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Men's Fiction

Morning Fans! Today I chose to do up something for the guys. SO here's some Men's Fiction and much much more! 

Blood Land: A James Pruett Mystery (Volume One)
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Crime's an ugly constant in the big city. L.A. Chicago. New York. But when a savage murder brutalizes a small town and neighbor turns on neighbor, a tough-as-nails cop is essential to restoring order. Blood Land is a gritty, emotional saga set in the Wyoming badlands with both greed and vengeance at its core.

When billions of dollars in natural gas rights hang in the balance and the town's top law officer's wife is slain by her own blood, a reluctant hero is forced to battle his own demons and ultimately choose between justice, revenge, and duty. 

Eternal Patrol
Espionage and depth charges were not on the agenda for marine archeologist Dr. George Washington when he left the harbor that morning. While searching for a sunken vessel containing a secret shipment of lost Nazi gold, he witnessed a meteor crash to earth. The impact opened a time gate which propelled him back to World War II where he has been taken aboard an American submarine and imprisoned as a spy. Faced with an execution, he reveals to the sub commander he knows the allies have broken the German code Enigma. Dr. Washington comes to the realization he did not travel back in time; the sub traveled to the future and is manned by German impostors. With the knowledge their valuable code has been broken, the Germans head back through the time gate to 1943. George must now journey to the past and stop this rogue submarine from altering the outcome of the war. While trapped in an era and a war he had only experienced from watching the History Channel, Dr. Washington is forced to kill his grandfather in order to stop the enemy operatives. His life and the war suddenly take a turn he never expected.

The Last Call (The Bill Travis Mysteries)
Bill Travis, an unmarried, unattached investment counselor rapidly approaching his fortieth birthday, conceives that he may not live the most exciting of lives, yet Julie Simmons, his first appointment that Monday, is deeply in trouble. She has taken a North Texas quarter horse racer and liquor baron named Archie Carpin--the last of a dynasty of criminals from the 1920's--for a ride and cleaned him out of a neat two million bucks. And thus begins the adventure of Bill’s life.

Ensues a chase north across Texas to recover the money and shake the pursuit of a couple of rednecks with a penchant for rifles and rigged explosives. Yet, through all this action the compelling tale of yet another mystery—an 80-year old missing person’s case—begins to unravel.

King of Swords (Assassin series)
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Book 1 of the Assassin series, King of Swords is an epic assassination thriller framed against a gritty backdrop of brutal drug cartel violence in modern Mexico. 

The G-20 Financial Summit is planned for San Jose Del Cabo. The world's pre-eminent finance ministers will attend, along with the presidents of the U.S. and Mexico. Captain Romero Cruz of the Mexican Federal Police uncovers an assassination plot against the attendees. In a roller-coaster race against the clock, Cruz must track and stop El Rey, the "King of Swords" - a faceless super-assassin responsible for a string of the world's most spectacular killings, before he turns the G-20 into a slaughterhouse.

King of Swords is a rule-breaking rush that shatters convention to create a richly-drawn story that's sure to shock and delight even the most jaded intrigue/adventure thriller fans.

The Warrior's Code (Legend of the Dreamer, Book 1.2)
This pulse-pounding and lyrical introduction to the Legend of the Dreamer series is a perfect novella for fans of Lauren Oliver's Delirium Stories.
In the magical world of the Order, Warriors fight for justice, freedom, and peace. They live by the Code. They die by the Code. Becoming a Warrior is an honor given to few, and twelve-year-olds Zackery Solts and Kate Black will do anything to have a place among the elite. Zack and Kate must compete against eighteen others and pass three deadly tests of courage and skill. Above all, they must be strong because while the dangers of the tests are unknown, one thing is clear: not everyone will survive.

Noble Intentions: Season One (Episodes 1-5)

ack Noble. Assassin for hire. Spy. Thief. He makes no mistakes. Passes no judgement. Feels no remorse. So why does he stop to help a lost child moments before he's supposed to complete a deal with one of the east coast's top crime bosses?

A simple decision that places Jack in unfamiliar territory. He's become the hunted and finds himself in a race against time to save those closest to him.

Noble Intentions: Season One is a fast-paced, suspenseful action thriller full of underworld crime and government secrets.

