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Guys need love too

Hey fans. So, it was brought to my attention that there are male fans on my page too!!! So today, we have some Men's Fiction! Enjoy guys! 

The Diver - The Fellowship of Aquatic Addiction - Amazon

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Jim Costas leaves Southern California to start his new entrepreneurial life in majestic Seattle.

He meets Paul Schultz in the Emerald City, as Paul becomes his diving instructor and helps him fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a diver. The men are different from each other in nearly every aspect of life except one. They each possess a wisdom that will benefit each other and will help them forge a strong friendship.

Both learn from each other while enjoying the magic of diving and the simple pleasures of life. But Paul never imagined that Jim would be so instrumental in helping him achieve the freedom he so much desires and that he'd be forced to confront a long-denied aspect of his life.

Baker Company - Episode 1 - Amazon

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June 6, 1944. D-Day. Thousands of men would assault Fortress Europe, some landing on the beaches while others dropped behind enemy lines to secure passage for them. Many would die in the desperate battle that still echoes though history. However, six men are forced down another path that fateful day and in the days that follow.

Their C-47 transport is damaged and off course. On the ground, their commanding officer is wounded by a German patrol. They find themselves lost and cut off from the rest of the 101st Airborne. Now the lost members of Baker Company must make a choice. Wait for the invasion to find them or fight their own desperate war behind enemy lines. They're Airborne and their choice is clear. They have the Krauts right where they want them.

Baker Company - Part 1: Day of Days is the beginning of a rousing four-part serial that follows six men as they join with the French resistance and do what they can to help win the war even though no one may ever know of their exploits. This is a fictional tale of heroism, adventure, heartache and blossoming love written as a tribute to the men and women that desperately defended freedom against Nazi tyranny. Men and women just like you and me that became so much more.

Arauca: A Novel of Colombia - Amazon

A US oil company has discovered a giant oil deposit in the jungles of Northern Colombia. They struggle against the FARC, a communist insurrection that has morphed into a criminal super gang. The US government, desperate for this oil, lends their support to the oil company.

Max Gomez, the FARC commander, wants to take Arauca and make it a sovereign nation. But he needs the oil revenue to fund his army. Since the US government needs the oil, they fund mercenaries to protect the oil fields and drive out the FARC.

Can a group of middle aged men prevail in a battle where they are outnumbered ten to one?

Pirates – Starboard Side!: A Simon Fonthill Short Story - Amazon

Simon Fonthill, his wife Alice and trusty ‘352’ Jenkins are bound from the Chinese port of Tientsin for Durban, South Africa at the urgent request of Kitchener. The rusty tub that is to take them across the sea does not inspire confidence and, more worryingly, neither does the captain. When matters come to a head, all three must pull together to ensure that their plans and lives aren’t wrecked.

Strikeout - Amazon

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Who's Team Are You On?

It's 1999. The College World Series, Omaha, Nebraska.

Miami Jones is pitching for the University of Miami when meets a girl with links to an Air Force base. When he should be focused on the most important event of his life, he finds himself in a tangled web of military secrets, where patriotism and duty might be ways of life, or they just might be shadows used to hide the truth.

Dilemma in the desert (Dane Shaw adventures) - Amazon

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It is January, 1943, in Tunisia during World War 2. Captain Drew Matthews is sent on a mission behind enemy lines to secure vital information. He is ambushed but is able to escape. Joining a group of American soldiers, led by Corporal Dane Shaw, refugees from the recent battle, they make their way across the desert to the city of Sfax, where Drew is to meet with the mysterious ‘Monsieur Gascoigne’. They stumble across a small group of Arabs and Germans guarding a halftrack filled with treasure looted from murdered Jews and rescue their prisoner, the beautiful Frenchwoman Angelique DuBois. While driving to Sfax, Dane shares his Christian faith with his companions while trying to avoid a group of Arab raiders. Dane relies on God to direct his life while proving himself a wise and outstanding commander with ferocious fighting skills. While Dane and his men fight off the Arab bandits, Drew and Angelique enter Sfax for their meeting only to be met with a number of very unwelcome surprises. Escaping by a series of fortunate circumstances, which leads them to believe that there may be something to Dane’s God, they return to camp only to run into more trouble. Zabronski, one of the American soldiers, filled with lust for the treasure and for Angelique, subverts the other soldiers, kidnaps Drew and Angelique and wounds Dane. Forcing Drew to reveal where the treasure is hidden, they are met by the Germans and Arab bandits who have joined forces and tracked them down. Drew and Angelique are rescued by Dane, and in a wild night ride across the desert, pursued by vengeful Germans and Arabs, they attempt to reach the American lines before dawn. Will they make it, and will Angelique solve the dilemma of which man she loves and which god she will serve?

