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My Dad is a Great Man

My Dad Is A Great Man

A young boy spends his morning in his father's study, finding clues that help him to learn more about all the great things his father can do. But when his Dad tells him what he really does with all those things, the young boy feels more proud of his Dad than ever.

This delightful and well-illustrated children's book for kids aged 3 to 9 years old is sure to inspire young children to appreciate the things their fathers can do. Enjoy reading this book to your child as a bedtime or anytime story. Older children learning to read will also enjoy this wonderful tale.

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Zehavit Tzarfati lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and holds a BA in Psychology and Education, and a Masters in Public Policy. Her love of animals and children is the stimulus for writing and illustrating her books that are easily accessible to children - and will delight parents who encourage reading to children at bedtime as a beginning step In appreciating books and learning to read. Her very fine illustrator is Mindy Liang.

A young lad discovers all manner of things about his father simply by spending time his father's study. He finds photographs of his father in a wetsuit with tanks on his back (could he be a famous diver, be in the navy, fix submarines?). He finds a Safari hat (could he search for dinosaurs?). He finds a compass (could his dad be an famous explorer of foreign places?). He finds a golden pen that must mean his dad is an important businessman. He finds a newspaper clipping that suggests his dad may be a champion runner. But when his dad comes home and the boy presents all the possibilities of what he is dad does, his dad tells him he rescues sea animals, saves animals from poachers, uses his gold pen to write poems, and helps train runners in the Special Olympics - all tasks that make the world a better place and the boy decides his dad is the greatest!

This book is a fine way to introduce children to the important things we can do with our lives - that fame is less important than caring - and love goes along with all that. 
Grady Harp, September 13

Author bio:

Zehavit Tzarfati lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. She holds a BA in Psychology and Education, and a Masters in Public Policy. Zehavit loves animals and children, and it’s this love that urged her to dedicate her time to writing stories for young children.  Her tales are original and all of them feature eye-catching illustrations which aid young readers in understanding the text within each story.
Her books are written simplistically, yet not too simplistically as to be deemed childish by slightly older children. Ultimately, Zehavit offers wonderful reading material to parents who enjoy reading to their children and, at the same time, to children who are learning to read for the first time.

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