tors Hotel and ruthlessly and bloodily capture a prize that will further their deadly objectives.
But while two powerful governments find themselves held in a standoff, there are others at the hotel with the strengths to pit themselves against this post massacre mission.

Amongst My Enemies
Amongst My Enemies is a fast-paced Cold War tale of action, suspense, and international intrigue that plumbs the depths of brotherhood, honor, and one man's quest for revenge.  Inside an old German U-Boat rusting on the bottom of the Baltic lay millions in gold bars, stolen art, and a secret that could tear NATO apart. The only one who knows the truth is Mike Randall, a battle-scarred waist-gunner in an American B-17, who survives four months as a POW in the frozen Hell of northern Germany at the end of the war. When he does speak up, he puts a target on his own forehead, one which the Russians, the West Germans, the U-boat's former owners, the Israeli Mossad, and even his own government quickly take aim at. Some want the gold, some want him dead, and some want proof about a high-ranking spy inside NATO itself. Randall's wants are much simpler. Caught between the Kremlin and a new, deadly, 4th Reich, he wants revenge and to repay some old debts with a steel-jacketed bullet. 

Steven LeConte has all the qualities that propel a young man to success. He is bright, handsome, charming . . . the list is long. Yet, at age 27, this scion of a prominent Connecticut family is teaching tennis in Paris. His journalistic aspirations have produced a few dazzling leads but not a single completed article. If he can take pride in one achievement, which he does not, it is the prodigious number of girls he has coaxed from the tennis club into his bed. A small inheritance from his aunt is nearly exhausted; he faces an uncertain future. As if to highlight his professional shortcomings, he has befriended his neighbor, Sophie Marx, the retired Paris bureau chief of the New York Times. In contrast to his own lack of output, her freelance articles appear at a dizzy pace in the Western world’s best newspapers and magazines. 

Sophie has just embarked on a new venture: to chronicle the life of France’s leading right-wing politician. At age 70, she is unable to do the legwork herself, and opts to involve Steven. It is an offer he can’t refuse, though he isn’t sure her plans meet even his own low moral standards. She wants him to go to the Riviera, where her subject’s daughter is spending the summer. And then? He is to follow the guiding light of his golden schwanz (her terminology) and see if he can get close to the father through 19-year-old Nicole. His initial hesitation is quickly overcome by a photograph of this ravishing beauty. How could he have said No anyway: his soul mate, Sophie, will become his protégé and unlock the doors he has not been able to open on his own. Or such is his belief. He accepts, he succeeds – and falls deeply in love.

Simultaneously, a dark remnant of the Cold War makes its debut. An unemployed KGB agent, East German Walter Claussen, has become an entrepreneur in the new free market created by the collapse of the Soviet Union. He alone controls a weapon of mass destruction that has slipped beneath the radar of American intelligence: after the Cuban missile crisis, several of the best minds in the Kremlin developed the means to sabotage American jetliners, should the US ever decide to mount a conventional war in Europe. In France, Claussen finds a group willing to buy his services for their own political and financial gain.

American passenger jets undergo a series of deadly mishaps that seem unrelated. Frank Warner, the meticulous head of air crash investigations at the NTSB, is unable to find a common thread. The public experiences a collective fear of flying as never before. In a prelude to 9/11, the economy reels and the government – helped along by Claussen – becomes a blundering pawn of its own Iraq fixation. Warner is about to be fired and the wrong culprit is about to be incinerated in an eerie foreshadowing of the future. Then, at the eleventh hour, comes Steven’s chance discovery: the usual Arab suspects are not behind the diabolical attack on American aviation. Sophie is unable to convince American government and intelligence officials of the truth, so set in their thinking are they. Near despair, with the clock running out, she remembers Frank Warner, an acquaintance from a previous collaboration. Warner, who is convinced, takes word of Steven and Sophie’s discovery to a White House briefing, only to encounter war fever so virulent the facts fall on deaf ears. 

