Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cuddling with Mystery

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Today I'm posting some mystery and crime! We got our first snow fall last night and I can think of nothing better than snuggling on my couch with coffee and something mysterious!


Blood Money
Nick Ceratto, a young, cracker jack litigator looking for a partnership in the prestigious Philadelphia law firm of Maglio, Silvio, and Levin discovers his firm's dark seceret for increasing it's bottom line while preparing a medical malpractice case for trial.The partners are setting up major cases by seriously injuring and even murdering their clients to produce huge jury awards. When the firm discovers he knows, Nick's only hope is to stay one step ahead of the hitman long enough to intentionally lose his case and expose the firm's corruption. As his mission careens towards an explosive climax, the only question left, is whose lives will be sacrificed along the way.

BLOOD MONEY is a classic examination of the duality of the American justice system, it's strengths and weaknesses, and the interplay between it and raw ambition.

BLOOD MONEY is a disturbing depiction of a system gone wrong, and the one time golden boy who is finally able to understand the bigger picture and remember the oath taken and his dream that was once so clear.

Alternative Measures
What happens when organized crime has been wiped out in a city like Philadelphia? Does that mean crime is done, or is the crime left in the wake of the mob's demise too chaotic for the city to handle? In "Alternative Measure," when the Mayor, who is running for Governer, is unable to deal with the random violence that grips his city, he comes up with ALTERNATIVE MEASURES, which is a plan to have imprisoned mobsters released to recapture their neighborhood so his police force can concentrate its forces in others.

The Assistant D.A. who gets the assignment is an Italian female who has fought to overcome the stigma of the mob. The leader of the crew she has to spring from prison and control claims he was framed for a crime he didn't commit. It's a match made in hell.

Hit & Run
Meet George Hawkins. 

A country detective, his life is a daily routine of small-time embezzlement and sleazy divorce cases. 
But his life is about to swerve out of control. 
He is watching a husband's house, gathering evidence of adultery.
But he witnesses a horrific hit and run incident instead. 
Should Hawkins report it to the police and jeopardise his case?
Or should he use his investigative skills to find out who this man really is?

Before Hawkins can decide, his house has been robbed and his girlfriend has vanished. 
Has yet another woman walked out on him? 
Or is it something more sinister?
Could her disappearance be linked to the hit and run he witnessed? 
And if so is he merely a pawn in someone else’s deadly game?
The local police are convinced he is guilty of murder. To escape their clutches, George is forced into two investigations that will change his life forever...one into a network of ruthless, high-tech industrial spies and another into his own past.

The stakes have got a lot higher. And soon his own life is in the balance. 

Dead Unlucky
The discovery of a teenager bludgeoned to death in an alley drags Chief Inspector Harry Hart away from a ritzy dinner and into conflict with spineless coppers, coke pushers and Annalee Hargreaves, the snooty Headteacher of posh Highdean School. He discovers that the murder wasn’t the only disaster to intrude upon her privileged world and peels away Highdean’s layers of deceit and deception to expose a rotten core of callous selfishness and pure evil. 

Hart likes a bit of banter and a laugh, but there’s nothing funny about the final misfortune he unearths. Because his cussed determination doesn’t only catch a killer – it also reveals the heartbreaking secret of how a schoolkid ended up Dead Unlucky.

The Disintegrating Bloodline
A.J. Cattiano is a sophomore in high school. He just joined the Mafia.

At George Bradley High School in upstate New York, the administration has been driven to desperate measures by a wave of drugs and gang violence. Their insane strategy? Invite the Mob to take over the school's rackets and bring order to the bloody chaos.

The Mafia's representative, Chris Mangini, quickly takes control and establishes himself as the school's unofficial ruler. A charismatic figure, the young mobster is everything A.J. has ever wanted to be himself. A.J. falls within Chris' deadly orbit and begins his gangland apprenticeship.

The day will come when A.J. must take the final lethal step in his training and choose whether to lose his soul in the service of the Mafia. And that day is fast approaching.

Dead Harvest (An Inspector Ray Wilson Thriller)
A truck is stopped for a routine traffic violation.

But when the police look inside they find something they never expected.
A mysterious, ornate, but apparently ancient coffin. 
And what appears to be an Egyptian Mummy.