Arctic Wargame (Justin Hall # 1) - Amazon

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ARCTIC WARGAME is the first book in the wildly popular Justin Hall spy thriller series, hitting the Amazon's Top 10 Best Sellers lists in 2012 and 2013. 

Canadian Intelligence Service Agent Justin Hall--combat-hardened in operations throughout Northern Africa--has been demoted after a botched mission in Libya.

When two foreign icebreakers appear in Canadian Arctic waters, Justin volunteers for the reconnaissance mission, eager to return to the field. His team discovers a foreign weapons cache deep in the Arctic, but they are not aware that a spy has infiltrated the Department of National Defense.

The team begins to unravel a treasonous plan against Canada, but they fall under attack from one of their own. Disarmed and stripped of their survival gear, they are stranded in a remote location. Now the team must race against time not only to save themselves, but their country.

ARCTIC WARGAME is an action-packed spy thriller in the bestselling tradition of Portrait of a Spy, Rules of Betrayal and The Bourne Identity. Readers will enjoy a great tale of courage, fear and betrayal.

The Secret Beyond The Wall (Secret Gateways) - Amazon

On the surface Hobley is a boring ex-mining town in North Yorkshire – but it hides a dangerous secret on Willow Lane. 

Every day twelve-year-old Ryan Brewster and his friend Saffron Hardcastle walk along Willow Lane going to school – but they never see what is beyond the wall running down the street. The wall seems to avoid their notice - until the day Ryan loses his favourite football over it. 

With their attention drawn to the wall, Ryan and Saffron wonder why it is there. 

What is beyond the wall? 

Why does it feel so cold being close to it? 

To retrieve his football, Ryan decides to climb over it ... discovering something so strange it changes their lives forever, embroiling them in a dark conspiracy involving a mysterious man and a girl with extraordinary powers. 

Voyage of the Dead - Book One Sovereign Spirit Saga - Amazon

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Voyage of the Dead is the first book of the Sovereign Spirit Saga about survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Most of them are aboard a ship that is well equipped to survive the end of civilization, while others struggle to survive in a world suddenly overrun by undead cannibals. This is an apocalyptic adventure set within a horror genre, full of blood, guts, violence and the human emotions that fuel our survival instincts. While some scenes include graphic violence, it is intended to be more exciting than disgusting and more about using your brains than eating them. Welcome Aboard and Bon Voyage! 

Empty Sea - Amazon

"Grabs and holds your attention from the first. Wish it had been longer. I will be looking forward to more."

Following a devastating assault, survivors of a tropical tourist resort built on a salvaged mining planet embark on a dangerous trek across a barren sea bed to find answers. What they uncover along the way is a plot far greater than they could imagine, where a ruthless interplanetary tycoon will stop at nothing to get what he's after. Full of adventure and high-stakes suspense, EMPTY SEA explores the bonds that form when strangers are forced to overcome their differences in order to survive, as well as their struggles to hold onto their humanity.

Noble Intentions: Season One (Episodes 1-5) - Amazon

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Jack Noble. Assassin for hire. Spy. Thief. He makes no mistakes. Passes no judgement. Feels no remorse. So why does he stop to help a lost child moments before he's supposed to complete a deal with one of the east coast's top crime bosses?

A simple decision that places Jack in unfamiliar territory. He's become the hunted and finds himself in a race against time to save those closest to him.

Noble Intentions: Season One is a fast-paced, suspenseful action thriller full of underworld crime and government secrets.

Night of the Assassin charts the early years of El Rey - known as the King of Swords - the super-assassin responsible for some of the world's most spectacular executions.

