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Yay it's the weekend

I'm so glad it's the weekend folks! You just don't understand. This has been one hellacious week! I really need some sleep!!! So, as I sip my coffee and run through the list of what needs to be done today, here's a quick list of some yummy EROTIC goodies for you!!!! 


Enemy Lines
Enemy Lines is an intense erotic novella whose characters embark on a search for freedom that captivates the desires of two un-expecting foes. Lives are threatened when the Sovereignty's top agent, Noah Connor accepts the assassination assignment of the rebel leader, Rachel Lawton. But when passions heighten, their courses of action and battles both within and without, are altered leaving both vulnerable and compromised.
  Can Rachel stop the set up and thwart the traitors plans as she is being hunted down?
  Can Noah contain the conflict he feels within to save those dependent on him?
  Life and death lies in the balance as love and lust are forged into a gripping conflict.

Enemy Lines is an adult dystopian novella with elements of science fiction/fantasy and erotic romance.

My Billionaire Boss (Book 1)(Erotic Romance)

I love it when the trees are so tall they have grown together above the lane so that I am driving in a tunnel of trees, the light just sparkling through the leaves like shiny copper pennies falling from heaven. Of course, I know Copper Ridge Ranch was named for the natural element once found in its soil, and if anything rains down on Marcus Eliott – it’s not copper. It’s thousand dollar bills. Do they even make those? If they do, I’m sure Mr. Eliott uses them like tissue paper.

I take the corner a little too fast and hear the rattle of the food trays in the back. Great, that’s all I need! On the day Marcus welcomes August Kalle into his home, I’m going to show up with a cheesecake covered in road rash! I’m lucky though. Not too much to unload on this trip. I started Carrie’s Catering because I liked to cook and I needed a job. Little did I know I’d spend most of my time being a roadie – spending more time loading and unloading the van than mixing, baking or frosting all together. But, Copper Ridge Ranch is my flagstone client. They spend so much money and time on catering Mr. Eliott once asked me to consider moving into a guest house and just living here. 

Love's Portrait (Erotic Historical Romance)

One woman’s rebellious act; One man’s quest for seduction; A portrait that ignites a scandalous passion ~ ~ ~

When Julia Westgard commissions a nude portrait of herself, the painting is much more than a rebellious act. It’s an attempt to regain her self-worth after years of a loveless, repressive marriage to her late husband. But the private portrait puts her directly in the path of Morgan St. Claire, one of the Marlborough Set’s most notorious seducers. A man who doesn’t take no for an answer.

From the first moment Morgan sees Julia’s portrait, he’s determined to have her. But the woman he meets is a far cry from the image on canvas. What starts out as a simple exercise in seduction quickly evolves into a quest to reveal the true Julia. With each sensual encounter, he employs every erotic weapon at his disposal in hopes of making Julia see she really is the woman in Love's Portrait. 

Three Nights in Greece

When Layla Swann signs onto a case to catch an antiquities thief in Greece, she has no idea that she's in for the three nights of her life! Her new boss, sexy Irishman Kevin Conlin, may only need Layla to pose as his lover, but Layla has other ideas. Kevin Conlin can't believe his poor choice of agents. Layla is everything he's longed for in a woman, but she's completely off limits. Three nights alone in a romantic setting isn't helping either calm their intense desires. When they finally give in to their passion, a bullet cuts their romance short...and their only chance for real happiness.

Poor Little Rich Girl

Having been poor for as long as she can remember, Tiffany loves her new rich lifestyle. She still can't fathom how her mom managed to even date notorious billionaire entrepreneur Mason Alexander, let alone get married to him, but is revelling in the material joys of her new life, as well as the overnight change in her social status. Little did Tiffany know that her first time was part of the pre-nuptual agreement and Mason likes to love hard and without birth control. When Mason presses the issue, how far will Tiffany go to save her mother's marriage and their new life? 

Mistress of Rome, Book Three of The Emperor's Obsession

Myra, the uncomplicated farm girl, came to the Eternal City to be the Emperor's companion and concubine but the heat of their encounters kindled a passion deeper than simple love.