Detective Inspector Ray Wilson is about to be thrown into the most baffling case of his career. 
And the most dangerous. 
He has to find out where it came from and where it was going.
And more importantly why would anyone smuggle an Egyptian Mummy across the UK?
Out of his depth, he turns for help to Cambridge’s world famous Fitzwilliam Museum and its curator of Egyptology, Karen Bowen. 

As a romance blossoms between Wilson and Bowen, the pair find themselves embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. 
As other identical Mummies are found around the world the trail leads back to a Turkish people smuggler - and a man with links to an evil trade that stretches back thousands of years.
It will be the biggest case of Wilson's career - but one that may end his life. 

Finders Keepers (Police Procedural Crime Thriller - DS Linda Jones)
Nobody is much surprised when the brutal drugs baron Sid Acott is murdered, but there's a lot of surprise in the manner of his going: he has been gunned down at long range by a sniper using a WW2 machine gun. 

It is clear to Detective Superintendent Linda Jones that this is no ordinary gangland killing and the mystery deepens when the Mad Machine-Gunner strikes again - and again. 
Meanwhile investigative journalist Paul Carter is unwittingly drawn into the affair when he finds, hidden in the bilges of a yacht, a memory stick. What secrets does it contain and are they related to the machine-gun killings? 
Intimidation, torture and kidnap lie in Paul's path to the truth while Linda's involves shrewd human insights and careful forensic research. This is another Alan Abcart story in which the lives of the journalist and policewoman are woven together. 

The Gauguin Connection (Genevieve Lenard)
$0.99 Nook Link

Murdered artists. Masterful forgeries. Art crime at its worst.

As an insurance investigator and world renowned expert in nonverbal communication, Dr Genevieve Lenard faces the daily challenge of living a successful, independent life. Particularly because she has to deal with her high functioning Autism. Nothing - not her studies, her high IQ or her astounding analytical skills - prepared her for the changes about to take place in her life.

It started as a favour to help her boss' acerbic friend look into the murder of a young artist, but soon it proves to be far more complex. Forced out of her predictable routines, safe environment and limited social interaction, Genevieve is thrown into exploring the meaning of friendship, expanding her social definitions, and for the first time in her life be part of a team in a race to stop more artists from being murdered.

You Will Pay - For Leaving Me
The part I hated most about my miserable existence – the bedroom. 

I hated the way he demanded sex just about every night, forced me into perverted positions and the fact that he was insatiable. 
Hated the way he roughed me up during sex, grabbed my hair, twisted my neck, the way his hand fastened around my throat while thrusting vigorously into me, the way he took total control over my body and my soul and dominated me in the harshest possible way, the way he demanded I orgasm in record time, then got irritated when I didn’t, the way I had to fake it just to please him, the way I broke down and cried in the bathroom so many times after sex with him, my husband, the man I had chosen to have and to hold." 

It should have been an easy job: follow cheating husband Larry Ivers and catch him with his mistress. But there's never any such thing as an "easy job."

Homicide-detective-turned-private-eye Ken McGreevey takes the case anyway. After his medical discharge from the Pinal County Sheriff's Department in Arizona, he's got time on his hands.

When Eastern European gangsters, led by the giant Croatian gangster who helped cripple him, attack Ivers' would-be ex-wife, McGreevey and his team are plunged into the middle of a human trafficking scam Ivers is pulling for both the Russian and Mexican mobs.

McGreevey's always done the right thing, but this case cannot be played by the rules. There are no easy choices, and all have dire consequences for his complicated love life, the troubled teen he's mentoring and the three departments' worth of cops on his back.

And then... he must bring justice to the helpless trapped by the men who see them as less than slaves.

Murder in Steeple Martin - A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery (Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery Series)
$4.99 Nook Link

First in a series of British murder mysteries featuring retired middle-aged actress and sleuth, Libby Sarjeant. 

Artist and ex-actress Libby Sarjeant is busy directing a play for the opening of a new theatre in her village when one of her cast is found murdered. The play, written by her friend Peter, is based on real events in his family, disturbing and mysterious, which took place in the village during the last war. As the investigation into the murder begins to uncover a tangled web of relationships in the village, it seems that the events dramatised in the play still cast a long shadow, dark enough to inspire murder. 

Libby s natural nosiness soon leads her into the thick of the investigation, but is she too close to Peter s family, and in particular his cousin Ben, to be able to recognise the murderer?

