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Labor Day Yummy

Hey fans, well, I'm not sure how you're spending your Labor Day, but it's rainy here, so no cook-out for us. But, here's something yummy for you:

Some Erotics!!


CRASH & BURN (Rule Breaker)

She rocks his world...he'll need distance from her to think straight.
      Waking up after an off-the-charts night with Alana, Jonathan has 23 minutes to memorize every inch of her body, erotic sensuality, and ability to torment him before he must let her go when their business contract begins and his record company is in charge of her band and her future.

He sets her body on fire...shattering the walls she's erected. 
      Alana is fiercely loyal to Orion. But when fame comes knocking on her door alone, her band refuses to stand in her way. As the pressure builds to keep the band together, the only way out may mean cutting free from a man who complicates her life with his ability to melt her body, heart and soul.

Jon and Alana are blinded by their hotter-than-hell passions until they're spiraling out-of-control and there's nothing left to do but CRASH & BURN.

EROTICA: Full-on scorcher from the start. TOO HOT TO EVEN PROVIDE A PREVIEW!!!

Lust (Seven Deadly Sins)

It was a fresh start, and as a recent graduate from the Charleston School of Law, it was a way to pad her resume with a high powered New York Law firm. But most of all, it was away from him.

The last thing she needed was another relationship, especially since her devastating break up with her master, Benton Frazier. Burned one too many times, this submissive was ready to put her past behind her. She just never figured on Carlton.

Liz could have easily taken a local job offer in Charleston. However, since her brother waited for her to graduate, it was now his time to pursue his fashion career in New York City. Now that her parents were gone, Palmer was all she had. Everything seemed to be falling into place until she met him. Now, all she can think about is Carlton.

Carlton was dreamy. Handsome, rugged, and well dressed. Deep brown eyes the color of chocolate, and the silken voice with a hint of an English accent that simply drove her crazy. But she soon finds out that Carlton is much more than he appeared to be.

Although not her first choice, New York did offer her a way to pad her resume while her brother completed his education. Besides, getting away from her relationship with Benton Frazier was just what the doctor ordered.

Everything Bared (Six-Alarm Sexy)

Firefighter Dani Harris has always wanted a family, but doesn't think it's possible because of her demanding, high-stakes career. Her sex life is as high-adrenaline as her job, and that's just one more thing that makes her unsuitable to be a wife and mother. Her secret kink--exhibitionism--has gotten in the way of more than one relationship. Will she ever find a man who not only shares her wild fantasies, but loves her for them?

Burdened with ensuring the success of the struggling family business, William Caldwell IV needs a wife suited for a CEO--one with money and connections, who can manage his busy social life and raise their 2.5 children. He's got everything all mapped out, but when he meets Dani, a woman who's every kind of wrong, she taps into desires he's only half-recognized and long-suppressed. Suddenly his carefully crafted five-year plan feels as confining as a straightjacket.

As Dani and Will's sexual experimentation escalates, they test the limits of polite society by baring all and risking exposure--an exposure that could cost them their reputations and careers.

Biker Billionaire #1: A Wild Ride

The night I met Shane Sorrenson started off as the worst one of my life. I had just broken up with my fiance, John, after a huge fight. I decided I would rather walk home in the rain than drive with him another minute. Then Shane pulled up next to me on his Harley. He was huge, sexy and dangerous. Everything I'd never even dared fantasize about. I should have made him take me to a hotel, or a friend's house, or anywhere. Instead, I let him take me to his condo where he turned the worst night of my life into the most erotic, sensual experience I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams. 

Fallen Kisses (a steamy angel romance retelling of Rapunzel) (sequel to Just One Golden Kiss)

Fallen Kisses is a steamy retelling of Rapunzel with an angel twist. When brokenhearted twenty-one-year-old Zel is finally free to leave the tower, the place that has held her prisoner her entire life, after a witch took her from her parents when she was an infant, she embarks on a journey during which she will reunite with Xavier, her fallen angel lover. Zel and Xavier will reignite their desire for each other and begin their wedding preparations, but in the darkness, unbeknownst to them, someone awaits, someone who is determined to separate them again.

After vampires kidnap Zel and leave her tied to a tree in the Kingdom of Barmoth, a stranger rescues her and brings her to his home under the sea. Still angry with Xavier for betraying her with another woman, Zel can't resist surrendering to the stranger, a merman, and before she can come to her senses, she finds herself indulging in the most intense sex she has ever had. But, her actions aren't without consequences and if she ever wants to return to Xavier she will have to completely change who she is. She doesn't know whether or not Xavier will forgive her, but one thing is certain, she is no longer the same person.

