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Sinful Saturday

Morning Fans! I have some Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense for you today! Remember, click the Weekend Giveaway tab... enter to win!!! 


The Hit
When times were good, Jonah Maxwell was a New York ladies' man. He liked to look sharp and drive fancy cars. But times are bad – very bad. The economy has collapsed and the society is collapsing with it. Now Jonah makes his living tracking down fugitives with big Gordon Lamb – ‘El Gordo,’ Spanish for 'The Fat One.' 

Their latest quarry is Davis Foerster, a science prodigy with a nasty habit of raping and strangling old ladies. Fresh out of prison, Foerster is heading south to link up with rogue ex-cop Tyler Gant. In a select and secret underworld, Gant has made a name for himself as a man who can make bad things happen. He's just been hired to carry out his biggest job yet – a bio-terror attack that may kill thousands. 

Who will live and who will die is anyone’s guess as the bounty hunters crash Gant’s party, the maniac Foerster slips off the rails, and the countdown to atrocity begins.

Second Shot: A Vengeance Man Thriller
A former SAS soldier is sent to the United States to help a friend who has got himself on the wrong side the law - and some very nasty gangsters - by dealing in firearms.

He's known as The Vengeance Man. 

But when the weapons fall into the wrong hands an innocent child is caught in the cross fire. 

And The Vengeance Man finds himself caught up in a dangerous world of corruption and murder which takes him from the back alleys of downtown Harlem to Tennessee. 

Will this be The Vengeance Man’s last battle?

Or will he get a 'Second Shot'.

Killing Sands
On December 21st 1988, Pan American Airways flight 103 exploded in a fireball over Lockerbie, Scotland. There were no survivors from this brutal act of terrorism.

Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, had obstinately refused to allow the suspected bomber, Abdul Baset Al-Megrahi to be tried by the West, in the West until he could no longer withstand political pressure.

Many years later, the international trial long over with Al-Megrahi sentenced to life imprisonment in a Scottish jail, Gaddafi paid a diluted compensation to those families whose loved ones went down.

Following a diagnosis of terminal cancer, Al-Megrahi was subsequently released on compassionate grounds to spend the final days with his family in Libya, infuriating the west and the bereaved even further.

Had events in this novel reached their intended solution, Pan Am 103 would have reached its destination and... Colonel Gaddafi would have long been assassinated.

Road Kills
Laura is an uptight businessman.
Pete is laidback car mechanic. 
They have nothing in common.
But fate - and the mob- are about to bring them together - for the ride of their life. 

Laura stumbles across encrypted material in her company’s files which reveal Mafia connections and corruption involving an FBI officer. 
But the Scala company will do anything, and kill anyone, to get it back. 
With two men attempting to abduct her, Laura flees to Pete for help.

Together Pete and Laura embark on a dangerous and whirlwind road trip, all guns blazing, to reach the one cop they can trust to help them. 
As they make their desperate getaway they discover that they were never that different after all.
But will they survive long enough to explore the love growing between them? 
Or will they just become road kill.

Sacrificed Lives
On a hot July afternoon in 1966, Harriet Ross gives her six-year-old twin cousins, Yvette and Yvonne, a fistful of change and sends them to a country store for soft drinks. Yvonne never returns, and when Yvette is finally found, she has gone mad with terror. 

Thirty years later, when Harriet returns to the same small South Carolina town to settle the estate of the twins' mother, Missella Mayhew, and set up a trust for the care of her disabled cousin, Yvette, she decides to investigate the circumstances surrounding her cousin's disappearance. She consults Balt Monroe, a lawyer, who refers her to his friend Hollis "Doc" Halliday, a private investigator, and together the three of them begin going through Missella's records in an effort to find out the real story behind what happened on the dark day when the twins vanished. 

As their efforts bring them closer to the truth about Missella and her daughters, they uncover a long-hidden tale of miscegenation, racial hatred, and murder. And they find out that the man behind the story they are threatening to expose, a powerful South Carolina senator, will go to any lengths to preserve his secrets.

Hot PursuitA Calico Jack Walker / Tina Tamiko L.A.P.D. novel . . .

It’s 1977 and veteran L.A.P.D. cop Calico Jack Walker and his rookie partner, Tina Tamiko, are planning to make Calico’s last shift on the job something special – but plans, as they do, come apart because Walker and Tamiko are good cops no matter what the cost . . . even if they're L.A. cops, in uniform, in their patrol car, on duty, and way out of their jurisdiction on the Las Vegas Strip. 

When a major crime is going down, good cops never hesitate.