Buried Secrets
Luck brings them together--bad luck could be the death of them.

On a frigid Milwaukee night, professional fundraiser Kate Harvey sneaks into an attorney's house hoping to rescue documents for her grandmother. Attorney Nathan Crosby sneaks into the same house trying to collect evidence of the lawyer's dirty dealings.

Neither expects to land in the midst of a vendetta.

But when they stumble over a dead body, they know there's more going on than either could have imagined. Racing to solve the mystery of long-past misdeeds, Nathan and Kate soon realize that criminals aren't their only danger. Kate's never met a man who attracts her more than Nathan. Nathan can't think straight with brave, beautiful Kate around.

But the cost of getting involved might just be their lives...

After the Evil - A Jake Roberts Novel
Detective Jake Roberts, during a murder investigation is brought face to face with his ex-partner and lover FBI profiler Mika Scott. Both are hot on a cold trail. Flight attendant Lori Powers suffered mental and physical at the hands of her husband, but her own trauma paled in comparison to the sexual abuse of their only child. Emily wrote a suicide note and blamed Lori for failing to protect her. Lori was overwhelmed by guilt. When she heard the voices, she murdered domineering, abusive men who crossed her path. Chief Ed Fairchild met with a man claiming to have information about the serial killer. The investigation had reached a dead end. The meeting cost Ed his life. Airline Captain Nick Parker had an insatiable, deviant sexual appetite. Things went desperately wrong when young flight attendant Megan joined him on a layover. Dr. Thaddeus Abrams, the department's psychiatrist, was murdered. It was a shock to every officer on the force. They did not know about his dark side. Detective Harmon Blackwell protected Jake. An arrogant, angry and jealous, Michael Gates sought to punish Lori for murdering his lover. And all the while, Emily cried out from the grave.

Scherzo: Murder and Mystery in 18th Century Venice
MEET two unusual detectives. Ludovico - a young man who has had his testicles cut off for the sake of opera. And Monsieur Arouet - a fraudster, or just possibly the philosopher Voltaire. 

VISIT the setting. Carnival time in mid-18th century Venice, a city of winter mists, and the season of masquerade and decadence. 

ENCOUNTER a Venetian underworld of pimps, harlots, gamblers, forgers and charlatans. 

BEWARE of a mysterious coterie of aristocrats, Jesuits, Freemasons and magicians. 

DISCOVER a murder: that of the nobleman, Sgr Alessandro Molin, found swinging from a bridge with his innards hanging out and a message in code from his killer. 

Irreparable Harm (Sasha McCandless Legal Thriller No. 1)
$4.99 Nook Link

After eight long years, attorney Sasha McCandless is about to make partner at a prestigious law firm. All she has to do is keep her head down and her billable hours up. 
When a plane operated by her client slams into the side of a mountain, killing everyone aboard, Sasha gears up to defend the inevitable civil lawsuits.  She soon realizes the crash was no accident: a developer has created an application that can control a commercial plane's onboard computer from a smartphone. 
Sasha joins forces with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another airline disaster. But when people close to the matter start turning up dead, Sasha must rely on both her legal skills and her Krav Maga training to stop the madman before he kills her.

Killing the Secret (Sheriff Lexie Wolfe Novel)
Somebody is murdering the women who played on a championship high school basketball team twenty years ago. Sheriff Lexie Wolfe searches for the link between the women that provoked someone to want them all dead. Lexie’s investigation intensifies when a local woman dies and the towns’ people blame her for the death. When Lexie discovers there are three secrets instead of one she fears more will die while the investigation goes in multiple directions. Her dilemma is further magnified by the fact that one of the women appears to be destined to be First Lady of the United States—provided she doesn’t die first.

An Evil Shadow - A Val Bosanquet Mystery (The Val Bosanquet Mysteries)
Nook Link

he first in a series of books, each one taking a different crime as its theme. Val Bosanquet, a former New Orleans detective, is offered a job as Chief of a campus PD. A Haitian child killer he helped convict for the murder of her mother has just been enrolled at the university. Val stumbles across new evidence linking the ten-year old murder to a disgraced cop and one of America's most popular sportswear companies. Corporate corruption and Voodoo make for a volatile mix in the deep south.

