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Mystery Monday

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Now, on to the freebies!!! 

Today we have Mystery and Thriller!!! Enjoy the suspense of it all! 

Endurance - A Novel of Terror

The bed and breakfast was hidden in the hills of West Virginia. Wary guests wondered how it could stay in business at such a creepy, remote location. Especially with its bizarre, presidential decor and eccentric proprietor.


When the event hotel for the national Iron Woman triathlon accidentally overbooked, competitor Maria was forced to stay at the Rushmore. But after checking into her room, she quickly realized she wasn't alone. First her suitcase wasn't where she put it. Then her cell phone was moved. Finally, she heard an odd creaking under the bed. Confusion quickly turned to fear, and fear to hysteria when she discovered the front door was barred and the windows were bricked over. There was no way out.


One year later, four new female athletes have become guests of the Inn. Will they escape the horrors within its walls? Or will they join the many others who have died there, in ways too terrible to imagine?

Strange Visions: The Beginning
This is a story about a young man who is no one special. In fact, at his high school, he is far less than even ordinary. While everyone around him seems to seamlessly fall into place, he simply can’t find a way to belong. Through a freak accident, he suddenly sees the world through different eyes. He understands how everything and everyone works. What will he do with his new gift? After he finds out the identity of a certain murderer, that question is answered. This is a book that mixes sci-fi, action, and romantic elements. What starts out as something that was amazing for a young man soon turns out to be a calling. How many people can he save, and how far will he go to try to do something that might be better off left alone?

Empire Resorts Inc. is taking over Las Vegas through murder, bribery, dirty politics, and a billion dollar mega-brothel called The Dark Star. Evidence that can destroy Empire’s scheme resides on a stolen data stick. Before it gets to the FBI, it ends up in the hands of a simple landscaper, Luke.

Luke takes everyone's favorite epic and re-tells it, re-invents it, and takes it to forbidden places. It is dark, funny, violent and sexy. 

If you like crime stories sautéed in sex-and-violence sauce, served with a side order of humor, and seasoned with a dash of literary experimentation, give it a try.

Nothing to Lose, Angie Bartoni

Detective Angie Bartoni is faced with hunting down a mass murderer whom she captured in the past. He managed to escape and plans more death and carnage, not to mention the revenge he has planned for Detective Bartoni.

Bartoni stands to lose everything she holds dear if she cannot stop him in time. Her partner Dan as well as previous FBI colleagues, Pendergrass and Cynthia Shores, are supporting the investigation until Homeland Security bullies its way into control. 

It is a race against time as all believe that the Pan-Am Games will provide the perfect target for the killer.

This Bartoni Case if full of twist and turns as Angie and Dan try to head off the lunatics most diabolical plot he has ever conceived.

Bad Chillies
A fast-paced crime thriller with a chilling ending you won’t expect.

When eight-year-old Leonard Bourne is abducted, his parents pay a huge ransom, following the kidnapper’s instructions to the letter. Instead of getting their son back, they receive a chilli jar containing one of his fingers and a note demanding more money. Realising their mistake, they do what they should have done in the first place, they call the police.

Wellington detectives, Chris Spacey and Andy Thompson, get lucky and catch the sadistic kidnapper, but after the kidnapper escapes from prison, two more children disappear and a desperate hunt begins. Will police find the children before they are brutalised, or will someone take the law into their own hands?

Set in Wellington, New Zealand over a period of one gruelling week, Bad Chillies tells a story about a darker side of human nature. It also illustrates how some parents don’t know their children quite as well as they think they do.

The Devil's Closet (A CeeCee Gallagher Thriller)
Nook Link $2.99
Detective CeeCee Gallagher is no stranger to high-pressure cases. But this one could easily cost her career...and her life. A macabre serial killer is on the loose, leaving the bodies of his young victims made up to resemble dolls. With only a Bible passage sent by the killer to guide her, CeeCee will have to sacrifice everything to find him and end his reign of terror before another child is murdered.

