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Wicked Ways

Good Morning Fans! I hope you're ready for a hot and heavy weekend? Today we have the event for Angee Taylor going on! The Weekend Giveaway is live and the awesome Summer Seduction Blog Hop with over 40 stops and a chance at 75$ gift card!! Dont forget to stop by and visit Cassandra Carr and enter to win there too!!!! 

Now, today, I'm feeling wicked, so here's a list of something hot and yummy for you!!!!


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It's only a matter of time until Ryan and Sian - college classmates and good friends - stop pretending they're nothing more than that, despite the fact that they know exactly how they feel about each other. When a transfer student corners Ryan and tries to put the moves on him, Sian sees her chance and goes for what she wants.

The sexual tension they've been holding back is unbearable, and they duck into a storage cupboard for some release - but the risky location puts them in danger of being discovered. But the exhibitionism just adds to the thrill of their heated, erotic encounter in ways Ryan had never expected...

This 3,800 word SHORT STORY is just a tiny snippet of sexy fun - if you're looking for plot, this book's not for you, but if a steamy interlude is what you're after, it just might be what you're looking for! ;)

Secret Desires
Stories in this eBook:

1) Hot For Teacher
Adam is a teacher, and has just moved to a new town after landing a new job. He is instantly attracted to the young woman next door, only to later discover that she is, in fact, one of his students at the local High School. 

2) New Step Sister 
Tate's father has just remarried, and his new step-sister is a rather welcome sight. 

3) Fist Lesbian Experience
Sadie has been attracted to her best friend for as long as she can remember.

4) Going to War
A man and wife spend their last night together.

5) Sleeping with Superior
Ada has a crush on her boss. But will she act on it?

6) The Secret Millionaire
Georgia has a secret admirer that is sending her expensive gifts. But is it someone she knows?

Destiny Entwined, an Erotic Romance
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When her lover Theseus deserts her on an island, Princess Ariadne of Crete wishes to forget her betrayal-filled past. Dionysus answers her prayers, seducing her with his godly wiles and delivering mind-shattering ecstasy. However, when he reveals that she's his bride as foretold in a prophecy, she has to take a leap of faith, once more leaving her heart vulnerable to another, or live out the rest of her life on the island alone.

Length: Short Story

Open House (Pool of Souls Series, Novella) (#1)
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Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their chance to fall in love when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert's career. Rebecca's and Robert's souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance, but... How far will Ares go to get his own way? 

Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and Passion, dedicates herself to matching soul mates. 

Will divine influence create another perfect match or will it tear them apart forever?

Her Special Knight
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An online RPG chat brought them together and tonight, after months of talking, Simone is finally going to meet the man of her dreams. They’ve shared secrets and jokes, and many long, steamy, late night conversations, but can their fantasy life survive the transition to reality?

Treacherous Curves: Blackmailing the Billionaire (BBW BDSM Erotic Romance)
Curvy bookkeeper Annie isn't sure what to do when she suspects that her sexy billionaire boss has been padding some numbers in the company records. She's almost sure that he's been misusing company resources, but she can't afford to lose her job - plus, she's been fighting a completely inappropriate attraction to him since she started working at his company. But when word spreads about upcoming layoffs, Annie makes a desperate move - she confronts Mr. Ashfield about the cooked books, promising that she'll keep his secret if he'll let her keep her job. His own livelihood now at risk, Mr. Ashfield has no choice but to say yes. With tensions running high, Annie could almost swear that Mr. Ashfield wants her too - but she can't quite believe it until he snaps and loses control, and they both lose themselves in desperate, lonely passion. 

But soon, Annie uncovers the real reason why he fudged those numbers in the first place. Guilty and heartbroken, she returns to Mr. Ashfield for forgiveness - but is it too late for these broken souls to find their happily ever after?

Warning - this 16,000 word story contains explicit sex scenes, including delicious foreplay, rough sex, spanking, hair-pulling, mutual masturbation, and light D/s themes. Adults only!

Rock & Roll (Volume 1 of The Savannah Rossi Chronicles)
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Singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi receives some disappointing career news (which also happens to involve her much despised ex) shortly before she is to go on stage with her band. Fortunately, she has just enough time before curtain for an attitude adjustment with a hot, nameless stranger who knows a thing or two about rhythm and tempo himself. *Contains graphic sexual content and language.* 

The 'Savannah Rossi Chronicles" follow the steamy adventures of sexy, independent, musically-gifted singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi, who is teetering on the verge of national success. This is no spoiled brat pop princess looking to be saved. Confident, driven, intelligent and unabashed in her sexuality, Savannah has created her own success and enjoys a vibrant sex life on her own terms with men of her choosing. Is it possible that any one man could tame such an independent free spirit? Who says she even needs to be tamed? Follow Savannah's journey to find out...

