Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Hey fans. It's been unseasonably warm here in WNY (Western New York) for those of you who don't know. Well, I had plans with my little one this weekend. 2 Different farms, pumpkins, apples, petting zoo. So, of course, the weather would turn from warm and sunny to wet, rainy and storms, right? Guess that's just my luck. So, today, I want some dark, depressing, figure it out, good ole mysteries! I mean, I always have been a fan of Scooby Doo! Oh, and you can't have mystery without Thrillers... speaking of Thriller....

Ready for this?


Secret Kinship
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An epic tale where the past and the present collide:

1846: Two young boys are playing on Lover’s Leap in Hannibal, Missouri. One boy causes the other to fall to his death. The remaining boy, tormented with guilt, puts pencil to paper and begins to recount their lives and the tragedy.

Present day: Gavin Carter, a retired police detective with a troubled past, inherits an old office building. He and his wife begin work on the old building. By chance, he discovers the journal of the boy, which has been hidden away for the past 150 years. As he reads, he becomes obsessed with the mystery surrounding the dead boy, as well as that of the author of the journal. Will Gavin be able to solve the mystery that is consuming all of his waking thoughts, or will it further destroy his already precarious emotional state?

Fall of the Citizens: A Novel\
Eric Thomas' debut thriller is an exciting, violent and thought provoking story that asks the question, "What happens after you've won the revolution?" The story centers around Josh, a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous, who is living in safe seclusion until he's recruited by a bloodthirsty group of revolutionaries called "The Citizens." They've launched a war on the wealthy; stealing vaccinations from rich pharmaceutical companies and handing them out to the poor. Josh is reluctant to join until he meets Betty, a sarcastic, pink haired revolutionary motivated by her recent misfortune. Josh and Betty ride the wave of an uprising that will put them on the front line in the battle between the "haves" and the "have-nots," a class warfare struggle when the rights of the many finally outweigh the rights of the few.

Visions of Evil
FBI Special Agent, Allison Lewis, uses her psychic abilities along with her identical twin sister, Madison, to zero in on Jake Tansey a psychopathic killer. Jake flees to Mexico, then returns to the United States to eliminate the twins. The three end up in Sedona, AZ where the girls confront the killer.
A historical subplot revolves around Pearl whose family is murdered in 1875 on a wagon trail in the Colorado Territory. Pearl, the lone survivor at fifteen, must learn to rely on her intuition and intelligence to out-wit human predators, and the harsh conditions of the old West.

1000 Yards - John Milton #1
Meet John Milton
He considers himself an artisan. A craftsman. His trade is murder.

Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. Ruthless. Brilliant. Anonymous. Lethal. You wouldn't pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn't want to be on his list. But now, after ten years, he's had enough - there's blood on his hands and he wants out. Trouble is, this job is not one you can just walk away from.
He goes on the run, seeking atonement for his sins by helping the people he meets along the way. But his past cannot be easily forgotten and before long it is Milton who is hunted, and not the hunter.

1000 Yards
This 17,000 word novella is an introduction to John Milton, the most dangerous assassin in the pay of Her Majesty's government.

Milton is sent into North Korea. With nothing but a sniper rifle, bad intentions and a very particular target, will Milton be able to take on the secret police of the most dangerous failed state on the planet?


When a body is found in front of the campus arts building, both the police and the school are quick to write it off as just another jealous boyfriend who went over the edge, but reporter Colin Mitchell immediately suspects that there's more to the case than the authorities would like to believe.

His first clue is the severed hand that shows up in his inbox, sent by a killer who knows Colin is one of the only people who can identify the victim.  The second is the strange symbol found at the scene of the crime.

The symbol appears to match the seal of a bloodthirsty and mysterious military religious order founded almost a thousand years ago during the Crusades - a powerful and secretive organization with possible connections to every historical horror from the Inquisition to Jack the Ripper.

As he digs deeper into the mystery, Colin begins to uncover a trail of murder and corruption extending beyond his worst nightmares.  He's going to need every last bit of his investigative ability and insider knowledge of how the school operates to get to the bottom of it all because the police are starting to zero in on him as their prime suspect...and the real killer is closer than he thinks.