Amazon Goodies

Sleepwalking into Darkness (The James Women Trilogy Book 2) $0,99
Sometimes to change the future, you have to unearth the past... 

Nineteen years have passed since Cindy James endured therapy and reconciled the demons of her childhood, but a new secret threatens to plunge her deeper into the twisted world of the James women. Desperate for answers, Cindy travels across the country with her husband, Tony, and her daughter, Lexi, and uncovers the real story of her mother and grandmother, a legacy 100 years in the making. When an unexpected stranger becomes hell-bent on putting a stop to her discoveries, Cindy must choose either to pursue the truth--even if it destroys her and her family--or to end her search in order to save the ones she loves. Sleepwalking into Darkness, the sequel to Therapy for Ghosts, explores the darker side of family secrets and how those secrets can either shape or shatter the lives of those closest to us.

9 Killer Thrillers (9 thriller novels from 9 bestselling authors for .99!) $0.99
The Halo Effect
The first book in the Butterfield Institute series featuring sex therapist, Dr. Morgan Snow who  struggles with the conflict of preserving her patient's privacy and the dangerous and sometimes criminal things she hears. She sees everything from the abused to the depraved, from the couples grappling with sexual boredom to twisted sociopaths with dark, erotic fetishes and the Butterfield institute is the sanctuary where she helps soothe and heal these battered souls.

A vigilante prowls the shadowy streets of Montreal, ridding it of its predators while the harried police race the clock to stop the remorseless killer before he strikes again. But whose justice will ultimately prevail: theirs, or the vigilante's?

The Devil's Deep
A heart-pounding thriller that will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned, the Devil's Deep is a top rated suspense that travels from the hell of a long-term care facility to the rain forest of Costa Rica. And a crime committed under tropical waters, the dive known as El Bajo del Diablo--the Devil's Deep.

Traces of Kara
TRACES OF KARA is an action packed, pulse pounding psychological thriller/suspense novel that features a determined killer who slowly loses his grip on reality as his carefully detailed plan starts to fall apart and a heroine determined to move forward with her life who now must reconcile everything she believed to be true about her family with the reality of their tragic past.

The 19th Element
Retired military intelligence operative James "Beck" Becker and his American Indian cohort "Bull" confront a homegrown terror cell bent on causing nuclear disaster in America's Heartland. The threat is real; the hour is coming; and despite Beck's warning, no one is ready to defend.

Big Lake
When an armored car hijacking leaves two men dead, Arizona Sheriff Jim Weber takes the crime personally, because one of the dead men is his brother-in-law. His hunt for the killers leads him into a world of sordid sex, deceit, and violence, with a suspect list that includes jilted women, a family of anti-government survivalists, and the beautiful wife of the richest man in town.

Snake Skin
A loving mom and wife, dutiful daughter, consummate professional, and kick-ass federal agent, Lucy Guardino is living the perfect life.Until the day she comes up against a predator more vicious and cunning than any she's ever tackled before, one who forces Lucy to choose between the life of the young victim she is fighting to save and her own daughter's....and Lucy's dream life is shattered. A Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller.

Corpus Christi
Jacob Hope unwittingly reveals that the gates of Hell have been unlocked and something long imprisoned has broken loose from its shackles to roam free upon the Earth. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be defeated, it exists with only desolation in its heart... and it's coming for him.

King of Swords
A breakneck-paced adrenaline rush that pits the head of the anti-cartel task force against a Mexican super-assassin nicknamed the King of Swords, in a race to stop him from killing the president.

Girl Jacked (A Jack Stratton Mystery) $0.99
Police Officer Jack Stratton is hiding. Hiding from the world. From pain. From the memories of losing his best friend, Chandler, in Iraq. 
Isolated from those he cares about, the last thing Jack expects to hear is; “Michelle is gone.” 
The words cut straight to his core. Chandler’s sister is missing. Although the police think she just took off he knows Michelle would never leave those she loved behind – like he did. 
Now he must take action, find Michelle and bring her home... or die trying. 
The first novel in the Jack Stratton Mystery Series “Girl Jacked” introduces us to noble badass Jack Stratton and his dark past. With a debt of honor to his dead foster brother, Chandler, Jack’s guilt drives him into a world of deception and lies. Chandler’s sister Michelle is missing and the police have nothing to go on. As Jack’s walls begin to crumble, he must navigate the quirky characters that seep into the mystery of Michelle’s disappearance. 
Jack has returned to the sleepy community of Darrington but like so many things in this world, nothing is as it appears to be. The hidden mysteries that often go unnoticed begin to emerge as Jack and his new unpredictable sidekick begin to turn over the rocks. 
Following a trail that has grown cold, Jack must tread carefully to protect his job, his family, and his own life… 

