Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

Today is a day in history that everyone will remember where they were. I certainly do. It was a day that America pulled together as a whole. A city labeled as dangerous and full of crime united and became one. People from all walks of life were there to help in any way possible. Today, we will will never forget. I have to say, out of all the rememberance photos out there, this one will always stick with me. 

To me, that photo says 1000 words.

On this day, nothing else matters.
Not your political view, not your standpoint on war, not your race, sex, age, nothing! 
Today is a day that Americans and the world just...REMEMBER

In honor of today, I'm posting a few books about 9/11, then I'll post your full list of books under it. 


Ground Zero (The Thrilling Military Action Series)

September 11, 2001 was supposed to be John Alvarez’s day off. Instead he was called into work. He was one of thousands who found themselves busy working just like any other morning. Then the first plane struck the North Tower. Minutes later the second plane hit the South Tower, only a few floors above from where John and his colleagues stood watching the chaos unfolding across the way. Quickly panic and fear filled the air. Then the towers collapsed and John’s story begins.

But John also has a secret. Why did his landlady warn him not to go to work the morning of the attack? Is there more to the surprise attack on America than John or anybody else knows? Was it orchestrated by bin Laden and Al Qaeda or by a larger organization nobody would ever suspect? 

Against his parents will, John enlists in the Army and is deployed to Afghanistan where flashback’s of 9-11 and IEDs plague John’s conscience. John is on a mission to find the truth behind the terrorist attack and will do anything to discover it. 

Miss You, Pat: Collected Memories of NY's Bravest of the Brave, Captain Patrick J. Brown

Captain Patrick Brown had an uncanny ability to be exactly where he was needed at exactly the right time. He died on 9/11, surrounded by scores of burn victims he was trying to evacuate from the WTC’s North Tower. Outside the FDNY, the many people whose lives he touched insist that he was inspired when it came to knowing their hurt, and how to heal it. To deal with her loss, his close friend and former fiancée began collecting stories about Pat, carefully stitching them together with her own narrative. The result is an intimate and moving literary experience, as well as a riveting introduction to a highly complex man whose legacy--encapsulated here --is destined to live on.

A gripping, inspiring first-hand account of the miracles and fate that allowed Ari Schonbrun to make it out from the 78th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11 – a story of courage, heroism, and rebirth in the wake of the greatest attack on America in the 21st Century. A truly unforgettable story of hope that will force the reader to re-examine what matters most in life.

Ok, so, now I've got some other books. In honor of today, I'd like to feel the love from everyone! SO here's some romances. 

Counterfeit Cowboy

"Nothing but a counterfeit cowboy." That's how veterinarian and horse farm owner Dr. Shelby Masters contemptuously describes the number-one male country music singer. Strapped for cash when her prize stallion is stolen, she is forced to spend six weeks with the man, teaching him enough to do his own riding in the western movie he's signed for. 

Jordan Brooks can sing and play a guitar, but he can't ride a horse. He has a month and a half in which to learn, and he might just give strait-laced and distanced Shelby a few lessons of his own. For instance, how to make the most of a warm summer's night on a moonlit beach...

“I'm not sure what possessed me to do it. Maybe it was the impossible expectations I faced, maybe it was my own self-loathing. But I just knew I needed something different to happen. I needed derail me from my current path. Otherwise, I would become lost...a hollowed out shell of a man. So I did it. I approached her, then I pursued her, then I made her mine. And my life was saved...”

Ryan Burnham is the privileged son of a U.S. Congressman and captain of his university’s hockey team. While he is on the verge of fulfilling his dreams to play in the NHL, his parents want him on a different course. One he is expected to accept for the sake of his family’s public image.

Forced to abandon her music career after the heart breaking death of her parents, Danny Cross exists on the opposite side of the tracks from Ryan. She is struggling to make her own way, working two jobs, attending college part time and volunteering in a homeless shelter. She is on a mission to build her own success.

With a chance meeting, their vastly different worlds collide, causing each to evaluate whether they are truly on the correct path to self-fulfillment and happiness. Can their relationship survive? Particularly when others are against them every step of the way. A lot can happen in just ten short days...

