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8 days til H day

Hey fans! 8 more days until Halloween! Today, I have a few freebies and cheapies for the young ones! Teens and younger... Some Halloween stories for you!!! Oh but wait, all the way at the end of this post, under the kiddos books, will be something for mom and dad! So look out! Enjoy!! 

The Death of Death
Death guides usually have rather normal names like John, Mary, Harry, and Jessica. And even ones not quite so normal, like Bartholomew or Ambrosia. They also have the most interesting tales behind their deaths. But one particular death guide has a few problems: she cannot remember her name or the details of her demise, and thus has no story of her own. One fateful night, she meets a young girl that may change her death forever. 

Inspired by the works of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman, and in the style of Children's tales of old, The Death of Death is a tragic, yet sweet little tale about loss and acceptance. 

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Trick Or Treat Or Murder (A Mellow Summers Paranormal Mystery)

Halloween has arrived and so has everyone’s favorite ghost: Rachel.  Invited to a Halloween party, Mel and her friends hope to enjoy a night of fun.  The party soon turns sour when a man turns up dead during a murder mystery game.
While Detective Shorts is busy questioning everyone who attended the party, Mel and her friends start their own investigation.  Soon they find themselves digging into secrets best forgotten—the hostess’ mysterious sister and a lost will—and an underground tunnel that the murderer used to sneak into the mansion.  Will Mel be able to solve this case before the night ends and the killer disappears? 

Haunting At Heidelburgh Mansion (A Hot Ticket Short Story) (Hot Ticket Trilogy)

When twelve-year-old Juliet Robinson isn't invited to Cindy's Un-Halloween Party at a possibly haunted mansion, she can't resist crashing. But after her best-friend, Lucy, disappears, Juliet has to find a way to get her friend back from the headless bride -- or risk losing her friend forever.

Haunting At Heidelburgh Mansion is a 35 page, middle grade short story. Also includes the first chapter of HOT TICKET, a middle grade mystery.

Spinner's Spooky Surprise (BookBugz Adventures)

“As Snug as a Book in a Bug” is the premise of BookBugz, a series of children’s books focused on the adventures of a group of friendly bugs throughout the year. Spinner's Spooky Surprise represents the month of October. Discover how Spinner helps her friends celebrate Halloween in this second book of the series. Every BookBugz Adventure includes a page to decorate with your own colors. The first book from the author, Jingles Celebrates the Season, is also available. The books are published under the pen name K.C. Snow and are available in both electronic and hard copy versions.

Written for children age two to four, but certainly appealing to the age of six, the BookBugz collection offers a character and story specific to each month of the year, providing a unique gift idea for births, birthdays, and special events in children’s lives. Throughout the series, the bugs demonstrate friendship, provide education, and encourage interactive exercises for young readers. 

101 Halloween Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids vol. 16)

101 Halloween Jokes for Kids for Kids is a wonderful, natural way for children to improve their reading. They are able to practice their reading skills whilst enjoying themselves.

Joke books for kids have the added benefit of improving memories, and importantly, instilling confidence. Children are given a great reason to talk in front of groups and with practice are able to feel comfortable doing it.

Joke books for kids on kindle are also a fun way for a family to interact, laughing - or moaning - at the jokes.

Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating (Bird Brain Books)

This children's picture book, with full color illustrations by artist Noelle Giffin, is for kids 3 to 6 years old.
Tommy is a mischievous little woodpecker who loves to fly to the edge of the forest and watch the people in the nearby suburb. One evening, something strange and exciting happens--people emerge from their houses wearing costumes and carrying colorful buckets with smiling faces on them. What's even crazier is that they shout a special codeword while standing outside of each house, and are given delicious-looking candy.

Tommy simply must join in the fun. He and his friend, Michael the raccoon, fashion their own costumes and head off to join in the festivities. Thanks to Tommy's knock-knocking beak and Michael's quick paws, the duo is able to heist many a candy bar from the unsuspecting homeowners and children.

But are they missing out on the true spirit of Halloween? There's only one way to find out: join Tommy and Michael in their trick-or-treating adventure, in this special holiday edition of the color-illustrated Bird Brain Books.

Punkin Jim

Punkin Jim is a story of Halloween Hullabaloo!