Friendly Temptation
Ever since Katherine Ainsley's divorce, a hazy line has emerged in her relationship with best friend Dominic Corvalis—one teetering between companionship and lust. When he proposes a dare, she rises to the challenge, even after she finds herself in a place she's never imagined. Besides, Dom is there to support and tease, and the sexual tension percolating beneath their naughty errand is simply too tempting to resist. Perhaps they are meant to be more than just friends. She'll never know until she pushes him across that line...and into the bedroom.

The Bounty (The Malloy Family)
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*Please note you are Pre-odering this book. Title will not be available to read until September 3*

What happens when a bounty hunter finds his prey only to discover she’s his mate?
The Malloy Family, Book 1
Nicky Malloy is on the run—from guilt, fear, and a murder charge. After three years, the notorious bounty hunter Tyler Calhoun catches up with the elusive lady outlaw. The intensity of their dislike for each other is only matched by the growing passion they cannot seem to control.
A loner by nature, a cold hard hunter by choice, Tyler fights his feelings for his prisoner the only way he knows how—by denying them. He’s not prepared for how deeply his feelings will run, or how hard it will be to hold her life in his hands.
Pursued by two hapless cowboys bent on taking Nicky in themselves, Nicky and Tyler are forced to turn to each other for aid, trust, and comfort as their journey progresses on its rocky road. Caught in a web of lies and murder, they hold on to each other as they travel to Wyoming to confront the man that brought them together. Tyler has to decide if his love for her is worth more than the bounty he was sent to find.

Shaken and Stirred (Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller)

Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin has a mission with a simple objective: Steal a formula while attending the festivities on the villainous Xander Duquesne's luxury yacht. There's just one problem—she has no idea it's a BDSM party.
Dom and criminal mastermind Xander is a man who likes to be prepared. But the unexpected run-in with Kizzie throws him for a loop. Will he give her what she came for, or a little something extra?

The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (The Passion Party Series)

Alison had an intimate problem that had not been resolved in over 20 years of marriage. After her husband was killed she had resigned herself to never finding the solution.

But a chance meeting in a supermarket with Dominic, a friend and former collegue of her late husband, sets in motion an unlikely chain of events that takes Alison way out of her comfort zone and into a world she had not even known existed.

Could she find her answer in this new and hedonistic lifestyle that Dominic introduced her to?

Warning: This book is an Erotic Romance and contains some sexual scenes.

Recommended for 18 years and older.

Approximate length 8,000 words.

Sarah's Chase (A Short Story)

It’s been a long time since a man has satisfied Sarah. Deciding to put an end to her dry spell, she seeks out a younger man from her neighborhood with a reputation for pleasing women and taking control. After luring Chase back to her house with the simple excuse of needing a light bulb changed, she learns he’s a Dom. Is Sarah really ready for the pleasure that he can bring her?

Karibu Heat (Sequel to Kabana Heat)

Note: This book, KARIBU HEAT, is the sequel to KABANA HEAT by Titania Ladley. Check out KABANA HEAT here:

Hiding in plain sight at a nude Caribbean resort with her best friend, Keefer, seems to be the perfect plan for paparazzi photographer, Anjelee, while she awaits the blackmail funds to hit her offshore account.

But her plans go awry when Jager tracks her to sultry Karibu Resort and threatens to extradite her back to the U.S. and see her imprisoned for her crime. As P.R. agent to the famous Hollywood celebrity that Anjelee has blackmailed, Jager's loyalties lie with his employer.

Or do they?

As soon as Jager steps foot onto the anything-goes island and sees the gorgeous Anjelee and handsome Keefer living it up in the buff, it's as if Jager's been drugged. Before he can get Anjelee in handcuffs and haul her back to jail where she belongs, Jager finds himself smoldering in the Karibu heat and entangled in the couple's hedonistic web of lust.

Entwined (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle: Part 1)

When not-as-proper-as-one-would-think Victorian woman Jane Clemons convinces her father to take her on an expedition in the jungle, her only goal is to find her lover Jonathan, who disappeared three years earlier. She and her father, along with Jonathan’s trusted friend Kellan Darkdale, set off on their journey.

But shortly after their party arrives on the coast of Madagascar, Jane finds herself enthralled not only by the freedom and beauty of the lush jungle, but a reclusive wild man who seems to be fascinated by her.

