Monday, October 21, 2013

10 days til H-Day

Good Morning Fans! Were less than 10 days away from Halloween!!! I can't wait! I love it! Scary, spooky, frightening! Perfect!! Well today, how about we toss up some horror stories then?


The S.N. Killer
In today's society,everyone lives online in order to interact with each other. In these current times there is not aperson that isn’t somehow linked to a social networking site. Technology has evolved in ways that allow you to access such sites from your iPad or cellphone. With that said, do you know the person behind your next friend request? Do you know the person behind that profile picture, or better yet the person you’ve been chatting with for months or the person you been flirting with, or do you just think you know? Detective Lauren Pitman and her partner Detective Alexis Lovett head a Special Division Unit, in charge of solving Internet Crimes. Those crimes include rape, homicide and missing persons to name a few. Recently women have been targeted throughout the Tri-State Area. Several victims have been found dead with missing body parts. What these women seem to have in common is that all these women were all online on different social networking sites, talking and interacting with a man, who police cannot seem to be able to trace or locate almost as if he doesn’t exist. A recent development has found that this particular social network killer is into cannibalism. Detective Lauren Pitman and Alexis Lovett must work fast to uncover the killers identity before he claims his next victim.

Commitment and Other Tales of Madness
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An 18,000 word collection of 6 stories, all centered on the theme of madness. Sometimes rage can accompany madness. Sometimes whimsy. Sometimes longing. From science fiction, to crime, to horror, these stories cover a wide range of genres, but in every case, the main characters are somehow unhindered from their moorings. 

Table of Contents:
"So Close to Home" Originally appeared in Shroud Magazine #8, Winter 2008
"Pain is My Fear Escaping" Originally appeared in Atomjack Magazine August 2009
"Web Sighted"
"An Untenable Madness"

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At the end of what seems to be an ordinary day, Carter, a volunteer for his local animal shelter, heads home to his three dogs (Lucky, Bee-bo, & Rusty). Odd animal noises plague him through the night. When morning comes, hordes of zombie animals come crashing through the windows. When Lucky becomes a flesh hungry beast of the dead Carter is forced to do what he must in order to survive.

Short Story, approximate word count: 8,000

Creeper; A Short Horror Story
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After reading a newspaper article about his viciously murdered neighbor, Businessman Carter Lowe becomes inexplicably paranoid that something similar could happen to him or his wife, Tracy. After seeing a masked man armed with a knife frequently across town, he comes face to face with his worst nightmare, and it too, is in a mask.

The Wind
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A modern-day horror short story. The cold winter wind scouring the prairie has a way of uncovering many secrets...even those long-dead and buried.

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A Horror Noir Short Story with a horror twist. 

A hellish ride on the Metro train one night in Copenhagen... 

Written as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, with obvious links to his tale William Wilson, this short story leads you into a cold nightmare of rape and mixed identities.

Drop Dead Tavern
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A short story approximately 3,500 words.

Kent stopped at an abandoned bar in the hopes of finding a bottle so that he could drink away the haunting nightmares of his brother's recent death. Not too much to ask for in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

But when he finds a young boy and his mother inside the bar, he'll discover that sometimes the ones we love are the hardest ones to kill.

Restless Highways (World of Darkness short stories)
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Venture once again into the world of darkness with these 23 short stories that are sure to make your heart race. 

Featuring Black Days And White Knights, a brand new never-seen-before companion story to Weaver of Darkness. 

Arrival- What is locked away in an abandoned field?

Killer Idea- Where does our inspiration come from?

You Never Know What You’ll Find- Anything can be found at a garage sale.

It Killed The Cat- Are you free from curiosity?

Fair Warning- Cassie has a warning to tell. Will they listen?

Campfire Tales- Where does your town’s legends come from? 

Confessions From An Apocalypse- How does the End really start?

His Dark Ink- Where did you get the idea for your tattoo?

Wet Work- Can beauty be found in anything?

Domestic Disturbance- Something’s not right at Beth’s house.

The Message- Can our words really affect others?

The Fall Queen- It’s that time years again. Time to celebrate.

Cockroaches and Peeps- Beware of those who think they have less than you.