"Punkin Jim" is about the transformation of a humble little pumpkin from a pumpkin patch into a mischievous Halloween spirit. The ordinary pumpkin is ripe for Punkin Jim to take over because he is sad because Autumn Wilson didn't choose him to be her jack-o-lantern.

After becoming Punkin Jim, he wants to gather his friends together, Haddie the Witch and Skelly the Skeleton to help stir up a little Halloween chaos. Before getting into too much trouble, Punkin Jim wants to try trick-or-treating. Punkin Jim gets disappointed in his friends because they just don't seem to understand Halloween completely. Eventually, Skelly's and Haddie's Halloween hullabaloo gets a little out of hand. Punkin Jim worries about Autumn, the little girl that didn't choose him for her jack-o-lantern.

Just when monsters, ghouls, vampires and ghosts are about to spoil Halloween, Punkin Jim realizes the truth. He has to figure out how to save Halloween. With a little help from some Halloween magic and a surprising turn of events, he just may be able to fix things!

Children's book: "Halloween Costumes" (A Gorgeous Illustrated Children's Picture Book) (Beginner Readers eBook series for age 2-6) (Children's short stories collection)

Always on Halloween children dress up as scary characters that are similar.
I thought maybe it's time to change!!!
I saw in parts of the world that children dress up as well as happy and beautiful costumes. So I decided to change the approach. I suggest everyone to dress up in cute costumes like superhero!!!
Both of my parents work and have friends from different professions and each of them has a unique outfit.
In this book I wrote those professionals and under each image I wrote the outfit name.
Children starting to read alone, learning the names of professionals and may agree to dress like one of the colorful characters and not in scary costumes. I hope you'll like the costume I chose.
I'll be glad to hear about it and of course would love to get more suggestions.
Enjoy and dress up.

No Way Out - And Other Scary Short Stories for Halloween

No Way out - Mike takes a bet to go inside a haunted house, but will he live long enough to collect?

Also includes:
The Price of Friendship - How much is a best friend worth? Joey finds out the hard way.

Hobgoblin Horror - Jake only volunteered at the retirement home because Shelby works there. So, it's no wonder he's doesn't hear Mr. Fitches' warnings about a local homicidal hobgoblin--too bad for him.
Includes a free extended preview of Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb

Amazon Goodies

The Grimm Diaries Prequels volume 1- 6: Snow White Blood Red, Ashes to Ashes & Cinder to Cinder, Beauty Never Dies, Ladle Rat Rotten Hut, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Blood Apples $0.99

The Grimm Diaries are pages written in a Book of Sand, where each fairy tale character confessed the true stories once altered by the Brothers Grimm two centuries ago. To keep the truth about fairy tales hidden, the Brothers Grimm buried the characters in their dreams to never wake up again. But the curse is broken now, and the characters are allowed to wake up every one hundred years. They intend to tell the truth about really happened, and about an untold cosmic conflict between fairy tale characters.

Dem Bones $0.99

Shoulder bone connected to da neck bone.
Neck bone connected to da head bone.
Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones 

Colorful torn paper collages bring to life this classic African American spiritual. The frolicking skeletons will captivate children and adults while they sing along with this well-known, catchy song. Accompanied by interesting, informative "bone facts" this book makes a wonderful addition to both home and classroom libraries and a fun treat for Halloween! Plus, this is a fixed-format version of the book, which looks nearly identical to the print version.

Halloween Jack and the Devil's Gate (A Steampunk Fantasy with a Dash of Irish Mythology) $0.99

Where's your lantern? It's that time of year again. Shadows are growing longer. The beasties are getting restless. From now until Oct, 31, to celebrate the season and the upcoming release of Halloween Jack and the Red EmperorHalloween Jack and the Devil's Gate is on sale for $.99.

The Devil's Gate, the looming barrier that keeps the demons and nightmares at bay every night of the year except for Halloween Night, comes crashing down. An army of steam powered automatons, led by the devil himself, finally gets the better of Jack of the Lantern, the man who tricked the Devil and gave us the jack o' lantern for protection on the darkest night of the year. With their steam-powered soldiers, the demons no longer fear Jack of the Lantern as they pour out in to the world.