Freedom Bridge: A Cold War Thriller
Caught in a web of dangerous intrigue, Dr. Kiril Andreyev plans his desperate escape from Soviet tyranny to freedom in the West.
     But when his friend's escape attempt ends in flames, Kiril finds his life threatened by a ruthless KGB officer.
     Kiril's last chance rests on a visiting American heart surgeon and his journalist wife. But even as Kiril plots his escape, he finds that his life depends on his materialistic mistress, on the rivalries of Soviet and East German intelligence agents, and on accidental betrayals by those he trusts most.
     The story builds to a climax in a deadly confrontation on Glienicker Bridge, linking East Germany and West Berlin.
     Will Dr. Kiril Andreyev succeed in his lifelong quest for freedom--and at what cost?

The Bullet List (The Saving Bailey Trilogy, #1)
Knock. Knock. 

Who’s there?

Miemah is going to kill.

Miemah is going to kill who?


Sophomore Bailey Sykes is the prettiest girl at her school, but looks mean nothing when she is faced with a bully and backed into a corner by both teachers, and students. Bailey finds herself desperately looking for a way out.

With no one to turn to but an abusive, alcoholic mother and a dad locked behind bars, Bailey is pushed to the edge. What will it take to save Bailey from the darkness she has spiraled into? She soon discovers that the only way to fight fire is with bullets. 

The American football team, the 'Black Ears', has a problem - not on the pitch but in the press. 

Bad stories are being spread about them. 

Simon Ritter is hired to clean up its image. His job is to be the first man on the scene - any potential news story has to reach him before the press, so he can cover up and neutralise any scandal.

As soon as he starts work the club’s deputy grounds-keeper asks for a meeting. But when Ritter arrives he finds the man shot dead. 

As he starts investigating the murder, he finds out a Russian billionaire called Janokovic has just bought the club. 

But why? And what is the true source of his fabulous wealth? 

As Ritter starts to uncovers the truth he finds not only his reputation, but his life, is on the line. 

And very soon it will be game on or game over for Ritter. 

A Kind of Dying (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller)
Men vanish all the time; often because that's what they've chosen to do. So when he's sent to investigate a disappearance, Inspector Jim Meldrum begins to ask himself why the Chief Constable and so many of his colleagues are taking an interest in what appears to be a routine investigation. Wealthy John Bellman lived a quiet life out of the public eye. What makes his disappearance so important?

An unexpected call takes Meldrum to Oslo where a Norwegian policeman appears to have evidence that Bellman was connected to one of the most dangerous neo-Nazi groups to emerge since the fall of the Berlin wall.

In London, Bellman's daughter demands her own price of Meldrum to help in the search. From there, Meldrum's dogged pursuit of the truth will take him deep into a New England forest where the elements of Bellman's past come into violent collision. For the final unravelling, however, he has to look elsewhere. If he is to uncover the roots of a spreading evil Jim Meldrum must come home. To Edinburgh.

Bourbon & Blood: A Crime Fiction Novel (Bill Conlin Thriller)
$3.99 Nook Link

In the tradition of action-packed noir thrillers, comes a crime fiction story about an otherwise good guy "bent" bad when he's pulled into the underbelly of the New York City crime scene. 

Drugs, white slavery, prostitution, murder... Former soldier and decorated war hero Bill Conlin finds himself immersed in it all when he can't find "respectable" work after his tour in Afghanistan. When his cousin, Jimmy, first tries to talk him into joining Irish mafia boss Frank Sullivan's gang, Bill brushes him off.

All Bill really wants is a normal life with a nice girl, and he's pretty sure the waitress he just met, Dana, is the one. But with his savings running low, and desperate to get out of his Hell's Kitchen near-tenement apartment building, Bill, against his better judgment, agrees to a meeting with Mr. Sullivan--and immediately hits the point of no return... Now with a brand new Lincoln and fancy new uptown digs (complete with a live-in girl whose only purpose is to serve him, and a wardrobe packed with weapons), Bill's tasked to take down a Harlem-based Mexican prostitution ring.

One thing leads to another, however, and the deeper he gets, the more he learns, and the more tangled up he becomes in a lifestyle he never wanted. But how long until he takes matters into his own hands... And what will the ultimate cost be...