Where We Belong- Dani doesn’t know where she belongs. Will she ever?

Forever- What would you ask for if you were nothing more than rags and bones?

Black Keys- Something’s are just better left alone.

A Token of His Affection- Someone is looking to raise an army.

Go West, My Son- What if they start planning?

Hands of Time- What are they counting down to?

Misunderstood- Are we a product of our environment?

Coastal Offerings- Just another day at the beach…

Intrusion- What was that noise?

What The Fates Decide- We all like a good game when we’re bored.

Black Days And White Knights- A baby needs to be born. Can our hero ensure her safety?

Lakebridge: Spring (Supernatural Horror Literary Fiction)
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Vermont, picturesque and lovely, attracts visitors from across the country in search for the perfect picture, the perfect fall foliage or perhaps a taste of maple syrup. Stansbury is best known for the odd covered bridge that spans Stansbury Lake and goes nowhere, connecting no roads and serving no known purpose. The locals call it the Lakebridge. Very few know of its mysterious origins and fewer care to know more. Those visiting the town perhaps take a few snapshots and leave, their curiosity quelled by an uneasy feeling that they shouldn’t think on it anymore.

The tourists will eventually leave Stansbury, but its residents strangely linger, seemingly held captive by a force they barely recognize. They also do not think about the town’s mysterious artifact much except in passing, all but Gil, his father, Ben, and a few others. They know of the bridge’s dark history and understand that it is responsible for every horror that ever befell the people of Stansbury: the people who fear the bridge but will not speak of it. The bridge makes people do things – bad things – so that it can continue to love and care for them all.

Some have tried to destroy the bridge, but as long as the bridge is fed with the lives of the innocents of Stansbury it will go on – loving the people of Stansbury.

Lakebridge: Spring is the first of a four book cycle revolving around Stansbury and the Lakebridge.

Living Death: Deliverance (Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Medical Fiction)

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One line summary: In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a medical school dropout must choose between going after who he loves and doing what is right.

Kenneth Cook, a medical school dropout with a terrible mistake that haunts him to this day, walks the corridors of the hospital, pretending he still has his life on track, pretending he's still working with Jenny, a fellow intern that he's been crushing on since forever. But none of that matters the minute the dead start attacking the living. With his world falling apart and the hospital in complete chaos, his life is saved by a man desperate for someone to help deliver his pregnant wife's baby. Will Kenneth reconcile with his past to pick up his doctor's coat once more and save the vulnerable or abandon a family to certain death as he ignores their plight, choosing to find Jenny and escape instead?

The Dark, Dark House
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Flash Fiction

The Dark, Dark House: In a dark forest, there is a dark house with an even darker secret.

Fifteen Seconds Ago: Life is unpredictable, so maybe things do not always have to be perfect.
My Child, My Life: We can learn a lot from the elderly instead of always pushing them aside.

My Entry into the Abyss: She is afraid of who she really is, when Dr. Anderson leads her into a meditative state.

The Beginning of a Life Misunderstood: In this life Arrabelle is a homophobic, but what happens when she is reincarnated?

The Tokolosh: According to an African Legend, The Tokolosh will fetch you when you do things you should not.

GASP!: It is the new drug of choice. It's free and everybody is doing it, so it should be safe, shouldn't it?

She Loves Me ... Not: There are many different forms of abuse, and when we are little, words hurt more than sticks and stones.

(Flash fiction is a story that would fit on two facing pages of a typical digest-sized literary magazine - a complete story in one thousand or fewer words. A tale between 300 - 1000 words. Flash Fiction is usually a story of a single act, sometimes the culmination of several
unwritten events. They are very short, but they are still stories. The best ones sometimes have a very strong message.) 

Box of Darkness (The Box Set)
From the dark and twisted imagination of author William Todd Rose comes two free e-books guaranteed to thrill and delight. In each volume lies a mini-collection of stories which gives the reader a unique peek into the mind of the writer The Google+ Insider's Guide named as one of their top 32 authors to follow.

Open the Box of Darkness to delve into a nightmare world of the macabre. Within these pages lurk refugees from a madman's nightmares. From traditional terrors such as vampires and ghosts to bizarre fetish-horrors of the author's own design,this book is for serious lovers of horror.