Escaping Cuba

Ace pilot Alan Richards has taken a job ferrying Greenpeace scientists in a seaplane to identify freighters and cruise ships that are pumping waste overboard. But when an engine glitch forces him to land in an area of Mexico known for drug smuggling (and for which he has not filed a flight plan), he opts to abandon the plane and take his chances living on the beach rather than run the risk of being mistaken for a smuggler.

This gives the CIA the chance to make their move. They know that Richards is always running away from his past, and they need a rogue pilot like him to fly into Cuba, land, pick up two baseball players, and get back out before the Cuban government knows what hit them. But when Richards and his co-pilot (Cuban American Mario Rodriquez with secrets of his own), eventually begin their descent, they see on the field below not only the two ball players they were expecting, but also more than fifty men, women and children waiting for transport to America. And that’s only the beginning of their problems…

ESCAPING CUBA is a thriller teeming with aggressive CIA agents, Navy Seals, merciless Cuban Army soldiers, beautiful women and ordinary Cubans trying to get by without making waves… It’s an absolute must read for anyone who likes their adrenalin rush mixed with authenticity, historical detail and great company.

The Delphi Chronicle, Book 1 - The Manuscript (Conspiracy Thriller)

The Delphi Chronicle is a serial trilogy - a story that unfolds over three installments, with each continuing in the next episode, usually with a cliffhanger ending, on all but the last installment. This first book, The Manuscript, chronicles the saga of NY private eye Michael Derrigan, as he unwittingly comes into possession of a manuscript that will change the world order if its secrets are aired. Clandestine factions of the U.S. government will do anything to keep the story buried, & a trail of butchery follows Derrigan as he races for his life in a chase that spans from New York, to Mexico, to Havana. An epic roller-coaster ride of a thriller, The Delphi Chronicle's unflinching & often disturbing twists & turns question the nature of reality & of the integrity of our governments in a post-modern world of lies, deceit and betrayal. 

48 Hours

“If you don’t pay me £250,000.00 in the next 48 Hours you will die”. The text on Josh Hammond’s BlackBerry was blunt and chilling. Surely it must be a joke, but when Josh is attacked in broad daylight and people around him start to die he knows that his blackmailer is deadly serious. Can Josh raise the money, can his attractive new bodyguard protect him, who is blackmailing him and why? He has 48 hours to find out. The first novel in the acclaimed City of London Thriller series is a hit which will enthral everyone who knows and loves its London settings. Rich in detail and truly evocative it is a real page turner, told in around 100,000 words.

The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak

It was the start of another ordinary day at the office for Max, he was emailing a friend when one of his other early morning co-workers called for his help, someone was having a heart attack. Rushing to the aid of his fallen co-worker Max knew one thing, it wasn't a heart attack. Heart attack victims didn't bleed and didn't start chewing on anyone they could catch either. Once the victims died they came back to life with only one goal; to consume the living. Now Max was stuck in a rapidly deteriorating situation thirty miles from home, where his wife and two kids were sleeping away the warm mid summer morning. He had to get back to his family and get them to a safe place, if he could find one. Forming a group made up of his coworkers Steve and Tom and a police officer called 'Stewart' they make their way into the city to save the ones they love. The newly returned, however, were not all mindless shamblers and some of them had a plan...

The Broken Men

On February 11th 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison bringing a final and irrevocable end to over a quarter of a century war in the Southern African region.’

THE BROKEN MEN - The best of boyhood friends, Leon and Pete, grow up in South Africa during the hatred and turmoil of the Apartheid era. Like every other white male between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five they are conscripted into the army in order to fight for the continuance of the white regime.
In this maelstrom of Apartheid and war the two friends become the most deadly of enemies. Together they are drawn into a path of death, violence and brutality that spans the oceans from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom.
The death of a way of life.
The death of a country.
And the birth of a new nation.

Men of Honour

Two soldiers. One war. And no victors.

Major Gary Pearson has only a few more weeks left to serve before he brings to a close a career in the British Army that has been long and violent. So many young lives have been lost that he is now just looking towards the finishing line - and desperate to get all his men across it alive.