EXTRACTION POINT (Nathan Roberts Series #1)
When millionaire's son, Alex Norton is kidnapped in Europe, it falls to former U.S. Navy Seal Nathan Roberts to track him down.

Alex is believed to be the victim of a random kidnapping, but when Nathan starts to look into the facts surrounding his disappearance it soon comes to light that this is not so.

In a dangerous mission that takes him across Europe, Nathan is in a race against time to find and rescue Alex before it is too late.

The Book of Revenge
Matt fights crime, but his real enemy is himself. 
His marriage is in tatters, his best friend is a bottle of whisky and a killer is in his town.
Murders are making the headlines. Is it drugs, or a serial killer? Or is it something worse? Much worse. Matt knows the victims; he knows what links them all together.
Matt is forced to face the past head on. Does it always have to be accounted for? He is beginning to believe that it does and, if he doesn’t find the killer soon, then the killer will be finding him.

Blood Brothers
Seth is a twenty-one-year-old hard man. Along with his best friend Wayne, he is Top Boy in his “gang”; a loose collection of guys who get drunk, play football, and occasionally get in a scrape.

But when Seth loses it and beats up his boss, his life suddenly implodes. He loses two jobs, alienates family and friends, and drives away the beautiful Michelle. All he has left is the gang.

Seth reluctantly becomes the figurehead in an orchestrated tournament of gang violence, and as the stakes rise, the people he thought he could rely on evaporate. At least he has his blood brother Wayne… but Wayne’s addiction to a shocking new designer drug is tipping him over the edge into a destructive paranoid meltdown. 

Targeted by a murderous local drug dealer, Seth is driven to the limits of physical, mental and emotional breakdown. Will he survive?

"Big Bloody Mess"
George, a factory worker in small town America, along with his drinking buddies take the law into their own hands when they think one of their own has crossed a line. Can this neighborhood group keep the secret among themselves and deliver justice in time to save an innocent teenage girl?

The Curly Situation
There’s a little bit of Curly Gibson in all of us. Not any of the dangly sexual bits, of course, just the part that tries hard and means well, but never quite seems to be able to get ahead.

Ashley “Curly” Gibson is a washed-up cricketer at his lowest ebb. Working in a dead-end job in a Brisbane sports store, he gets a call from Cricket Australia to quietly warn off an overzealous fan harrassing the Test team. Curly agrees to follow the team on tour and make the stalker go away, enlisting the help of alcoholic PI John Gacy.

The dogmatic duo soon discover that there’s more to the plot than meets the groin – and that it’s about to get deadly. Too bad they can’t get anyone in authority to take them seriously.

Can’t imagine why.

Cheater's Dozen (10 Short Stories)
I've selected what I consider to be ten of my favorite short stories and compiled them into this one file. This collection is intended to be my first submission into the ACX audio file division of Amazon, so watch for it in the near future.

So You Wanna Be a Hitman (The Hitman Stories)
In this short story, we meet the Hitman, only he’s not a hit man just yet.  Instead, he’s someone trying to get by in the world with a lousy job dealing with lousy people.  Things go wrong for him, but as he’s a sociopath, when the opportunity presents itself, he buys a stolen gun for a great price (even by 1997 standards).  Of course, when this guy owns a gun, there’s no way he’s going to avoid using it.  And because he’s a sick puppy, he wants to relive the killings by filming them.  The first time is for free, but after that rush, he decides it’s time to see about turning his love of killing into a paying job and possibly even a career.  But how do you go about getting clients?

Money for Craig Stain
Former police officer is asked to fulfill last wish. It seems to be simple task and easy way how to earn such needed money...
He finds too late that he is part of revenge...
It is too late to return money...

Murder at Roach Hotel
Murder at Roach Hotel  is the third and last book in a mystery series set in rural Ireland. Dawn O' Grady is the amateur detective who investigates a tragic death.

Roach Hotel is located in Ballyhasset, Co Cork and owned by Maud Roach, a widow aged 87. 

Maud's three adult grandchildren run the hotel. They argue continuously about which of them is in charge. 