Anthology of Ichor: A Devil in the Details
11 shocking stories of sinful decadence. Horror, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and dark fantasy packed into more than 200 pages. 

From the minds of: Jamie Marriage, Ryan Kinkor, Paul DeCirce, Phil Richardson, and Trevor E. Donaldson.

Whether your fear felines, the devil, or your next date, you will be shocked to discover truths and epic evils.

Creepy, Book 1: A Collection of Ghost Stories and Paranormal Short Stories (Creepy Series)


  • The Rumblin'
  • The Shadow Man
  • Murdoch's Eyes
  • The Ghost Named Earl
  • Someone in the Basement

Darlings Of Decay

Zombie stories from thirty-two of your favorite female authors in this Bestselling Zombie Anthology 

Featuring stories and excerpts from - 

Tamara Rose Blodgett 
Vanessa Booke 
Chantal Boudreau 
Laura Bretz 
Tonia Brown 
Catt Dahman 
Mia Darien 
CM Doporto 
Jacqueline Druga 
Dana Fredsti 
Belinda Frisch 
April Grey 
Michelle Kilmer 
Rebecca Hansen 
Lori R. Lopez 
Suzi M. 
Tara Maya 
Shannon Mayer 
Lyra McKen 
Cynthia Melton 
Kristen Middleton 
Chrissy Peebles 
Jeannie Rae 
Suzanne Robb 
Julianne Snow 
Rebecca Snow 
Anna Taborska 
Ally Thomas 
C,A, Verstraete 
A.R. Von 
Annie Walls 
Jen Wilde 

Floor Four

‘A loud bang was heard from above, scaring the boys. They shined their lights up the stairwell. The sounds of chains rattling on the floor stirred the dust above. Something or someone was up there. Doug, hiding his fear, took a couple of more steps up. Brandon and Kyle looked at him, their feet locked in place. They had no intention of going any further.’

The old, abandoned Saint Vincent Hospital is said to be haunted by the ghost of David Henry Coleman, the notorious serial killer, known as The Mangler. Coleman died on the fourth floor after being shot by police. For the three Jr. High boys, their curiosity gets the best of them as they explore the old hospital, despite ‘Old Man’ Jake’s warning. No one knew of Jake’s dark connection to the killer and the hospital. And now, on the anniversary of The Mangler’s death, a group of high school kids are planning a private party on the haunted fourth floor. Jake must keep everyone out and protect them from the true evil that lurks on Floor Four.

Alone (Vampires and the Life of Erin Rose - 1)

Twenty-two-year-old Erin Rose wakes up one morning with no memory of her past. She’s in a strange apartment with only one clue: a vampire bite scar on her neck. 

Determined to unravel the mystery of her true identity, she contacts the Spectavi vampires, who drink synthetic blood. When they can’t help her, she turns to the Sanguans, who feed on humans. Her investigation leads her deep into a centuries-old vampire war. 

Erin must decide how far she’s willing to go to learn the truth about her origins. 

Alone is a full length novel, approximately 80,000 words long. Edited by Lynn O'Dell, Red Adept Publishing.

Dark Season: The Complete First Series (All 8 books)

For the first time, the entire first series of Dark Season books is available in one volume. Total word count is over 180,000 words, approximately 700 to 800 pages of a printed book.

When Sophie Hart is rescued from a mugging by a mysterious, silent vampire, she discovers that she is part of a dark prophecy. Patrick is the last vampire on Earth, having killed the rest of his species at the end of a bloody war, and he has plans for Sophie. But will she survive?

This volume collects the first 8 Dark Season books, covering the entire first series. Along the way, Sophie encounters not only a vampire but also werewolves, ghosts, evil maids with sharp teeth, crazed psychiatrists and dream-sucking Tenderlings. She travels to Gothos, the ancestral home of the vampires. She discovers a secret hidden inside the body of an old woman, and later she finds another dark secret hidden inside her own body.