She discovers that falling for the most powerful person in Rome carries risks beyond anything she had previously encountered. Myra finds herself fighting not only for her own life but also for that of her Emperor as powerful enemies are bent on destroying him and the woman he loves.

First they tried to poison them, then they betrayed them; finally they sent the pirates to imprison them.

Mistress of Rome can be read as a standalone.
It is part three of a series (The Emperor’s Obsession) of erotic discovery and forbidden desire that explores the life and times of the original Christian Grey -- Emperor Commodus of Rome. The previous books (Taken by Rome and Slave of Rome) do provide further context, as well as more than a couple of steamy scenes involving our lovely Myra and her emperor, of course.

Your reviews are greatly appreciated! They not only inform the author but also inspire her to keep writing for your enjoyment.
Mistress of Rome is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences. 

The Sexy Princess (Royal Erotica Series - Book 1)

Long, long ago there lived a princess who ruled the land of Perlia. Her name was Merlina. Merlina was not beautiful and did not have any charm. She longed to have the attention of a man. But from the guards to princes everyone ignored her. She was exceedingly worried and upset over her look and appearance. Nevertheless the princess was very kind hearted, generous and loving to everybody. All the people of her city loved her for her lovely nature. One day as she was in her garden, she struck a fortune and that turned her entire life and her appearance. She became the sexiest female on earth with adorable skin, appealing sexy body and a charismatic face. Sooner she meets the most handsome man and gets deflowered on a steamy romantic night. Does her happiness stay long enough to make her entire life beautiful like her appearance ?

Master Wolf (The Journey Of Master Wolf Series, Book 1)

Young Conor takes a walk with his parents through the hidden forest where shapeshifters like him and his family dwell. A tribe that can shift into humans and wolves, so different from the noble humans living outside their forest. Close to the boundaries he witnesses his parents’ death by a man, whose face he would never forget.

Adopted by Master Dev, the leader of the tribe, he was taught everything he needed so that he could become the next Master. His parents’ death haunts him, filling him with hatred for humans along with his burning desire to take revenge. Will he be able to conquer the beast that is inside him and find true love? Or will his past destroy every chance to find peace and become who he really is? 


Kali White didn't feel alive… until she met the man that would change her forever.

Kali had everything a woman could want in life. A plastic surgeon for a husband, two great kids, a house on the beach overlooking the sapphire Pacific… but something was missing. Some hole in herself that wasn't filled.

That is, until she meets Sebastian Laurent. Sebastian--an artist, spontaneous and full of life--shows her a side of herself she thought she'd lost. He makes it his mission to rekindle her passion for life… and flame her lust for him.

But Sebastian is not all he seems, and as love develops between them, Kali is torn between the life she has and the one she could have had. And whoever she chooses, she knows she will destroy at least one of the men she cares about most. 

Right Now (The Seduced Series)

Angelina Marie Moore is a small time girl from Virginia looking for a fresh start to life in a big city like New York City. After having the only man she truly loved be ripped out of her life forever and get cheated on by a man that she tried to love, she ends up leaving and starting over in a new city. Dennis Evers is a man is that has it all, he is the CEO of Evers and Evers Communications and a CIA Secret Agent. There both nothing compared to what he really wants…someone to share his hopes and dreams with. Now he finds himself on a special secret mission to protect a girl that has no idea of what power she welds in a ring that she wears.

“Right Now” is seductive and yet can be a dirty read that follows the point of view of two complete strangers from different backgrounds and eventually fallen head over heels for each other, while trying to keep a secret relic from fallen into the wrong hands. This book is intended for mature audiences and is also book one of the “Seduced Series.”