JACKED (Tied with a Bow)

Aren’t birthday presents fun to open?
Especially when your husband sets out to fulfill all your secret fantasies.
Join Debra and Jack and see just how much fun.
It’s the thought that counts.

The Pleasures Collection: Boxed Set (Sensual Pleasures: Volume 1/Sensual Pleasures: Volume 2/Sensual Pleasures: Volume 3)

The Pleasures Collection: Boxed Set (Sensual Pleasures: Volume 1/Sensual Pleasures: Volume 2/Sensual Pleasures: Volume 3) includes nine erotic short tales. If you have ever fantasized about a steamy encounter, then this collection of scorching tales will be more than enough encouragement to gratify even the most ravenous of sexual appetites. These stories are written in first person allowing you to insert yourself in these lusty scenarios for maximum arousal.

French Kiss (BDSM / BWWM) (Love is Everything)

An admissions department snafu at Manhattan’s prestigious Juilliard School for the Arts, pairs a lovely African American girl in the same dorm room with a blond blue eyed Frenchman, both ballet students. Maybe it’s karma, but sparks of frustration turn into the heat of attraction and within the week the pair are involved in an interracial romance with plenty of explicit sex.

But just when things start really heating up, cruel fate steps in at Christmas vacation, when, after a second snafu, the lovebirds are separated the by an ocean of despair—the Atlantic Ocean. 

Pirate's Price

Vihlok is a dashing, though somewhat unscrupulous, Sabrotine privateer. He offers a variety of less than legal services for outlandish fees. When an anonymous client asks him to kidnap a young woman during her wedding and sully her reputation so badly the groom will no longer want her, he’s intrigued.

A past indiscretion leaves Rana Jabulayni little choice but to accept an unwanted marriage. Yet one night alone with her fiancé convinces Rana anything is better than being bartered as part of a trade agreement. Seeing no other option, Rana arranges her own kidnapping.

Vihlok has dreamed of repaying the corrupt House of Jabulayni for their utter indifference to his people ever since the war ended. A quirk of fate has left his enemy at his mercy and the day of reckoning is long overdue. Hoping to shock and scandalize the sheltered princess, Vihlok agrees to kidnap/rescue her. But Princess Rana is not nearly as sheltered as Vihlok presumes and erotic heat soon turns to something deeper.

The Pirate and the Feisty Maid -- Part One: At His Hand (A Steamy Pirate Romance) (The Feisty Maid Series)

*A Steamy Serial Romance - Part One*
*Author's note: This is a short story erotic romance (approximately 32 pages) that can stand on its own as a steamy read. However, this is also the introduction to the Feisty Maid serial romance, where readers can follow Molly and Ronan on their steamy adventures. Part 2 (approximately 75 pages) is currently available.*

All Molly wants is to spend her time in Ronan's arms, but when he's away at sea for months at a time, she can't help getting into trouble. Now she'll have to suffer the consequences at Ronan's hand-- a punishment she's all too keen on.

With him barely back a week, she's none too happy to hear he'll be leaving for another nine months away on the high seas. She's damned if she's going to sit idly by and wait for him, but he has his own plans for keeping his sweet lass out of trouble.

Question is, who'll get their way? The pirate or the feisty maid? 

Saying It (Paley Office Park Romance Novellas)

Buttoned-up Mackenzie Bask never says what’s on her mind, and it’s starting to hold her back. When she realizes that Colton Wielet, her hot handyman, won’t rip those buttons off unless she finds her voice, her desire for him overwhelms her sense of propriety.

Business meets pleasure at Paley Office Park, where sexy secrets outnumber the office chairs. Peek inside the deliciously naughty private lives of the 9-to-5 crowd as they explore a whole different kind of grind. Going to work will never be the same.

Temptation Stories: A collection

“ Mindful Temptations”
A young woman’s roommates and sexual fantasies finally win and push her into the first bed available.

“Doctor, please!”
A doctor teaches a dick-teasing nurse not to underestimate older men.

“Double trouble”
A young lady returns home for a surprise visit, only to find that her parents moved out of the country, but are renting their house two a couple of great looking guys.

Doctor's Orders: The Exam (#1)

Lost, listless Claire is unexpectedly swept up in a complicated dance of dominance and sexual submission with the Doctor himself, all as part of her treatment. Each session, she learns something new about herself and her sexual desires. Each session, she gets closer to her ultimate goal: the Doctor himself.

This is #1 in the Doctor's Orders series. All the stories in this series can be read on their own, satisfying each individual kink, or can be read together. Happy reading!