COLOR MY HORSE (Romantic Mystery)

A disillusioned heiress is catapulted from the glamorous world of Alpine skiing into the cutthroat trenches of Thoroughbred racing. 

The hunky trainer's job now includes babysitting a manipulative owner's rebellious granddaughter. She's the last thing this horse-loving loner needs...but she turns into the only thing he really wants.

Sparks fly. Romance blooms. Danger threatens them all!

Hope Breaks: A New Adult Romantic Comedy (Book 1 of 3)

Hope Jones has two problems: one is new, the other is depressingly old.

The new problem: the bestselling author the publisher she shoots romance novel covers for hates her newest batch of covers. She has until the end of the week to come up with a breathtaking shot or she'll be replaced. And there's a sudden model shortage; they're out of season.

The old, depressing problem: she hasn't had a date, sex or a relationship in over two years.

She also has one hell of a headache.

Hope finds the cures for her two problems during a search through Wal-Mart for a painkiller to kill her headache.

Turns out the aisles of the retail giant are rampant with hot young model worthy specimens. And when her trusty Ford Taurus breaks down in the parking lot, a hunky mechanic in the Tire and Lube Express department fixes more than just her car.

Seemingly her troubles are good as gone...but then her new, fabulous cover is rejected, and in a desperate moment she has to choose between keeping her job and keeping the man she's just starting to fall in love with.

35,000 Word Novella.

Reckless Nights in Rome (A Ludlow Hall Story 1)

Though the name of her celebration and wedding cake business is up in lights, Bronte Ludlow doesn't care for the trappings of success. All that matters to her is her company, her independence and her heritage,The Dower House. Home to her ancestors since the seventeenth century, no way will she part with it to ‘a man with too much money and no soul’.

Nico Ferranti’s only passions are money and power... He's a man who stopped believing in romance long ago and Bronte's a romantic, yet the attraction sparking between them like fireworks over the Piazza del Popolo stuns Nico.
When Bronte's brother is badly hurt in a car accident in Rome, Nico whisks Bronte to the Eternal City. He wants her and he wants The Dower House and Nico Ferranti always gets what he wants.

But Bronte’s heart has already been broken by one ruthless charmer and although tempted she isn’t about to give up either her heart or her home to the charismatic Italian without a fight!

The Date Auction

For some lucky fangirls, "The Date Auction" is the chance of a lifetime, a chance to win dates with the rising stars of their dreams. 

Fifty-something Eva Stanford didn't expect to win a date with Jamie Thierry, the gorgeous male model who happens to be twenty years younger than her. She didn't want to be labeled a cougar, and she certainly didn't expect him to like her! What are her friends going to think?

Alaina Torres looks like she stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalogue, so when she wins a date with struggling actor William Thierry, he feels like the lucky one. Little does he know, Alaina can be quite a handful...

Cora Crosby is a huge fan of Harry Shaw, the handsome English actor she's been obsessed with for several years. She's seen all of his movies a dozen times, and winning a date with him is truly a dream come true. Cora doesn't hide the fact that she's a super-fan... but what big secret could she be hiding?

Between Then and Now (The Wardham Series)

Their story didn't start with a fairytale romance...
Romance is the last thing on Ian's mind. He's juggling the family farm and a second job, his kids are a crazy handful and every time he gets close to his wife, she snaps at him. Their relationship started with a sizzling physical connection, and he needs to find a way to leverage that into reconnecting on a deeper level.

Their marriage wasn't chosen for love...
Carrie knows she's being too hard on her husband, but eight years ago she had a one-night stand that turned into a lifetime of diapers and dinners. She can't shake the feeling that she wants more, or the fear that her husband won't understand.

But they still chose each other...time and again

Wind Shadow

Silky is no quitter....

This month-long bicycle trip across summertime Alaska is her chance to get Rex back. Yes, he'd made a mistake, a bad one, and she'd divorced him for it. But she has no intention of failing at this marriage. Then there is the complication—the cop, Wade. When she met him she'd made a complete idiot of herself, and low and behold here he is, on the same darned vacation. 