Bourbon & Blood: A Crime Fiction Novel (Bill Conlin Thriller) $0.99
Drugs, white slavery, prostitution, murder... Former soldier and decorated war hero Bill Conlin finds himself immersed in it all when he can't find "respectable" work after his tour in Afghanistan. When his cousin, Jimmy, first tries to talk him into joining Irish mafia boss Frank Sullivan's gang, Bill brushes him off. 

All Bill really wants is a normal life with a nice girl, and he's pretty sure the waitress he just met, Dana, is the one. But with his savings running low, and desperate to get out of his Hell's Kitchen near-tenement apartment building, Bill, against his better judgment, agrees to a meeting with Mr. Sullivan--and immediately hits the point of no return... Now with a brand new Lincoln and fancy new uptown digs (complete with a live-in girl whose only purpose is to serve him, and a wardrobe packed with weapons), Bill's tasked to take down a Harlem-based Mexican prostitution ring. 

One thing leads to another, however, and the deeper he gets, the more he learns, and the more tangled up he becomes in a lifestyle he never wanted. But how long until he takes matters into his own hands... And what will the ultimate cost be... 

Cold Case (A Jeff Resnick Mystery) $0.99
The short story that inspired the 4th Jeff Resnick book, BOUND BY SUGGESTION. 

Psychic Jeff Resnick has no expectations when investigating the disappearance of a four-year-old, until he confronts the mind responsible--a shattering experience for all involved.

The irreverent new crime novel that reviewers and readers alike are already hailing as one of the best of the year!

Harvey Mapes is a 26-year-old security guard who spends his nights in a guard shack outside a gated community in Southern California, reading detective novels, watching reruns, and waiting for his life to finally start... which happens when Cyril Parkus, one of the wealthy residents, asks Harvey to follow his beautiful wife Lauren.

The lowly security guard jumps at the opportunity to fulfill his private eye fantasies and use everything he's learned from Spenser, Magnum, and Mannix. But things don't exactly go according to the books...or the reruns. As Harvey fumbles and stumbles through his first investigation, he discovers that the differences between fiction and reality can be deadly.

Cry For Justice $0.99

Jason Justice is living life the only way he knows; his way. A successful Palm Beach lawyer, he can be picky not just about his clients, but whom he chooses to bed. That all changes one stormy night when he reluctantly agrees to look into the affairs of a young woman who needs assistance in locating her missing step father, who by all indications may have not only staged her mother's suicide but may have also made off with her family's fortune.

With little to go on except for a yellowing snapshot, he takes on the case not realizing his search for the missing man would eventually lead him to more victims and expose a link to a secret CIA relocation program and a trained killer who will stop at nothing to keep his crimes secret.

MORTAL SIN (The Jake Lassiter Series) $0.99

Jake Lassiter has a dangerous conflict of interest. He's sleeping with Nicky Florio's wife...and defending the mob-connected millionaire in court. Florio has hatched a scheme deep in the Florida Everglades that oozes corruption, blood, and money. One false move, and Jake will be gator bait.

Louisiana Longshot (A Miss Fortune Mystery) $0.99

It was a hell of a longshot…

CIA assassin Fortune Redding is about to undertake her most difficult mission ever – in Sinful, Louisiana.

With a leak at the CIA and a price on her head by one of the world’s largest arms dealers, Fortune has to go off grid, but she never expected to be this far out of her element. Posing as a former beauty queen turned librarian in a small, bayou town seems worse than death to Fortune, but she’s determined to fly below the radar until her boss finds the leak and puts the arms dealer out of play.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t even unpacked a suitcase before her newly-inherited dog digs up a human bone in her backyard. Thrust into the middle of a bayou murder mystery, Fortune teams up with a couple of seemingly-sweet old ladies whose looks completely belie their hold on the town. To top things off, the handsome local deputy is asking her too many questions. If she’s not careful, this investigation may blow her cover and get her killed.