A Touch of Magic
A dazzling sleight-of-hand artist is recruited by the State Department to pit her skills – and wits – against a master terrorist. He’s about to receive a piece of stolen film used to make US passports, film that could open the door to terrorists around the world.
Although Channing Stuart is the fourth generation in a family of acclaimed magicians, she’s the first of them not to turn pro. Eye-to-eye with a killer, will she have the nerve and nimbleness to pull off a switch that finally proves her worthy of her bloodline?
Special agent Bill Ellery is irritated to find himself suddenly teamed with this amateur whose passion to succeed is as great as his own, and whose penchant for the unpredictable unsettles him as much as the woman herself.
In an upscale resort where every enticement hides a trap, they play cat and mouse with enemies known and unknown as a time bomb ticks. Hundreds of lives depend on the deftness of one woman’s fingers and ... A TOUCH OF MAGIC.

By Unknown Means is Miami Vice, Magnum P.I., and James Bond, all rolled into one. It is the action-packed story of U.S. Customs Service Agent Michael Callaway, who loves his job patrolling the waters of South Florida and the Bahamas in a go-fast boat known as Blue Thunder III. On a night of searching for an inbound drug boat, Callaway is involved in a shootout at sea that lands him in big trouble with his boss. Facing termination from the Customs Service, he is lucky enough to come into a large amount of money, so he quits his job, buys an old shrimp boat that has been converted to a yacht, and heads to the Bahamas to fish and chill out. His relaxation is cut short when he goes to a bar in Nassau, and runs into one of the nastiest drug smugglers in the world, Anton Drake. He is surprised that the man is being protected by Carrie Marvin, whom he knew as an undercover DEA agent, and as a lover. Calloway vows to end Drake’s smuggling career, so he can get Carrie away from this monster, and back in his life. To do this, he must discover Drake’s method for smuggling his drugs into the United States, and end it. A method of smuggling that the Customs Service, DEA, and United States Navy haven’t been able to figure out. A method that causes every report investigating Drake’s smuggling operation to end with the words, 
“by unknown means.” 

Alone and Afraid (Rocky Mountain Home Series)
$0.99 Nook Link

Brooke is running from her past and hoping to make a new life in the small Colorado town of Red Cliff in the cottage her late Great Aunt Sophia left her. She wants nothing more than to be left alone. The very handsome ex-forensic specialist, Chase who lives next door, also wants to be left alone, but unfortunately his dog, Digger has other ideas. After Digger uncovers a piece of bloody plastic in Brooke's garden and then later he digs up the body of the woman who lived on the other side of Brooke, Chase and Brooke quickly have to get answers before the person who has already tried to strangle Brooke, comes back to finish the job.

Rock Point (Sharpe & Donovan)
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Seven years after suffering an unspeakable loss, Finian Bracken is recently out of seminary and leaving Ireland to serve a small parish in the quaint but struggling fishing village of Rock Point, Maine. Here he meets FBI agent Colin Donovan for the first time…and discovers the dangerous secrets he left back home in Ireland. Smugglers are using the Bracken family's old whiskey distillery as cover for their illicit activities—and the violent group isn't going down without a fight.

Silent Joe (Revised March 2013)
With the horrible scars of a childhood tragedy forever burned across his face, Joe Trona is scared in more ways than one. Rescued from an orphanage by powerful California politician Will Trona, Joe grows up to be Will's right hand man -- gopher, driver, confidante, bodyguard, fixer. When Will Trona is gunned down in a dark alley in a hail of bullets, quiet, obedient Joe vows revenge.

Looking through his father's life Joe finds his girlfriends, his deals, his friends and enemies. And Joe realizes how many secrets his father possessed and how many people he had the power to harm. But two leads come to the surface of his private investigation -- a kidnapped girl being held by her own psychotic brother, and two rival street gangs who have joined forces. The truths he learns about his father's murder are shocking. And the final truth he hears about what happened to his own face when he was just a baby in a crib changes his life forever -- and once again.

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Years ago, in a small Virginia town, a murderer hammered his way through the Smythville police force and then disappeared.  He left Officer Mary Walker alive, but he crushed her leg, her confidence, and her spirits.

Now a private investigator, Mary takes sleuthing work as it comes and keeps a watchful eye over her shoulder.  But, during a routine surveillance job on a chilly October night, a ghost from her past leaves her future uncertain.

Red Light (Merci Rayborn Novels; Revised July 2013)
Two years after the death of Tim Hess, her partner and the father of her child, Merci Rayborn is working hard at her job, taking care of her son and holding it all together. She and Tim, Jr. are living with her father, and she is dating Mike McNally, a respected fellow officer. Merci and Mike are the gold couple on the force—both kids of cops—and though Merci doesn’t passionately love Mike, it’s at least a comfortable relationship.

But it explodes when a mysterious young prostitute, Aubrey Whittaker, is found murdered and Mike McNally emerges as the primary suspect. Merci, lead homicide detective on the case, must do the unthinkable: expose and arrest her lover.