Getting Rex back is her only objective. So why does she keep tumbling into Wade's arms? He's made it clear he isn't looking for anything but casual relationships. She thought she'd made a big enough fool of herself when they met. So just how big a fool will she make of herself with one man—while trying to win back another? 

Lucien (Manipulating the Masters)

All's fair in love when Manipulating a Master...

Five years ago, businessman Lucien Masters made a deal with his grandfather to save his sisters’ inheritances that required he marry by his thirtieth birthday. Ten days before the deadline and his fiancée in the wind, Luc scrambles to find a replacement bride. Fortunately, the solution to his problem is sitting right across the office and struggling with a few issues of her own.

Elise Hamilton has more on her plate than she can handle. Temporarily assigned as Lucien's assistant, she's overworked, over-stimulated, and overwhelmed especially when her brother informs her the tax police are ready to slap the cuffs on their mother. 

Fate intervenes in the form of a lightning bolt and induces Elise to accept Luc's last minute proposal, but if he thinks she'll fall headlong into his arms just because of an ‘I do’, he has another thing coming.

Reaching the Edge

Emily has waited over two years to give herself to Sergei. She couldn't have asked for a more patient man. Now they've finally reached their wedding night, and after all Sergei's patience and understanding, Emily wants to be everything for him. How will their first night together compare to their dreams?

This is a 3500-word short story that contains mature content not suitable for younger readers.

All Over You (Unforgettable You, Book 1.5)

This is a college-set romance. The hero is not tattooed or irrevocably damaged and the heroine has not been physically or emotionally abused. There are many good books out there like that in this genre. This is not such a book.  

An ex is an ex for a reason

To Rebecca Winters, it's not just a saying or the title to a catchy tune, it's a rule she staunchly lives by. Especially since the break up with her ex. What's the point in trying to fix the "unfixable"? Besides, only a girl hell-bent on more heartbreak would go back to the guy who bailed on her when she needed him most. But saying no to Scott is becoming more difficult than surviving the breakup itself. And unfortunately for her, the kind of pressure he's exerting is making her rule all too easy to break.

Scott Carver has given up trying to get over his ex. He's still in love with her and their year apart has done nothing to change that. Yeah, he knows he screwed up. Just how royally, he wasn't aware of until now. So when Becca agrees to give him a second chance, he grabs on to it with both hands. But it's clear the only way things will ever truly be right between them is if he comes clean...about everything. He can only pray the truth doesn't send her running--for good this time.

Veer (Clayton Falls)

Only when you let go can you learn to live.

Between the death of her mother and pushing through law school without her best friend, it's been a tough year for Becca. Needing a break from Boston, she moves to a tiny coastal North Carolina town for a relaxing summer. After bumping heads repeatedly with a local cop, she realizes her summer will be anything but quiet.

Three years after a career ending injury ruins his chance to play Major League Baseball, Gavin has a distrust of northerners and lately girls in general. He wants nothing to do with a girl who is only in town for the summer.

When the two give in to their impossible attraction, they realize that they may just have found the key to freeing themselves from the ghosts of their pasts.

Fall into Him

When Jennifer looks in the mirror, she can barely recognize herself. An abusive relationship transformed a woman with a promising future into a broken soul. For the past three years she has tried desperately to forget her pain, but her wounds still haunt her. She has learned to never give her heart away.

Now, as Jennifer struggles to piece her life back together, she meets one man who could change everything.

Philip Haas is a self-made man who always gets what he wants. He's the epitome of wealth, power, and sex. Despite his incredible wealth and seductive personality, his life has not been as easy as it appears.

When they share a night of passion, more questions than answers arise. Does Philip truly care for her, or is he just using her body?

Just when it seems like the answers are in sight, Philip's past resurfaces to threaten their relationship. Will he overcome his past for Jennifer or will it tear them apart?

Be All (All Series, Book 1)

Sent away every summer after her father is taken hostage, while deployed in Afghanistan, Breesan Maxwell is allowed to spend her first summer in thirteen years at home on Willow Island. Invited to a welcome home party for Morgan Walker, playboy and future heir to Walker Corporation, Breesan’s self made world of exile begins to fall away.

