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Weekend Fling

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Now, onto the freebies, enjoy

28 Shades of Black
Nook Link
"My name is Black. Dominick Black. I have a big... Ahem."

Dominick Black is a man with a problem: an insatiable sexual appetite coupled with a lack of inhibition.

When Black is informed by his boss that he has to take care of his overactive libido issue or lose his job, he reluctantly agrees to do what he must. What could it hurt?

From the unrelenting and murderous infatuations of a man he thought he knew, and the revelations of a past he thought was long buried, Dominick Black is in for one wild, hot, and disturbing ride.

Entertaining, erotic, compelling, and arousing, 28 Shades of Black is a tale that will make lovers of the applauded Fifty Shades Trilogy blush and read between their fingers.

Of course, once you go Black... You know the rest.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Desperate Thoughts: The Gift (Victoria Wilde #0)
Desperate Thoughts is the steamy prequel to the Victoria Wilde series. Inappropriate Thoughts, book one in the series, is priced at only ten cents for a limited time (in the US store).

While struggling to move on with her life, a young widow tumbles into a clandestine sexual encounter with a shy college freshman who reminds her all too much of her late husband. Afterward, she's re-awakened sexually and motivated to pursue her desperately unfulfilled desires. With each new encounter the risk grows along with the passion until events spiral out of control and she's forced to choose between continuing down a path of self-destruction or finally letting go of the past.

This story contains content some readers may find objectionable, including explicit sex and language.

The Pretend Boyfriend (Inhumanly Handsome, Humanly Flawed Alpha Male Erotic Romance)
Nook Link $2.99
Samantha Fox is awkward, clumsy and totally in need of a new boyfriend by this weekend. Her younger, prettier sister is getting engaged . . . and all set to make "old maid big sister" Sam feel all crummy and shelved.

Enter Brian Morton. He is bewilderingly gorgeous, fantastically rich, razor-tongued snarky and utterly promiscuous. He was also the bully who made Sam's middle school life a living hell. 

A series of bizarre circumstances culminates in Brian losing a bet. His punishment? To be Sam's slave for the weekend . . . and to do anything she wants. Sam has just found her pretend boyfriend for her sister's party. And Brian has just found that the woman he used to call 'Jaws' in school (for her braces) packs a helluva bite. 

Worthy of the Billionaire's Attention
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Claire is the new hire for Mr. King, and soon becomes more than just his employee. Their past relationship may have gotten her the job, but it will take all of her current skills to satisfy Mr. King's dark desires.

This 9000 word story features BDSM, orgasm denial, pain, bondage, and a horny billionaire who doesn't know the meaning of the word "No".

Sex Therapy - Voyeurism/Hardcore M/f Seduction Erotica
They say revenge is best served cold. The therapist took his wife; well two can play that game. 

The man was startled. Part of him wanted to leave, part wanted to bash down the front door and deck good old Dr. Steiner, and part was simply fascinated with watching his wife in the arms of another. He ended up just standing there, watching the whole thing. 

In a moment, Steiner was all over his wife. He was ramming his tongue down her throat and pressing himself into her body. Spreading her legs slightly, he moved his leg between hers and slid her up and down on his thigh, grinding her into the taunt muscle of his leg. Steiner had one hand on her ass, pressing her tighter against his leg, and the other hand mashed her breast through her blouse.

She stopped for a breath, and stepped back slightly. The man could see that she was getting aroused. Her breath was coming in gasps, and her neck always turned red like that when she was turned on. The therapist took one of her hands and placed it on the bulge in the front of his pants. Then Steiner was un-buttoning her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. She reached back and released her bra clasp, and then tossed it over the back of the couch. The man was startled that Jean would so shamelessly expose her breasts to another man. Anne stood rock still, with her arms hanging limp at her sides. Her breasts moved up and down with each breath, jiggling slightly. She let Steiner play with the goodies for a moment, and then he pushed her to her knees before him. He jerked his erect cock out of his pants, and she proceeded to...

Carmen's New York Climax
Nook Link
Young and rich, Kurt Nielsen is New York's most eligible bachelor. Except now he can't even bring himself to talk to a woman. How could he, after his last girlfriend took him to court? Kurt is still smarting from the injustice of it all. 

Sick of his anger, his friends have bought Kurt a call girl. What could be better than a high-class hooker to cheer him up? The working girl will arrive dressed as a hotel maid, with an entire scene arranged.