Even though his parents raised him with stories and old traditions if Ireland, John O'Brien never truly believed, especially not old of Jack of the Lantern. One Halloween night, John learns the truth when the demons come for him, leading an army of steam-powered soldiers. With these steam soldiers, The Devil and his kin have finally gotten the better of Jack of the Lantern and broken through the Devil's Gate to wreak havoc, mischief, and misery throughout the world.

With the help of his cousins, Moira O'Neil, heiress to the special ritual that keeps the Devil's Gate closed, and Daniel McRory the inventor, John must take up the mantle of Jack of the Lantern and create a new legend great enough, and terrible enough, to scare the Dark Lord and his dark legions back into their dark realm. He must become Halloween Jack.

The Halloween Jack books are part swashbuckling adventure, part steampunk fantasy, that twist and turn the traditions of old tales and legends upside down and inside out. If you enjoy a rollicking tale with clever and cunning heroes, Halloween Jack and his friends are heroes for you!

Stories for Halloween Night $0.99

Do you like a good scare?

Come inside, friend. It’s storytime. I have three short tales written for young adult readers.

“The Whistler:” a young girl’s tale of Halloween terror at the hands of a faceless legend.

“The Girl from the Other Side:” a story of envy and magic.

“The Thing at the Foot of the Bed:” a loathsome creature of despicable horror terrorizes a young bedridden soldier.

Get comfortable. Prepare yourself for the chills to come. After all, it’s Halloween night.

Two terrorific tales perfect for the season from Bram Stoker Award nominee Mark C. Scioneaux and Dane Hatchell. Suitable for young adults or the kid that lives in all of us.

Mixing a little black magic in a grave yard on All Hallow's Eve puts a group of preteens in a bind of epic proportion in How Stopping a Zombie Invasion will Get You Grounded.

Two boys go trick-or-treating on Halloween night and are about to become 'treats' for a demented couple in Candy Coated Horror.

The stories total nearly 8,000 words in length. 

Halloween Hustle $1.00

In the dark, a funky beat. Something white with bony feet. Skeleton dancing up the street, Doing the Halloween Hustle. Skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party—but as he grooves across town, he keeps stumbling, tumbling, and falling apart! Can Skeleton stay in one piece long enough to make it to the party?

Cursed by Halloween: A Halloween Mystery Caper $2.99

Someone or something is stopping the people of Draker Township from celebrating Halloween every October 31st. For five years, the ban on Halloween had caused the townspeople to simply forget that Halloween even existed and while the rest of the United States celebrated the event with fun and fervor, Draker Township surrendered to the mysterious force that plagued them from even talking about Halloween.

In comes the ambitious Town Mayor, Robert Gentry, who lifts the ban on Halloween. He has the hopes of creating a Halloween theme park and a haunted house to increase more money to their town. But then terrible things start springing up from all corners of the town. The sight of pig’s blood splashed on their doors and the threat from the pick axes thrown on their front door as well as other malicious acts, causes panic and concern in the hearts of the people that perhaps the ban on Halloween should just continue.
But a Halloween ban does not sit well for three young boys who are determined to put an end to the threats that are rising against the townspeople. Eager to take on as the three young sleuths of their town, Joey, Juan and Alex work to resolve the mysterious occurrences that are destroying the peace of their town and to ensure that the spirit of Halloween continues in their township as it does all across the United States on October 31st each year.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Trick or Treasure? $3.19

It's Halloween in Never Land! When Captain Hook gets his hands—or rather—his hook on a clever costume disguise, he figures he'll be able to trick the kids out of their yummy 'treasure' of Halloween treats. But the trick's on Hook when Jake and the crew work together to outwit that sneaky crook in this pirate adventure.

The Night before Halloween (Reading Railroad) $3.41`

Little monsters and goofy goblins take center stage in this silly, spooky spin on Clement C. Moore's beloved poem. But what will happen on Halloween when the monsters come face to face with human trick-or-treaters in this fun-filled book by the author of The Night Before Easter?

Sofia the First: The Halloween Ball $3.43

The annual Masquerade Ball is just around the corner and Amber plans to win the Royal Prep costume contest for the third year in a row. To make sure she beats her new step-sister, Sofia, Amber enlists Cedric's help to magically create a winning costume. But when the spell backfires, Amber learns to appreciate her sister instead of trying to compete against her in this storybook featuring Sofia the First.