Nook Link

Dick Love is a 42-year-old detective from New York now living and working in London. When a serial killer starts preying on young mothers, it’s up to Love, and his sophisticated partner Stuart Le Fanu, to employ their MI6 state-of-the-art equipment along with good old-fashioned detective skills to discover the identity of the killer before he can strike again.

Love hates technology but appreciates two things: the company of
a good woman and retaining his single status. And if given the choice he’d just as soon stay alive. He has a pregnant boxer relying on it.

Wolf Black is a pseudonym. 

Deadly Gamble: The First Charlie Parker Mystery (Charlie Parker Mystery Series)
$0.99 Nook Link

In this debut mystery series novel, Charlie Parker, accountant and partner in an Albuquerque private investigation firm, is visited by her old school friend, Stacy North. Stacy's Rolex watch is missing and she begs Charlie to help locate it before her husband finds out. Things are complicated by the fact that Stacy had been seeing another man, Gary Detweiller, and he's the one she suspects of having stolen the watch. With a little detective work, Charlie retrieves the missing watch and all should be well. But three days later, Detweiller is murdered. All eyes turn to Stacy as the prime suspect. 

Once again, Stacy begs Charlie's help in proving her innocence. As she begins to ask questions, Charlie learns that Detweiller's life was not as simple as first perceived and that any number of people had grievances against him. And before she can pinpoint the killer, her own life is in danger as well. 

Superbia 2 (Book 2 of the Superbia Series)
In Superbia 2, Not-Even-Promoted Detective Frank O'Ryan returns to work his way through the insanity of being in a cop in today's world, where the bosses are more dangerous and slippery than the criminals.    
Frank must now deal with the fall-out from his mentor's death and the newly-appointed Chief Erinnyes. If that weren't enough, he's in hot pursuit of drug dealers and a beautiful new CI with grabby hands. The tension escalates when a man violently murders his wife and disabled daughter and Frank vows revenge.    
Superbia 2 picks up where the first best-selling entry in the series left off and continues the groundbreaking tale about what it's like to really wear the badge.  Not the fancy places you always hear about like New York and LA.  The down and dirty suburbs where there's no back up and only the suck-ups survive.   

Superbia 3 (Book 3 of the Superbia Series)

Everything Comes to an End.
Frank O'Ryan has survived getting shot, losing his mentor, being betrayed by the people he worked for, and even a six-foot rabbit that beats people into confessing.  Now, in the aftermath of Superbia 2, Frank has to deal with more than even he can bear and it looks his days of being a cop are finished. He's made a career out of fighting scumbags both inside and outside the department, but now the rules have changed and it will be all he can do to survive his last few days on The Job.

The Sinister Seminar (Events To Die For Series)

Now it's Charlotte's turn. She helped launch the Aspen Valley Inn and now she is getting her own story.

She operates Enchanted Events which is quickly gaining the reputation of the place where events are literally to die for. This was a simple writing seminar booking. First someone tries to kill one of the students and next they come after Charlotte. Nothing can stop Charlotte from getting to the bottom of this because this time it's personal. As she works to solve the mystery , she is also nurturing a budding relationship with the bison rancher who won't give up in his dogged pursuit for her heart.

Spend some time with the characters you loved in the Aspen Valley Inn Series and you'll also get to know more about Charlotte in this first book of the Events to Die For Series.

The Gauguin Connection (Genevieve Lenard)

As an insurance investigator and world renowned expert in nonverbal communication, Dr Genevieve Lenard faces the daily challenge of living a successful, independent life. Particularly because she has to deal with her high functioning Autism. Nothing - not her studies, her high IQ or her astounding analytical skills - prepared her for the changes about to take place in her life.

It started as a favour to help her boss' acerbic friend look into the murder of a young artist, but soon it proves to be far more complex. Forced out of her predictable routines, safe environment and limited social interaction, Genevieve is thrown into exploring the meaning of friendship, expanding her social definitions, and for the first time in her life be part of a team in a race to stop more artists from being murdered.

Dead Girl in a Green Dress

Most people consider Mackinac Island a paradise that harkens back to a genteel bygone era. But for Byrony Long, paradise turns into a nightmare when her half-sister Jessica is found dead near Mackinac's Grand Hotel.