Kurt has never paid for sex before and is uncomfortable with the idea, yet he agrees to meet her at the Hilton. But things don't go as planned when he arrives at the hotel two hours early.

Unknown to Kurt, when the maid walks into his suite, she isn’t his call girl. Carmen is an actual hotel maid, with a host of secrets and problems of her own. Sex-starved, Carmen simply cannot resist the carnal magnetic allure of Kurt. 

Although they are complete strangers, sexual need and animal chemistry overwhelms them both. They quickly discover ecstasy together, again and again and again.

But what will happen when they discover their mistake?

Paranormal Lovers (A Two-Story Bundle)

"Vampire Seduction" and "My Shapeshifting Lover"

These two paranormal erotic stories contain scenes of human on non-human sex with adult themes.

THE CURVE BALL (Big Girls And Bad Boys: A BBW Erotic Romance)

When Maggie Jones lets her best friend talk her into attending the annual charity mystery single's ball to help her friend out of a jam, she never imagined she would end up paired with the most handsome, eligible man at the ball. Unfortunately, he was also the man that she had secretly adored for over a year. What chance did an overweight pastry chef have with a hunk like Jake Rawlins? 

Jake Rawlins wants Maggie Jones, but he can't get her to take his advances seriously. He's been hinting around for a year. Now he's ready to take drastic measures to get Maggie to notice him. 

Will Maggie realize that her Prince Charming has finally arrived at the ball, or will she miss out on having a man who truly wants her exactly the way she is just because of her insecurities? 

This is a short story erotic romance.

18+ Only. This story contains graphic sex, graphic language and other subjects for mature audiences only.

Wild Instincts: Part 1 (Werewolf Erotic Romance)

Every werewolf has an instinct. Lyssa's is to submit.
While the human part of Lyssa rebels against the iron fist of her domineering alpha, the wolf in her is unable to resist his every advance. Caught between the primal draw of her instincts and her desire for independence, she finds comfort in the company of Hawthorne, another wolf living on the outskirts of the pack hierarchy. But as Lyssa's attraction to Hawthorne grows, she realises that his instinct may prove to be even more dangerous than her own.
The alpha is watching them, and Lyssa must learn to control her animal nature, or be consumed by it.

5700 word erotic short story featuring graphic descriptions of sex. Not for the faint of heart!

Inkubus Sampler

Please note: this is a SAMPLE of the full ebook, which is a 15,000 word novella. 

Sex with an incubus comes at a price...

Jess' fevered dreams are haunted by an incubus: sexy, charming and inexplicably terrifying. As she sleeps, Mathias awakens her darkest, most hidden desires, indulges them until she screams for mercy and then begs for more. As he vists her more often, Jess craves his control, his orders, the glorious pain and intense pleasure he can inflict upon her. But upon waking, Jess finds Mathias' mark upon her - a beautiful tattoo that wraps around her body, searing her skin and spreading more every time.

Can Jess resist the heady pleasure he gives her, or will Mathias complete his mark and stake his claim to her - for eternity?

Marked: City of the Damned Book 1

Marked: City of the Damned Book 1.Following the death of her parents, Sara Bishop sells everything she owns and moves to New York in hopes of being closer to her aunt and uncle, the only family that she has left. After stumbling upon a fight between two men in the dark alleyways of New York, a brutal attack by one of the men has left her marked. Pryse has claimed her intoxicating blood for himself. It is against vampire law that a human be unwilling marked, and Gedeon finds himself, not only wanting to protect the fragile human, but doing anything within his power to break the mark that Pryse has placed on her, so that he may claim her for himself. Until now Gedeon believed that vampires could only feel two emotions, lust and hunger, but Sara has him second guessing everything he had ever thought to be true. In Sara's arms, Gedeon finds something that he never knew existed, and Sara finds more than she could ever hope for. Can Gedeon break Pryse's mark and claim Sara for himself before it's too late?18+ Contains explicit content.

Cheap Books

Blind Obsession $0.99 Amazon

Obsession, defined as the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire....

Chantel Rosenberg's passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent in Bordeaux France. It's a time when feelings arose and desires ran deep, a time that fundamentally changed her life.

A man living in seclusion, Phillipe Tibideau is haunted and plagued by memories he cannot disregard. Choosing to live a quiet life in his Chateau surrounded by the vineyards of France, he's left his passion for art behind. 