This volume contains all 8 books in the first series

The Blood Bargain

When the world is torn apart by the living dead, the last traces of humanity regroup in the country only to be confronted with a new horror; vampires. Driven by the depletion of their food source, these vampires offer protection for the surviving humans in exchange for blood. An offer that is begrudgingly accepted, forcing the last humans on earth into an uneasy alliance with their predators.

Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead) - Part I

Deep beneath defence headquarters in the ACT, Australia, the last ranking Army chief considers the fall of his country, and the contingency plan to win it back.

One hundred and fifty miles away, five friends returning from a month-long camping trip slowly discover that the world has turned horribly wrong, that a virus has ravaged the entire east coast of Australia. 

The dead now walk the land, seeking flesh and blood. 

Armed with dwindling ammunition, they must overcome their differences, utilize their individual skills, and face horrors they never imagined... but not all zombies are the same... 

Join them as they fight their way back to a country town they fear no longer exists, seeking friends and relatives that may not have survived.

The Zombie Chronicles: Outbreak

It was the start of another ordinary day at the office for Max, he was emailing a friend when one of his other early morning co-workers called for his help, someone was having a heart attack. Rushing to the aid of his fallen co-worker Max knew one thing, it wasn't a heart attack. Heart attack victims didn't bleed and didn't start chewing on anyone they could catch either. Once the victims died they came back to life with only one goal; to consume the living. Now Max was stuck in a rapidly deteriorating situation thirty miles from home, where his wife and two kids were sleeping away the warm mid summer morning. He had to get back to his family and get them to a safe place, if he could find one. Forming a group made up of his coworkers Steve and Tom and a police officer called 'Stewart' they make their way into the city to save the ones they love. The newly returned, however, were not all mindless shamblers and some of them had a plan...

The Sixth Extinction: An Apocalyptic Tale of Survival. (Part One: Outbreak.)

Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain. 

The Sixth Extinction is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic that sweeps the globe, decimating the human race, leaving humanity struggling to survive. Within three weeks everything has changed. Social structure has collapsed. The police are non-existent, and the army concentrates on the cities. Gangs of yobs rule the streets. It becomes everyone for themselves. 

The story follows three different people, and their journeys of self-discovery through the changing world. 

Noah Morgan is just an average twenty-one-year-old. He has no aspirations in life, no girlfriend, few friends, and a dead-end job. Red is a nineteen-year-old female runaway, with a sad past and a disturbing secret. Together they leave behind everything they have ever known, looking for a safe haven. 

Doctor Melanie Lazaro is working around the clock, under military supervision, in Exeter University’s Biomedical Sciences Department, trying to create a cure for the new pandemic that is turning humans back to their primordial roots, creating mindless killing machines with only one purpose − to eat.

Colony Z: The Island (Vol. 1)

When the Undead have taken over America, one group of survivors find safety by escaping to a remote, unsettled island. 

There they work to rebuild society, while trying to survive whatever it is that is after them.

Alone and isolated, their relative peace and safety is shattered when a group of Others shows up on their island and their leaders must make life-altering choices in the blink of an eye.

This is only the beginning. This is their story.

Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1

A new flu strain has been spreading across Africa, Europe, and Asia. Disturbing news footage is flooding the cable news channels. People are worried. People are frightened. But Zed Zane is oblivious. 

Zed needs to borrow rent money from his parents. He gets up Sunday morning, drinks enough tequila to stifle his pride and heads to his mom’s house for a lunch of begging, again.

But something is wrong. There’s blood in the foyer. His mother’s corpse is on the living room floor. Zed’s stepdad, Dan is wild with crazy-eyed violence and attacks Zed when he comes into the house. They struggle into the kitchen. Dan’s yellow teeth tear at Zed’s arm but Zed grabs a knife and stabs Dan, thirty-seven times, or so the police later say.

With infection burning in his blood, Zed is arrested for murder but the world is falling apart and he soon finds himself back on the street, fighting for his life among the infected who would kill him and the normal people, who fear him.

The Druggist

It's been five years since Eric Halman's young daughter was drugged and kidnapped by a man who stalks his victims only on Halloween. Since then he's made it his life's mission to do what the police can't seem to do -- capture this predator (and maybe torture him). But he'll have to be careful, because the worst thing that could happen would be if the druggist somehow got the upper hand and drugged Eric, sending him into an otherworld of nightmarish hallucinations. 