Warner must go to France – to hell with his job description. He and Steven, in a series of harrowing surveillance attempts, come face-to-face with Claussen, a professional killer. It is a confrontation needed to prove the truth with concrete visible evidence, a confrontation in which someone must die. Can Steven, underachiever cum laude, succeed at last? And if he does, can he convince Nicole that his love for her – initially based on deception – is real? The suspense grows unbearable as we near a climax that will leave the reader emotionally spent, yet thoroughly exhilarated.

Trapped - A Novel of Terror
**There are six books in the Konrath/Kilborn Collective. ORIGIN, THE LIST, AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE are the first five, and can be read in any order. The sixth, HAUNTED HOUSE, contains characters from each of the previous books.**

It was supposed to be a harmless camping trip. Six wayward teenagers who'd run into trouble with the law, and their court-appointed guardians, Sara and Martin Randhurst. Three nights on a small, deserted island off of Michigan's upper peninsula. A time to bond, to learn, to heal.

Then Martin told a campfire story about the island's history. Of the old civil war prison hidden in there, and the starving confederate soldiers who resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. Everyone thought it was funny. They even laughed when Martin pretended to be dragged off into the woods.
But Martin didn't come back. And neither did Sara when she went in search of him.
Then the laughter stopped.

The group soon began to realize that this deserted island wasn't so deserted after all. And perhaps Martin's ridiculous story had more truth to it than anyone thought.
What's the most horrifying thing you can imagine?
This is a hundred times worse..

A Word of Warning
This is the long-awaited follow-up to AFRAID, one of the most horrifying books ever written.

Dead Men Kill (Stories from the Golden Age)
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Detective Terry Lane is a standout homicide cop who thought he’d seen it all…until now. 
As tough as Eliot Ness of The Untouchables—and just as incorruptible—Lane has seen the darkest side of human behavior.  But he’s never seen a murder spree like this, targeting the wealthy, the powerful and the privileged.  For the evidence is clear: the killers have not emerged from the seamy underside of the city…but from six feet under it.  They are the walking dead, spreading terror and showing no mercy.
Following a trail of drugs, blackmail, and the twisted clues of a seductive nightclub singer, Detective Lane will have to think outside the box…or he could end up inside one, buried alive.
In 1934, while living in New York, the heart of the publishing industry, Hubbard struck up a friendship with the city’s medical examiner—a relationship that started his education in undetectable crime and provided him with authoritative clinical background for his detective stories.

In The Shadow of Babylon

Have you ever wondered where emotions come from? 
Do you wish you could live in the present rather than thinking about the past or worrying about a future that may never come?
Do you often wish you could have more control over the direction of your life?
 Secrets revealed in the oldest writing ever discovered reach out to the present with simple but powerful life lessons.
  In The Shadow of Babylon is a story about the modern world of Jihad, terror and suffering wrapped in an ancient message of bravery, wisdom and joy. The lessons learned by the warrior poet Ayuba as he transitions from an ignorant orphan held in captivity by a band of brutal nomads into a heroic leader of an ancient country are as critical to the 21st century as they were 10,000 years ago. 
Can an ancient scroll discovered in a vault beneath Baghdad's Azzohour Palace provide the answer to Iraq's current crisis? The scroll--pre-dating Hammurabi's Code by more than 7000 years--details the life of a shepherd who became the founder of a country that existed and thrived in pre-history. It may be the most profound archeological find ever. Shortly after the first Gulf War, an ancient gold-paneled tomb is discovered in Baghdad. Dr. Elman Darshi, the world's leading Sumerian language authority, is ordered by Saddam to translate the find. Warned of Saddam's paranoia over ancient prophecies, the professor smuggles his translation to his daughter Alexandria, a doctoral student at University of California, Berkeley. Shortly after completing the translation, Dr. Darshi, his wife, and youngest daughter disappear. When Iraq is liberated and Saddam deposed, the secret tomb is rediscovered. Only Alexandria can read the esoteric writing inscribed on its walls. Together with Dr. Ibrahim Feroz, a young and handsome associate professor at University of Chicago, they present the ancient poem, called The Song of Ayuba, to the world on a global National Geographic TV special. 
When the inscribed panels are removed from the underground crypt, a scroll incased in an urn is discovered. It is an autobiography of a warrior poet named Ayuba and proves to be the oldest writing in the world. Publication of the scroll reveals profound life lessons that foment fear and anger in radical Muslims and hope for the majority throughout the Middle East.
Ayuba's message makes In the Shadow of Babylon hard to put down--each page reveals a new adventure brimming with danger. Ayuba's message echoes through several millennium. A stanza of his epic poem inscribed on the gold panels now on display in the Museum of Ancient History located on the ruins of the storied city of Babylon sums up the vision of his life.