Framed against the backdrop of present-day Mexico's brutal narco-trafficking violence, Night of the Assassin chronicles the making of a monster - a cold-blooded killing machine. Gritty and unflinching, this breakneck-pace saga defies convention to create a roller-coaster of intrigue, suspense and thrills that will leave even the most jaded thriller aficionados gasping for breath.

Night of the Assassin is the prequel to King
of Swords - the first book in the bestselling Assassin series.

Amazon Goodies

Brad Bennedict, adventurer, bounty hunter and P.I., lives quietly in Montecito, and works in a blender of crime, corruption, and killings. His job is manhunting, and he and his crew at Quiet Ops do it better than anyone in the land. When billionaire Grenwald Stanton calls to report his beautiful twin daughters have been 'ruffied' and hooked on heroine by rapper Jo Jo Bling and that he'll pay large for their return, Brad and his boys, T-Rex and Cocoa are on the hunt, and his main lady bounty hunter, Monique, is in the middle of it all. Then when Stanton is kidnapped without paying, ka ka hits the fan. From gold plated Montecito to the gator and snake filled swamps of Florida, it's an action packed manhunt.

This, the first in the splendid series of Jack Aubrey novels, establishes the friendship between Captain Aubrey, R.N., and Stephen Maturin, ship's surgeon and intelligence agent, against a thrilling backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. Details of a life aboard a man-of-war are faultlessly rendered: the conversational idiom of the officers in the ward room and the men on the lower deck, the food, the floggings, the mysteries of the wind and the rigging, and the roar of broadsides as the great ships close in battle.

 Moscow wants them.  Afghanistan needs them.  Ten top secret weapons developed by the U.S. Navy.  A traitor, working somewhere within the DoD, has made an initial offer to the Russians:  the weapons in exchange for--nothing.  While the Russians are suspicious, they decide to proceed with the transaction.
     The assignment is turned over to Russia's newest operative.  "Antares" is prepared to take on his first mission:  "liberate" the weapons from the Americans.  He devises an ingenious plan.  With odds stacked against him, he's confident he can pull it off.  Success is within reach.
     All that's standing in his way:  Grant Stevens and Team Alpha Tango.  Assigned to the mission by the President, Stevens and the Team are tasked with preventing the weapons from reaching their intended destinations, finding the Russian, and the traitor.
     Encountering obstacles, frustration, and surprises at nearly every turn, Stevens and Alpha Tango must try and outwit "Antares."  What none of them realize is another important, unpredictable "player" is ready to cast itself into the deadly fray.  Fate.

Jesse's back in this exciting sequel to Fallen Palm. Grieving over the loss of his wife to terrorists, Jesse's been holed up on his island home for months, numbing his mind and body with endless, mundane tasks. A friend comes to him asking Jesse to help her dad who's been pressured into running drugs for a Cuban smuggler. Jesse finds out the smuggler is also an arms merchant for Hezbollah, the terrorist organization responsible for his wife's death. Once again, Jesse looks to settle the score. Fast boats, beautiful underwater scenery, and blazing guns abound in this fast paced romp through the Caribbean, with stops in Cuba, Key West, and Cozumel, Mexico. 

For those awaiting another action adventure naval story of the 18/19th century, then this is it. Following the life of an abandoned 13 year old who by chance is instrumental in saving a family from robbery and worse. Taken in by the naval Captain Bowers he is placed as a midshipman in his benefactor’s ship. From that time onward with the increasing demands of the conflict with France, Martin Forrest grows up fast. The relationship with his benefactors family is formalized when he is adopted by them and has a home once more. Romance with Jennifer the Captain’s ward links him ever closer to the family.
Meanwhile he serves in the West Indies where good fortune results in his gaining considerable wealth personally. With promotion and command he is able to marry and reclaim his birth-right, stolen from him by his step-mother and her lover.
The mysterious (call me merely Mr. Smith) involves Martin in more activity in the shadowy world of spies and secret agents. Mainly a question of infiltrating and extricating agents, his involvement becomes more complex as time goes on. A cruise to India consolidates his position and rank with the successful capture of prizes when returning convoying East-Indiamen. His rise to Post rank is followed by a series of events, that sadly culminate in family tragedy.
Though still young Martin Forrest-Bowers faces and empty future, yet the mysterious merely Mr. Smith has requested his service. Why does the spymaster require of him, and what lies ahead? 