Dark and disturbing, "The Druggist" will infect your psyche and stay with you well after you're done reading.

Amazon Goodies

The Sixth Extinction: An Apocalyptic Tale of Survival. (Part Two: Ruin.) $0.99

A pandemic has swept the globe, decimating humanity, affecting all who breathe in its deadly spores. The Sixth Extinction Series follows a collection of people from all walks of life, as they struggle to survive through the eradication of the human race.

Doctor Melanie Lazaro identified the marker of the disease on the human DNA chain, and she carries a file with the information needed to create a blocker, to stop the disease from spreading. While she was being shown the four different stages of the transformation of the human host, the building came under attack by a horde of the infected. During the attack, she was rescued and placed on a helicopter en route to the Dartmoor military base. The helicopter crashed and Lazaro, along with nine military personnel, has to take shelter in a dentist’s clinic, while fighting back a mass of the infected. They gain new transportation; however, it proves to be a fatal mistake.

Noah and Red join forces with an old woman called Betty, and her special need’s grandson, Lennie. The four of them hear the gunfire of the soldiers from the crashed helicopter, and Noah leaves the three behind in a house while he goes in search of rescue. However, not everything goes according to plan, and he finds himself in the wrong place at the worst possible time.

Due to the timeline, the whole country is now overrun with stage three eaters – crazed, animalistic predators that only have one thing on their mind – to eat.

Wilderness (Short Story) (Kindle Single) $0.99

“The world is a machine that produces endless surprises and mysteries layered on mysteries.”
Addison Goodheart is a mystery even to himself. He was born in an isolated home surrounded by a deep forest, never known to his father, kept secret from everyone but his mother, who barely accepts him. She is haunted by private demons and keeps many secrets—none of which she dreads more than the young son who adores her.

Only in the woods, among the wildlife, is Addison truly welcome. Only there can he be at peace. Until the day he first knows terror, the day when his life changes radically and forever . 

Don't Read After Dark: Keep the lights on while reading these! (A McCray Horror Collection) $0.99

This collection includes...
Fresh Meat: Serial Killer Death Match, need we say more?
Widowmaker: A thriller for horror fans
All Hallow's Eve: The one night it is BAD to be good!
Club Death: Come for the dancing. Stay because, well, a madman has you trapped inside
Rook: Let's stop the Apocolypse, people! Supernatural humorous horror
Supper: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre style short story

The Haunts & Horrors Megapack: 31 Modern & Classic Stories $0.99

The Haunts & Horrors Megapack offers everyting from ghosts to vampires, from things that go bump in the night to nameless presences -- and much more! Here are 31 tales to chill the blood

Zombie Island (Zombie Apocalypse #1) $0.99

Samantha is holed up all alone in her apartment, trying to outlast the zombie apocalypse. During a routine trip into town for supplies, she is chased through the city by vicious Warriors, men that kill zombies, and make women wish they were dead. After being trapped on a roof at gunpoint, she is saved by the brothers Ryder and Reese, and she decides they might be her best chance for surival.

They set out from her apartment in search of a place that they can fortify and have a semi-normal life. Along the way, Samantha helps battle zombies, other survivors, and her growing feelings for both brothers. When they finally reach the island, the group settles in, trying to make the place as livable as possible. However, trouble quickly arrises in the form of the Warriors.

They've tracked the group of four down to their new home, and are out for revenge. Warriors, bullets, and fire separate the four survivors from each other, but Samantha can't give up. She has not only herself to think about now, but another group of young girls that need her help. Can Samantha survive the Warriors and reunite her group?

Slow Burn: Infected, Book 2 $0.99

Book 1 – Slow Burn: Zero Day
Book 2 – Slow Burn: Infected

Slow Burn: Infected picks up the story of Zed, Murphy, and Jerome where Slow Burn: Zero Day ended.
All three have all been infected but have not succumbed to the most pernicious symptoms of the virus. They’re not the mindless cannibals that most infected are. Nevertheless, their band of survivors, fearful about the trio’s infections, have ostracized them.
Now, back on the street, with weapons to defend themselves but little food in their packs, they embark on a search for Murphy’s family while following the rumor of a safe haven in the form of a doomsday bunker under a house in east Austin.
But the world is more hazardous than they could have guessed. They expect violence from the voracious infected but they have harsh lessons to learn about the lethality of the uninfected. And without people to support the infrastructure of modern civilization, they find that danger comes in many forms.