To Serve is Divine (The Divine Trilogy)

Catherine O’Chancey is a reserved, demure, and graceful submissive. All traits she trained hard to enhance when she discovered the world of Dominance and submission in college. In an attempt to start fresh after the unexpected death of her last Dom, Catherine moves to Dallas, TX to escape the shroud of darkness he left behind in her life. She has tried to fight the need that resides deep within her to submit, but finally has to admit she can’t for it is not a choice, but part of who she truly is. After months of mental preparation, she ventures back into the lifestyle by attending a coveted open-night event at Dungeons and Dreams, an exclusive BDSM club.
Is it fate or coincidence that Catherine garners the attention of one of the club’s board members who happens to be on the hunt for the perfect sub – a partner who enjoys receiving pain and pleasure as much as he enjoys doling it out?
Jayden Masterson is many things: a firm Dom, a shrewd businessman, and a gentleman. What he isn’t, is someone who partakes in relationships outside of contractual ones with his multiple, uncollared, regular submissives. While he likes rough sex, he is not an animal, and can find pleasure only if it is consensual. What his harem is missing is a pain slut; could there be one in his future?
Upon meeting Catherine, Jayden feels an instantaneous spark inside him that has him wanting to know not just her body, but her mind. He wants to unravel her mysteries and discover her secrets. Through pain can they find the pleasure they seek? Can part-time pain lovers find full-time fulfillment when it’s not in their contract?

Amazon Goodies 

99 cents!! 

Found in You (Fixed)

Alayna Withers has only had one kind of relationship: the kind that makes her obsessive and stalker-crazy. Now that Hudson Pierce has let her into his heart, she's determined to break down the remaining walls between them so they can build a foundation that's based on more than just amazing sex. Except Hudson's not the only one with secrets.

With their pasts pulling them into a web of unfounded mistrust, Alayna turns to the one person who knows Hudson the best--Celia, the woman he almost married. Hoping for insight from someone who understands all sides of the story, Alayna forms a bond with Celia that goes too far--revealing things about Hudson that could end their love for good.

This is the first relationship where Alayna hasn't spiraled out of control. And she might lose Hudson anyway...

Big Box Of Romance (Six Book Romance Boxed Set)


Welcome to New York, where the only thing more demanding than the city is the men….

Addison Maxwell is crushed when she loses her job writing an online tech column for Intuition Magazine. No job means no income, and no income means giving up her dream of living in New York City and being forced to move back to her small town in Georgia.
Enter Nathan Sweet, Addison’s gorgeous new boss. With his smoldering blue eyes and chiseled jaw, the thirty-year-old looks more like a model than an executive. On his first day at Intuition, he offers Addison a way to keep her job – take over writing the sex column. The only problem? Addison doesn’t know much about sex.

Fortunately, her hot new boss is all too happy to teach her. But Nathan has a dark side – he’s prone to bouts of irrational jealousy, and his sexual preferences include whips, chains, and all sorts of delicious punishments.
Will Addison be able to keep up with the gorgeous and powerful Nathan Sweet? Or will the dark and damaged billionaire scare her away?


When Lindsay Benson buys her dream house, a cute little cottage on Cape Cod, she can’t believe her luck. Until she meets the next door neighbor, Chace Davenport.

Chace and Lindsay have a history – after one hot night a year ago, Chace disappeared without so much as a phone call, leaving Lindsay confused and broken-hearted. And after a run-in with her sexy, dark-haired new neighbor, Lindsay realizes he’s the same jackass he’s always been.

Chace never meant for things with Lindsay to get so complicated. He has his reasons for leaving her, reasons that are too dark and serious to share with anyone. He’s hurt Lindsay once, and he’s determined not to do it again. The only problem? He can’t seem to keep his hands off her…

But will he trust her enough to let her in on his secrets? And if he does, will Lindsay be able to accept him for who he really is?


When twenty-two year old Nicole Masters gets a highly coveted internship working for one of the largest advertising companies in the world, she can't believe her luck. But Jameson International isn't just any company. It's owned by thirty-two-year-old business mogul and celebrity, Red Jameson.

Red is known for his high flying lifestyle; dating models and hanging with the rich and famous.

The powerful billionaire can have any woman he wants, and the naive college graduate can't imagine making much of an impression on her new CEO. But when Red Jameson takes notice of her and invites her up to his secluded office one day, everything changes.

As it turns out, the powerful businessman also has a voracious sexual appetite, and it's been whetted by none other than Nicole herself. And Red needs to be in charge at every turn.