Convinced Jessica was murdered, Byrony hires private investigator Tate Madison to help her find the truth. But the more secrets they uncover, the higher the danger mounts around them. With the killer poised to strike again, will Byrony or Tate be the next victim?

Tropical Warning

Tropical Warning by Tim Dorsey has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on December 17, 2013.

EXTRACTION POINT (Nathan Roberts Series #1)

When millionaire's son, Alex Norton is kidnapped in Europe, it falls to former U.S. Navy Seal Nathan Roberts to track him down.

Alex is believed to be the victim of a random kidnapping, but when Nathan starts to look into the facts surrounding his disappearance it soon comes to light that this is not so.

In a dangerous mission that takes him across Europe, Nathan is in a race against time to find and rescue Alex before it is too late.

RAGE (Nathan Roberts Series #2)

When Nathan's girlfriend Carla is caught up in a violent bank robbery gone wrong, there are serious consequences for the men involved.

Once Carla is on the road to recovery, Nathan can begin his search for the armed raiders. They may have evaded the official investigation but they would now be hunted down and brought to justice, no matter where they hide.

In a race against the FBI, Nathan wants to reach the man responsible for hurting Carla. He will find him, and he will kill him.

Blood Money (Nathan Roberts Series #3)

Former U.S. Navy Seal, Nathan Roberts is recruited to find Serbian arms dealer, Borenko Drulovic. He is successful in his mission and tracks his target to Mexico.

When the operation to extract Borenko goes wrong, Nathan is lucky to escape with his life. He is faced with the decision to either go back across the border for the arms dealer, or to walk away.

The operation has already cost Nathan far too much. In a head to head battle with a drugs cartel in Mexico, he will finish what he started.

Red Mountain (A psychological thriller adventure)

Robert Crain's perfect life is being torn apart... While recuperating at home from a car accident, men in ski masks break into his house and render him unconscious. When he awakens the next morning he is confronted by a nightmarish truth -- that his wife and son are gone.

But it doesn't take long before he learns he's not dealing with ordinary kidnappers. They aren't interested in ransom money. No, what they want is unthinkable -- to see Robert fight other strangers to the death... And if he refuses, he will never see his family again.

Accompanied by his loyal German shepherd, Robert descends into the darkest journey of his life, awaiting the kidnapper's next dreaded appointment -- and coming out of it alive. Joined later by his best friend Will, he will stop at nothing to rescue his wife and son who are being held by a haunted psychopath.

Robert has always had questions about his family's past. About a mysterious oblong box he discovered in his grandmother's attic and his grandfather's deep fear of what lurked within a mountain glacier. Beginning with a ghost that stalked him in the forest while his was a boy to a violent trip he and Will survived in Mexico, Robert has always believed that some force from the distant past would one day come for him. 

Dead List (A Nate Richards Mystery - Book Two)

Registered sex offenders in Treasure Valley have started showing up dead, killed with apparent violence and forethought; and Detective Nate Richards finds himself pitted against a psychotic killer set on ridding the valley of the unclean.

When Chrystal Johansson, the only female on the killer's list, barely escapes the attempt on her life, Richards takes her into protective custody. Driven by a voice he calls God and a group of men he calls the Uncles, the killer sets a deadline of two weeks to complete the valley's cleansing.

Around him, the community divides about the actions of the vigilante. Some hail the killer as a modern day knight, only doing what they wish they could; while others curse him as being part of the sickness he claims to fight.

With the deadline quickly approaching, and the city threatening to tear itself apart, will the killer fulfill his calling or will Nate stop the killings before another victim turns up on the DEAD LIST?

Amazon Goodies 

Brainlock: a triple thriller pack $0.99

The Devil's Deep: A man locked in the prison of his own mind tries to tell the world about a brutal crime before he is silenced forever.

The Devil's Peak: Suffering from locked-in syndrome, a man tries to escape the brutal attention of a psychopath.

Implant (with Jeffrey Anderson): A CIA agent with a high tech brain implant is targeted for elimination after he discovers a deadly secret.

Blood Drama $0.99

Everyone has a bad day. In the crossover thriller BLOOD DRAMA, graduate student Ian Nash,
after losing his girlfriend, gets dropped from a Ph.D. program in theatre. When he stops at a local coffee shop in the lobby of a bank to apply for a job, the proverbial organic matter hits the fan. A gang of four robs the bank, and things get bloody. Ian is taken hostage by the robbers when the police show up. Now he has to save his life.