However, the time has arrived to tell his side of a tale. A tale that has depicted him as a 'beautiful monster' and he's finally allowing someone close.

Close enough to ask questions. Questions he's not sure he wants to answer. Questions about her.

For up and coming journalist Gemma Harris, the pursuit of truth is what drives her and when a job of a lifetime presents itself there is nothing in the world that will stop her from taking it.
Even if it does mean leaving her home for several months to stay at Chateau Tibideau, with him.

This is a story of what happens when three passionate lovers collide and the desire for truth, art and music merge.

Chateau Tibideau is a place full of unanswered questions, dark sinful desire and a beauty so hauntingly sad it will have you wondering how you will ever leave the same.....

The Naughty Box (9 books in 1 box set) $0.99 Amazon

Come pop this cherry as you dive into a whole world of erotic tales from some of the HOTTEST writers in the romance and erotic publishing world today. “The Naughty Box” is packed full of every toy you can imagine. It is filled with 9 books that will thrill you, set your senses on fire and have you begging for a nice cool drink. So kick back, grab some ice and enjoy the ride. Almost 1700 pages of HOT, HOT, HOT.

Included in "The Naughty Box" is bestselling Rue Volley's "Hunter's Blood" Series, Sarah Jane's "Safe Word", Riley Steel's "Nila Believes", Piper Kay's "A Perfect Passion", Chelle's "Marcus - A Black Lily Club Story", Nicolette Grey's "The Goddess of Blackwater Pond", Candi Delshamagus's "Taste Eternity", Kim Carmichael's "Trifecta", and a bonus short from Nikki Prince "Slow Burn".

Adam's Apple (Touch of Tantra #1) $0.99 Amazon

Adam Kingsley reigns as the young prince of Manhattan. Everything he touches turns to gold, making him the envy of Wall Street. Women swoon at his feet, money falls out of his pockets, and his killer good looks are as wicked as sin. A dangerous trifecta. 

What more could a thirty-two-year-old man wish for? Maybe that his life never changes and his past stays far away? Sounds reasonable, but life seldom is.

Kathryn Delcour is a beautiful and alluring socialite with unique erotic tastes. When she suddenly appears on the New York City social scene, Adam finds her too tempting to resist. He has to have her, but she is warned to stay away from him and his player ways. She tries her hardest to keep him at arm's length, but Kathryn's arms may not be strong enough to hold Adam at bay.

Hidden secrets, Kathryn's passion for an ancient sexual practice, and a former business partner wanting to inflict a deadly revenge set the scene for a wild ride as Adam tells the story in his own words.

Contains explicit sexual content. Intended for mature audiences. 
An 87,000 word love story.

Alpha Male Romance Five Book Boxed Set (The Locklyn Marx Collection) $0.99 Amazon

Five steamy romances, featuring strong, sexy heroes guaranteed to set your e-reader on fire...

Anna Webb was only eighteen when her best friend’s older brother, Jaxon, broke her heart, but the scars it left are permanent. After vowing to never let herself get hurt like that again, good girl Anna has put her past behind her, working hard to become a successful financial advisor living in London. But when she returns to her hometown in Connecticut, she has no idea she’s about to be on a collision course with her past.

Jaxon Hale wasn’t expecting to run into Anna when he left his real estate development company in Los Angeles for a visit to Connecticut. And he certainly wasn’t expecting Anna to be all grown up. Before long, he’s remembering what it was the two of them had all those years ago, and he’s having a hard time keeping his hands off her.

But will Anna be able to let herself trust Jaxon again? Or will a second chance lead to a second heartbreak?

When Lindsay Benson buys her dream house, a cute little cottage on Cape Cod, she can’t believe her luck. Until she meets the next door neighbor, Chace Davenport.

Chace and Lindsay have a history–after one hot night a year ago, Chace disappeared without so much as a phone call, leaving Lindsay confused and broken-hearted. And after a run-in with her sexy new neighbor, Lindsay realizes he’s the same jackass he’s always been.

Chace never meant for things with Lindsay to get so complicated. He has his reasons for leaving her, reasons that are too dark to share with anyone. He’s hurt Lindsay once, and he’s determined not to do it again. The only problem? He can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

But will he trust her enough to let her in on his secrets?

