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Author Spotlight Angee Taylor

Welcome Angee Taylor to our Author Spotlight week!!!!

Come on in, and see what she has up her sleeve!!!

Rose has been struggling for years to find out about the mysterious illness that’s killing her. She’s decided to end her life after one last trip to the French Quarter…Her plans go awry when the sexy Caleb Glasson, who carries a dark secret, saunters into her life. She discovers that she’s not what she appears to be, to rest of the world. The only man that can unlock that secret is dead at Caleb’s hand. The most startling epiphany is that she has latent powers that will emerge in a haunting thrilling story that will answer all of her questions.

The wedding was supposed to stop the endless stream of death threats. It seems someone didn’t get the message. As the family struggles to find the person or persons sending the threats, they face problem after problem. Rose is developing new power so fast she has a difficult time keeping up with them. New family members have been discovered that were erased from the family history. There is even possibly a betrayal from within their own family. Whom can Rose and Caleb trust? Who is out to kill them? Will they figure it out in time to save themselves and their family? Or will they discover the truth too late to save everyone they love?

Angee was born in Houston, Texas in 1977, to an interesting family. Her mother and father separated when she was young. She lived with her mother who later remarried a wonderful man, who had a huge impact on her as she grew up. Angee has always had a love of reading, mostly paranormal. As a child, she would sneak up at late night when her mom thought she was sleeping, to read. They moved around a lot, eventually settling in Deep East Texas. Angee married at a young age and eventually divorced. She has raised her now 15 year old son alone. Angee works full time as a pre-hospital nurse and sometimes sees things that would make the rest of us have nightmares. On other days, she is blessed to see miracles. These things are what drive her to write.

Angee describes her job as- “I fight to save people’s lives. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. It's the emotional roller coaster of that job, which leads me to writing. I'm able to put those emotions into my characters and let them out of my heart and soul.”
In 2006, she was diagnosed with a rare disease, shortly after that she was told she would be on full disability in five years and most likely to be dead in ten. She’s fought to live a normal life every day since and is beating those odds. She works at a demanding job, is a single mom, cares for an elderly mother, and a hyperactive dog. Her life has inspired her paranormal novel Hidden Secret. Sit back and enjoy.

Now really get to know Angee!!!

Tell us about yourself Angee.... What to say, there isn’t that much really. I’m a thirty-five year old single mom. Being a mom is the most important thing in my life. Therefore it comes first. I’ve been raising him alone since he was five years old. He’s fifteen now, well for another month.(Smiles) Second, I’ve worked as a pre-hospital nurse for over five years now. Then this past January I decided to publish my first book.

Tell us about your books.... Hidden Secrets: The Secrets Saga-- It’s my first book. It features a strong heroine facing problem after problem. Of course there is a love story in it as well.

Deadly-- It’s the second book I’ve written, it picks up exactly one month after Hidden ends. Personally I think it’s better than Hidden. It’s full of twist and turn, unlike Hidden where it was pretty obvious what was going to happen, Deadly surprises you. Heck it surprised me as I wrote it. I had it all planned out in my head and the characters kept doing different things than I had planned for them!

What made you choose paranormal/romance for your books? Paranormal, It was a genre where I could twist my illness around to make sense in my mind somehow. There are no restrictions, just what my mind can think of for any of the future books I write. :)

Why Vampires? Two reasons, first I honestly just love vampire stories. You can find me watching the original Dracula many times. Especially when I can’t sleep at night.Second, it comes back to my illness. If I stay out in the sun too long, or get in a tanning bed I will end up in ICU very sick. The medications I have to take suppress my red blood cell production if I take them like I’m supposed to. Basically thanks to my illness I am kinda a vampire. I have to avoid the sun and have to have regular infusions of blood (If i follow directions.)

What was your schedule like when you were writing? That’s funny. I was working between 48-96 hours a week. I work 24 hour shifts so thats 2-4 shifts in a week. Plus I teach some on my days off. I manage to be a mom to a teenager and keep a house. Sounds crazy huh? All that to do, now you are wondering when I found time to write. I wrote Hidden Secrets at work mainly. Sometimes I’m lucky and have lots of down time.The final three chapters, are another story. I was off work sick, my illness had attacked my nervous system and I had lost the use of my left arm. So I typed the final three chapters sitting in my bed with only one are usable.

Thats funny- I work 48-96 hours a week, either flying or teaching. Plus I’m a single mom of a teenage boy!
So I write whenever I can. Usually during down time at work or at home during the middle of the night. The last chapter was due to the editor like two days after my home was destroyed in the explosion in West,TX.  I kept telling her it wasn’t done, that my mind wasn’t right and she told me sure it was done. I sent it in and sure enough it was done!

How does that feel? Saving lives, writing, and all you have accomplished? Honestly, saving lives is something that’s in my heart. I relish the days when we help someone.You should see me and my partner at work. High fives, fist bumps when we rock a call and help someone. Most of the time I don’t think about it. Until someone says something. It’s a job but it’s a rewarding one.

Writing, considering I hated English in High School and College, I never thought I would be a writer. Then I found myself writing as a way to let the emotions out that come with my life I found that I loved it. I love telling a story and drawing a reader into my crazy mind. I have many friends to thank for encouraging me to publish. I was, heck I still am terrified of people getting a glimpse into my crazy head. That is what makes it fun though. I can let my imagination run wild.

All that I’ve accomplished. I honestly don’t see that I have done that much. I’m a mom, a nurse and an author (They came in that order). It’s just who I am, what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of it all, I just don’t see that I did anything special.

Which of your characters would be your book boyfriend? In Hidden it would be Clayton, I love his humor.

Faves time: middle of the night!
Color: blue
Vacation spot: Las Vegas!
Song: There are so many! At this minute it’s Done by the Band Perry.
Snack food: cheese and crackers
Movie: Iron Eagle or Dirty Dancing.

Sport: Not really a sport fan. I’ll watch the big games but nothing I can’t live without.

Dream cast (of the book you’re promoting now) attach some photos and names of your dream cast.
Rose- Stana Katic-
Caleb- Liam Hemsworth
Conner-Marc Blucas
Clayton- Luke Hemsworth
Collin- Eric Christian Olsen-
Cori-Hayden Panettiere-
Marcus- Jackson Ackles-

Cortne--Selma Blair (Make her Blonde though)

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  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by, reading the interview and entering the giveaway. ;) be sure to find the blog tour event page for Hidden on my Fb page I'll be giving away some great stuff :) also if you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask and I'll be happy to answer them. (P.s. I did the interview and this on my phone please forgive any grammar) Angee

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