WARNING: This short story (about 8,000 words, or 30 pages) contains hardcore BDSM play, including Doctor play (of course!), spanking, discipline, a little pain, a sex harness, blind sex, denied orgasm...and more. This is a fantasy. In real life you might want to be a little more careful...

Midnight Sex Shop

Warning: This novella contains incredibly sexy scenes between one smart detective and a sex club owner. Clothes are removed, threats are made, and many naked people are seen. Also this book features some hot menage action with m/f/m and f/m/f, voyeurism, and graphic language. Consider yourself warned!
A sinister rumor has sent Detective Lina Blackmoore into the infamous sex club--The Midnight Sex Shop. The club whose motto Your darkest desire is our only pleasure is under tight scrutiny when an anonymous call is made to Lina's precinct alleging that the Midnight Sex Shop is selling child pornography. Lina discovers that the club is owned by the dark and handsome, Cade Vanderoth, who will only work with Lina for a price...her body.

Lina quickly learns that Cade Vanderoth is a sexual dream, a man who unravels her every sexual fantasy as if he could see straight into her. Lina succumbs to him, and in his arms, experiences her deepest, rawest of sexual fantasies.

While passions bloom and love is realized, a dark presence lingers in the Midnight Sex Shop. As Lina struggles to solve the case, she begins to lose the battle over love. But can Lina learn to trust and can Cade overcome his inability to commit? Can these two hearts learn to mesh or will they falter and risk losing the greatest thing in life--love.

99 Cent Blast

These are all 99 cent Amazon books!
The Captain and the Courtesan

Against his conscience, Captain Edward Howland buys a night with the enchanting and mysterious masked courtesan, Lady Amelia Kentley, and their evening together becomes far more than either expected.

As her first night as a courtesan approaches, the mysterious masked noblewoman is the talk of London. Impoverished Lady Amelia Kentley, wearing a mask to hide her identity, is resigned to her fate, working in a brothel to support her child and herself. When she meets the kindly and passionate sea Captain Edward Howland, she is shocked at the powerful attraction she feels for him. She hopes that he will be her first paying lover. Dare she dream of more, of running away from her degrading situation with him?

Edward disdains paid-for sex, but he is so enchanted with the masked Lady Amelia that he cannot resist the chance to claim a night's pleasure with her before he sets sail in the morning. They share hours of overwhelming passion, and a deep affection develops between them. By daybreak, Edward is determined to find a way to rescue her from her fate as a courtesan, but can he do so without besmirching his honor?

Five Alarm Touch (Civic Duty)

David had waited for this moment to have Felicia’s talented and oiled hands on his body.

Warning: This SHORT STORY Is suitable for 18+ only. It features hot sex.

Country Minded Cougar (Hot Flash)

Margaret Nelson, thirty-five year old country music talent agent. Her dream job and she's good. She's got four needy but extremely talented clients. One problem, her boss wants her to take on the newest, hottest rising star to hit Nashville, Lee James. Making him a huge success should be easy. He's gorgeous, sexy and oh-my-God, hot!

Lee James, do your momma proud country boy turned sizzling country star. He's on the fast track to be the biggest thing to hit country music since George Strait. The talent agency hired by his record company to promote him comes with a huge issue—his attraction to his agent. She's beautiful, funny, and smart, but she seems to have this hang up with being older than he is.

No way could Lee be attracted to a woman with cellulite, love handles and sagging breasts or at least that's the way Maggie sees herself. He could have any woman he wants, why her?

Can desire this blistering continue to ignite long after their one night of passion?

Night Moves

When Texas born and bred Chloe Mires agrees to trade places with her New York City friend for two weeks, she never dreams her two-year dry spell is about to come to a scorching end...thanks to the hunk across the hall. Will her midnight rendezvous turn out to be love at first 'light'?

Jane's Addiction

Jane’s innocence was lost some time ago when her first love betrayed her trust. Just when she manages to move on and feels that broken hearts can be mended, she’s dealt another crushing blow. Now, Jane knows that fairy tales don’t exist and that it’s easier to just have fun. Some women might be addicted to love, but Jane was just addicted to the next sexual thrill. Would she ever acknowledge that, down deep inside, she still longed for someone to love?

Sweet and Wild (Sensual Shorts)

In this short, lyrical tale, Charles Dantry depicts an intense romance that flares up between a teacher and a Chinese woman who comes into his small, isolated community in the West Country.

It is beautifully told, with candid and unashamed sensuality and a gentle touch of humour. Their bold, fearless love blazes brightly and is truly heart-warming in its uncomplicated sincerity.

Sensual Shorts is a series of short, literary stories by new authors brought to you by Ambergris Books, a small independent publisher that specialises in works that ravish the senses.