Calamities occur daily at the hotel.  Then a body is found in the lake behind the hotel and suspicion falls on the Roach family members.

Sherlock Holmes Remastered: A Study in Scarlet
Nook Link $0.99

The Very First Sherlock Holmes Story Ever Told

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes in 1887 with A Study In Scarlet, and later went on to write another 3 Sherlock Holmes novels and 56 short stories. 

Watson Meets Holmes

All of the Sherlock Holmes books and almost all of the short stories are told from the perspective of Dr. Watson. A Study in Scarlet begins with Watson returning injured from the British war in Afghanistan and looking for an affordable place to live. His friend Stamford tells him that someone he met in the chemistry lab is looking for someone to share rooms with, but gives him the warning, “You mustn’t blame me if you don’t get along with him...This was your idea, so you must not hold me responsible.” Disturbed by this statement, Watson asks Stamford what's bothering him. “It is not easy to express the inexpressible,” he replies. “Holmes is a little too scientific for my tastes. I could imagine him giving a friend a little pinch of something he made in the lab just to see how it would effect him. To do him justice, I think that he would take it himself with the same readiness.”

Watson is taken aback by his first interaction with the enigmatic Holmes, but chooses to live with him anyway. Injured and virtually friendless, Watson initially spends most of his time confined to their rooms, and sets about trying to unlock the mystery of Sherlock Holmes, trying to figure out to what purpose his flatmate has acquired such a unique array of skills.

The Murder That Baffles Scotland Yard

Sherlock Holmes is in the middle of one of his periodic depressions when an emergency call comes in from Scotland Yard: There has been a murder and they need his help. In his depressed state, Holmes has no desire to go, but ultimately agrees at Watson’s bidding. When he arrives, he finds an American man dead on the floor of an abandoned house. The man has not been robbed and has no apparent injuries. The main clues? A wedding ring lies on top of the body and written in blood upon the wall is the word RACHE, the German word for revenge.

Poisoned Heart (A Lady Marmalade Mystery)
Nook Link
Lady Marmalade's first mystery. Visiting some friends, Lordy and Lady Apleby turns out to be a dangerous affair. For the kitchen maid at least, who ends up dead.

How did she die and who would want to kill her is up to Lady Marmalade and Inspector Devlin Pearce to determine. Making their work even harder are the five suspects who all had reason to kill her.

The Lord of the manner who was having an affair with her. The Lady who was upset at her cheating husband. Her bastard son, her low life of an ex-husband or the butler who she had spurned.

One of them did it, though they all might have wanted to. In the lineage of Agatha Christie, this cozy mystery is set in the late 1940s.

Length: 8,600 words

The Boddy in the Snowbank (short story)
Nook Link
“The Clue characters are locked in a winter lodge. Mr. Boddy is found dead in a snowdrift with no visible signs of trauma. Who did it and how do you prove it using just the things in the lodge?”

This short - 1,600 word - story based around the whodunit game Cluedo/Clue was written as a guest post for the 7criminalminds blog in January 2011, based on the prompt above. 

This is Mr. Boddy's faithful retainer, Blanche White's recollection of the events of the fatal night, as told to police detective Bruno Gray.

It's the Clue characters like you've never seen them before! 

Desert Places (Andrew Z. Thomas/Luther Kite Series)
The first installment in the Andrew Z. Thomas Series and a prequel to Crouch's and Konrath's thriller STIRRED...

Greetings. There is a body buried on your property, covered in your blood. The unfortunate young lady's name is Rita Jones. In her jeans pocket you'll find a slip of paper with a phone number on it. Call that number. If I have not heard from you by 8:00 P.M., the police will receive an anonymous call. I'll tell them where Rita Jones is buried on your property, how you killed her, and where the murder weapon can be found in your house. (I do believe a paring knife is missing from your kitchen.) I strongly advise against going to the police, as I am always watching you.

Andrew Z. Thomas is a successful writer of suspense thrillers, living the dream at his lake house in the piedmont of North Carolina. One afternoon in late spring, he receives a bizarre letter that eventually threatens his career, his sanity, and the lives of everyone he loves. A murderer is designing his future, and for the life of him, Andrew can't get away.