An introduction to Morgan only initiates the downfall of her self-contained world. His brother, undercover Drug Task Force Enforcer, Marcus Walker’s return adds to the chaos by uncovering family secrets, lies and evil plans to destroy her that will make protecting her heart and those around her extra difficult.

Family responsibilities, deceits and the criminal behavior twist these three lives together threatening their meager existences. One brother could offer her a love that will be all worth the downfall.

Resisting Nick (Wicked in Wellington)

Nick Sharpe owns a chain of fitness centers. He has money, ambition, and a body honed to perfection, but he’s just discovered he was adopted and never told. To make matters worse, his P.A. has walked out at short notice. His business and personal lives are suddenly in disarray—and then fate hands him Sammie.
Sammie Sherbourne only needs a temporary job until her passport arrives, then she’s off to see the world. The last thing she wants is to become one of Nick’s many conquests. But Nick’s hot and he’s hurting, and Sammie knows she might hold the key to his identity. That’s a lot of temptation for a girl with a tender heart.
Warning: Contains sexy games in beds, bathrooms, and on balconies.

A Moment Like This

Nurse and part time writer, Promise Genson, finds herself longing for the romantic ideal of love. A lover of romance she begins such a book, emailing it to her friend to review who happens to be an editor, though she had yet given permission for publishing. Events in her life become hectic when, Aidan Feral, her high school sweetheart, shows up his mother in need of her care. There might still be something there... but there also might be something or rather, someone she forgot.

Selah Donavon (the heroine of Promise’s novel) is a writer and small café owner in suburban Pennsylvania. When she sits down to write her newest masterpiece she encounters a dilemma. In order to portray her characters interactions properly she must gain an intimate knowledge of the world of online dating. Signing up for a match site is not her idea of romance; however, as her resource becomes a tangle of heartstrings she finds herself drawn away from the imaginary into reality. And the reality is she’s falling in love! But with who?

Yank (New Adult Romance)

David has been brightening up his gray Surrey, England days with the porn collection hidden in his parents' shed, but when he finds that their American foreign exchange student, Dawn, has discovered his magazines, things really begin to heat up. David's parents insist that he look for a job, but Dawn has the week off and is determined to work on her tan. Distracted David finds himself increasingly tempted by their seductive foreign exchange student, who makes it very clear what she wants. In spite of the Study Abroad program's policy that no "relations" are allowed between a student and anyone in their host family--not to mention David's mother's insistence that they treat each other as "brother and sister,"--Dawn's teasing ways slowly break down the barrier between them until they both give in to their lust. But what are they going to do about the feelings that have developed between them in the meantime?

NOTE: This story appeared in another book titled NAUGHTY BITS. Previously titled Foreign Exchange, this is a slightly less naughty, but no less sexy re-telling--updated and redressed for your reading pleasure.

Legendary Lover

At sixteen, Tessa gave her virginity to Cord Redigo. She'd loved him, or thought she had, until his fury at her misguided, juvenile trick broke her heart.

For the past thirteen years, she has despised him. Now he's walked back into her life, bent on destroying her livelihood! And he doesn't even remember her!

All too soon Tessa realizes that deep inside she's still that sixteen-year-old, lovesick fool. No matter how desperately she tries to hate Cord, he draws her cunningly into his arms and his bed. Tess knows that small passions die with absence, but grand passions only grow larger. To her regret, her passion for Cord is of the deepest kind. Will that tragic truth brand her as the grandest fool of all?

Amazon Cheapies

Hometown Star $0.99

Television production manager Starlene White has spent her life trying to overcome what she calls her “white trash” childhood. Born to a mother that changed husbands like most people change their toothbrushes, and after having raised her three younger siblings, she’s made a vow to never marry, or have children. For Star, family is overrated—big time.

When Star receives a letter from her childhood nemesis, Cade O’Brien, asking her to come to Alaska to remove her deceased aunt’s possessions from her mobile home, a mobile home that sits on O’Brien land, Star’s first thought is to refuse. Cade made her childhood a living hell. She never understood why he disliked her so much, and the last thing she wants is to comply with his wishes. However, business takes her to Seward when her television show Update This! begins a series of home makeovers, using the homes of single Alaska men. Hoping to kill two birds with one stone, Star heads home.