When Melanie applied for the copywriter position at the “Adult merchandise” company, she never dreamed she’d be demonstrating the products to her boss! But Stone was charming, handsome, funny, kind, admiring…and a total babe in the woods about his own merchandise. Melanie got the job and the man. Love blossomed. Sex was fabulous. Sex toys played a big part in their relationship, but it was about more than just buzzing each other’s best parts with vibrators. They were truly in love.

Unfortunately, however, reality has a way of messing up the greatest of romances, and Stone found himself needing to sell his new business and move out of town, while Melanie found herself needing to stay behind. Was there any chance for future happiness for the two separated lovers? The old saying notwithstanding, love doesn’t conquer all. But could they find a way back to each other?

Cowboy Kiss

Can one rodeo-winning cowboy steal the heart and kiss of one Daisy May? You bet your bucking bronco. This steaming duo finally takes the chance to express their sultry attraction to each other and in more ways or positions than you can count on. In a steamy shower, old barn, and handmade custom kitchen table or in front of the fire, these two find ways to make the ecstasy elevate. This hot scorching erotic short romance story will leave you warm and wanting for more... of something! Question is can you handle the hot temperatures and sultry scenes this story unfolds?

Tasting the Tutor: An Erotic Quickie

Steven is absolutely crazy about his scorching hot cooking instructor. After he arranges for a private lesson back as his apartment, the two make sure no ingredient goes to waste...

Three Nights in Greece

When Layla Swann signs onto a case to catch an antiquities thief in Greece, she has no idea that she's in for the three nights of her life! Her new boss, sexy Irishman Kevin Conlin, may only need Layla to pose as his lover, but Layla has other ideas. Kevin Conlin can't believe his poor choice of agents. Layla is everything he's longed for in a woman, but she's completely off limits. Three nights alone in a romantic setting isn't helping either calm their intense desires. When they finally give in to their passion, a bullet cuts their romance short...and their only chance for real happiness.

The Army And The Sex Experiment (contemporary romance, erotic romance)

Taken to an unknown destination, stripped naked and left in a room with a fellow women comrad. What is exactly is the Army up to and why are they locked in a room together naked. How will they handle the attraction that they have for each other especially when they're naked.

His job was to watch them. They were his experiment. He was documenting their every move. This was better then porn. He loved the Army and his job.

Flirting With Danger (The Agency)

Book one in The Agency Series

Skye Adams thought she was meeting her father for an ordinary lunch. Instead she ends up running for her life on a deadly mission with only one man whom she can trust to keep her safe-Jack Berick.

Skye Adams is looking forward to a wonderful lunch with her father – Victor Adams – to celebrate her birthday after he returns from a work trip. Instead of a good meal of Thai food, however, Skye ends up on the run for her life. Black-clad strangers try to kill her, her father’s partner Garth and decimate the restaurant to smoking rubble. Scared out of her mind, Skye turns to the only person she feels she can trust, Jack Berick, a rugged, mysterious man her father once insisted she believe in when all hell were to break loose.

Piecing together a complicated web of lies, half truths and deceit, Skye and Jack must work out not only whom to trust, but figure out what happened to Victor and how to get him back – preferably whole and sound. The further they dig, the more convoluted everything becomes and Skye finally understands the world is not full of black and white, good and evil, but a messy mixture of grey.

In amongst the fear, fire and insanity, more and more Skye realised the searing attraction burning between herself and Jack is the only solid, reliable thing she can depend on. Losing her heart had not been part of the plan, but all too soon the intensity smouldering between them has raged way out of control, and Skye can only see one man dependable enough to remain by her side into the future no matter what might happen. That man is Jack, as they both tempt fate and flirt with danger.

The Dark Cowboy Erotica Romance (Confessions of a Married Woman)

Katrina has everything. A successful business, a great husband and family, but like so many women her sex life has become non existent.

Katrina is looking for a man that can fulfill her sexual fantasies without strings.
While escaping on a weekend getaway with her girlfriends, she meets the dark cowboy and finally has her sexual needs fully met. 


A sudden impulse to take some time away from her usual surroundings can land a woman in a situation that is filled with sexual desire and lust from long ago. When a man captures your attention and your desires are not fulfilled, your desire for him will only explode once you are given another chance. A remote cabin and an early-morning surprise is a chance at a destiny unfulfilled. Erotic natures uncoil as the first kiss is seduced. Heated passionate exchanges of fantasies play out in moments of seduction causing the internal fire to combust and a desire for more. Erotica in a nature setting always seduces the organic soul.
Over ten thousand words of erotic sexual situations in a romantic setting evolving into a short story to remember.

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