Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teasing Tuesday

Good Morning Fans! Please make sure you check out our spotlight on Amelia Grey, and enter the event we will have for her in a few weeks! Prize list for it will be coming soon! 

We have another great spotlight coming soon as well! Be on the look out! 

Join our N Kuhn Event, there are only 3 days left on the rafflecopter and prizes! Get in while you can! 

 Now, on to the freebies!!!! 


The Owner of His Heart
$0.99 Nook Link
The First Smoking Hot Interracial Romance from the 50 Loving States series.

An accident left Layla Matthews with no memory of her freshman year of college in Pittsburgh, and almost ten years later she returns to the city to solve the mystery of her own past. One clue leads her to Nathan Sinclair, the handsome, rude, and arrogant CEO of Sinclair Industries.

She doesn't remember him, but oh, does he remember her. Apparently something went down between them her freshman year that made him harden his heart against her and all other women. Something he refuses to talk about, even after their unexpected reunion explodes into a passionate love affair. Can Layla solve the mystery of her past and become the owner of his heart?

WARNING: This book features hot sex scenes, a steamy romance, and a mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rock Hard Love - Part 1 (Erotic Rock & Roll Romance) (Rock Hard Series)
Nook Link
Simone Navarro is your average small town girl-next-door starting out at a major talent agency in Los Angeles and one of the agency's most temperamental clients isn't happy.

James Turner is the bad boy lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Battery, the world's hottest heavy metal band, and the kind of guy Simone is sure she can't stand.

When they meet, however, sparks fly and James pursues Simone with the same raw passion he pours into his music. His aggressive pursuit has Simone weak in the knees and scared out of her wits...but she can't deny the feelings beginning to stir within her for the sexy rock star.

Rock Hard Love is the story of two people from two very different worlds whose torrid love affair has its own consequences for the unlikely couple. Soon though, even their deepest feelings can't shelter them from those that conspire against them. Can the lovers defy the odds or will the forces that drive their passion also tear them apart?

Serving Mr. Stevens, Part One: The Contract -- An Erotic Romance (Part 1 of 5)
What if all your fantasies came true -- but at a price? Would you give in to the dream? 
What if there was no turning back?

From the bestselling author of the "All She Wants" series comes a sexy erotic romance about a young barista and a handsome corporate executive...

Candace craves a real man, and alpha-male billionaire Thomas Stevens seems like just the man to give her what she wants. But after she enters into a contract with him, she soon comes to realize that with Mr. Stevens, anything goes. 

Has Candace found the lover of her dreams, or is she in over her head?

Handcuffs, spanking, and rough sex with a dominant hunk who knows what he wants... what could be better than SERVING MR. STEVENS?

Broken Hearts Damaged Goods
$3.99 Nook Link
The most dangerous romances are those when two friends agree to not fall in love and commit to not be committed to each other.

When Jack and Liselle find themselves alone after having been cheated on, they decide to use each other to help get over the pain and heartache. Their plan was to make sure there would be no collateral damage as they tried to learn to love again. As they start to develop feelings for each other, they must come to term with their past and all of the damages their former relationships have done to them. With broken hearts and mixed emotions, they try to make themselves a lover that somebody else would want.

Will they be able to heal themselves in enough time to admit their feelings for each other, or will their pasts destroy the best thing to ever happen to them?

The Student (His Dark Lessons, Part One)
$0.99 Nook Link
Still reeling from the loss of her father, twenty-two year old Cassandra Woods thought her biggest hurdle would be facing friends and professors she'd been avoiding all summer...until she finds out her new British Lit professor is her ex-boyfriend.

It's been three years since Chance Crawford broke her heart when she refused to submit to him. Cassandra decides to show him how it feels to be hurt by the person you love--but once she feels his lips on her skin, revenge is the last thing on her mind...

The Student is part one of the His Dark Lessons series. 

Rendezvous with Royalty (Billionaire, MMF, BBW Erotic Romance) (Delilah Donahue)
Delilah Donahue, the personal assistant of powerful New York executive and hotel mogul, Willard Triton, is put in charge of arranging the annual Triton Metropolitan Ball and escorting two of Mr. Triton's most valued guests, Sebastian and Frederick de Wit. 