When twenty-nine-year-old Kenley Mitchell loses her job, she decides to cash in her severance pay and book a trip to Florida. A vacation by the beach is just what she needs – she’ll lose herself in the sand and the sun, and forget all her problems. But on her first night there, Kenley runs into star baseball player Chad Parnell. She has no idea who he is -- until after a paparazzi camera catches her in a, uh, compromising position with the hunky first baseman.

Chad’s trip to Florida was supposed to be business only. He’s just about to land an endorsement deal with Expera Footwear, and he doesn’t need any distractions. But when pictures of him and Kenley surface in the tabloids, Expera is not happy. So Chad does the only thing he can do, and tells them Kenley’s his girlfriend. 

Kenley wouldn’t have even been in those stupid pictures if Chad hadn’t been acting like a manipulative womanizer, and so at first she says no way to his crazy scheme. But when he makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Kenley somehow finds herself signing up for a stint as his fake girlfriend.

It’ll be strictly business, right? But when the sparks start to fly, Kenley and Chad are going to have to figure out what’s real, and what isn’t. And they just might be surprised at the answer.

Advertising executive Reid Lawson is the stereotypical bachelor -- he spends his days in meetings and his nights trolling for women at Manhattan’s most exclusive clubs. 

But when Alexis Castalano shows up at his apartment, claiming to be his roommate because of an internet mix-up, Reid is so taken with the curvy blonde that he allows her to stay. And soon, he can’t seem to keep his hands off her.

The only problem?

Alexis has secrets. Lots of them. Sure she likes kissing Reid, but there’s no chance she’s going to let him – or any man -- get close to her ever again. Not after what she’s been through. But as Reid’s kisses become more and more urgent, Alexis is finding it harder and harder to resist.

When Alexis’s dark and dangerous past starts to catch up with her, will she be strong enough to take a chance on love? And will Reid be strong enough to let her?

*Also includes CAN'T TAKE THE HEAT*

Travis (Buffalo Rocker Series) $2.99 Amazon

Lots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention. Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparazzi following his every step is disaster waiting to happen.
Brittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav. But his temper and drug use drove her into the arms of another man. Finally getting her life on track, striving for her law degree, can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through? Or is he just Mr Wrong Right Now? The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever After.

Inkubus (Dominated In Her Dreams) $2.99 Amazon

Sex with an incubus comes at a price...

Jess' fevered dreams are haunted by an incubus: sexy, charming and inexplicably terrifying. As she sleeps, Mathias awakens her darkest, most hidden desires, indulges them until she screams for mercy and then begs for more. As he vists her more often, Jess craves his control, his orders, the glorious pain and intense pleasure he can inflict on her. But upon waking, Jess finds Mathias' mark upon her - a beautiful tattoo that wraps around her body, searing her skin and spreading more every time.

Can Jess resist the heady pleasure he gives her, or will Mathias complete his mark and stake his claim to her - for eternity? 

This erotic romance novella contains BDSM scenarios, dubious consent and plenty of wild, searing sex! Not for the faint of heart, but if you like it hot, you're in the right place!

Word Count: 15,000 words approx.
Heat Level: Scorching

Collared for a Night (Crimson Romance) $3.82 Amazon

Crazy-Hot Erotic Shifter Romance.                  
Day-after-day of carnal cravings and Diana can't take the heat...her leopardess heat. On the brink, she agrees to spend the evening at a private shifter club. One night where anything goes to get her through her leopardess heat cycle and then it's back to work. No one will be the wiser. But when it's Shawn, her boss, who stalks through the door at the club, it's mayhem in the making. Commanding as usual, he gives Diana an option. Submit to him and he'll get her through her sex-crazed heat...or she can take her chances with a stranger, a club Dom.

Diana agrees and what transpires lasts longer than one night. In opening up to Shawn's explosive bedroom skills, Diana taps into an uncontrollable leopardess instinct. So primal, she fears what she may do if left unchecked. Shawn agrees to teach Diana how to harness her alpha power in return for total control over her body.

During a midnight run, Diana confronts a rogue shifter pack and forces Shawn's hand to her backside and what he proposes could last a lifetime. From Denver to Las Vegas, these two are inseparable until Mia, his ex-fiancée comes back into the picture with a claim to stake. 

Can Diana mix cutting-edge design room tactics with red-hot sex...when this alpha shifter might shatter her heart? 

Warning: Scorching, erotic scenes hot enough to peel paint 

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