Armed with her considerable skills and a group of old ladies referred to by locals as The Geritol Mafia, Fortune has no choice but to solve the murder…before it’s too late. 

Brass in Pocket (Inspector Drake Mysteries) $1.56

It is the middle of the night ...The road is deserted ...A killer is waiting ...

Two traffic officers are killed on an isolated mountain pass in North Wales. Inspector Drake is called to the scene and quickly discovers a message left by the killer - traffic cones in the shape of a No 4.
The killer starts sending the Wales Police Service lyrics from famous rock songs. Are they messages or is there some hidden meaning in them?
Does it all mean more killings are likely? When a politician is killed Drake has his answer. And then the killer sends more song lyrics. Now Drake has to face the possibility of more deaths but with numbers dominating the case Drake has to face his own rituals and obsessions.
Finally when the killer threatens Drake and his family he faces his greatest challenge in finding the killer before he strikes again.

Innocent Monster (Moe Prager) $1.99

When his estranged daughter Sarah comes to him with a request he cannot refuse, Moe Prager takes a deep breath and plunges back into the icy, opaque waters of secrets and lies.

Final Appeal (Rosato & Associates) $1.99

Grace Rossi is starting over after a divorce, and a part-time job with a federal appeals court sounds perfect. But she doesn't count on being assigned to an explosive death penalty appeal. Nor does she expect ardor in the court in the form of an affair with the chief judge. Then Grace finds herself investigating a murder, unearthing a secret bank account and following a trail of bribery and judicial corruption that's stumped even the FBI. In no time at all, Grace under fire takes on a whole new meaning.

Snow Kills (D.I. Dylan) $2.99

When Kayleigh Harwood, a young hairdresser, is reported missing by her mother in the worst blizzards Harrowfield has experienced in years, D.I. Jack Dylan and his team are called in to assist. Kayleigh’s car is found abandoned with her mobile phone inside but there is no sign of her. Clothing is found on nearby moorland and a search of the local quarry begins. 

The investigation turns to a loner living in a dwelling close to where Kayleigh’s car was found. 

As the snow thaws human remains are found and Dylan’s boss Chief Superintendent Hugo-Watkins thinking the two incidents are linked calls out the entire Major Incident Team, much to Dylan’s disbelief. 

Meanwhile Dylan’s wife, Jen, becomes distracted and distant as unbeknown to Dylan her ex-fiancé is in their midst and stalking her. 

Finding Sarah (Pine Hills Police) $2.99
Being robbed at gunpoint wasn’t part of Sarah Tucker’s business plan. Neither was falling in love with the detective who arrived to solve the case.

All Sarah wants is success for her gift boutique, the one she and her husband created. Now, she’s living a hand-to-mouth existence. Her husband died a year earlier in a car accident—an accident that was ruled suicide, denying her his life insurance money. Burdened by guilt that she was somehow to blame for his death, Sarah faces one business setback after another. Determined to succeed on her own, she fights off a meddling sister-in-law as well as offers of financial assistance from a former boyfriend. Unaware someone is setting her up for failure, she’s totally unprepared to find herself fighting for survival. 

Police Detective Randy Detweiler thinks the crook is a thief who’s been evading cops all over the state. A routine robbery investigation turns into the biggest challenge of his career when he falls in love with the victim, and he starts crossing professional boundaries. When Sarah disappears, he's afraid all his detective skills might not be enough to find her in time to save her life.

An Indecent Death $3.99
When sexy, seventh grade teacher Paula Noonan is found murdered in a nearby park, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Drumm of the York Police Services is called in. 

Drumm's previous experience as an elementary teacher comes in handy when the investigation leads him to Paula's school, and a host of suspects, including the school's creepy janitor, an abusive spouse, the principal, a moody and leering fifth grade teacher and the angry and aggressive father of one of her students.

Night Blind $3.99

In the space of a few months, Blake Sanders has lost his job, his only son to suicide, and his marriage. A year later, it's gotten so bad that he can only face the world at night, working menial jobs washing dishes and delivering newspapers, lost in depression and grief.
Blake's world is turned upside down again on a cold November night, when an elderly woman on his newspaper route is brutally stabbed to death and Blake is charged with her murder. Faced with life in prison, his only hope is to find the real killer.
In a desperate attempt to unravel the mystery, Blake learns that his friend had stumbled onto secrets that have been buried beneath Capitol Hill for 150 years. Secrets that are now being disturbed by the construction of the new light rail tunnel. Secrets that will shake the government of Seattle. Secrets that foreign agents will kill for.
On the run from the police and murderers, Blake finds a chance to heal his grief and reclaim his life—if he can stay alive long enough to unearth the truth.