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat (First Time Books(R)) $4.27

As Brother and Sister Bear don their costumes to go trick-or-treating by themselves for the first time, they plan to avoid Miz McGrizz's spooky home. But during their Halloween outing, the cubs discover that appearances can be deceiving.

The Halloween Hoax (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew) $4.27

It's Halloween in River Heights! The girls can't wait to go trick-or- treating and are busy getting their costumes ready. They also can't wait for the Halloween special of their favorite TV show. They even get the chance to visit the TV studio while the show is being taped! But soon after they arrive, Nancy is spooked. With all the scary noises the Clue Crew keeps hearing and the creepy shadows that seem to be lurking, it seems like the studio is haunted! Is it just Halloween jitters...or are there really such things as ghosts?

Halloween Party (Fear Street) $5.69

The invitation arrived in a black-bordered envelope and was delivered by the beautiful and mysterious transfer student. The inside showed a coffin with the inscription “Reserved for You”—perfect for an all-night Halloween party in an old house on Fear Street.

The party is well under way when the lights go out. That’s to be expected at the Halloween party. But when the lights come back on, a boy is on the floor with a knife in his back. Just a Halloween prank? Maybe. Maybe not.

Now the guests’ trick-or-treating has turned to terror. And it looks like someone’s idea of a party game is murder!

Something for Mom and Dad!

Halloween Food (Instructables Halloween)

Trick out the treats for your next gathering of ghouls with these 20 Halloween food projects.

These desserts, snacks, and drinks will appeal to people who want something cute and seasonal. And it will also appeal to the folks who respect the culinary adventurousness of Hannibal Lecter and the Donner party, but aren’t willing to fully commit to the requisite lifestyle change to jump in whole hog (or long pig in this case.)

Halloween Delights Cookbook

For this fun and festive time of the year, author Karen Jean Matsko Hood presents a unique cookbook that is full of tasty and satisfying recipes. Inside are page after page of mouth-watering recipes that will certainly be a hit with family and friends during this special time. Written for the novice cook as well as the accomplished chef, Halloween Delights Cookbook will be appreciated by all. The ingredients for each recipe can be found at your local market throughout the year. Halloween Delights Cookbook is sure to be a valuable addition to your kitchen library and a great gift idea for the chef on your giving list.

Halloween Treats (In the Kitchen Cooking)

When it comes to fun food, nothing beats Halloween; from scary treats to bone chilling drinks. This collection of Halloween recipes will keep kids and adults well fed and fully entertained too!

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Busy Moms (Holdiay Entertaining)

Halloween should be a fun time for the entire family, but if you are a busy mom, it can be difficult to get into the 'spirit' of things because there always seems to be so much to do. This illustrated guide is designed with YOU in mind, to help serve as a checklist of the many options you have for celebrating Halloween. 

From costumes and decorations, to food and personal safety considerations, meal planning and more, you will find a range of solutions to help you tackle issues like trick or treating, sensible snacking, pet safety at this time of year, and much more. 

You will also find over 20 recipes plus variations, to make family meals more special at Halloween, or to cater to guests if you are planning a party. Discover a range of ways to celebrate, from the natural to the supernatural, including what to do if one of your family members was born on Halloween. 

Handy appendices help you create a great but cheap costume, organize your decorations, deal with your invitations and keep your guest list organized, and plan your party so you don't forget anything essential. 

The Zombie Cookbook (The Vampire Zombie Werewolf Cookoff Cookbook)

Whether you're looking to impress your dinner guests during Halloween or just have an urge to eat eyeballs, brains and severed fingers, a few simple techniques and recipes can easily fill up your plate with fright. Common ingredients, like olives, ketchup and marshmallows can be transformed into eyeballs, blood and sticky brain matter. While some of the following recipes do require some culinary know-how, most are simple to assemble and can be made in less than an hour. That's good news for those looking to get freaked-out fast.

35 Halloween Recipes For The Faint Of Heart: Recipe Ideas for Halloween Parties, Dinner and Appetizers $0.99

35 Halloween Recipes For The Faint Of Heart: Recipe Ideas for Halloween Parties, Dinner and Appetizers

Are you looking for some Halloween recipe ideas that will go over big with both the children and adults attending your Halloween party this October 31st? 

Well, this cookbook should satisfy almost any creature - big or small. 