The only catch is the true identity of the sexy de Wit brothers -- they are Dutch princes and personal guests of Mr. Triton himself with their very own suite for entertaining. Sebastian is the older, mysterious brother with a dominant side and Frederick is the playful, mischievous one. How will Delilah handle these two handsome men, especially when they invite her to their suite for a simple glass of wine that evolves into something steamier?

My Best Friends Little Sister Part 1: "Big Brother & Little Sister"
Jack has been an honorary member of the White Family since he was 12. Now as Holly White gets older he finds himself drawn to his "Little Sister".

Teacher's Pet - Nailing The Carpenter (Teacher's Pet - Womens Bdsm Erotica)
This book is intended for women over the age of 18.

Ms Payne teaches a college course for individuals to pass the construction contractors exam. Ms Payne meets her teachers pet on the first night of the 16 week semester. Joe begs Ms Payne for after school attention on the second night of class. . Ms Payne was only to happy to Nail this Carpenter with after school favors

This story has female domination and BDSM scenes and is labeled as BDSM Erotica for Women.

My Taboo Bike (Dildo Bike, BDSM, Group Sex, Humiliation Erotica)
Talia needed to learn a lesson. She needed to be broken, and taught how to appreciate her man. 

Talia's relationship with her boyfriend is on the rocks. The sex is so bad that she wonders if she even loves Max anymore in the first place. On her 19th birthday, he asks her to come over early, and she's dreading whatever awful present he probably got her. What she receives instead is a brand new bike... with a twist. 

Talia is both scared of it and turned on by it, and when Max pushes her to fuck herself in public while riding it, she gives into her taboo desires. Soon after, though, she goes back to being bored. She starts treating Max like crap, yelling at him and refusing to have sex with him. When he gets fed up, he calls in some friends and designs an addition for her dildo bike.

One last argument throws Max into action. Talia either has to move out or put up with some public humiliation with a motorcycle gang. In the end, Talia puts on a hot show for the men and learns to respect her boyfriend like she should.

The whole neighborhood learns to love these taboo dildo bikes when Talia receives an invitation to a bike ride that she and Max are required to attend. She expects it to be a normal charity event.

Oh, how wrong she is.

Instead she finds a kinky, bisexual, slutty dildo bike ride, where the men and women are both fucked by their bikes. In the end, Talia and Max are thrown into an orgy that will change their lives forever.

A Woman Scorned-A Short Story
Zena is pissed off and done with love when she finds out her boyfriend, Malik is cheating on her. She's heartbroken....until the maintenance man makes his rounds.

Eva Evolved (The Millionaire and The Mechanic Collection #1 - Parts 1-4)
The first four parts of the Millionaire and the Mechanic collected! Save yourself some time and money by getting all four at once!

Eva Evolved includes: The Millionaire and The Mechanic in which our horny heroine has sex with two men within minutes of each other. One of them treats her like a whore, though, leading to: The Millionaire Cuckold. Eva and her mechanic team up to humiliate the millionaire Bradley Whitman by tying him up and forcing him to watch them get down and dirty. When Bradley's wife walks in, though, things get even more crazy as she takes on Anthony to pay Bradley back for cheating on her. Bradley can do nothing but watch Anthony change his wife's oil. 

In Part 3: The Garage Gangbang, Eva can't wait to get Anthony alone, so she just takes him in his repair shop. Of course, they aren't alone and several other mechanics join in to give her the time of her life. Eva might wonder what happened to make her so suddenly sexually free, but really, she just wants to enjoy every minute of it. 

That sense of freedom changes, though, when she has to give a business presentation to Bradley as part of her job. Landing his account would mean a big boost for her career, but is he really considering using her firm, or does he just want to make her squirm as payback for what she did to him?

Cheap Books

Parlor Tricks $0.99 Amazon
Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the tattoo shop? Lots of hot guys, testosterone, ink and lust. Here's a compilation of short stories that divulge the inner most fantasy of what happens after the ink.

Belong to You (A Cole Novel) $0.99 Amazon
Fans of Bared to you, Fifty Shades and First Thing I See will love this new book!
My honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be, a tropical paradise, turquoise water, romantic walks on the beach, and loads and loads of mind shattering sex. The only thing missing was the groom. 

After seven years of coasting through a relationship with Michael, my senses were numb. A week of passion with a stranger was just what I needed to clear my head and take back control of my life. But how do you move on when the man that was only supposed to be a fling somehow seeps into your soul and steals your heart?