A father and daughter are haunted by a girl they thought they had run over in their car while returning home from a weekend vacation. When the father realizes that his daughter's condition is getting worse, and that the girl he hit may or may not even exist, he returns to the small town where he had the accident, hoping to find answers. 

Short 'N Creepy: Volume 1 (Short and Twisted Tales) $0.99

Explore this new series of horror short stories with its first installment!

Short ‘N Creepy: Short and Twisted Tales Volume 1 contains five horror fiction tales written for those who like their horror in small doses.

In this first volume, you’ll discover:

What happens when pain becomes too much to bear in “The Cramps”

What occurs when a battered woman decides to strike back in “Beat Feet”…

What really happened to Gina’s BFF in “Best Friends Forever”?

The secret ingredient of a daughter trying to win her mother’s approval in “The Burger”…

Why you should never pick up hitchhikers…in “Midnight Passenger” 

Twist and Scream - Volume 4 (Horror Short Stories) $0.99
Eight more short stories with a twist...

Sweet Child of Mine
Email Monitor
A Time to Breathe
A Point of View
Mirror, Mirror
Tin Man
One of the Family

Box of Boo: Four Horror Thrillers (Boxed Set) $0.99

THE HOME- Experimental treatments at a group home for troubled children stir up paranormal activity. In development as a feature film. 

MEAT CAMP- An infection at a camp for delinquent teens turns them into bloodthirsty killers. Written with J.T. Warren and adapted from Scott's original screenplay. 

SPIDER WEB- A vampire battles a powerful witch doctor who wants to turn passengers of a cruise ship into zombies. The second book in the Spider series, written with J.R. Rain. 

AFTER: THE SHOCK- A devastating solar storm wipes out the Earth's infrastructure and kills billions. As the survivors struggle to adapt, they discover some among them have...changed. The first book in the AFTER post-apocalyptic series. 

A Book of Horrors $2.26

Britain's most acclaimed horror editor, Stephen Jones, has gathered together masters of the macabre from across the world in this cornucopia of classic chills and modern menaces. Within these pages you will discover the most successful and exciting writers of horror and dark fantasy today, with a spine-chilling selection of stories displaying the full diversity of the genre, from classic pulp style to more contemporary psychological tales, to cutting-edge terror fiction that will leave you uneasily looking over your shoulder, or in the wardrobe, or under the bed.

A BOOK OF HORRORS is an original anthology of all-new horror and dark fantasy fiction, in all of its many and magnificent guises, by those devoted to the Dark Side.

First Activation: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller $2.99

HARRY and his brother JACK are on an airline flight, headed for a wild weekend-a ritual they have enjoyed every May since leaving the army. The trip takes a terrifying turn when they land in New York to find that JFK airport is almost deserted and that the few ground crew they can spot have all been brutally slaughtered. Is it a terrorist attack? Or something even more menacing? When a security guard appears and offers to help the passengers, but promptly shoots the first person off the plane and then kills himself, Harry realises that there is something very, very wrong in New York City.

Horror Stories from Denmark Box set $2.99

Four heart-stopping short-stories related to Willow Rose's International Bestselling Rebekka Franck Series. Can be read separately. This book is not for the faint at heart.

Lisa Rasmussen just had a baby and everything in her life seems perfect at this point. Only she wishes that everyone else around her would be as flawless as she is and stop getting in her way. And if they won't listen, then she'll make them.

Johnny is a criminal. He has been locked up before - but never in a place quite like this. Now he wonders if he will ever make it through to his release date - alive...

Warning: After reading this story you'll never be able to look at a snowman the same way again.
In the beginning she thought it was sweet, this snowman who emerged as if from nowhere, but soon the six-year old Emma realizes that this snowman is different ... very different.