Captain Richard Shaw sees the battle differently. To him, success in the field means glory, and glory means promotion.

If men get hurt along the way, that's soldiering. 

Ocean Strike


Most of the world is preparing for Christmas.

But a small fanatical group of lethal terrorists are preparing for something very different - the most devastating terror attack the world has ever witnessed.

The target.


A cargo ship has been hi-jacked.

It is heading for the British coast.

But what is the plan? And how many millions of innocent lives will be lost if it cannot be stopped.

All leave cancelled, the Special Boat Squadron is sent in to action. For the small, dedicated squadron tasked with dealing with the threat, it will be the most lethal mission of their careers.

And the most vital.

The Ocean Strike must be stopped - and the SBS must use whatever force is necessary to foil the terror plot.

And if necessary they must lay down their own lives. 

The Making Of A Chopper Pilot (Greg Michaels Adventures)

Captain Greg Michaels has always dreamed of going to the US Military Academy at West Point. He receives an appointment to West Point and graduates fifth in his class. He selects Air Cavalry as his branch and is assigned to the US Army Aviation School and becomes a qualified chopper pilot.

On his first tour in Afghanistan he flies support on Search and Rescue missions. He is awarded a Silver Star on one such mission for valor.

After his first tour, he is assigned as an instructor pilot at Fort Rucker but finds he prefers flying combat mission and volunteers for re-deployment.

On his second tour he flies the AH64D Longbow chopper. He and his copilot/gunner fly the Longbow in support for extraction missions.

Charlie Bateaux, 1861

It is the first day of the Civil War...
And Charlie Bateaux's got big, big plans for getting rich.
But they don't go quite as Charlie had in mind.
In fact... they go way wrong.
From the author of "Mosquito Creek, 1865"
and Many Other Civil War and Non-Civil War Stories...
including "The Killing of Train-Man Brown," "Then Her Wig Fell Off," "Send Me a Friend," and "Slow Foreplay on a Fast Bust,"


"Charlie Bateaux, 1861."

Who Won The War? Memories of an American Army

Follow the Stone (an Emmett Love Western)

International best-selling author John Locke (Saving Rachel, Wish List, Now & Then, Lethal People, Lethal Experiment) tackles a new genre, with hilarious results.

Follow the Stone (An Irreverent Western Adventure) is a good-hearted, rollicking story about a former gunslinger and his crablike scout, who journey West with a mail order bride, a witch, and a wagon full of prostitutes!

Vengeance: Hatred and Honor

This is an action filled World War Two historical fiction novel about Jacob Scott Williams, the assistant gun director on the battleship Oklahoma when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

The story begins with a news reporter for a radio station getting the assignment to interview a retired Navy admiral who is celebrating his one hundredth birthday. The conversation rapidly turns to the memories of William's participation in WW2, when he accepted the surrender of a Japanese submarine at the end of the war. From there he continues to relate the major events in his experience which led him to that point.

The action starts with LCDR Williams having a meeting with the junior officers under his command in the officer's wardroom on the morning of December 7th, when the first torpedo strikes the ship. Ten minutes later he is swimming for his life in Pearl Harbor as the Battleship Arizona blows up and his own ship rolls over and dies.

Consumed by thoughts of revenge, his deepest desire is to kill as many Japanese as he can before the war is over. He accepts a transfer to the battleship North Carolina taking the position as the Air Defense Officer. Several years after that he receives command of a light cruiser called theBuffalo. During his tours of duty on each of these ships he witnesses several torpedo attacks, air attacks, a submarine attack and one of the first organized Kamikaze attacks of the war. Each battle he faces he loses more of his shipmates and several times faces the possibility of his own death.

But his one-on-one confrontation with the deadliest of his enemies proves more shocking and life-changing than all his battles and tragedies combined. This man's journey from hatred to honor is one that will strike directly at the heart of any human being.

Surf Hellions (Black Diamond Series)

The Devil in the triangle snared a yacht of 12 bachelor party guests, along with Marine Biologist Harmony Stelfox intending to drive them to their deaths, through madness..

The moment she launched her robotic mermaid she was bewitched by a curse. It was seen as a threat to celestial existence. Only one had the power to break it, only she was unaware of the greatness of her gifts. The one to connect her to her roots, would walk on land to protect her, if he must.