Rock My Bed $0.99 Amazon

Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four year-old Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind, knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing.

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel.

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way. 

Rock the Band $0.99 Amazon

After Noel Falcon professed his love to the one girl who truly holds his heart in the palm of her hand, he decides to try his damndest to keep Lane Vance in his life forever this time. There’s no way he’ll let her slip through his fingers again without a fight.

The instant they are together Noel begins to plot a way to ask his headstrong lady-love to be his wife, but every attempt to pop the question is foiled by a string of mishaps that prevents him from the perfect moment to get the job done before he goes back on tour with Black Falcon.

Distance is a bigger challenge than Noel expects, and the one-eyed beast of jealous raises its ugly head when Lane takes on a job working on an ad campaign for Embrace the Darkness. With Striker—a man that’s made it clear in the past he’s very interested in more then her business sense—lurking around her constantly, Noel wants to claim Lane now, more than ever.

Taming the Alpha (A Werewolf Romance) $0.99 Amazon

After a year of lusting after his sexy employee, werewolf pack-leader Grant broke his no-involvement-with-humans rule and made a move on Talia. A month later the sex is still red hot and everything between them is perfect. Or so he thought. Until the night he shows up at her place expecting their usual ritual of mind-blowing sex and finds out she has other plans. And they don’t include him.

When Talia announces she’s tired of being his last priority, Grant realizes he might lose the only woman he’s ever cared about. He has to do something fast to fix their relationship, but she’s completely unaware that he’s not human. He’s not above using sex to bind her to him, but when she wants more than that he has a risky decision to make. If he admits the truth he risks not only his heart, but the safety of his pack and the existence of all supernatural beings as well.

The Louisiana Liaisons Series Box Set $0.99 Amazon

The Louisiana Liaisons Series Box Set----Experience an Alpha-Male the way that Lynda Chance writes one! But Be Careful !! They're so alpha, you might get angry!

Three Complete Novellas in one boxed set --No Cliffhangers!!

Seduced by the American Millionaire, Blackmailed Into Bed, Bedded by the Boss

Tucked In: Lianna - Episode 1 (The Hollywood Files) $0.99 Amazon

Lance Tucker is a force to be reckoned with. Hollywood elite hire him to handle their dirty work. Having spent years in the Special Forces, he has made a name for himself. Tucking In. If your lead actress disappears, he finds her. Got drug problems, death threats, he erases them. Dirty work that would make a grown man cringe, means nothing to Tuck. With his network of contacts, he’s able to keep things on the down low, assuring none of what you need hits the papers. But has Tuck met his match in Lianna Landry?

Lianna, a beauty since childhood, caught Hollywood’s eyes and hearts as a child. Growing up in glittery Hollywood, she did what a lot of child actors do, she fell down a path of destruction and drugs. She’s in and out of rehab and trouble, until a movie producer gives her a last chance at redemption. After disappearing, Tuck is sent to find her. But, when he does, she’s gotten herself in way over their heads. Can Tuck save Lianna from a certain death or worse at the hands of Akio Hokkaido? Can they fight their attraction long enough to stay alive?

Naked (Naked, Book One) $0.99 Amazon

Introducing NAKED, the dark and sexy new adult series from New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor...

Caelyn Murphy is broken.

She's broken because of something that was done to her--something she can't even bear to think about. So she does the only thing she can think of...she runs. Away from her Ivy League college, away from her perfect life, and away from the man who hurt her. Only she runs straight into...


Elijah Daniels is hardened from a life that's seen the worst the world has to offer. But when he meets Caelyn, he knows there’s something different about her. She's been through hell and back, but she hasn't given up.

Caelyn can see that Elijah is gorgeous on the outside, but she also knows he's dangerous. And the last man she trusted hurt her so badly, she may be beyond repair.

But the harder she tries to resist, the more Elijah’s persistence strips her of her armor and leaves her naked and vulnerable.

In the end, neither of them will be able to predict just how far they might have to go to save themselves...and each other.

Travis (Buffalo Rocker Series) $2.99 Amazon

Lots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention. Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparazzi following his every step is disaster waiting to happen.
Brittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav. But his temper and drug use drove her into the arms of another man. Finally getting her life on track, striving for her law degree, can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through? Or is he just Mr Wrong Right Now? The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever After.

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