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Freaky Friday

Good morning and Happy Halloween! Remember this awesome giveaway and 99 cent sale going on!

Today, instead of Erotica, we're doing horror. It is Halloween after all!!! 


Twenty-Seven Steps: A Tale of Revenge [Kindle Edition]

A girl is brutally raped and exacts a terrible revenge on her rapist in this story of revenge from Morton Crumm. 

Warning: This story contains horrific imagery and very disturbing acts and content. It is intended for mature adults and is most likely not appropriate for anyone under the age of eighteen. 

An excerpt: 

“Did you know people can tear their skin off? Those are called skin flaps,” she said softly, trying desperately to mimic the way he’d spoken softly as though there were romance somehow hidden beneath the surface. Romance. Romance hidden. Romance hidden beneath the surface but not punctuated by candlelight and gentle music but by cold, rough fingers wrapped around her wrists and others at her ankles. “Rock climbers get them.” She couldn’t keep the bitterness from her voice and she took a deep breath to ensure the next word would be soft. “Avulsion. It’s called an avulsion. It’s a wound deeper than an abrasion because it forcibly removes a digit, a limb, an organ, or whatever from its point of insertion.” She paused a moment. She’d said the word right. Relief flooded her. She’d been concerned she’d say the wrong word. She’d been concerned she’d reverse abrasion and avulsion and then have to leave, to go upstairs and start over. She couldn’t keep a bit of triumph from her voice as she added, “It’s not like your tongue. That was a glossectomy. I used a knife. Avulsion has to be torn, ripped. Something like that.” 

Madeline (A Short Horror Story) [Kindle Edition]

Nook Link

A shed full of macabre secrets... A wife gone crazy...A nine-year-old girl that must die. 

Jonah fights for his life while trying to stop his deranged wife from killing their daughter in the name of the Lord. 

Sometimes, the Devil truly is in the details. 

**Warning: Madeline is a short HORROR story not intended for anyone who may be offended by graphic language or scenes of violence. Please, don’t read this story if you are squeamish or easily offended.

LZR-1143: Perspectives [Kindle Edition]

$0.99 Nook

In a world overrun by the living dead, every victim has a story. These are some of those stories. This collection of six short stories from a world ravaged by the LZR-1143 virus tell the tale of six different people, all of whom fell victim, in different ways, to the deadly plague. 

From the pilot of a commercial aircraft, overwhelmed in midair, to the lonely soldier stranded high above a world of the undead, the six characters each face their own fears and mortality in different ways. 

This 20,000 word short-story collection features a unique selection of characters from the original zombie novel by Bryan James, LZR-1143: Infection, and from the recently released sequel, LZR-1143: Evolution. Each character appears only fleetingly in the longer novels, but each has their own unique thread in the LZR-1143 storyline, all of which are exposed in these short excerpts from their final hours alive. 

The collection includes The Pilot, The Boy, The Inmate, The Fry Cook, The Subway Passenger, and The Sniper. In The Pilot, a commercial aviator sees his last flight end in a way he never could have imagined. In The Boy, a family trip is cut short, and a lonely homecoming is not at all as he anticipated. We see the surprising genesis and true identity of a traveling companion in The Inmate, while The Fry Cook reveals the final moments of a teenage fast food worker. In The Subway Passenger, we learn that in the case of zombie apocalypse, you’d probably rather be aboveground. And in The Sniper, the surprising truth that there are some fates that cannot be fought, even with a fifty caliber rifle.

HORRORIFIC 4: The Coldest and Darkest Stories Yet [Kindle Edition]

Horrorific means “terrific horror.” 
It is horror with a heart. 
It is horror that is more than just monsters and maniacs. Oh, Horrorific 4 has monsters and maniacs. But, these stories will also make you think and feel while terrorizing you… and they just might haunt your sleep and your heart …

Halloween Zombie Horrors: A Collection of Short Stories [Kindle Edition]

Four previously published zombie horror tales by Derek Gunn. The Third Option, Payback, It's Your Turn and School's Out

Deadly Reflections [Kindle Edition]

Longlisted for best horror, best anthology and best cover in the SpaSpa Book Awards 2013 

Death is only the beginning... 

You’re born, you live and you die. And sometimes, you come back. 

When the veil between life and death is torn down, the darkest souls crawl from the shadows to wander the world that rejected them. 

But these are not the restless spirits that haunt the pages of folklore, or the childishly gruesome tales whispered over torchlight. These are the ghosts that dwell in the deepest dungeons of your imagination and prey on you when you think you’re alone: bored ghosts trapped in the monotony of office life at the Scare Department; a haunted jail where the prisoners believe in revenge over rehabilitation; a mirror that steals the souls of whoever falls under its spell; and a ghost bride who makes sure the wedding vows are never broken. 

