Friday, June 7, 2013

True Crime

Someone today requested some True Crime books. Now, those are things I don't see for free very often. SO I thought I would share one to my facebook page, only to find quite a few today. So, since there was no freebie list, here you go!

3 Cases of Murder by Teenagers
(These three cases are included in MURDERS IN THE SWAMPLAND 3RD EDITION, available on Kindle)

New Port Richey, FL; THEY JUST WANTED TO KILL SOMEBODY, 1992 case file (Kids going out to commit murder just because...)
Spring Hill, FL; JUST TO DRIVE THE OLD MAN'S T-BIRD, 1989 case file (He killed the so that he could take teens for a joy ride in the old man's T-Bird) 
Brooksville, FL; RUMBA AT THE OLD PUBLIX; 1990 case file (fight between white and black teenagers end in death and prison to the players and a huge crisis in the city of Brooksville.)

From the files of Patricia Lieb, former crime reporter and writer for true crime magazines.

True Crime in the Civil War: Cases of Murder, Treason, Counterfeiting, Massacre, Plunder & Abuse
B&N Link $12.95
"Crime did not take a holiday during the Civil War, far from it. As Tobin Buhk shows in this fast-paced narrative, the war created new opportunities to gain profits from illegal activities, to settle old scores against personal enemies under the cover of fighting the nation's enemies, to pillage, plunder, and murder amid the carnage and destruction that seemed to offer license to legitimize such crimes. Students of the Civil War will find new information in this readable account." --James M. McPherson,Author of Battle Cry of Freedom 

  • Examines criminal cases during the conflict 
  • Cases include currency counterfeiting, tyrannical actions of Gen. Benjamin Butler, the murder of Gen. Earl van Dorn, raids by William Quantrill's Bushwhackers, the Fort Pillow Massacre, the horrific prison conditions at Andersonville, the fate of Lincoln the assassination conspirators, and more

  • Inferno: An Inquiry Into the Willingham Fire
    Cameron Todd Willingham refused to walk to his execution. To his last moment he proclaimed his innocence of the arson that claimed the lives of his children. While much has been written of the trial, conviction and execution of Willingham, Inferno is the first exploration of the possible causes of the fire that cost three children, and eventually, Willingham himself, their lives. 

    Instead of him saving her, Amber would save her daddy. She would save him by awakening him with her screams and pleas, by telling him of the fire, by taking his place in bed, by breathing in the smoke that would have filled his lungs instead of hers.

    The fire, however, would not be denied. Disguised first as justice and then as a needle, it would consume her father just as surely as it had Amber and her infant sisters.

    While much has been written of the trial, conviction and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, the discussion has been limited to whether or not the fire that killed his children was caused by arson. This is the first book to investigate other possible causes of the fire that claimed initially three, and eventually four lives.

    Cold A Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

    "One of the biggest cover-up cases I've ever seen, and I've seen it all." -Margaret McLean, author, former Boston prosecutor and Boston College Law Professor.

    In August of 1989, Duncan MacPherson--a pro hockey player from Saskatoon, Canada--vanished without a trace in Europe. With no help from the police, his parents, Lynda and Bob, drove all over the Alps looking for him, and finally found his car at the Stubai Glacier, a popular ski resort near Innsbruck, Austria. Thus began their twenty-year struggle to discover why their son had disappeared after snowboarding on a beginner slope. Had he, as the local police suggested, wandered off the beaten track and died in a remote area, or had he been the victim of something sinister?

    In the course of their search, the MacPhersons encountered an extraordinary cast of characters, including a 5,000-year-old ice mummy, an amnesiac initially thought to be Duncan, a renowned psychic with a startling vision, a charismatic ski resort developer, and a deceptively friendly forensic doctor. In 2009 they asked author John Leake to help them with their ongoing search for answers, and after a two-year investigation, he discovered the shocking reality of what happened to Duncan. 

    Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery recounts the strange and agonizing odyssey of the MacPherson family. It is a story about tremendous love, perseverance, and the irrepressible desire to know the truth, literally at all costs. It is also the story of a twisted cover-up, committed by the ski resort, the local police, and high-ranking officials in Innsbruck. 

    The Killing Jar - Based on a True Story\

    The Killing Jar is based on the true story of Ted Lynch (his fictitious name), one of the youngest Americans to be charged with a capital crime and sentenced to death.

    In 1978 in the insular hollows of Eastern Kentucky, neighbors know that Ted is being starved, living in squalor and being verbally abused by his fanatically religious mother. But instead of intervening they make his plight grist for the local gossip mill. Ted’s teachers are aware that this straight-A student is growing strange and using drugs and alcohol to cope, but they do little to change the situation. It isn’t until fifteen-year-old Ted murders his seven-year-old neighbor that anyone pays much attention to the abhorrent conditions under which he has been living.

    The resulting swirl of anger and desire for vengeance, along with moral indignation and blind religiosity of the community, turn Ted’s first trial into a circus. With a weak court-appointed attorney representing him and a corrupt judge as overseer, Ted is found guilty and sentenced to death at the age of sixteen.

    While spending nine years of his young life in the foreboding Kentucky State Penitentiary, known as “The Castle of Cumberland,” Ted makes friends with the men on the row. Among them is a notorious rapist and murderer who becomes Ted’s closest friend, remarkably showing him a kindness that he has never experienced before.

    With poor psychological help on the inside, Ted’s delusions fester. There is little hope until the defense team of Gayle and Kevin McKnight, together with psychologist Robert Newport, becomes involved. They are determined to save the life of this troubled and mentally ill young man, but can they convince a jury of Ted’s insanity?

    Co-authored by Ted’s psychologist, this telling looks at the circumstances, the pathology, the warning signs, and the trigger of a heartbreaking and senseless tragedy compounded by the ignorance of a community bent on blind revenge.

    Hero To Zero

    Zach Fortier is back with more true crime accounts from the streets. This time with true stories of Cops gone bad. Join Zach as he meets a cop who will be a future member of the FBI’s 10 most wanted, hunted for a brutal quadruple murder and that is just the beginning!, Zach details Cops that make every mistake possible, Theft, Murder, Fraud, Drug Abuse and more.
    Cops ending up in prison themselves. Proving the point that “Anyone is capable of anything given the right set of circumstances”. Take a ride on the dark side of Law Enforcement. The side the cops rarely talk about.

    Bargain Book

    Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo: The Ken and Barbie Killers $0.74 Amazon

    Karla Homolka attracted worldwide outrage in the early nineties. The Canadian Barbie-lookalike had, with her boyfriend Paul Bernardo, participated in the 1991 and 1992 rape and murder of two teenage girls, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, and the rape and killing of her sister Tammy. Following a plea-bargain, she received a reduced sentence for manslaughter, even though videos showed her playing an active role in the pair's crimes.

    The Murder Files is a series of individual titles, giving condensed accounts of some of the most appalling and notorious killers of all time.

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