Sleep, and in the veil of night
Dream of valor in the light
When comes the awakening dawn
It is your dreams you act upon

Lair of the Fox

Terror on the Bosphorus: The film crew sailing on the Sea of Marmara has never heard of the Little Fox. Nor of the fanatical Kurdish freedom fighters whose bizarre hijack galvanized the world. US. Diplomat Paul Cyrus conducts the knife-edge negotiations. But the film’s leading lady—radical, famous and beautiful Amanda Morgan—makes an offer the Little Fox can’t refuse. Herself for the hostages. A deal which he accepts with alacrity. And then vanishes with her into thin air. Suddenly, inexplicably, the Russians offer support. But Feliks Ilyinsky and his crack Spetznaz commandos have another, desperate agenda. Twelve canisters of the deadliest nerve gas invented have gone missing…

Arisen, Book One - Fortress Britain

When the Zombie Apocalypse came, one country had shut down its borders in response to a major terrorist attack. Now Fortress Britain is the last bastion of the living - with 50 million beleaguered survivors facing down a world of 7 billion animated corpses.

And when civilization fell, one international team of supremely elite special operators was being assembled for a nearly impossible mission, deployed out of the SAS barracks at Hereford. Supremely trained and armed, always the most skilled, resolved, and unstoppable amongst us, now the commandos of Alpha team are humanity's last best hope for survival. Searching through the detritus of fallen Europe, scavenging pharmaceutical labs for clues to a vaccine that might bring humanity back from the brink, now they are tasked with one last desperate operation.

They must cross the Atlantic aboard the world's only remaining supercarrier, insert by air into the very middle of a dead continent, and then fight their way on foot through a city of 3 million ravening dead guys. But these Zulus will not be like any zombies they have ever fought before...

After: First Light

The beginning of the end...

When NASA scientists detect intense solar activity, the warnings go unheeded. Soon communications fail, power goes out, and the world's technological infrastructure collapses.

But the solar radiation has also inflicted an unpredictable change--a disruption in the impulses of the human brain. Billions die. And they are the lucky ones...


Michael and Emily are a happy and contented English couple, a writer and a school teacher. Their lives are complete when Emily falls pregnant, however their dreams are shattered one cold winter night by a car accident that robs them of their happiness. 

To overcome their loss they up stick and move to Eden Gardens, a US gated community that offers "Heaven on Earth and Twice as Nice". The people are warm and friendly and welcome them with open arms. The town is a beautiful throwback to a bygone age, where the sun always shines and the sky's always blue. 

As they settle into their new perfect lives, the circle is complete when Emily falls pregnant. The town is perfect, the weather is perfect and their lives are perfect. But are the stares from their neighbours a little too intense, is the town a little too interested in their happy news, and is Eden all that it seems. They are about to find out that paradise comes at a cost, and when you sign a lease, you should always check the fine print.

Asylum (The Birch Harbor Series #1)

Across the country, hidden in plain sight, are the forgotten remains of a once-great psychiatric movement: the asylum. These crumbling castles all share a common appearance and history. They inspire curiosity, fear, and even a few urban legends.

Chloe Adams came to Birch Harbor, a small college town in the U.P., to escape the stigma of mental illness. Her new roommate Sam Klingeman, came to drink her weight in vodka and find a hot guy with a trust fund. Between Chloe's developing relationship with campus hockey hero and floor RA, Seth Maird, trying to be the voice of moderation for Sam, and her new position as teacher's assistant for the eccentric Dr. Willard, she's stayed busy enough to keep the past firmly behind her.