When We Were Savage
These are just a few of the problems Detective Jack Wilde of the Boston Police Department has to deal with. It's the 1970's and the IRA is raising money in South Boston, while the city of
Boston prepares desegregation.
  1. It was the wrong time for him to have a breakdown
  2. It was the wrong time for him to fall in love 
But Jack never did anything easy...

The Murder of Katie Boyle (Nice Girl Does Noir)

My two series protagonists, video producer Ellie Foreman and PI Georgia Davis, are very different people, but I love them both. They worked together in DOUBLEBACK (2009), but I'm  often asked how they originally met. Georgia made an appearance in A PICTURE OF GUILT, and then more substantively in AN IMAGE OF DEATH when she was still a cop, but they already had a passing acquaintance. How they met is explained in this short story, written and published in 2009. The story was published in a limited numbered edition and can also be found in print and on audio in my short story collection, NICE GIRL DOES NOIR.

Blood Will Tell - a short Milo Peretti mystery

MILO PERETTI is back in Rome to take over the running of his late uncle’s detective agency. When the body of a businessman is found at an office nearby in Trastevere, the grieving mother refuses to believe her son took his own life. But with the Polizia di Stato preparing to close the case as suicide, will Peretti ever really uncover the truth? And will justice ever be done?

Getaway Girlz

Vivian Taylor’s dreams drowned the night she found her husband, father of their four young children, in the pool with HER. Days from finalizing divorce and in need of resuscitation, Vivian’s three closest friends whisk her off to exotic Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where she meets sexy Canadian soap star, Jon Tournay. Their electrifying night on the dance floor ignites into an inferno of passion during a moonlit stroll along the beach. Hours later, the girls are awakened by the bang! bang! bang! of policia at their door. Jon has been murdered, and the lead detective targets his prime suspect: Vivian. Leery of local authorities, the Getaway Girlz — vivacious Vivian, unwavering Wendy, impulsive Lucy and brainiac Kate — embark on a journey of justice to prevent Vivian from being a broad, locked up abroad.

Childs' Proof (A Victoria Childs Novel)

Secretary, and accomplished rubber-band ninja, Victoria Childs is having a rough time. Her boss is intolerable, her job is tedious, and to top it all off the vending machine steals her last quarter. She’s tired. She’s in a rut. She wants to get out from under it and find adventure. True excitement always seems just beyond her reach. But one evening, in her rush to leave the office for the weekend, she becomes a bit careless! Suddenly she is running for her life as her mundane world explodes into chaos around her. In desperation, she falls into the protective arms of the dazzling, yet somewhat impenetrable, Detective Varner. Is there honesty behind his angelic face? Can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? Can she even trust herself? Find out in Neeley Bratcher’s first novel, Childs’ Proof!

**WARNING! WARNING! This book does have adult material! 

Death Checks Inn (Aspen Valley Inn Series)

Lacey Washburn had poured everything she had into her new business, The Aspen Valley Inn, a charming Colorado mountain bed and breakfast. The grand opening was perfect until a brutally murdered stranger was found at the bottom of the stairs. The fact that he had already died seven years ago didn't make sense. When the handsome sheriff, Wyatt Graves, started investigating Lacey and all of her guests the sparks began to fly. Lacey soon discovered that he was as heartbroken and damaged as she was. Can they solve the murder and find love?

Death Checks Inn combines interesting characters, a beautiful setting, passionate love and horrible death...all welcoming you to the Inn.

This is a novella of approximately 24,000 words, and the first book in a series.

Elusive (On The Run Book #1)

Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge. Free-spirited and spontaneous, she’s built a life stringing together various freelance gigs that keep her bank account barely in the black.

But when her ex, Jack, goes missing along with several million dollars from his business and the FBI zeros in on her as a person of interest, Zoe’s life goes from delightfully unpredictable to downright frightening.

