Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Secrets and Sins

Secrets and Sins by Toy Davis

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Secrets and Sins is a collection of dark tales, where you can take a look into the minds of beings that would rather remain in the dark. Join us and visit worlds you may not want to know about, but once there you will get lost in it. Follow a tale of a girl whose sickness can end a life with a simple touch, or so she thinks. Fall into Not a twisted world where humans are not in charge. Find the Darkness Within where you learn the errors of your ways, and see what the evil within can really do to someone.

About the author

I have always used writing as an escape from the boring reality I found myself in. I write stories I enjoy, and hope others will enjoy it as well. A lot of my stories and novels begin with a 'what if', and then become so much more. I love food and dancing as well, and this is usually reflected in writing. Today I live in California with my long time boyfriend, and two bratty cats. For more info go tohttp://authortoydavis.blogspot.com/ my personal blog

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