Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Must Have Box Set

Hey fans, this book deserves it's own post! This is a must have box set! 
Have you read Bella Jewel's Sinners books? Talk about some fantastic hottie bikers!

There are 3 books and a novella in this series. Each book is $3.99
But, for a limited time, get all of them in a special box set, for just $0.99
Yes, you're not seeing things, $0.99. You have got to read these!
I'm in love with these books!!! 
Run and get it while you can!

Box Set $0.99
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From Amazon, International & USA Today bestselling author. 

You loved all the guys from the MC SINNERS series, so now, for a limited time, you can get all three books, the xmas novella and a BONUS 10,000 words for only 99c! 

Here's what you get inside this great set. 

Hell's Knights - Book 1 - Join Addison and Cade on a scorching hot journey mixed with emotion, lust and some seriously hot bikers. 

Heaven's Sinners - Book 2 - You've met the team, now is your chance to fall in love with the hardest of them all, Spike. His story will keep you on your toes. 

Knights' Sinner - Book 3 - We all loved Jackson in the other books, now is your chance to see him find his love. MC President and all round good guy gets a little naughty in this book! 

Bikers And Tinsel - Book 3.5 - Join all the bikers and their ladies as they celebrate christmas together. 

BONUS 10,000 words - The Sinners now. Are you curious to see what the boys are up to? There's a big surprise at the end, so don't miss it! 

Available from May 19th - 26th Only. 

Contains adult themes, including one menage scene.

Run and get this while you can!

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