Black and Blue #1

Follow Thomas Peña's journey from the streets of the Bronx, NY to the cages and rings of early Mixed Martial Arts fighting in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Cheap Books

The Protocol (A James Acton Thriller, Book #1) (James Acton Thrillers) $0.99 Amazon

For two thousand years the Triarii have protected us, influencing history from the crusades to the discovery of America.
Descendent from the Roman Empire, they pervade every level of society, and are now in a race with our own government to retrieve an ancient artifact thought to have been lost forever.

Caught in the middle is archaeology professor James Acton, relentlessly hunted by the elite Delta Force, under orders to stop at nothing to possess what he has found, and the Triarii, equally determined to prevent the discovery from falling into the wrong hands.

With his students and friends dying around him, Acton flees to find the one person who might be able to help him, but little does he know he may actually be racing directly into the hands of an organization he knows nothing about...

White Jade (The PROJECT: Book One) $0.99 Amazon

Book One in the PROJECT Series

WHITE JADE spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly international power game. Nick Carter is a man with a dark history of emotional and physical scars. He works for the PROJECT, a covert intelligence unit reporting to the President. 
Selena Connor is an expert in ancient languages. When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for a 2000 year old book about the elixir of immortality, she's thrown into Nick's dangerous world. Nick is assigned to protect Selena and help her recover the missing text. It's the beginning of a life and death adventure reaching from San Francisco to Beijing, from Washington to the high mountains of Tibet. Someone is determined to take over China and attack America--and Nick and Selena are right in the line of fire.

International intrigue, terrorist acts and the threat of nuclear war form the core of this fast-paced thriller, the first volume in a series featuring Nick, Selena and the PROJECT.

Wingman: 1 $1.99 Amazon

The Big War started in Western Europe with a Soviet nerve gas attack that laid waste to France, Germany, and Spain. The world’s democracies fought back, and pilots like Hawk Hunter led the charge—tearing across the flaming wreckage of the continent at supersonic speeds. They pushed the Russians back and just when victory was in sight, a traitor at the highest level of government turned off America’s missile defense system, and Soviet nukes rained from the sky.
Two years after the nuclear holocaust, Hunter gets a message to report to his old commander. America is in pieces: Pirates rule the skies, and an airborne armada is plotting to attack Football City (formerly known as St. Louis). The armada is made up of criminals flying state-of-the-art jets, and even though the government can only offer Hunter his old F-16, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim his ravaged homeland.

Shame $2.00 Amazon

Although it’s been many years since the death of his father—an infamous serial killer known as Shame—Caleb Parker still struggles to free himself from his father’s dark shadow. Caleb wishes only for a normal life without being branded a “killer’s son,” but his dreams are shattered when a new string of murders surfaces that are all too reminiscent of Shame’s terrible killings. 
When the police label him the prime suspect, Caleb forges an unlikely partnership with true-crime author Elizabeth Line, a writer whose career began when she survived an encounter with Shame and who then went on to document his life—and death. As the body count begins to pile up, Elizabeth and Caleb come to the conclusion that one of them has been targeted by the killer, and a game of cat and mouse begins as they try to uncover the murderer’s identity before becoming his next victims.
Brutal and unapologetic, Shame draws you into the mind of a serial killer with no chance of escape until the last page is turned.

In the Mouth of the Wolf (Navy SEAL Grant Stevens, Black Ops 3) $2.99 Amazon
     Captain Grant Stevens and his team wait in Germany for a flight home, having just returned from a completed mission in Austria.  A call from Admiral John Torrinson, Chief of NIS, changes their plans.  He and his men are asked to "go above and beyond" again.  They'll complete the new mission with lethal speed and precision.  
     Without any warning, an American facility in Sicily has been attacked by a renegade Mafia group.  Sarin nerve gas, heavy weapons, and munitions have been stolen.  Innocent victims lay dead or injured in the compound.  
     SEAL missions are grueling by any definition of the word, but this mission takes an unexpected turn.  Stevens discovers his friends could be among the victims.
     The mission:  Infiltrate the compound, eliminate resistance, rescue any hostages...and find the nerve gas.

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