They thought it would be easy. Four boys from a nearby boarding school planned on attacking and killing a family - just for the fun of it. But they hadn't prepared themselves for the terror of what they would meet inside of the house in shape of a little girl with a very special gift.

As a bonus this ebook also includes an excerpt from Willow Rose's bestselling novel One, Two ... He is coming for you the first book in her popular Rebekka Franck series.

H.T. Night's 8-Book Vampire Box Set $2.99

Josiah Reign is a lover and a fighter. Out for a simple jog, he happens upon a young woman who needs help. So Josiah does what he does best. He takes on her attackers...all five of them, in fact. Little does Josiah know that this one act of goodwill will introduce him to a very strange world, a world of dreams...and nightmares.

For Josiah Reign, life as he knows it has been forever changed. In two shorts months he went from unbeliever to the "The Chosen" - savior of the Mani people (a vampire race that has been living underground for 10,000 years). Now Josiah must learn to control his powerful new body, all while understanding his destiny...and falling deeper in love.

Josiah heads for Europe to understand his gifts, where he trains with a very unlikely master. Soon, Josiah is fighting off enemies from all sides, all while his love, Lena. Along the way, two unsuspecting enemies surface and now Josiah needs to protect what is rightfully his.

Tommy Jensen is a rising star in mixed martial arts fighting. One night, while training hard for his second MMA match, he comes across a sexy, mysterious woman named Sasha. For Tommy, this is the beginning of something new and horrible...something strange and wondrous. This is the beginning of his immortality. In desperate need for answers, Tommy will soon come upon the woman who will change his life forever. Beautiful Maya has the answers he seeks...but Tommy wants a lot more than answers. He wants her heart. And that's something he's willing to fight for.

Tommy Jensen meets Maya, the woman of his dreams, and is finally able to make sense of his new reality. His very strange reality. Also, young Josiah Reign befriends Tommy along the way, and Tommy has to inevitably face his true destiny of becoming a werewolf. Will Tommy choose his destiny, or become something no one had ever thought possible?

In the distant future, New York City has been turned upside down by warring families. Immortal families. The vampires are led by the House of Capulet, and Juliet's father is their leader. The werewolves are led by Lord Montague of the House of Montague, Romeo's father. Against all odds, Romeo and Juliet find one another and fall hopelessly in love. Tragically in love. And when blood is spilled - and the families wage war on one another - will Romeo and Juliet's love survive against all odds?

Between the end of One Love and the beginning of Divine Blood, there is a sixteen-year gap. In Divine Blood, some questions about Josiah Reign and his family were answered, but 2015 through 2021 were the untold years of his vampire superhero adventures.

They call him Spider. And people come to him when they have a problem. So when teenager Parker Cole approaches Spider at night school, he figures she's just another problem waiting to happen. But then she tells him about her father, who runs a cult, and soon all hell breaks lose.

Dark Season: The Complete Second Series (All 8 books) $2.99

For the first time, the entire second series of Dark Season books is available in one volume. Also includes 20th Century Vampire (A Dark Season Prequel). Total word count is around 180,000 words, approximately 700 to 800 pages of a printed book.

Sophie Hart's relationship with Patrick, the last vampire, continues to take a series of dark twists and turns. But this time, there's the life of a child at stake. A mysterious stranger named Nimrod offers to help Sophie, but can he be trusted? Meanwhile, an ancient prophecy says that Patrick will eventually kill Sophie. Determined to fight that prophecy, Patrick risks unleashing dark forces from a war that end centuries ago.

Along the way, there are giant spiders, genetically-engineered killers, desperate ghosts and former vampires, plus a sequel to The Civil Dead from the first series in which the Tenderlings show their true powers.

From modern-day Dedston to the trenches of the First World War, and from an ancient ballroom filled with spiders to the bottom of a haunted well, this volume collects together the 8 books from Dark Season's second series, plus the prequel volume 20th Century Vampire.

Colony Z: The Albion Tribe (Vol. 2) $2.99

Volume 2 of the Colony Z series!

The Albion Tribe. A ragtag group of survivors. Traveling from camp to camp, trying to find somewhere safe to stay. All the while, battling whatever type of creatures are still out there. Danger lurks behind every tree and every building. Keeping everyone alive is not always a guarantee...