Captain Grant Stevens and his team wait in Germany for a flight home, having just returned from a completed mission in Austria.  A call from Admiral John Torrinson, Chief of NIS, changes their plans.  He and his men are asked to "go above and beyond" again.  They'll complete the new mission with lethal speed and precision.  
     Without any warning, an American facility in Sicily has been attacked by a renegade Mafia group.  Sarin nerve gas, heavy weapons, and munitions have been stolen.  Innocent victims lay dead or injured in the compound.  
     SEAL missions are grueling by any definition of the word, but this mission takes an unexpected turn.  Stevens discovers his friends could be among the victims.
     The mission:  Infiltrate the compound, eliminate resistance, rescue any hostages...and find the nerve gas.

It’s easy to become invisible in the Florida Keys. Mac Travis was doing his best to keep a low profile: diving, fishing and enough salvage work to pay his bills. It’s a good life until he discovers something while spearfishing that could change the pristine Keys forever. His drunken crewman soon lets out the secret and his life is instantly changed.
A corrupt presidential candidate will do whatever it takes to hide his secret. An exiled coke dealing terrorist sees this as his opportunity to redeem himself. A local con man loyal only to himself is looking for a quick payoff.
When Mac’s friend and mentor is injured, his estranged daughter reluctantly comes to his aid. The two soon put aside their differences and join forces to bury the secret where it won’t be found.

Wingman $3.82

The first book in the bestselling, action-packed Wingman Series: With America in ashes, and lawlessness threatening to rule land, air, and sea, one pilot stands poised to pull his nation back from the brink of all-out anarchy

The Big War started in Western Europe with a Soviet nerve gas attack that laid waste to France, Germany, and Spain. The world’s democracies fought back, and pilots like Hawk Hunter led the charge—tearing across the flaming wreckage of the continent at supersonic speeds. They pushed the Russians back and just when victory was in sight, a traitor at the highest level of government turned off America’s missile defense system, and Soviet nukes rained from the sky.
Two years after the nuclear holocaust, Hunter gets a message to report to his old commander. America is in pieces: Pirates rule the skies, and an airborne armada is plotting to attack Football City (formerly known as St. Louis). The armada is made up of criminals flying state-of-the-art jets, and even though the government can only offer Hunter his old F-16, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim his ravaged homeland.


Three top secret research scientists are presumed dead in a boating accident, but the kidnapping of their families the same day raises questions the FBI and local police can't answer, leaving them waiting for a ransom demand that will never come.

Central Intelligence Agency Analyst Chris Leroux stumbles upon the story, and finds a phone conversation that was never supposed to happen. When he reports it to his boss, the National Clandestine Services Chief, he is uncharacteristically reprimanded for conducting an unauthorized investigation and told to leave it to the FBI.

But he can't let it go.

For he knows something the FBI doesn't.

One of the scientists is alive.

Chris makes a call to his childhood friend, CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane, leading to a race across the globe to stop a conspiracy reaching the highest levels of political and corporate America, that if not stopped, could lead to war with an enemy armed with a weapon far worse than anything in the American arsenal, with the potential to not only destroy the world, but consume it.

J. Robert Kennedy, the author of thirteen international best sellers, including the smash hit James Acton Thrillers, introduces Rogue Operator, the first installment of his newest series, The Special Agent Dylan Kane Thrillers, promising to bring all of the action and intrigue of the James Acton Thrillers with a hero who lives below the radar, waiting for his country to call when it most desperately needs him.