Nicole isn't just any girl though, and Red Jameson's shocked to find that the young intern is more than a match for him in a battle of wits and will. 

Under His Command (Six-Alarm Sexy)

A firefighter desperate to save his failing marriage earns the trust--and the sexual submission--of his controlling wife in the most pleasurable of ways.

After an explosive one-night stand results in pregnancy, Jamie Caldwell is thrilled to marry the perfect foil to his Dom side. But when his submissive wife starts cringing every time he gives a command, Jamie shackles his dark desires. A bout of rough, frenzied reunion sex makes him wonder if now he should free the Dom he's kept in chains and teach Erica the joys of submission and sexual surrender.

Erica Caldwell secretly loved every sinful thing Jamie did to her on their first night together. However, terrified she'll become a codependent doormat like her mother, she repeatedly rejects Jamie's dominance, despite craving the kind of release only he can give her--the release that comes from yielding to Jamie's every demand.

Hoping that the trust required by BDSM will help them rebuild their faith in each other, Jamie and Erica embark on a journey of sexual exploration. But is it too late to repair their crumbling marriage?


Would you be willing to make a mess of your life to get exactly what you want?

Kylie Lord has known Trent Moss and Dray Savage since college. Trent, the smart and kind-hearted humanitarian has had her heart from the moment they met, but someone else always had his. Dray is an arrogant professional football player who happens to be Trent’s best friend and Kylie’s nemesis “with benefits.”

Three years after graduation, Kylie is commanding the world with a successful business; however, she lacks the one thing she wants and the one thing she can never have. That is, until one fateful day when Kylie decides to go after all of her forbidden fantasies and risk everything.
Two men, completely different and poles apart, but together they are her idea of perfection. One can only offer her tonight and the other forever, but can Kylie settle for just one man, or can she have her cake and eat it too?

The Wicked Wives Playbook: Her best friend must seduce her husband

Chicago lawyer, Leah Evans, has always wanted to explore her wilder side. When she marries the conservative Michael, however, the door to that part of her life seems to have slammed shut.

Work brings Leah to Manhattan, where a wild night with an exotic man and Leah's closest friend, Claire Forrest, may have opened Pandora's box.

Convinced this is the only way to open-up her husband's mind and unshackle herself, Leah asks Claire to seduce Michael. The consequences carry Leah, Michael, Claire, and Claire's husband, John, on an extreme, erotic roller coaster.

Maybe Baby Lite (Baby Lite Series)

Baby Series 'Lite' is the anniversary edition of last fall’s Baby Series. These Lite editions have been condensed from the originals to accommodate those readers who prefer a shorter read. The essence of the story is the same, but its length has been edited and bonus chapters added on Book 2 and 3!

When college student Tylar Preston goes to work for the wealthy Sinclair family stables the summer of her senior year, she quickly meets with unexpected events and the disturbing unraveling of her past. Is her past destined to taint her future?

Pulling Tylar from unspeakable danger, Trey Sinclair, an arrogant high-powered attorney makes it his mission to protect the innocent and unworldly young woman from the dreams that haunt her. Spirited and independent, Tylar proves to be a challenge to the stubborn and unyielding young lawyer. Together their often bumpy journey weaves itself mysteriously, comically, passionately and erotically down a path that promises to engage and move the reader in this emotionally stirring story.

For anyone who has ever been in love or in lust, Maybe Baby will stir those forgotten feelings of passion and emotion within you; making you ageless as you travel the romantic and erotic journey with Tylar and Trey unraveling the secrets of their past.

Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo. But a delayed flight and a hot one-night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine.

When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss – billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood – Sophie can’t resist the chance to rekindle the spark between them… and the opportunity to explore her submissive side with the most Dominant man she’s ever known.

Neil is the only man who has ever understood Sophie’s need to submit in the bedroom, and the only man who has ever satisfied those desires. When their scorching, no-strings-attached sexual relationship becomes something more, Sophie must choose between her career and heart… or risk losing them both.