Cade O’Brien has always wanted a big family. A widower, struggling to raise his three kids while running a bed and breakfast/charter fishing business, he has his hands full. When he sends Star a letter, asking her to empty out her aunt’s place, he’s surprised when she shows up. And he’s even more surprised by the guilt and regret he feels at the way he treated her when they were kids. Cade sets out to make amends with Star.

But old hurts die hard, and Star is slow to warm to Cade, and even slower to warm to his kids. Yet, Cade refuses to give up, especially when he knows in his heart that this hometown girl is the girl of his dreams.

Pros and Cons: A Short Story (Kindle Single) $0.99

FBI special agent Kate O’Hare has made it her mission to nail international con artist Nicolas Fox. When she discovers his plot to plunder a venture capitalist’s twentieth-story Chicago penthouse of all its cash and treasures while the self-proclaimed “King of Hostile Takeovers” is getting married, Kate is 85 percent—okay maybe 92 percent—sure that she’s finally going to bag Nick Fox.

Problem is, first Kate has to convince her boss, building security, and maybe even herself, that wedding planner Merrill Stubing is actually Nicolas Fox. Second, she has to figure out how to corner and capture him without disrupting the event of the year. And third, what’s going to happen once O’Hare finally gets her hands on Fox? It’s going take a pro to catch a con before the fireworks over Lake Michigan go off.

Fall into Her (Fall into Him Book Two) $2.99

Previously released as Passion at Midnight

The steamy continuation of Fall into Him by Evelyn Harper. Jennifer has let Philip into her heart for the first time. Just when she thinks there could be a future between them, her ex shows up, to threaten their budding relationship.

Philip still distances himself from Jennifer. Is he trying to protect himself, or is he trying to hide something?

Derailed (Clayton Falls) $2.99

When you're lost, sometimes the only place you can go is home.

Broken over the death of her fiancé, Molly leaves law school to return to her childhood home in North Carolina. Expecting to lay low until she can figure out what else to do with her life, she finds herself in the arms of her high school sweetheart, the boy who represents everything from the past she tried to leave behind.

Looking for an escape, she instead finds a way back to the girl she almost forgot existed and a future she never dreamed possible.

Life on the Edge $2.99

Nineteen-year-old Emily is new to pairs skating, but she and her partner Chris have a big dream-to be the first American team to win Olympic gold. Their young coach Sergei, who left Russia after a mysterious end to his skating career, believes they can break through and make history.

Emily and Chris are on track to be top contenders at the 2002 Winter Games. But when forbidden feelings spark between Emily and Sergei, broken trust and an unexpected enemy threaten to derail Emily's dreams of gold.

Emily's Affair $2.99

Emily Stafford has fallen into heat and needs it bad. Real bad. After one innocent run-in with her neighbor and his sexier-than-homemade-sin voice at the mailroom in her condominium complex, she had a toe curling… you know. When her second encounter with the object of her lust is just as innocent and has the same result, Emily decides to seize the moment and have herself a hot, no strings attached affair.

Jake Grayden has a plan and it doesn't include 'wham-bam-thank you-sir's. He's made up his mind that Emily is the one for him and he's willing to take as many long, cold showers as is necessary to make her realize that she wants the same thing. But when she overpowers his self-control and her heart begins to beat for him and only him, the race is on for Jake to break down Emily's emotional barriers and show her the fine art of loving… and being loved.

What Once Was Perfect (The Wardham Series 1) $2.99

A modern, sexy, small town love story about second chances and leaps of faith. *NEW SERIES*

Christmas in Wardham, Ontario has never been quite this hot before! But vacations end, and real life can't just be about reminiscing and reuniting.

She shuttered her heart and walked away...

Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She's found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. Not with Kyle, of course. Never again. But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check.

...Now he has a second chance to get it right.
Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her career as a paediatric surgeon is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves, and the life he
once chose over her.

Come home to Wardham. Come home to love.