Newly promoted Master Gunnery Sergeant Richard Rhodes returns to Vietnam after thirty days leave in Hong Kong and three months training in the states to take over as Operations Chief for the Third Recon Battalion in Dong Ha. Master Guns Rhodes was expecting a tour on the operation staff after an eighteen month extended tour in I-Corps with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines. He had served as Charlie Company Gunny as a Master Sergeant for most of eighteen months, and his nerves were nearly shot. Charlie Company Skipper, now a Major and S3 for 3rd Recon Battalion, had talked Rhodes into waving his return to combat date and another tour as 3rd Recon Operations Chief, a staff billet. A tour as a pogue in a soft staff job was just what Rhodes needed. Or so he thought.
There was just one hitch. Rhodes had the training, but no operational Recon experience. Major Slaughter wanted Rhodes to get some operational experience with the recon teams before he started in the Three Shop. But how bad could that be? A few walks in the sun and then an office, hot meals, daily showers, shined boots and clean utes. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Contains some foul language and non-explicit sex scenes between older teens.  May not be appropriate for younger, middle-grade teens
High Seas and High Adventure from the author of the War of the Fae and Apocalypsis series.
If you liked The Breakfast Club and The Swiss Family Robinson, you'll love WRECKED!

An ill-fated Caribbean cruise and four teenagers: a nerd, a jock, a mouse, and a beauty island, a treehouse, some nefarious and death...fear and and laughter.

There’s a new strong man in Russia but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past. The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source, President Jack Ryan.

The last thing Paul Brenner wanted to do was return to work for the Armys Criminal Investigative Division, an organization that thanked him for his many years of dedicated service by forcing him into early retirement. But when his former boss calls in a careers worth of favors, Paul finds himself investigating a murder that took place back in Vietnam thirty years before. Now, returning to a time and place that still haunts him, Paul is swept up in the battle of his life as he struggles to find justice. Paramount Pictures bought the film rights to Up Country, and John Travolta is in negotiations to reprise the role of Paul Brenner, the role he played in the popular film version of DeMilles The Generals Daughter. The Lions Game (Warner, 1/00), which has over two million hardcover and paperback copies in print combined, was an instant New York Times bestseller and received widespread critical acclaim. Plum Island (Warner Books, 1997), which has two million hardcover and paperback copies in print combined, was a #1 New York Times bestseller and hit every major national list, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and San Francisco Chronicle. The Generals Daughter (Warner Books, 1992) was a #1 New York Times bestseller, with nearly three million copies in hardcover and paperback print combined. Film rights for both The Lions Game and Plum Island were sold in a huge deal to Columbia Pictures.

From the coauthor of Chris Kyle’s #1 New York Times bestseller, American Sniper: In direct defiance of the president’s orders, Navy Master Chief Gil Shannon, one of America’s most lethal SEAL snipers, launches a bold mission comprised of SEAL Team Six and Delta Force fighters to free a captured female helicopter pilot being held by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

The president is afraid a botched rescue could jeopardize US foreign policy as well as end his presidency. But once the special ops community learns that one of their own—the first female helicopter pilot of the Army’s elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)—is being held and brutally mistreated, there is no executive order strong enough to stop them from attempting to rescue her.

This fast-paced, action-packed thriller with incredibly realistic and blistering battles introduces a new American hero, Gil Shannon, whose iron will and expertise with the .308 Remington Modular sniper rifle will spell the difference between freedom and an ignoble death for America’s female POW.

In the fourth thriller in Brad Taylor’s New York Times bestselling Pike Logan series, the Taskforce must stop a suicide bomber intent on triggering a global epidemic. 

Invented by nature but genetically manipulated by man, a mutation of a deadly virus has fallen into the wrong hands. Angered by sanctions placed against its nuclear program, a rogue state is determined to release it. Their chosen method: one of the Black Widows—female suicide terrorists of Chechen descent with a deadly reputation for slaughter that rivals any other group.

The only thing standing in the Black Widow’s way is the Taskforce, an extra-legal counterterrorism unit. Racing against time to prevent a global pandemic, Taskforce operator Pike Logan and his partner Jennifer Cahill follow the trail across Southeast Asia to the United States, only to learn that the enemy they face may not be the enemy they should fear.

The Widow’s Strike ties together government-sanctioned terrorist activities, nefarious multinational conglomerates, and frighteningly plausible science. Infused with authenticity from Brad Taylor’s decades of service as a Delta Force commander, it’s an explosive ride alongside America’s counterterrorism operators that will leave readers breathless.

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