Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Break It by Ben Muse


Break It (The Caleb McIntyre Series)

Author: Ben Muse
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Publisher: Four Eyes Books

It's 1995, and recent college graduate Caleb McIntyre has received a most unusual job offer, one that will move him halfway across the country, far away from Lizzie, the love of his life.

In a small Chicago suburb, Amanda Summers is at the end of her rope and desperate. Tired of being her husband's punching bag and with no friends or family to lean on, she embarks on her own journey to start a new life.

Their paths cross in the hot and dusty town of Crenshaw, Oklahoma, where the line between truth and fiction is often blurred. An encounter with the Arbuckle brothers, the local red neck mafia, forces them to work together. Can they trust each other? Can Caleb keep his promise to Lizzie?

Sometimes you have to move from your past and forge a new path. Sometimes you have to Break It.

Ben Muse is the author of Break It, Eager Eaglets: Birds of Play, and Killing Chase, set to be released in June 2013. A lifetime Georgia native, he was born in Atlanta and now calls Acworth home. He resides there with his wife, children's book author Angela Muse, Tyler (9),Caitlin (6), a mother-in-law, an Australian Shepherd named Twiz, a black cat named Spooky, and the diva of the house, a grey tabby named Stormy.
He can't paint, sing, sculpt, or play a musical instrument, so he's decided to try his hand at writing, and the jury is still out on that. His hobbies include golf (terrible), traveling (hates to fly), obstacle racing (ugh!) and vacuuming (excels here) and he writes whenever he can: mornings between answering phones, in carpool waiting to pick up kids, and late at night when no one's a stirrin. He's just started on his next novel, Arnco, and hopes to have it out by mid-November.


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