ENTWINED is a novella (about 80 pages)

Bought and Paid for: Servicing the Billionaire (A BDSM Erotic Romance)

Mary has had a rough time working as the personal assistant of her rich, demanding, and ill-tempered boss. She stumbles upon a scene she should not have witnessed and learns her boss' secret that drives his craving for sex and blood. Mary must learn to serve the CEO's twisted, sexual needs or suffer the consequences

This 6,173 word story is the first part in the "Servicing the Billionaire" series!

Curves For His Pleasure (The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive Part 1) (BBW Billionaire Erotica)

Fresh out of the undergraduate gate, Claire Baxter is having a hell of a time trying to make ends meet in the Big Apple.

With her dead-beat college sweet(ish)heart as a roommate and a thankless job at a pretentious TriBeCa children's store, Claire's prospects are not looking particularly ideal.

Her situation bottoms out one October morning when a particularly nefarious straphanger starts harassing her on a delayed subway train, but on the edge of Claire losing it, a gorgeous stranger intervenes on her behalf and instantly ensnares her heart.

Tumbling head-on into the naughty bits of a steamy affair with her mysterious savior, Claire is horrified to discover that her knight in shining armor may not exactly be hers for the taking.

Cabin Fever (Unnatural Lover #1)

The first installment of the Unnatural Lover series, with new releases coming every Friday.

She was barren. Lifeless.

That's how Amanda Stenser felt when she was told the news that she couldn't have children. It was a blow to everything she'd dreamed of, everything she'd hoped. Now she felt lost, and her boyfriend suggests she get away from everything for a few days. That's why she heads up to the cabin deep in the woods, but she never could have expected what changes awaited her up on that lonely mountain.

Island Magic - Part 1 (An Erotic Expedition Novella)

When Melanie Bass tracks down fellow treasure hunter and diver Kirk Hatcher in the Caribbean, it’s not quite the reunion she had hoped for. Down to her last dollar and a map from her deceased father, she has no choice but to turn to Kirk for help. But Kirk has moved on, running his own tour business in Jamaica, the broken relationship with Mel’s father put into the past. Although Kirk is still the impossibly dashing dive master she once knew, Mel is no longer a teenage girl with a crush. Their strained relationship takes a decidedly romantic turn as the already warm waters begin to boil.

Desert Thirst - Part 1 (An Erotic Expedition Novella)

Although biologist Lou Thornton had prepared herself for the high temperatures of the Sahara Desert, the heat from her guide is about to melt her. Master tracker Quinn Caldwell is a man of few words. But it doesn’t take words for Lou to know that something feral burns beneath his powerful and controlled exterior. As they track an endangered species, Lou finds that Quinn has the scent of more than just one type of prey when he decides he must have her.

Mountain Wilds - Part 1 (An Erotic Expedition Novella)

Dr. Jules Moore and Logan Sanders have the perfect friendship. As he pilots her from one remote clinic to another, over the spectacular wilderness of British Columbia, they confide in one another. The cockpit becomes not only their private world but also an escape from the real one–where Jules struggles with the finality of her divorce and Logan copes with wounds from the war, both physical and emotional. When a storm forces their plane down in the mountains, however, they finally face their deep feelings for one another.

Jungle Fever - Part 1 (An Erotic Expedition Novella)

Forensic auditor Jean Willis is excited to be in Thailand. Not only is she traveling for the first time, she’s going to meet the perfect man–perfect on paper at least. Clark Peterson and his company are poised for greatness. But when she and scientist George Liew arrive at Clark’s rubber plantation, she discovers that Clark is more than a column of numbers. Even as she struggles with the climate of the tropics, the heat between her and Clark steadily rises. As they draw closer, however, George finds time to work on the real reason for his visit.


The Louisiana Liaisons Series Box Set $0.99 Amazon

The Louisiana Liaisons Series Box Set----Experience an Alpha-Male the way that Lynda Chance writes one! But Be Careful !! They're so alpha, you might get angry!

Three Complete Novellas in one boxed set --No Cliffhangers!!

Seduced by the American Millionaire, Blackmailed Into Bed, Bedded by the Boss

Undescribable $0.99 Amazon

Samantha Hall needs a fresh start.

Broken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender. Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content.

Until she meets him – attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night.
All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keep his attention for long. Having a different woman in his bed every night is how he prefers it-no emotion, no connection.

Until he meets her - an angel with the sweetest voice he has ever heard and the most enticing green eyes. Samantha makes him second guess his actions and has him wanting something he didn’t know existed. How can a man who has never been in love, be so sure? Can real love happen this fast?