Thirteen stories that prove the monsters in your mind might just be real. 

The past is no longer a nightmare. 

No Light in August: Tales from Carcosa & the Borderland [Kindle Edition]

From depression era America, to fantasy worlds similar and yet different from our own. Journey into the realm of the Yellow King. 
There are many roads to Carcosa, which one will you take? 

Featuring eight short stories and two novelettes inspired by the King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, as well as Lovecraftian elements, 'No Light in August' also includes illustrations by Brazilian comic artist Pedro Elefante. 
Bonus material: Concept art and development sketches.

The Collector [Kindle Edition]

When ten year old Junie Rae Campbell wakes up in the parking lot of a seedy motel, and her mother is found dead inside, she has no choice but to go with the social worker who comes to collect her and take her to the tiny, sun-baked Oklahoma town of Crankston’s Landing to live with Granny Enid. But when lies and lechery threaten Junie and the people she has latched onto, secrets are exposed, untapped abilities reemerge…Junie Rae learns that a safe life comes at a very high price.

Horror Stories [Kindle Edition]

This collection features a menagerie of horror stories. Some are scary. Some are disturbing. Some are funny. Meet werewolves, vampires, zombies, psychopaths, aliens, cannibals, ghosts, and various things that go bump in the night. 

Previously published in dozens of anthologies and magazines, some of these tales are mild, but some are extreme. Let the reader beware... 

The stories include: 

Finicky Eater - It's after a nuclear war, and a mother and her son are in a fallout shelter, the food long long... 

The Screaming - Van Helsing and vampires, in 1960s England. 

Mr. Pull Ups - A body modification tale taken to the extreme. 

The Shed - Two burglars find the door to hell. 

Them’s Good Eats - Rednecks vs. aliens, on a spaceship ride of horrors. 

First Time - A coming of age tale where all may not be what it seems. 

Forgiveness - A dying serial killer asks for a priest to hear his last confession. 

Redux - Ghost story noir, about a private eye and a deadly haunting. 

The Bag - What's in the bag? You really don't want to know... 

Careful, He Bites - Lycanthrope flash fiction. 

Symbios - A sci-fi novella about man's first encounter with alien life, and how things can quickly turn bad. 

A Matter of Taste - Zombie flash fiction. 

Embrace - A bit of gothic horror. 

Trailer Sucks - Some trailer park jerks kidnap a vampire. 

Markey - Flash fiction, from a twisted point of view. 

Punishment Room - A horrific suspense tale about a not-so-distant future. 

The Confession - Terrible crimes, told entirely in dialog. 

Basketcase - Hardboiled noir with a horrific twist. 

The Agreement - A gambler pays the ultimate price to get out of a debt. 

Well Balanced Meal - The worst restaurant you've ever been in. 

S.A. - A werewolf novella about a Shapshifters Anonymous group that must battle Santa Claus. 

Dear Diary - A very twisted pom pon girl reveals the secret of her inner strength. 

Mr. Spaceman - We've come to mate with earth women. 

Appalachian Lullaby - What do you do with a radioactive monkey? 

This 70,000 word collection also includes an excerpt from Afraid by Jack Kilborn, and Truck Stop by J.A. Konrath and Jack Kilborn. It also features a navigable table of contents, optimized for Kindle. 

Devil Inside [Kindle Edition]

Devil Inside is a short horror story that will leave you wanting more. Graphic and descriptive, the tale winds itself around a young boy who discovers that when you make a wish, you better make sure you really want it. 

Horror, Violence, Supernatural, M15+

Short Story + 4 x Poems + Excerpt from Blood Related (novel).

Amazon Goodies

$0.99 Title

Makeup (A Short Story)

Small-time thief Calvin Doss has bungled a job. He was supposed to steal Jean Harlow’s makeup case. But by accident, he made off with a case that belonged to a B-list horror actor from the 1940s. Little does Calvin know, the makeup case contains more than just the usual pastes and powders. With one application, the powers of horror films’ most terrifying characters possess him, unleashing Calvin’s fury. Now it’s his turn to right some wrongs.

Pizza Delivery

From Robert Kent, author of ALL TOGETHER NOW: A ZOMBIE STORY, comes a new tale of terror. College student Brock Clouser is working a summer job delivering pizzas. During a run to the outskirts of Harrington, Indiana, he wrecks his car at an isolated country home. Though most everyone there has been violently murdered, he's not alone. 