When the Undead have taken over America, one group of survivors find safety by escaping to a remote, unsettled island.

Will they survive long enough to discover it?

This is their story of that journey.

Zombie Country (Zombie Apocalypse #2) $2.99

Twenty year old college student Madison resides at a school that has been converted into a temporary fortress in an attempt to outlast the zombie apocalypse. As the remaining survivors battle not only hordes of the undead but other survivors as well, things quickly begin to unravel. Supply shortages, fears, and unruly soldiers threaten to tear the survivors apart from the inside, but things are held together by Specialist Aaron Monroe.

When tragedy strikes their safe haven, Madison and a small group of survivors are forced out onto the streets of New York with few supplies, little hope, and numerous enemies all around them. Their plan to survive the zombie apocalypse is a dangerous one that leaves members of the group in doubt, but with no other options available to them, the group fights to secure a brighter future for themselves, battling zombies and facing other dangers along the way.

Dark Days (Apocalypse Z) $4.99

The electrifying sequel to international best seller Apocalypse ZThe Russian-spawned virus that kills swiftly then ghoulishly resurrects its victims as ravenous cannibals has breached international borders.
The infernal progression…
From outbreak to epidemic and pandemic to sheer panic, the virus has shredded global civilization. Promised safe havens become deathtraps, lawlessness crumbles any remaining symbol of authority, and political violence in Spain threatens to erupt in civil war.
In the thick of the deadly madness, the young lawyer finds himself escaping to the Canary Islands in a stolen chopper with a motley crew made up of his Persian cat Lucullus, Ukrainian pilot Viktor “Prit” Pritchenko, 17-year-old beautiful distraction Lucia, and Sister Cecilia, who was trained as a nurse. The distant isle of Lanzarote is rumored to be the only refuge out of the virus’s reach. But with relentlessly multiplying hordes of the living dead—and equally fatal human treachery—blocking their every move, their quest for survival is quickly becoming a suicide mission.
Dark Days

The The Wasteland Saga: Three Novels: Old Man and the Wasteland, The Savage Boy, The Road is a River $6.44

Nick Cole sends us on a suspenseful odyssey into the dark heart of post-apocalyptic America in this three-part adventure
Forty years after a devastating thermonuclear Armageddon, mankind has been reduced to sal-vaging the ruins of a broken world. In a style that's part Hemingway and part Cormac McCarthy's The RoadThe Wasteland Saga chronicles the struggle of the Old Man, his granddaughter, and a mysterious boy as they try to survive the savage lands of this new American Dark Age.
With the words of the Old Man's most prized possession—a copy of Hemingway's classic The Old Man and the Sea—echoing across the wasteland, they journey into the unknown through three incredible tales of endurance and adventure in a land ravaged by destruction.
Compiled for the first time in print, The Wasteland Saga comprises Nick Cole's novels The Old Man and the WastelandThe Savage Boy, and The Road is a River.

Everythings Eventual $7.99

The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares & Dreamscapes nine years ago, Everything's Eventual includes one O. Henry Prize winner, two other award winners, four stories published by The New Yorker, and "Riding the Bullet," King's original e-book, which attracted over half a million online readers and became the most famous short story of the decade.
"Riding the Bullet," published here on paper for the first time, is the story of Alan Parker, who's hitchhiking to see his dying mother but takes the wrong ride, farther than he ever intended. In "Lunch at the Gotham Café," a sparring couple's contentious lunch turns very, very bloody when the maître d' gets out of sorts. "1408," the audio story in print for the first time, is about a successful writer whose specialty is "Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Graveyards" or "Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Houses," and though Room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel doesn't kill him, he won't be writing about ghosts anymore. And in "That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French," terror is déjà vu at 16,000 feet.
Whether writing about encounters with the dead, the near dead, or about the mundane dreads of life, from quitting smoking to yard sales, Stephen King is at the top of his form in the fourteen dark tales assembled in Everything's Eventual. Intense, eerie, and instantly com-pelling, they announce the stunningly fertile imagination of perhaps the greatest storyteller of our time.

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