FBI Special Agent Aleece Medina's analysis of the bloody bank heist drives her into the pursuit of a robbery gang headed by two women. She doesn't anticipate how this robbery will pit her against both the bandits and the male higher-ups in the FBI while the media heats up during a giant manhunt.

The robbers are about to kill Ian, and all he has at hand is his
knowledge of the stage.

The Fellowship: A Thriller $0.99

In Washington D.C., an American senator is the victim of a depraved murder. In London, a senior member of parliament is brutally slain in the tunnels beneath Whitehall. Only one thing appears to link the American and British politicians – the archaic ritual used to kill them.

As wayward intelligence operative Blake Carver hunts for the perpetrators, he discovers an ancient order of assassins thought to have been dissolved centuries ago. During an epic chase that takes him from the corridors of Washington to the wilds of South Africa and the catacombs of Rome, he finds himself caught in a shadow war that threatens to engulf the entire world.

Final Vector $0.99

When air traffic controller Nick Jensen's wife - a Pentagon auditor - is killed in a car accident under suspicious circumstances, a grief-stricken Nick throws himself into his work at Logan International Airport in Boston.

Days later, on duty during a midnight shift, Nick spies three heavily armed men dressed in black fatigues patrolling the corridors of the supposedly secure FAA facility.

Nick escapes capture by the thugs and with United States President Robert Cartwright scheduled to fly into Logan the next day, faces a race against time to uncover the link between his wife's death and a brazen assassination plot against a sitting president.

Unarmed and on the run, Nick must take down a homegrown terrorist organization before the president faces his FINAL VECTOR...

Carved in Bone (Body Farm Novel) $0.99

There is a patch of ground in Tennessee dedicated to the science of death, where human remains lie exposed to be studied for their secrets. The real-life scientist who founded the "Body Farm" has broken cold cases and revolutionized forensics . . . and now he spins an astonishing tale inspired by his own experiences.
Renowned anthropologist Dr. Bill Brockton has spent his career surrounded by death at the Body Farm. Now he's being called upon to help solve a baffling puzzle in a remote mountain community. The mummified corpse of a young woman dead for thirty years has been discovered in a cave, the body bizarrely preserved and transformed by the environment's unique chemistry. But Brockton's investigation is threatening to open old wounds among an insular people who won't forget or forgive. And a long-buried secret prematurely exposed could inflame Brockton's own guilt—and the dangerous hostility of bitter enemies determined to see him fail . . . by any means necessary.
With Fascinating Insider Information on the Body Farm!

Cry For Justice $0.99
Jason Justice is living life the only way he knows; his way. A successful Palm Beach lawyer, he can be picky not just about his clients, but whom he chooses to bed. That all changes one stormy night when he reluctantly agrees to look into the affairs of a young woman who needs assistance in locating her missing step father, who by all indications may have not only staged her mother's suicide but may have also made off with her family's fortune.

With little to go on except for a yellowing snapshot, he takes on the case not realizing his search for the missing man would eventually lead him to more victims and expose a link to a secret CIA relocation program and a trained killer who will stop at nothing to keep his crimes secret.

The Tooth Tattoo (Peter Diamond Investigation) $1.99

A weekend vacation in Vienna shakes loose detective Peter Diamond's recollections about a case he'd heard about: the mysterious suicide of a Japanese tourist in the Danube Canal two years earlier. Meanwhile, a professional violist goes to an audition for a string quartet only to find himself tangled up in something sinister.

Unnatural Causes $1.99

A famous mystery writer is found dead at the bottom of a dinghy, with both hands chopped off at the wrists. Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh, with help from his remarkable Aunt Jane, must discover who typed the writer's death sentence before the plot takes another murderous turn.

Summoned by Military Intelligence to Washington, D.C., Reacher is sent undercover. The assignment that awaits him: The army is meeting with its Capitol Hill paymasters for classified talks on a new, state-of-the-art sniper rifle for U.S. forces. But vital details about the weapon are leaking—straight from the Capitol and probably into the hands of unidentified foreign arms dealers. The prospect of any and every terrorist, mercenary, or dictator’s militia getting their hands on the latest superior firepower is unthinkable. That’s where Reacher comes in. His task: infiltrate the top-secret proceedings and smoke out the mole. His target: a quartet of high-powered Army political liaison officers—all of them fast-track women on their way to the top.