This is a novelette, not a full novel, and it's mean and nasty and intended for a mature audience. It is absolutely not appropriate for younger readers. It's a gruesome, repugnant tale featuring horrific acts of violence sure to warp young minds. Also, these particular characters speak in EXTREMELY COARSE language.

16 Heatherdale Drive

Every street has its secrets: the madness in number seven; the domestic violence in number four; the poltergeist in number fifteen; or the Peeping Tom at number twenty-one. In Heatherdale Drive, a peaceful cul-de-sac home to two dozen families and several singletons, those secrets were locked within number sixteen. 

16 Heatherdale Drive is derelict for most of the year. The windows are coated with grime and a thick layer of dust settles on the decaying facade, but for one night of the year -- on Halloween -- 16 Heatherdale Drive comes to life and forces the residents of this quiet street into hiding. 

16 Heatherdale Drive is a collection of five chilling horror stories -- including this eponymous tale -- from horror and comedy author David Jester. Infused with Jester's quirky sense of humour and passion for the surreal, 16 Heatherdale Drive is an unforgettable collection.

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Collection. (With Accompanying Facts): 62 Short Stories and 5 Novellas.

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Collection. 

Classed as one of the greatest American horror fiction writers of our time, you can now have H.P Lovecraft's work all in one kindle download (with easy navigation). 

Over 2,000 kindle pages long! (2,195) 

62 Short Stories and 5 Novellas. 

The Horror

What if the horrors of a seemingly innocent and fun haunted house attraction were real? What if someone were inside with you, stalking you and feeding on your fear? What if every corner of the maze were deadly? What if you couldn't get out? 

The Horror tells the story of Lisa and Alan, two college teens visiting a theatrical haunted maze themed after local urban legends. Once inside it becomes clear that the macabre, grisly sights are not just smoke and mirrors, and gallons of fake blood, but the gory work of a deranged psychopath who is inside the house, hunting them. 

This 43-page one-shot novelette (aka an extended short story) was a labor of love, a tribute to the slasher genre, and was inspired by one of author Randy L. Shaffer's worst fears: that someone sinister could easily stalk an unassuming guest in a haunted house maze. The result is a terrifying, atmospheric ride through a fast-paced, nail-biting narrative that simply does not let up. Be on the lookout for a follow-up one-shot in 2015. 

Also, check out Randy L. Shaffer's other books, including the spirited Christmas novella, Vampire Zombie Claus, his "Goosebumps for adults" short story series, Wicked Neighborhood (with titles including The Stray Cats, The Foot and Mary Lives), and the dramatic short story, Does She Smile at Home? 

Unholy Dimensions

"Unholy Dimensions: Lovecraftian Tales" collects 27 eerie short stories inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft, creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, but told through the unique imagination of Jeffrey Thomas -- acclaimed author of "Punktown," "Deadstock," "Blue War," and "Monstrocity." Stories include "The Bones of the Old Ones," "The House on the Plain," "The Cellar Gods," "The Boarded Window," and "Book Worm."

DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror)


Mortimer Moorecook, retired Wall Street raider, avid collector, is losing his fight against cancer. With weeks to live, a package arrives at the door of his hillside mansion—an artifact he paid millions for…a hominoid skull with elongated teeth, discovered in a farmer’s field in the Romanian countryside. With Shanna, his beautiful research assistant looking on, he sinks the skull’s razor sharp fangs into his neck, and immediately goes into convulsions. 


A rural hospital. A slow night in the ER. Until Moorecook arrives strapped to a gurney, where he promptly codes and dies.


Four well-known horror authors pool their penchants for scares and thrills, and tackle one of the greatest of all legends, with each writer creating a unique character and following them through a vampire outbreak in a secluded hospital.

The goal was simple: write the most intense novel they possibly could.

Which they did.

$1.99 Title

A Dark Collection: 12 Scary Stories

A DARK COLLECTION of 12 scary stories, one for each month of the year. 

CROW MANOR (January) - A young couple struggling with their finances gets an amazing opportunity to house-sit at a strange mansion where something horrible waits for them. 

FEARS OF TORTURE (February) - A new twist on the hitman and an assassination. 

SQUISH (March) - After a man stages a deadly accident, the dead come back to haunt him in a peculiar way. 

PURGATORY (April) - After a car accident, a family and their injured daughter are chased by the truck that hit them to a seemingly deserted town. 

A KNOCK IN THE NIGHT (May) - A young couple staying the night in a remote cabin is terrorized by a stranger. 

THE CLOSET MONSTER (June) - A young boy tries to convince his parents that there really is a monster in his closet. 

THE TANK (July) - A man wakes up trapped inside a metal tank. He's not sure who put him there or why, he just knows that he needs to escape. 