Plunged into a world of fake identities, deception, and murder, she’s afraid to trust anyone. Zoe impulsively skips town in a search for answers that takes her from Las Vegas to Italy, but instead of tracking down answers, she only uncovers more questions.

Who was Jack? Is he dead or did he fake his disappearance? And, what was he mixed up in—art theft, the mafia, espionage, or all three?

Murder Passes the Buck : A Gertie Johnson Murder Mystery

When her neighbor is shot and killed, sixty-six-year-old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death. Gertie is abetted (and hindered) by her grandson Little Donny, man-hungry best friend Cora Mae, and word-of-the-day challenger, Kitty. It doesn’t help that the death has been ruled an accident by the sheriff of this backwoods community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Or that Sheriff Blaze Johnson happens to be Gertie’s son.

Whether it’s interrogating neighbors, spying, or impersonating the FBI—not to mention staying one step ahead of Blaze—Gertie will do whatever it takes to solve the case, even when the killer takes aim at her.

Scavenger Hunt (A Finny Aletter Mystery, Book 1)

Denver stockbroker, Finny Aletter, dreams of quitting her cutthroat job to restore historic houses, but the murder of her boss—and ex-lover—Elliot Fulton keeps her in the world of scavengers.

When a prized manuscript that once belonged to Elliot surfaces, Finny tops the list of possible killers.

Now, Finny must find Elliot's killer by tracing the manuscript's origin and stay one step ahead of Lieutenant Chris Barelli, the cynical homicide detective working the case, if he is to see her as more than a sexy suspect.

Two For Justice

Newlyweds Leah and Sebastian Reyes were out of work and living with parents
when a random encounter led them to pursue a new career as private investigators.Thanks to the prominent judge John Campbell business is going well. They appear to be getting back on their feet when they are hired to find a missing girl and are rewarded with their largest payday yet. Everything is derailed when a horrific discovery leads them to find out the truth about who is hiring them and why. Leah and Sebastian are pushed to the limits as they fight to find the truth, bring justice to light and stay alive.

Cheap Books

Open Season (Joe Gunther mysteries) $0.99 Amazon

Lt. Joe Gunther of the Brattleboro, Vermont police force has a serious problem: in a community where a decade could pass without a single murder, the body count is suddenly mounting. Innocent citizens are being killed—and others set-up—seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious ski-masked man. Signs suggest that a three year-old murder trial might lie at the heart of things, but it’s a case that many in the department would prefer remained closed. A man of quiet integrity, Lt. Gunther knows that he must pursue the case to its conclusion, wherever it leads.

Open Season is the first of Archer Mayor’s twenty-three Joe Gunther novels, a series of gripping police procedurals set in New England, where small-town charm, stoicism and civility sometimes conceal brutal truths.

The Black Ice (A Harry Bosch Novel) $1.99 Amazon

The "New York Times" bestselling author's second novel featuring LAPD Detective Harry Bosch is reissued for the first time in a decade. Harry investigates the case of a missing narcotics officer rumored to have been peddling a new drug called Black Ice. Martin's.

The Sex Club (A Detective Jackson Mystery) $1.99 Amazon

As a nurse and youth counselor at Eugene, Oregon’s Planned Parenthood clinic, Kera Kollmorgan has endured her share of harassment from fanatical abortion foes. But it only strengthens her resolve. Then a bomb blast rips through the clinic and, soon after, a teenage girl Kera recently treated is found naked and murdered in a dumpster. Kera fears the bitter abortion war in her small community has reached a terrifying new level. 
The sexualized killing of Jessie Davenport hits close to home for Detective Wade Jackson. Raising his teenage daughter alone, he understands better than anyone the predatory world that threatens young women. But he never expects his grim investigation will lead to a teenage Bible-study club, the dark underside of high school life, and even the halls of political power. Now he must confront two shockingly different suspects with nothing in common—except a taste for sex and violence. 
As Jackson’s manhunt intensifies, Kera becomes a marked woman, stalked by a crazed crusader. And when the fates of the detective and nurse intersect, a world of righteous rage, sexual secrecy, and chilling obsession threatens to blow them apart.

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