Burned by her past, Samantha struggles to keep up with the overwhelming passion she feels for Slade. She knows that he will be nothing but trouble to her already fragile heart, but how long can she continue to deny the love that she feels for him?
Will Samantha let Slade prove his love is real, or will she push him away?

She thought she knew love…… He thought he never wanted love….. Together they will show each other what they can’t live without.

Build Me Up $0.99 Amazon

There's been a lot of noise in Kelly Lowell's house this week, but unfortunately none of it is coming from her bedroom! The construction work next door is driving Kelly out of her mind, and a series of potential boyfriends out of her life. All she wants is someone to have a little fun with, but when her latest suitor turns out to be a big mistake, she starts to get a little desperate. A girl's ego can only take so much! She marches over to give her new neighbor a piece of her mind, but one look at all those yummy muscles and suddenly a little noise doesn't seem like such a problem.

Workaholic Grant Black wonders what happened to his sex life. He's got a new construction company, an unfinished house, and he hasn't gotten laid in months. To make matters worse, his hot new neighbor only seems interested in yelling at him. However, when Grant catches her taking her sexual frustration into her own hands, he decides to take a chance and offer up his services. After all, he can fix anything, and he's oh so good with the right tools...

Broken Soldier (BBW Romance) (Wounded Love)

Broken Soldier - Two Wounded Hearts Collide
Rafael Carpenter left behind everything in Afghanistan when his unit was nearly annihilated. Now he's back home, trying to fit the pieces back together, and learning to survive with the injuries that nearly took his life.

Still recovering from the loss of her boyfriend a year ago, curvy Emily isn't ready to meet another man, even if one would have her. But her best friend Christa isn't the sort to take 'no' for an answer, and when Emily walks into a blind date and finds Rafael Carpenter waiting for her, she's left speechless. And intrigued.

Two wounded hearts collide, but will either of them be willing to let go of their pasts in order to forge a new future together?

Slow Jam (Volume 2 of The Savannah Rossi Chronicles) $0.99 Amazon

Singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi has the biggest gig of her career approaching, but her regular bass player is about to have major surgery. A sizzling hot Southern gentleman temporarily fills in on the gig and drives her to steamy distraction. But when complications with her friend's surgery arise, her lust, loyalty and ambition begin to clash. *Contains graphic sexual content and language.*

The "Savannah Rossi Chronicles" follow the steamy adventures of sexy, independent, musically-gifted singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi, who is teetering on the verge of national success. This is no spoiled brat pop princess looking to be saved. Confident, driven, intelligent and unabashed in her sexuality, Savannah has created her own success and enjoys a vibrant sex life on her own terms with men of her choosing. Is it possible that any one man could tame such an independent free spirit? Who says she even needs to be tamed? Follow Savannah's journey to find out...

Entangled (The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle: Part 2) $2.99 Amazon

The erotic adventures of Miss Jane Clemons in the jungle of Madagascar continue in this second installment.

If you thought Fifty Shades of Grey was'll enjoy Jane's erotic adventures in the jungle.

The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1 (Books 1-3) $2.99 Amazon


Each year lykaen princess Sarina Brunes goes through her breeding cycle—a powerful force that makes the desire to mate nearly inescapable. When Sarina is sent away by her father to endure the breeding cycle alone, she never expects a sexy Alpha to come to her doorstep.

When Alpha Vane Kategan stumbles upon Sarina in her breeding cycle, he is determined to help her, if only to ease her pain. However, she denies them both what they so desperately want. But Vane won’t give up on his seduction until they both find bliss. What neither of them count on is falling in love.

Right when they need each other the most, they are torn apart by her father’s cruelty. Now Sarina must fight to be with the one she loves and risk losing the only family she has left in the process. Can Sarina escape her father’s grasp for the arms of the man she loves?


Once a vibrant woman, Alison Bennson suffered a terrible trauma at the hands of her ex. When her excrashes back into her life with terrifyingconsequences, Alison must turn to the Kategans for help. Rome Kategan has been a haunting thought in her mind ever since she met the grinning rogue. If only she was the woman she used to be she could relax and enjoy the sexy male, but instead she is haunted by the past and fearful for the future.

Her past has emerged though with vengeance and with one purpose in mind for Alison—death. Rome Kategan swears to protect Alison with a passionate determination that frightens Alison almost more than her past.


The sight of her happily mated brothers has Vera biting her nails in frustration. When the opportunity arises forher to get away from it all she takes it—with one catch—Jackson Marsh. Jackson Marsh has been a pain in her ass from the moment she laid eyes on him. And now to repair his broken trust with her brother Rome, Jackson has agreed to protect Vera as she goes into enemy territory to negotiate the treaty between the Kategan Pack and the vampires.