WELCOME TO PARADISE (August) - A young woman with psychic powers and her three friends become stranded in a town where the people won't let them leave. 

SKINWALKERS (September) - Three bounty hunters in the Old West are attacked by skinwalkers while transporting a prisoner. This story has a slight connection to my book Ancient Enemy. 

THE SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN (October) - Three friends try to outdo each other with frights on Halloween night. 

RATTRAP (November) - A young couple believes they have rats in the walls of their house - but their pest problem is much worse than they ever imagined. 

THE VENDING MACHINE (December) - Nine year old Sammy discovers a broken vending machine that seems to grant his wishes, but he must be very careful what he wishes for.

$2.99 Title

Night Terrors: 7 Horror Stories

How can you become famous in six seconds? Find out in these seven chilling stories guaranteed to give you nightmares from a No.1 bestselling author. 

Meet a meek anonymous man with a terrifying plan to gain viral fame, a woman who soon regrets offering to pay anything to look young again and a plant that just won't stop growing. Watch a Punch and Judy show that makes kids vanish, meet a cute doll that will do anything to protect its new owner and listen to a shocking voicemail message that will have you wondering what you would do if it was sent to you. 

SNAFU: Heroes: An Anthology of Military Horror

Four tales of military horror from Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Joseph Nassise, and James A Moore. 
A supplemental volume to SNAFU, this book contains short stories and novellas from four of the best military horror writers in the field. 
From demons to horrors from the deep, the battles keep on coming. 
Fight or die… 
Over 50,000 words from four of the best. 
* No stories from the original anthology appear in this volume. * 
The Hungry Dark by Joseph Nassise 
Tarzan Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Weston Ochse 
War Stories by James A Moore 
Changeling by Jonathan Maberry

Midnight Paths: A Collection of Dark Horror

Enter a world where nothing is what it seems. Where darkness never abates, and your deepest fears are just a few steps away. 

Travel to an old house in the country where something hungry waits just beyond the treeline. 

Watch as a young woman, whose life hangs in the balance, receives a visitor from the afterlife. 

Or, journey across an ocean on a romantic voyage that ends in the deepest kind of horror. 

This dark collection of the macabre is sure to chill the bones of even the most stalwart horror aficionado.

13 Nightmares


Thirteen tales of original terror penned in the dead of the night with only the glow of a computer for light. The collection of short stories runs the gamut of horror. Within its bloody pages you will find a slasher clown, a blood red church, a little girl locked in a closet, a haunted sex doll, etc. 13 Nightmares is a fine collection of terror for the short story lover, but be warned. Some of these stores are not for the faint of heart. Do you dare enter a world where the supernatural, the macabre, and the horrific collide? 

$3.99 Title

Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum

Sanatorium, mental ward, psychiatric hospital - they’re all the same. Places where the infirm, the crazy, and the certifiable go for treatment... Or what passes for ‘treatment’.

This is a collection of stories of bedlam taking place within the padded walls of an institution. Stories of experiments gone wrong, patients revolting against the staff, or even the deranged doings of those charged with giving care. They are sick, depraved, and atrocious - the type of stories that rarely reach the light of day.

Are you brave enough to crawl inside the minds of the thirteen authors who wrote these tales... Or are you afraid you’ll be locked up for peeking?

Featuring the talents of:
Delphine Boswell, Alex Chase, Sean Conway, Megan Dorei, A.A. Garrison, Tom Howard, Russell Linton, Suzie Lockhart and Bruce Lockhart 2nd, Jennifer Loring, Sergio Palumbo, Joseph A. Pinto, and D.M. Smith

Alone at Midnight: Short Horror Collection

Scott Zavoda delivers with hellish vividness and aching emotion. He’s unleashed seven tales that will claw at your soul. Already sold as singles, “Bobby” and “Beneath the Sand”, have garnered rave reviews. They’re included along with five more gripping stories. 

Randy Bivins gets a shocking phone call two days before Christmas. The stranger says he stole his Christmas tree. What Randy discovers is maybe a tradition worth dying for. “Oh Christmas Tree” 

Now that surfing, dating, and every aspect of a California retirement are off limits, he paints and pretends the beach isn’t so close. But traces of sand are showing up again in this Vietnam Vet’s house and that can only mean one thing. “Beneath the Sand” 

Trapped in a morbid, bloody, decaying land, the hot breath of his pursuer lathers his neck. Jimmy wants to believe he doesn’t know where he is, but he can’t. “Castle Point“ 

Henry Conroy pilots a Navajo across the stormy Midwest with a coffin in the back. He knows the faster he gets there, the sooner that scratching sound will stop. “Fright Flight” 

A simple fishing trip turns deadly for Danny and his disabled brother, Bobby. A gut-wrenching tale of two young brothers who will do anything for a day away from their abusive father and the constant bullying at school. But a wheelchair with a history might change everything. “Bobby” 

Flowers for Mom and The Calling are two more stories with an evil twist. 

Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror

The five freshest voices in horror will make you reconsider leaving the house on October 31st with these all-new Halloween tales: 

• A brother and sister creep out of the darkness with bags full of deadly tricks in Gregor Xane’s THE RIGGLE TWINS. 

• A boy with a misshapen skull just wants to be normal in Evans Light’s PUMPKINHEAD TED. 

• A group of thrill seekers learn that looking for terror is a whole lot more fun than finding it in Adam Light’s GHOST LIGHT ROAD. 

• Two bullies go looking for trouble but instead find a young boy and his imaginary friend in Jason Parent’s EASY PICKINGS. 

• When a mysterious, Halloween-themed attraction comes to the town of Bay’s End, everyone is dying to pay a visit in Edward Lorn’s THE SCARE ROWS. 

$4.99 Title

SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror

War is Hell... 

Soldiers fight to survive. 
They fight each other, and they fight the demons inside. 
Sometimes, they fight real monsters. 
SNAFU collects stories of ancient myths, time travellers, horrors in the old west… 
and the soldiers who fight them. 
Featuring some of the best writers working in the field today. 
Jonathan Maberry, Weston Ochse, Greig Beck and James A Moore lead the way, with a contingent of emerging authors to back them up. 
Fight or die.

Darkness Prevails (Tales of Darkness Book 2)

Darkness Prevails is a collection of 15 terrifying tales by author Cliff R. Barlow. From twisted yarns about the Demons of Hell to gut-wrenching stories about the unrelenting Demons Within, this collection pulls no punches. You have been warned. This is not for the faint of heart.

$5.99 TItle


Everyone in the world awakens covered in blood-and no one knows where the blood came from. A childhood doll arrives to tear its owner's reality limb from limb. A portal to the spirit realm stretches wide on the Appalachian Trail, and something more than human crawls through on eight legs. Words of comfort change to terrifying sounds as a force from outside time speaks through them. The buttons in the bin will unseam your flesh to bare your nastiest secrets. 

Opening with "The Button Bin," a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Short Story, and culminating with its sequel, "The Quiltmaker," which Bram Stoker Award and Shirley Jackson Award winner Laird Barron has hailed as Mike Allen's masterpiece, this debut collection gathers fourteen horror tales that, in the words of Barron's introduction, "rival anything committed to paper by the likes of contemporary masters such as Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, or Caitlín Kiernan. This is raw, visceral, and sometimes bloody stuff. Primal stuff." 

Full Dark, No Stars

The acclaimed #1 New York Times and undisputed King of Horror Stephen King delivers five unforgettable short works, two of which will soon be adapted for film, and which Booklist called “raw looks at the limits of greed, revenge, and self-deception.” Like Different Seasons and Four Past Midnight, which generated such enduring hit films as The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me, Full Dark, No Stars proves Stephen King a master of the long story form.

“I believe there is another man inside every man, a stranger…” writes Wilfred Leland James in the early pages of the riveting confession that makes up “1922,” the first in this pitch-black quartet of mesmerizing tales from Stephen King. For James, that stranger is awakened when his wife Arlette proposes selling off the family homestead and moving to Omaha, setting in motion a gruesome train of murder and madness. 

In “Big Driver,” soon to be a major Lifetime movie starring Maria Bello, a cozy-mystery writer named Tess encounters the stranger is along a back road in Massachusetts when she takes a shortcut home after a book club engagement. Violated and left for dead, Tess plots a revenge that will bring her face to face with another stranger: the one inside herself. 

“Fair Extension,” the shortest of these tales, is perhaps the nastiest and certainly the funniest. Making a deal with the devil not only saves Harry Streeter from a fatal cancer but provides rich recompense for a lifetime of resentment. 

In the last of the tales, soon to be a major motion picture, Darcy Anderson’s husband of more than twenty years is away on one of his business trips and his unsuspecting wife looks for batteries in the garage. Her toe knocks up against a box under a worktable and she discovers the stranger inside her husband. It’s a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitively ends “A Good Marriage.”


In the midst of a raging blizzard, lightning struck on the night Laura Shane was born. And a mysterious blond-haired stranger showed up just in time to save her from dying.

Years later, in the wake of another storm, Laura will be saved again. For someone is watching over her. But just as lightning illuminates, darkness always follows close behind. 

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