Yes, All Hallows Eve is fast approaching and every mom wants to please not only their kids, but all the other kids (big and little) who come knocking on their door with their trick or treat bag.

The little monsters want cupcakes, cookies and snacks or they might decide to give you a trick! 

But, when you are ready for some adult food to serve your Halloween party guests, you'll find plenty of quick and easy dinner recipe ideas for them too!

These include party foods such as dinner recipes or appetizer treats and even chili for that fire breathing, fast eating dragon.

Now, I've spent quite a bit of time researching and compiling this cookbook with some delicious food along with snacks following a Halloween theme. 

In this cookbook, you'll find a collection of 35 Halloween recipes and appetizers that are easy and fun to make.

Deliciously Gross Halloween Desserts & Recipes $0.99

Shelley Mae Carpenter has done it again! Following up her popular 101 Halloween Jokes book, she has compiled an extensive list of great Halloween recipe ideas and tips. Covering everything from Halloween desserts, snacks, and entrees, all the way to delicious cocktail ideas to keep the night a little spookier. 

Recipes Include: 
Halloween Snacks and Entrees - Meatloaf, deviled eggs, edible bloodshot eyeballs, pumpkin throwup display, and more! 
Desserts and Sweets - Bloody punch bowl, bloody intestines, creepy finger cookies, graveyard cake, slimy bloody gummy worms, and more! 
Drinks - blood rimmed cocktails, murky two toned color cocktails, ominous floating brain cloud, and more!

The Secrets of a Great Halloween Party! $2.99

The secret of a great Halloween party is the drinks! If you have ever been planning a Halloween party and wondered, how can I make my Halloween party different, you are in the right place! Do not have a Halloween party without this book. “Secrets of a Great Halloween Party!” is an essential for the Halloween holiday. 

There are photos of most of the recipes with haunting ideas. The recipes and photos are extremely cute and creative. Serve your mixed drinks with a Halloween flair. Preparing the recipes are fairly simple and will really make your party special. 

You know how at most parties, the guests are kind of awkward when they arrive. Offer them one of your custom Halloween drinks. It loosens up the party as well as the drinks become the conversation piece. 

Halloween Games, Cocktails, & Shots for Adults Only $2.99

These Adult Halloween Games are Halloween-themed drinking games! What could 
be better? That’s right, not much! 

So mix up a Mad Eye Martini or Brain Hemorrhage shot (recipes in the book) and get to it! 

Slime-n-Beer Halloween Relay - Slimy hands trying to drink beer. Oh so entertaining! 

Trick or Treat Drinking Game- This Halloween take on the classic truth or dare is a Halloween game that can be played anywhere! 

Scarecrow Hunt Game - Your friends will search high and low for the supplies they need to make an amazing scarecrow. And they’ll need to since the winning team can hand out drinks to the losing team drinks all night long. 

Voodoo Quarters - Is the quarter spinning or is that the room? 

Killer Instinct - End up in the graveyard and you'll be drinking. 

3 Rounds of Real Live Fear Factor will be sure to freak out your adult guests! Spike the animal blood if you dare. 

For a great group game, get your friend's tongues twisted with Creepy Crawly.

SPOOKtacular Gluten-Free Halloween Desserts $4.99

Halloween is our favorite holiday, but we couldn’t stand the day of guilt that followed. This little book is our solution: TO-DIE-FOR desserts that aren’t killers. This year you can give a Halloween party and feed your friends gluten-free, dairy-free treats made with all natural ingredients. 

You can create your own Witchy Carrot Cake Cupcakes or a scary graveyard chocolate cake using alternative flours: quinoa, rice, or millet. The directions are all here. 

Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook $9.99

When it comes to fun food, nothing beats Halloween. From scary treats (Boneyard Dirt Pops) to frightening main dishes (Spiderweb Black Bean Burgers) to blood-curdling beverages (Chilling Jack-o'-Lantern Smoothies), this must-have collection of Halloween recipes will keep kids and adults well fed and fully entertained too!
  • Includes almost 100 recipes with a full-color photo of every one
  • Offers bonus features on setting up a Halloween buffet, fun ways to reuse Halloween candy and recipes perfect for gift-giving
  • Includes helpful cooking tips and techniques throughout
  • Features full nutrition information for every recipe
If you're looking for fun this Halloween season, fear not. Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook is the terrifying good time you've been waiting for.

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