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy 1) $2.99

Born into a life of privilege and secrets, Nora Blakely has everything any nineteen-year-old girl could desire. She's an accomplished pianist, a Texas beauty queen, and on her way to Princeton after high school. She's perfect.

Leaving behind her million-dollar mansion and Jimmy Choos, she becomes a girl hell-bent on pushing the limits with alcohol, drugs, and meaningless sex.

Then she meets her soulmate. But he doesn't want her.

When it comes to girls, twenty-five-year-old Leo Tate has one rule: never fall in love. His gym and his brother are all he cares about...until he meets Nora. He resists the pull of their attraction, hung up on their six year age difference.

As they struggle to stay away from each other, secrets will be revealed, tempers will flare, and hearts will be broken.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy...where sometimes, the best things in life are Very Bad Things.

A Stormy Spring (A Ludlow Hall Story 2) $2.99

This is the second book in The Ludlow Hall Series available on Amazon now.
Book one, 'Reckless Nights In Rome' is out now and it’s FREE on Amazon currently.
Book three, 'Run Rosie Run' is available on Amazon now.

A Stormy Spring

She didn’t want a man. She didn’t want love. She wanted to forget.

Though her name is synonymous with success, Becca Wainwright isn’t interested in fame or celebrity. All that matters to her is choreography and how alive she feels when she creates....

Famously single, Lucas Del Garda’s passions are wealth, celebrity and power.
The electrifying attraction between the dancer and PR Guru is instantaneous.
But after a stormy night in the strong arms of Lucas, Becca finds her life has changed, for ever....

Hope Entangles: A New Adult Romantic Comedy (Book 2 of 3) $2.99

Hope Jones did a very, very stupid thing. She betrayed the man she was falling in love with just to keep her job, and is crippled with guilt.

But now she has a problematic new neighbor who’s more than just a pain in the ass, a new addiction to breakfast breads, and she has to try and teach a teenager how to drive.

Will she be able to do all this, get past the darkness in her past that comes calling, and still save her job… again?

From Now Until Infinity (Infinity Series) $2.99

Eight years have passed since Colin and Caroline “Charlie” ended their college romance. A chance meeting reunited them confirming that time had not diminished their love for each other. Now, they have to turn their passionate reunion into a legitimate and sustainable relationship. Charlie’s medical practice is in Houston. Colin is the starting quarterback for Dallas. Distance is not the only obstacle to their happiness. There’s Colin’s (maybe?) ex-girlfriend, entertainment reporter Sasha Stone, who’s granted the first ever tell-all interview about Colin’s personal life. There’s Charlie’s father who is part owner of their medical practice and blames Colin for Charlie’s battle with an eating disorder. What about the demands of the media and Colin’s rabid fans? “From Now Until Infinity” continues the journey of Colin and Charlie that began, ended, and began again in “Falling Into Infinity.”

Jonah (Redbourne Series Prequel #1) (Deardon Mini-Series 1) $2.99

She hoped it would be love...

EMMA FOSTER leaves her precious Boston to make a life in the West only to discover her betrothed has been killed and his brother is to take his place in their marriage agreement. When information comes to light that could change their contract, she must decide if she'll risk everything to experience the heat of his gaze and the warmth of his touch forever.

He never expected she would change his heart...

JONAH DEARDON wants nothing to do with marriage, but when tragedy strikes, it falls to him to wed the woman who holds the deed to his family's land. Reluctant, he's bent on offering her an alternate arrangement until he meets the enchanting beauty who touches him with her strength and courage, and whose kisses promise a life full of laughter and love.

Stripped $4.99

He's a movie star sex god. She's a virgin... and a stripper.
So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you're faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you'd imagine. That doesn't make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact. There's nothing I'd like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He's in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger. Not the kind of desire I'm used to though. It's something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He's People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive. He's the hottest actor in Hollywood. He's the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind.

He's the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what's he doing looking at me like he has to have me? And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes?

I'm a virgin, and he's an American icon of male sexuality. I'm a stripper, and he's a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me. I know I should say no, I know he's the worst kind of player...but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not.

And then things get complicated.

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