Sifting through the clues and evidence with a growing sense of guilt over sealing Mike’s fate, and of outrage at what he has apparently done, Merci has to balance where the truth leads her against where her heart is telling her to go. 

Omega Dog
Joe Venn is down on his luck. A former Marine and police detective lieutenant, he was kicked off the Chicago force for getting a little heavy-handed while cleaning up the streets. Now he’s eking out a living as a private eye in downtown Manhattan, on a road to nowhere.

His life’s about to get a whole lot worse…
When Venn is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, he’s given a choice. 
Track down a missing professor of neurochemistry, in an operation that’s so politically sensitive even the FBI can’t be allowed to touch it. 
Or face life in prison.

Dr Beth Colby is having a bad day, too. 
She’s used to dealing with death, in her job as a physician at one of New York City’s busiest hospitals. But two people she knows have just died mysteriously in the space of twenty-four hours. 
And before the day’s out, Beth herself will become the target of a shocking attack.

Events conspire violently to throw Venn and Beth together, and soon they’re locked into a desperate race against time to uncover the secret of Professor Lomax’s disappearance. 
What’s the connection with the research he’s conducting into groundbreaking neuromodulatory drugs? 
And why are Venn and Beth being hunted by not one but two professional assassins – as well as by the most powerful organized crime family in New York?
As the chase spreads from Manhattan to New England and back again, and the net closes relentlessly in on Venn and Beth, each of them must use their unique set of skills to the maximum. 
Not just to uncover the terrible secret so many people are desperate to keep hidden. 
But also simply to stay alive…

A Chunk of Hell
Nook Link

After serving in the Pacific, Rick Conner returned from the war and opened a detective agency. He finds things, and his services don’t come cheap. An old buddy from the Corps points him toward a job. But his new client, the eccentric millionaire Lazlo Belzoni, puts Conner immediately on guard.

Belzoni claims to be a doctor but seems more of a mystic. He’s looking for a stone that was stolen from him. It’s supposed to be some kind of relic. Conner is skeptical, but what’s it to him as long as the good doctor pays top dollar. Rick finds the stone. And the moment he lays his hands on it, the game changes. He goes from hunting a thief to being hunted himself.

What’s stalking him is far worse than he ever could’ve imagined.

Wet Work (A Greg Kelton Short Story)
In a world of slippery justice and bankrupt morals, Greg Kelton is an anachronism; a vigilante-for-hire who would be far more at home in the Old West than modern day Southern California. Despite his proclivity for operating outside and even above the law, Kelton is a brutally honest man who only takes on jobs that are in line with his strict moral code, often to the detriment of his own pocketbook.

When Kelton is presented with an opportunity to eliminate a hardened killer who's made a deal with the feds to stay out of prison, he jumps at it. But the mysterious stranger pulling the strings may just have an ulterior motive in mind.

Wet Work is a vignette introducing the character of Greg Kelton and a kick-start to the full-length Kelton novel, Blood Money. It is designed to enrich and enhance Blood Money but can be read as a stand alone story. It is approximately 7500 words. (35 pages)

Hurt (The Hurt Series)
Only when her mother has bled to death on her bedroom carpet is six-year-old Keisha Adams allowed to look away. It is then the man takes the knife away from her throat and speaks: 'Embrace your pain, for it is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.' 

The killer strikes daily, forcing his random victims' loved ones to watch his butchery before assuring them someday they will thank him. And then, as mysteriously as he had appeared, he vanishes, leaving no trace of his existence.

With one week until her wedding day, and with a demon from her past back to haunt her, troubled DCI Catherine Jessop doesn't need such a big case. In all her years hunting the sick and twisted she has never known such a prolific and elusive killer. All she knows about him is that he has a sadistic lesson to teach about salvation through suffering, and that he cannot be found.

But when she learns of her quarry's chilling past, and that she and her family may be his next pupils, her life is thrown into a living hell of paranoia and self-doubt. She fears she will not be able to stop him. And she may be right.

Because his final lesson is beyond anything she could have imagined... A lesson so shocking it will change the lives of millions of people forever.

A Stairway To Danger (A Shakertown Adventure)
1923. An eyeless body. A menacing stranger. And a tangled mystery. 

If Clive Cussler and Lee Child wrote a teen mystery featuring a deadly gang, resourceful boys, and nonstop excitement it would be A STAIRWAY TO DANGER. 

Fourteen-year-old Tom is learning farm life from his older cousin, Will, when they stumble on a deserted barge—or is it? The boys smell a mystery and snoop around, but what they find is bigger and more dangerous than anything they could have imagined. 

A STAIRWAY TO DANGER is a fun, page-turner thriller with a dark side.