According to his bosses, it’s a zero-danger mission. No need to draw a gun . . . just chat over drinks. But Reacher knows that things are rarely what they seem. And he’s learned the hard way never to underestimate an opponent. Or four. Lessons that will come in handy when he starts digging for the truth—and gets his hands a lot dirtier than he expected.

Terminated $2.99

Stephen Tarbell needed that promotion. But they had to go and give the job to his supervisor, Gwen Farris. Now Tarbell has had enough—and he’s about to put Gwen on notice. She has two choices: give him a glowing review on his performance evaluation or suffer the consequences.
Gwen has already survived one violent attack, fifteen years ago. But even that experience couldn’t prepare her for Tarbell’s relentless fury. Pulling a knife on her was just the beginning. Like a sadist peeling the wings off a helpless fly, Tarbell is determined to pick apart her life using every means of physical and psychological torment. The company’s security firm says they’ll handle the situation, but whose side are they really on? And how do you stop a psychopath so consumed by hate he thinks he’s the one being persecuted?
An ominous thriller set in a world where workplace insecurity meets violent obsession, Simon Wood’s Terminated grabs the reader by the throat and never lets go.

Notorious (A Nate Richards Mystery - Book One) $2.99

* A Rookie Detective
* A Ruthless Street gang
* A Dead Cop and a kidnapped Girlfriend

Half of Treasure Valley is controlled by a violent street gang. The other
half is controlled by fear. Rookie detective Nate Richards is thrust
between the two.

Abyss, a new and mysterious gang, has moved into the valley and people have started dying. Nate's girlfriend suddenly disappears and the gang is targeted as the cause.
Will Nate succumb to the pressure to get the job done by any means necessary and become part of the problem?

Desperation grows as time runs out and Nate can feel the heat as the pressure builds. Will his faith hold? Will Nate rise above the pull into
darkness? Or will he sink into the ranks of the Notorious?

Back to War (The Corps Justice Military Fiction Series) $2.99

In a bloody gang initiation gone wrong, Former Marine Staff Sergeant Cal
Stokes simultaneously loses his fiancé and is thrust into America's
unforgiving criminal underbelly. Never one to back down, the Navy Cross
winner is forced to use the skills honed in the Marines along with the
assets of his deceased father's company, Stokes Security International
(S.S.I.), to track down his enemy and penetrate the world of his enemy. 

He must seek his own brand of justice...

Corps Justice.

What would you do?

When America's laws aren't enough...'s time for Corps Justice.

The Poisonous Pageant (Events To Die For Series) $2.99

This book continues Charlotte's journey to find love amidst yet another murder. She has booked a child beauty pageant and one of the judge's, a former model is murdered. Who wanted her dead? The road to fame left a lot of enemies.
And if that's not enough, Charlotte has to decide which of the three suitors wanting a more exclusive relationship Is the right one? 
Once again Charlotte and her sister Lacey try to unravel a mystery that has 
the locals whispering about Enchanted Events truly hosting "events to die for."
Can Charlotte risk falling in love? Can she keep everyone around her safe? 
This series is a sequel to the popular Aspen Valley Inn Series and keeps those beloved characters in the background as Charlotte takes center stage. 
A beautiful Colorado setting, real characters and a thrilling mystery. Settle in for another cozy visit with the sleuth sisters.

Heart-Shaped Box $2.99

Judas Coyne is a collector of the macabre: a cookbook for cannibals . . . a used hangman's noose . . . a snuff film. An aging death-metal rock god, his taste for the unnatural is as widely known to his legions of fans as the notorious excesses of his youth. But nothing he possesses is as unlikely or as dreadful as his latest discovery, an item for sale on the Internet, a thing so terribly strange, Jude can't help but reach for his wallet.
I will "sell" my stepfather's ghost to the highest bidder. . . .
For a thousand dollars, Jude will become the proud owner of a dead man's suit, said to be haunted by a restless spirit. He isn't afraid. He has spent a lifetime coping with ghosts—of an abusive father, of the lovers he callously abandoned, of the bandmates he betrayed. What's one more?
But what UPS delivers to his door in a black heart-shaped box is no imaginary or metaphorical ghost, no benign conversation piece. It's the real thing.
And suddenly the suit's previous owner is everywhere: behind the bedroom door . . . seated in Jude's restored vintage Mustang . . . standing outside his window . . . staring out from his widescreen TV. Waiting—with a gleaming razor blade on a chain dangling from one bony hand. . . .
A multiple-award winner for his short fiction, author Joe Hill immediately vaults into the top echelon of dark fantasists with a blood-chilling roller-coaster ride of a novel, a masterwork brimming with relentless thrills and acid terror.