But the voices return...and this time, she's not the only one that can hear them.

The beautiful old dormitory she lives in is hiding a secret. A secret that will uncover a dark plot 200 years in the making. Will Chloe be able to hold onto the new life she's worked so hard to build, will she relapse into a world of her own making, or will she, perhaps, fulfill the legacy she was born into?

Monster Behind the Wheel

As a child, Jeremy Carmichael fell from a Ferris wheel at a carnival. When he landed on a beautiful young woman, his fall was broken. Unfortunately, so was the woman’s spine. Years later, while delivering pizzas, Jeremy is injured in a car accident . . . that opens the gates between the worlds of the living and the dead, awakening the spirit of cruel Frank Edmondson. Frank, the policeman who arrived at the scene of that carnival accident long ago, was that woman’s lover. Now, ready for revenge, Frank devises a cunning plan. Soon Jeremy finds himself visiting the realm of the dead in dreams and visions. Is this Frank’s doing, or is there another explanation? Using a sleek muscle car called Monster, Frank gains control over Jeremy’s life. But what Frank doesn't know is that he’s tampering with the fate of the entire universe . . . because Jeremy isn't your average pizza delivery boy, and all hell is about to break loose—literally.

Vile Blood

Terror has left Skye Martindale muted and stunted for most of her seventeen years. Terrified of the dark Other that lives within her. The Other that must be suppressed and controlled. At all costs. Then one night an act of random violence unleashes a savagery so ferocious that she is forced to face who--and what--she really is.

Fear and grief have ravaged Deputy Sheriff Gene Martindale, leaving him cold and remote, haunted by the lies he has told the world--and himself--about his foundling sister. But now the lying is over and he has to protect his young son from Skye. Even if that means killing her.

For five long years Junior Cotton--the twisted sadist who slaughtered Gene's wife and unborn child--has been a caged animal. Now he's broken loose and he's coming after Gene and his sister. To take revenge and to reveal the truth about Skye. A truth that will damn her for eternity.

Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery Book #1)

Det. Roland March is a homicide cop on his way out. But when he's the only one at a crime scene to find evidence of a missing female victim, he's given one last chance to prove himself. Before he can crack the case, he's transferred to a new one that has grabbed the spotlight--the disappearance of a famous Houston evangelist's teen daughter.

With the help of a youth pastor with a guilty conscience who navigates the world of church and faith, March is determined to find the missing girls while proving he's still one of Houston's best detectives.

Black Daffodil (Trevor Joseph Detective series)

Fourth title in Trevor Joseph detective series Detective Trevor Joseph has his work cut out with the advent of a new Welsh synthetically produced drug Black Daffodil and its impact on the criminal fraternities operating in and around Cardiff Bay and the Welsh Valleys.

Rusty Nail - A Thriller (Jack Daniels Mysteries)

Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels of the Chicago Police Department is back, and once again she's up to her Armani in murder.

Someone is sending Jack snuff videos. The victims are people she knows, and they share a common trait -- each was involved in one of Jack's previous cases. With her stalwart partner hospitalized and unable to help, Jack follows a trail of death throughout the Midwest, on a collision course with the smartest and deadliest adversary she's ever known.

During the chase, Jack jeopardizes her career, her love life, and her closest friends. She also comes to a startling realization -- serial killers have families, and blood runs thick.

Rusty Nail features more of the laugh-out-loud humor and crazy characters that saturated Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary, without sacrificing the nail-biting thrills. This is Jack Daniels's third, and most exciting, adventure yet.

The Unburied Dead: The First Detective Thomas Hutton Thriller

A psychopath walks the streets of Glasgow, selecting his first victim. He sees his ex-girlfriend everywhere, and he will have her back.