The Devil's Kiss Trilogy

His ultimatum

Kayla Sutton faces a question no mother wants to face: what would you do to save your daughter? Broke and desperate, she siphons thousands from the company she works for to pay for her daughter's life-saving treatment, but when Gage Channing discovers her theft, she is shocked to learn that her domineering boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead he issues an ultimatum--submit to him, or go to jail.

Enslaved by the devil

As her daughter's life hangs in the balance, Kayla must dig deep to find the strength to fully submit, to travel down the path of pain and pleasure. But when her past catches up to her, prompting a free fall into forbidden territory with a man she once loved, she knows her only recourse is to come clean about her transgression and beg her Master's forgiveness...only she never imagined he'd have such a horrifying punishment awaiting her.

Retribution isn't so black and white

She faced sexual servitude in Ultimatum. In Enslaved she was seduced into craving it. Now she must find the strength to either accept the part of her that craves him still, or walk away for good...

For His Pleasure: The Boxed Set, Books 1-6 (For His Pleasure, For His Taking, For His Keeping, For His Honor, For His Trust, For His Forever)


When twenty-two year old Nicole Masters gets a highly coveted internship working for one of the largest advertising companies in the world, she can't believe her luck. But Jameson International isn't just any company. It's owned by thirty-two-year-old business mogul and celebrity, Red Jameson.

Red is known for his high flying lifestyle; dating models and hanging with the rich and famous.

The powerful billionaire can have any woman he wants, and the naive college graduate can't imagine making much of an impression on her new CEO. But when Red Jameson takes notice of her and invites her up to his secluded office one day, everything changes.

As it turns out, the powerful businessman also has a voracious sexual appetite, and it's been whetted by none other than Nicole herself. And Red needs to be in charge at every turn.

Nicole isn't just any girl though, and Red Jameson's shocked to find that the young intern is more than a match for him in a battle of wits and will.

For His Pleasure, the boxed set, contains pages and pages of hot, steamy, erotic and passionate story about the sexiest billionaire you’ve ever encountered, and the woman he loves.

Taming the Alpha (A Werewolf Romance)

After a year of lusting after his sexy employee, werewolf pack-leader Grant broke his no-involvement-with-humans rule and made a move on Talia. A month later the sex is still red hot and everything between them is perfect. Or so he thought. Until the night he shows up at her place expecting their usual ritual of mind-blowing sex and finds out she has other plans. And they don’t include him.

When Talia announces she’s tired of being his last priority, Grant realizes he might lose the only woman he’s ever cared about. He has to do something fast to fix their relationship, but she’s completely unaware that he’s not human. He’s not above using sex to bind her to him, but when she wants more than that he has a risky decision to make. If he admits the truth he risks not only his heart, but the safety of his pack and the existence of all supernatural beings as well. 

Untangle Me (Love at Last)

Kayden is a bad boy that never played by the rules. Sophia has always been the quintessential good girl, living a life filled with disappointment. Everything changes when their lives become intertwined through a chance encounter online.

Hundreds of miles separate them, but the connection that draws them together is too much to be denied. As the layers of their lives peel back, Kayden keeps the dangerous parts of his past hidden to protect the woman who is becoming more important to him than he should allow. What starts as a pursuit of carnal pleasure turns into a complicated love story. His past is a tangled web filled with addiction, an obsessed ex-girlfriend, and problems with the law.

One mistake he thought he had left behind may end up ruining it all. 

Because You're Mine (Mine #1)

Madison Waters knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She was already working for one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston as a research assistant, and in a few short months, she would finally graduate from Harvard and collect her law degree. Everything she had worked so hard for was well within her reach.

But when Madison had to take an unexpected trip back home, she was blindsided by the one thing she never planned on.

Desperate to escape his wicked past, Holden Brooks moved to Madison's hometown five years ago. It’s was a struggle at first, but he eventually overcame the demons that almost destroyed him back in Texas. Holden was in a good place in his life and love was the last thing on his mind.

Everything changes the moment these two paths collide and they soon find out, fate has a plan of its own.

You never know when or where love will come along and change everything.

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