Superbia (Book One of the Superbia Series) $2.99

After Frank O'Ryan gets shot, his first assignment is working with the most disliked man in his police department, Detective Vic Ajax.  Ajax isn't like the other cops.  He doesn't like them and they don't like him. He steals trash from suspected drug dealers, searching for evidence.  He conducts a futile war with an administration that thinks the only sign of a good cop is writing traffic tickets and waving to soccer moms during school crossings.  He hunts pedophiles.

Now, Frank will enter a world where being real police means laying so much of your soul on the line, you might not make it out.  But as Vic explains, if it keeps a little girl from having to testify about what some monster did to her, it's worth it.  Together, they'll resort to any means necessary to take down the scumbags, even if it means employing the interrogative services of a man in a six-foot bunny costume called The Truth Rabbit.  

Dead Man Rising $2.99

Meet Rook.

A former spy turned reporter, his life is planned like a game of chess.

Every move has an objective - and is played strategically, and with total focus.

But in the tranquil paradise of Hawaii, amid the palm trees and sunshine, he is about to play out the greatest game of his life. And the deadliest.

A fellow journalist - running the paper's Hawaii bureau - has disappeared.

No one knows why, or where?

Rook is determined to find out.

He was on the trail of one of the greatest scoops of all time - a story that brings together all the powers competing for control of the Pacific.

As he starts to dig, Rook soon finds he is on the run - from intelligence agencies, governments, police forces and from his own past.

He will need all his survival skills to outwit them.

Because a dead man can rise once. But not twice. 

Convictions (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller) $3.99

Detective Inspector Jim's Meldrum's career fighting crime has taken a heavy toll.

It's cost him his marriage, alienated his daughter - and hardened him to the senseless brutality and greed of Scotland's criminals.

And yet the murder of an elderly blind man - just another statistic - continues to haunt him fifteen years after the event.

For all those years the man convicted of the crime, Hugh Keaney, has protested his innocence – and without an admission of guilt there is no parole for a man serving life for murder.

When he learns that Keaney has gone on a hunger strike, however, Meldrum finds he can no longer live with his doubts about the case.

From the genteel terraces of Edinburgh to Glasgow’s tenements, from the tormented beauty of Co. Armagh to the deceptive peace of the Loire valley, Meldrum searches for answers to why the blind man had to die.

And yet, the more he discovers, the bigger the case gets - and the more serious the consequences.

But there are some 'Convictions' a man just can't shake.

In physical danger, with his career at risk, and family and loved ones under threat, Jim Meldrum must consider just how high a price he’s prepared to pay for justice.

The Racketeer $5.69

In the history of the United States, only four active federal judges have been murdered. Judge Raymond Fawcett has just become number five. His body is found in his remote lakeside cabin. There is no sign of forced entry or struggle. Just two dead bodies: Judge Fawcett and his young secretary. And one large, state-of-the-art, extremely secure safe, opened and emptied.

One man, a former attorney, knows who killed Judge Fawcett, and why. But that man, Malcolm Bannister, is currently residing in the Federal Prison Camp near Frostburg, Maryland. Though serving time, Malcolm has an ace up his sleeve. He has information the FBI would love to know. Malcolm would love to tell them. But everything has a price—and the man known as the Racketeer wasn’t born yesterday.

Gunshots $7.70

Homicide Detectives Johnson and Abramo are investigating the murder of Richard Wright, a local hotel owner from Hell’s Kitchen, New York. After talking with the deceased’s wife the two Detectives discover Richard was in debt to the Russian mob. As the Detectives delve further into this murky world gunshots continue to ring out across the city in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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