When a woman is savagely murdered, her body stabbed over a hundred times, the police know from the nature of the crime that the killer will strike again. DCI Bloonsbury, the once-feted detective, is put in charge of the investigation, but as the killer begins to hit much closer to home and an old police conspiracy starts to unravel, Bloonsbury slides further into morose alcoholic depression.

In the middle of it all is Detective Sergeant Thomas Hutton, juggling divorce, deception, alcohol, murdered colleagues, and Dylan. He could use a break but the dead will not rest and the past will not be buried until he can catch the latest serial killer to haunt the streets of his city.

The Mighty Peculiar Incident at Muddy Creek

-A Short Story-
When the train doesn't stop in the Old West town of Muddy Creek, Sheriff Jesse Hawkins goes to investigate. What he finds is a mystery that goes far beyond anything in his experience: a car full of people frozen in time.

This story is included in the collection Tales of The Weird Wild West, also by Ian Thomas Healy.

A Gunman From Texas: Wild West Series

Davy Mather got little welcome from his brothers—for only the guns of the Cimarron Kid could help them now!

The Gambler And His Boots: Wild West Series

There had been pain and loneliness for Rand and Sally, and now it was gone. They talked softly and planning for the future. But in the morning, Kane Wilder, the gambler, came back to town. And Rand must face the death penalty...

Cheap Books

Open Season (Joe Gunther mysteries) $0.99 Amazon

Lt. Joe Gunther of the Brattleboro, Vermont police force has a serious problem: in a community where a decade could pass without a single murder, the body count is suddenly mounting. Innocent citizens are being killed—and others set-up—seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious ski-masked man. Signs suggest that a three year-old murder trial might lie at the heart of things, but it’s a case that many in the department would prefer remained closed. A man of quiet integrity, Lt. Gunther knows that he must pursue the case to its conclusion, wherever it leads.

Open Season is the first of Archer Mayor’s twenty-three Joe Gunther novels, a series of gripping police procedurals set in New England, where small-town charm, stoicism and civility sometimes conceal brutal truths.

JET II - Betrayal $3.99 Amazon

Twenty-eight year old Jet, the former Mossad operative from the eponymous novel JET, must battle insurmountable odds to protect those she loves in a deadly race that stretches from the heartland of Nebraska to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., from the lurid streets of Bangkok to the deadly jungles of Laos and Myanmar. Fans of Kill Bill, the Bourne trilogy, and 24 will be delighted by this roller-coaster of action, intrigue and suspense.

King of Swords (Assassin series) $3.99 Amazon

Book 1 of the Assassin series, King of Swords is an epic assassination thriller framed against a gritty backdrop of brutal drug cartel violence in modern Mexico.

The G-20 Financial Summit is planned for San Jose Del Cabo. The world's pre-eminent finance ministers will attend, along with the presidents of the U.S. and Mexico. Captain Romero Cruz of the Mexican Federal Police uncovers an assassination plot against the attendees. In a roller-coaster race against the clock, Cruz must track and stop El Rey, the "King of Swords" - a faceless super-assassin responsible for a string of the world's most spectacular killings, before he turns the G-20 into a slaughterhouse.

King of Swords is a rule-breaking rush that shatters convention to create a richly-drawn story that's sure to shock and delight even the most jaded intrigue/adventure thriller fans.

WARNING - King of Swords is controversial & contains jarring imagery & situations. It is NOT for the faint of heart. Readers interested in tame, conventional thrillers would be best advised to look elsewhere.

Afraid - A Novel of Terror $3.99 Amazon


Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Safe Haven is miles from everything. With one road in and out, this is a town so peaceful it has never needed a full-time police force. Until now...

A helicopter has crashed on the outskirts of town and something terrible has been unleashed. A classified secret weapon programmed to kill anything that stands in its way. Now it's headed for the nearest lights to do what it does best. Isolate. Terrorize. Annihilate.

Soon all phone lines are dead and the road is blocked. Safe Haven's only chance for survival rests on the shoulders of an aging county sheriff. And as the body count rises, the sheriff realizes something even more terrifying - maybe death hasn't come to his little town by accident...


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