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The Writers Voice is a multi author blog where prominent authors from around the web come together and share their thoughts on all things literary or otherwise. Here is a peek at our team of authors!

Who do you feel is your most
unique character?

"As people follow the journey in my Society of Feathers series everyone around Iris really notices that her entire life perspective is unique. It gives her the upper hand in a lot of situations that she might not have been able to fumble through otherwise. She is an asthmatic but she never lets her physical limitations hold her back. There is always a solution, you just have to be able to find it."
-Emma Michaels

"I actually feel like James in my new novel, Raksha, is my most unique character. He has a relatively small part in this book, but a lot of people are intrigued with him. He’s a toughie to work out. He has many flaws, but he also has a few unexpected redeeming qualities, and these have thrown people. He’s a complex guy. I can’t wait to show people what he gets up to in the next book, Radicals!"
-Frankie Rose

"I think Amber from the Light Tamer Trilogy is unique. She’s suffered a huge loss when her brother died and her father became paralyzed. She hides her pain behind sarcasm. She’s very funny, as are comedians….laughter is better than pity."
-Devyn Dawson

"Typically, I have one in each book. In The Sapphire Talisman I had Harry, Nicholas’ Vietnamese mentor who had learned his English by watch Dirty Harry movies. In Everblue and Everlost, Badger, my Irish merman, is full of piss and vinegar. And in Evergreen, Ferdinand, my mute autistic merman, is near and dear to my heart because of my son and his journey of recovery from autism."
-Brenda Pandos

"Jennifer Adams, she is bold and speaks her mind, and loyal to those who she calls her own."
-Quinn Loftis

"That would be Zac Greeley from The Boyfriend Thief. He is just so NOT like me. He was hard to write because he’s a lot more imaginative and distracted than I am. A lot of readers have commented on how different Zac is than most of the love interests in YA books and that he seems to have ADHD. He does (though it’s never actually discussed in the book) and because of the way his brain works, he’s very different from any other character I’ve written. I had to work hard to get into his head since it’s so completely opposite of my own."
-Shana Norris

"Zachariah from the Firstborn Trilogy. He’s a curious blend of darkness and light. I loved writing his scenes!"
-Raine Thomas

"That’s a tough question…but, I fortunately do have an answer. I think out of all the characters from Dehumanized the most unique would be Sergei Milkovich, the Russian scientist who created the Lycanthrope infection. He has a lot of history behind him, having been born in Russia and eventually migrating to Romania to begin his research into perfecting the evolution of man, only to accidentally create what is known to be the worst ailment since cancer. He is a man of many regrets, searching for redemption through one final act of heroism that will change the lives of many forever."
-Michael Loring

"I honestly can't say that I have one character that stands out as unique more than the others do, but perhaps I can say that Queen Sentiz, the evil villain has a very outlandish character. She is down right evil, dominating, ambitious, boisterous, and even naive."
-Victoria Simcox

"Wow, that is a tough one. I think Jedd (also in The Soul Quest Trilogy) would best fit the description of most unique. Jedd is Liv’s human boyfriend in the series. What makes him unique is his spiriting abilities. He is human, yet he possesses gifts (magical abilities) and no one knows why."
-Amy Maurer Jones

"A mind-shifter. You can become and do anything if you believe it to be so. (Ava from The Broken Destiny)"
-Carlyle Labuschagne

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