However the change of scenery doesn’t do anything to help Vera’s mood for there was one thing she didn’t think about when she came up with her brilliant plan—seeing her ex vampire lover. Now with her ex vying for her affections again and Jackson sending her body and heart through a loop, Vera must decide with her heart, which has never fully healed itself from the past. In the midst of all the chaos, a vampire clan is threatening to take Kategan land. Together Vera and Jackson must fight to save Kategan land while trying to save each other from falling in love.

Desert Thirst - Part 2 (An Erotic Expedition Novella) $2.99 Amazon

Just as the scorching heat between biologist Lou Thornton and master tracker Quinn Caldwell builds to a climax, a deadly sirocco strikes. But the ferocious storm isn’t the only threat–the trackers are being tracked. Without warning, Lou is kidnapped and an expedition into the Sahara Desert turns into a desperate race for survival.

Mountain Wilds - Part 2 (An Erotic Expedition Novella) $2.99 Amazon

When Dr. Jules Moore and her pilot, Logan Sanders, crash land in the mountain wilds of British Columbia, they know they're lucky to have survived. But rescue is the last thing on their minds as their repressed desires for one another quickly overwhelm them. Soon, though, they discover that they are not alone. Drug traffickers, using the remote locale to hide their activities, discover and pursue Jules and Logan with the intent of silencing them. Separated from each other under gunfire, each must find a way to survive. Even as Logan confronts his pursuer, Jules is captured by hers.

Jungle Fever - Part 2 (An Erotic Expedition Novella) $2.99 Amazon

Rubber plantation owner Clark Peterson has been the perfect host. Auditor Jean Willis had expected that but nothing prepared her for the irresistible attraction drawing them together. And nothing prepared Clark for the possibility of love after the death of his wife. Unfortunately, their time together has left scientist George Liew an opportunity to advance his dangerous agenda. On the verge of finally fulfilling their desires, Jean and Clark receive news that shocks them both.

Island Magic - Part 2 (An Erotic Expedition Novella) $2.99 Amazon

Divers Melanie Bass and Kirk Hatcher put their troubled past behind them as their wild desires drive them together. But their hunt for sunken treasure suddenly turns into something other than a pleasure cruise. Modern-day pirates capture them, claim Kirk’s boat, and also take an intense interest in a treasure hunt that could leads to millions of dollars in gold, silver, and emeralds. Using voodoo, threats, and violence, they coerce Mel and Kirk into forced labor. Her nerves frayed and her body at the limit, Mel makes a frantic grab at freedom.

Kabana Heat $4.24 Amazon

Three people…three depraved plans…one inferno of scandalous pleasures.
Movie star Mitch Wulfrum is tired of deflecting the gay rumors buzzing around him. It’s time for drastic measures to suppress them once and for all—even if it means marriage in name only to the first trophy wife he can get his hands on. And beautiful sugar cane princess Kiona ’Alohi fits right into his plan.
Kiona can’t believe her luck when she’s presented with Mitch’s proposition. Her overbearing father is dangling her trust fund over her head as an enticement to dump her oh-so-sexy, but oh-so-unsuitable lover, Nakolo. A bogus marriage to Mitch will net her everything she wants—money and love, even if she can only have Kol on the sly.
What she doesn’t expect are the sexual sparks that fly between her and Mitch, or, when Kol catches them together, the heat that flares between the two men. One scandalously pleasurable encounter after another fans the flames of attraction, until they begin to dream that all three of them could have everything they ever wanted—and more than they ever expected.
An intricate, fragile web of lies and deceit are all that keep their wanton secrets from erupting into the public eye. Trouble is, one scheming photographer has already clicked the shutter that could ruin all their lives.

Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret Anthology) $5.99 Amazon
Note: If you have already purchased Try Me, Tempt Me and Take Me separately, these are the exact same books. There is no new content.

For the five rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.

This anthology contains the first three novellas in the One Night with Sole Regret serial series.

In Try Me, Sole Regret's crafty drummer, Gabe "Force" Banner, seduces a straight-laced accountant before she realizes she's talking to a rock star.

In Tempt Me, Sole Regret's troubled lead guitarist, Adam Taylor, might finally be ready to commit to the woman who saved him from a life of despair and abuse.

In Try Me, Sole Regret's enigmatic vocalist, Jacob "Shade" Silverton, tries to keep his cool around one off-limits woman from his past, but she just might be too hot to resist.

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