The Tesla Secret (The Project: Book Five)
Book Five in the PROJECT Series                                                                                                                
Plans for a devastating weapon invented by Nikola Tesla fall into the hands of
a centuries-old conspiracy bent on world domination. Powerful men will stop at
nothing to use the weapon to achieve their goal, even at the risk of nuclear war. 

Nick Carter works for the Project, the shadow hand of the US President.  
Selena Connor is his teammate and lover. Their relationship is tested
to the breaking point as they are forced to question their commitment to each
other and to the violent life they have chosen.

From the streets of Prague to the jungles of Mexico, from the hills of Tuscany
to the plains of Eastern Russia, the story moves with relentless pace toward a 
final, explosive confrontation.


Triple Threat (Jack Davis Thrillers) $0.99 Amazon

FBI Special Agent Jack Davis is that man. In Davis' world, only liars, drunks, and guilty people shake uncontrollably. But then he joins their ranks.

After 25 years as an FBI Special Agent, Jack is forced to retire because of a mysterious movement disorder that makes him shake, sometimes bending him in half, sometimes strangling his speech. Jack always worked strictly by the book. But these days? Well, those days are over. 


The Dead Man

No Way Out

Smoked (Book #1 in the Stolen Millions series) $0.99 Amazon

Book #1 in the Stolen Millions series.

Smoke Dugan is on the run.

A bomb-maker by profession, he dropped out of sight because of a misunderstanding with his employers about an airplane crash and $2.5 million in cash. Unfortunately, they've found out where Smoke's living – a picturesque seaside city in Maine. And Denny Cruz, a high paid assassin, is on his way from New York to collect him.

Smoke's girlfriend Lola Bell is unaware of his past. Sexy, smart and tough, Lola's a weed that grew up through the cracks in an inner city housing project. Her big eyes belie her secret weapon: she's spent a decade studying the martial arts. The tattoo on her shoulder reads, Girls Kick Ass. When Cruz decides to use Lola to get to Smoke, he has no idea what he's taking on.

A time bomb is ticking as Smoke, Lola, Cruz and anyone unlucky enough to come into their orbit are caught up in a drama of abduction, car chases and triple bluff where escape or violent death look like the only options. But nothing turns out quite as anyone might expect…

Fast-paced and edgy, SMOKED has received worldwide critical acclaim. It introduces a cast of characters worthy of Tarantino in their sophistication and resourcefulness, in a stylish thriller which marked the debut of a stunning new talent.

White Jade (The PROJECT: Book One) $0.99 Amazon

Book One in the PROJECT Series

WHITE JADE spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly international power game. Nick Carter is a man with a dark history of emotional and physical scars. He works for the PROJECT, a covert intelligence unit reporting to the President. 
Selena Connor is an expert in ancient languages. When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for a 2000 year old book about the elixir of immortality, she's thrown into Nick's dangerous world. Nick is assigned to protect Selena and help her recover the missing text. It's the beginning of a life and death adventure reaching from San Francisco to Beijing, from Washington to the high mountains of Tibet. Someone is determined to take over China and attack America--and Nick and Selena are right in the line of fire.

International intrigue, terrorist acts and the threat of nuclear war form the core of this fast-paced thriller, the first volume in a series featuring Nick, Selena and the PROJECT.

The Boy in the Suitcase $1.99 Amazon

Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse, wife, and mother of two, is a compulsive do-gooder who can't say no when someone asks for help—even when she knows better. When her estranged friend Karin leaves her a key to a public locker in the Copenhagen train station, Nina gets suckered into her most dangerous project yet. Inside the locker is a suitcase, and inside the suitcase is a three-year-old boy: naked and drugged, but alive.

Is the boy a victim of child trafficking? Can he be turned over to authorities, or will they only return him to whoever sold him? When Karin is discovered brutally murdered, Nina realizes that her life and the boy's are in jeopardy, too. In an increasingly desperate trek across Denmark, Nina tries to figure out who the boy is, where he belongs, and who exactly is trying to hunt him down.

The Vengeance Man $3.99 Amazon

At 34, an SAS soldier's days of active service are over. After risking his life for his country, he is condemned to spend the rest of his days in a dead-end civilian job.

But one man decides he isn't ready to be put out to pasture.

The Vengeance Man.

As the 'operations manager' for a specialist insurance firm, he can still work undercover for clients that include the Government.

And working behind the scenes, and beyond the law, he can still take up arms on behalf of the weak and the helpless.

A personal crusade is born.

And while the public may applaud as 'The Vengeance Man' brings justice to the guilty, very soon the Government has no choice but to bring their most lethal maverick operative under control.

The hunt begins....and it will end in death.

This enthralling, thought-provoking action-packed thriller, written by an insider from the front-line of intelligence work, is certain to appeal to readers of Lee Child, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum and Andy McNab.

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