The Bone Bed (A Scarpetta Novel) $3.99

A woman has vanished while digging a dinosaur bone bed in the remote wilderness of Canada. Somehow, the only evidence has made its way to the inbox of Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta, over two thousand miles away in Boston. She has no idea why.

But as events unfold with alarming speed, Scarpetta begins to suspect that the paleontologist’s disappearance is connected to a series of crimes much closer to home: a gruesome murder, inexplicable tortures, and trace evidence from the last living creatures of the dinosaur age.

When she turns to those around her, Scarpetta finds that the danger and suspicion have penetrated even her closest circles. Her niece Lucy speaks in riddles. Her lead investigator, Pete Marino, and FBI forensic psychologist and husband, Benton Wesley, have secrets of their own. Feeling alone and betrayed, Scarpetta is tempted by someone from her past as she tracks a killer both cunning and cruel. 


Sam Hudson, a reputable San Diego attorney, learns this when the authorities wrongfully convict him of the brutal rape and murder of his wife and daughter, and sends him to death row. There he awaits execution by lethal injection.

If he survives that long.

In prison, Sam fights for his life while his attorney works frantically on his appeal. It is then that he embraces the faith of his departed wife and begins to manifest supernatural abilities. Abilities which help him save lives- his own, those of his unlikely allies-and uncover the true killer's identity, unlocking the door to his exoneration.

Now a free man, Sam's newfound faith confronts him with the most insurmountable challenge yet. A challenge beyond vengeance, beyond rage, beyond anything Sam believes himself capable of: to forgive the very man who murdered his family, according to his faith. But this endeavor reveals darker secrets than either Sam or the killer could ever have imagined. Secrets that hurtle them into a fateful collision course.

BEYOND JUSTICE, a tale of loss, redemption, and the power of faith.

Unthinkable (The Detective Jane Candiotti Series) $4.99
For homicide lieutenant Jane Candiotti, stress is part of the job. But now that she and her husband are expecting their first child, Jane is under strict instructions to take it easy. A tall order on an average day, yet never more so than when a mass shooting at a local restaurant claims six victims—including her teenaged nephew. Jane’s always been professional. But this time, it’s personal. 
Before she can bring a baby into this world, Jane vows to hunt down the monster who didn’t think twice about shooting an innocent kid. But every thread of evidence leads her deeper into a tangled web of deception, violence, and murder. Her only hope of navigating the twisting turns of this case is to enlist the help of a dangerous ex-con, one who could shed light on the connection between the death of her nephew and a decades-old murder case—eventually leading her to the most shocking discovery of her career.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Book 1 of the Millennium Trilogy (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) $7.99
An international publishing sensation, Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo combines murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric novel.

Harriet Vanger, a scion of one of Sweden's wealthiest families disappeared over forty years ago. All these years later, her aged uncle continues to seek the truth. He hires Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently trapped by a libel conviction, to investigate. He is aided by the pierced and tattooed punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander. Together they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniquity and astonishing corruption.

Bury Your Dead: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel $8.59
It is Winter Carnival in Quebec City, bitterly cold and surpassingly beautiful. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has come not to join the revels but to recover from an investigation gone hauntingly wrong. But violent death is inescapable, even in the apparent sanctuary of the Literary and Historical Society— where an obsessive historian’s quest for the remains of the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, ends in murder. Could a secret buried with Champlain for nearly 400 years be so dreadful that someone would kill to protect it?
Although he is supposed to be on leave, Gamache cannot walk away from a crime that threatens to ignite long-smoldering tensions between the English and the French. Meanwhile, he is receiving disquieting letters from the village of Three Pines, where beloved Bistro owner Olivier was recently convicted of murder. “It doesn't make sense,” Olivier’s partner writes every day. “He didn't do it, you know.” As past and present collide in this astonishing novel, Gamache must relive the terrible event of his own past before he can bury his dead.

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