Monday, October 21, 2013

Naughty Tricks and Sinful Treats

New Release!

New Halloween Collection featuring Milly Taiden, April Angel, Jennifer James and Rachel Firasek!

Bitten by Night – Milly Taiden
When a wolf hunts for his mate, he'll lay claim and take her for life. But Royce Night never thought Kiara Cruz would be both his biggest chase and the sexiest woman he'd ever had. She’s in heat and he’s on the prowl. And he definitely didn't think he'd tangle with a tigress for a dance at an alpha love. 
 Pranks & Spanks – Rachel Firasek

No devil should be without his dark angel. Graham Taiden had great plans to torture, Allison McAnders, all through the night, but his sweet sub had a different plan of action. She’s tired of their on-again off-again relationship and ready to lead him to the next level or call a halt to their role playing. Together, through the language of lovers, they’ll reach a truce or risk losing the battle between heaven and hell.

His Naughty Succubus – Jennifer James
Ghost hunter Liam MacDonnell has decided to do a special Halloween investigation on an infamous haunted house. He's hard up for some action of the ghostly kind, and is looking for a sure thing. Lucky for him, cursed succubus Trinity Bell is waiting for him, and has a special assignment only he can bring to completion. 

Seduced by Day – April Angel
It takes two to tango, but three's never a crowd. When twin brothers, Bryan and Brent Day set their sights on Stephanie Almonte, their partner's secretary, they won't be deterred from the task of capturing her heart. With a wicked sense of curiosity, and kill-me bits of a dress, Stephanie explores the haunted mansion that sets the tone for their corporate Halloween party. She's in for the shock of her life when she finds out that the men she's panted after for months have arranged for a sweet seduction to claim her body and her future.

Her Wicked Bassist – Jennifer James

The bad news: This Halloween, Holly Darling's sorority is having their annual fundraiser in a haunted house, and she's freakin' terrified. 

The good news: Hot bassist Zander Phillips is performing with his band Wicked Lovely, and he's got her back, front, and every other body part in between covered. 

My Review

Naughty Tricks and Sinful TreatsNaughty Tricks and Sinful Treats by Milly Taiden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy shit! Oh, wait, can I say holy shit in a review? Well, I don't care! Because wow! This was one sexy, spooky, awesome as hell collection of stories! Each one hotter than the last and hot damn were they all good! I couldn't stop reading. They were fantastic. Not just hot sweaty dirty sex, but a real story with it. This was the most fun I've had with a Halloween read in a long long time! And I can't believe it's only listed at 99 cents! It's so worth it! You have got to pick this up!!

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