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Switch It Up Sunday

Hey all, it's Switch It Sunday. This means we're doing something random...! How about some Short Stories? Yes, most are romantic or erotic, but all are under 110 pages! 


Free Books

The Bed and Breakfast Man (Those Flirty Forties and Nifty Fifties Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

You are never too old to fall in love... 

At forty-eight, Joy Welles runs her bed and breakfast with the love and care one has for a child. 
Each guest she takes in, she treats as if they are the most important person in the world. Until Christian and his granddaughter arrive to spend Christmas, and carry out his mothers’ final wish. 

The tables are turned on Joy as for the first time, she is on the receiving end of the love and care. Burdened by the scars of her past, and scared of allowing herself to love again she builds up a wall of safety, only for Christian and his dogged determination to tumble them down. 

Together can the couple learn to release their demons and like the river, move on with their lives 

Homeless Shelter (Hotwife Stories Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Kris is young, blonde, beautiful, smart, and wealthy. As a member of the privileged class, she volunteers at the homeless shelter to give back to society and satisfy her cravings.

Bratty Little Showgirl (Taboo Erotica) [Kindle Edition]

When the man of the house finds out Daphne’s a showgirl in a topless review, he’s furious. All those men, watching night after night as she takes it all off. But one glance at her on stage changes his mind. She’s beautiful, sexy, and totally taboo. When the little brat comes onto him after the show, offering what she’s never offered another man, he can’t help himself. He’ll give her a forbidden first time she’ll never forget. 

This dual POV taboo erotica short story contains themes of forbidden love too hot for this blurb. Click “Look Inside” for all the glitzy details.

A Memorable Christmas

Can a tumble down the stairs end in a happy holiday?

Diana Colby, Countess of Chesterfield can’t see anything merry and bright about the holidays. Her husband Maxim has taken up with a ballet dancer and broken her heart. Even though other other upper class husbands take up with light skirts she never thought hers would. She thought he loved her. Maybe he still does. His concern when she takes a spill down the stairs and hits her head inspires a case of amnesia. Can her sudden forgetfulness jog her husband’s memory and make him remember that he loves her? 

Readers who enjoy humorous traditional sweet Regency romance will be charmed by this novella by best-selling author Sheila Rabe. 

Second Chance Bride

Escape to paradise with New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, Sandra Edwards, in her latest modern-day, romantic fairytale, Second Chance Bride! 

After being jilted, practically at the altar, Genie Wainwright heads to Hawaii to escape the well-meant pity party her friends and family are bound to throw on her behalf. What she never expects is to find someone to help her mend her broken heart. 

Donnie Taylor, owner of the posh Sapphire Bay Resort, has no interest in marriage—until he meets an unforgettable guest at the hotel. What starts out as a kindhearted gesture brings Donnie something he never expects—a chance at love! 

*Second Chance Bride is a short novella of approximately 11,000 words. About 46 pages.

Petit Fleurs: Stories of First Tries & Second Chances [Kindle Edition]

It’s a first love unfinished, a family bond tested and forged. It’s a young woman staring at the messy underside of her dreams, and another facing a future she hasn’t chosen for herself. We meet an alcoholic country singer trying to be a father, a child who may never hear the beautiful sound of his mother’s voice, a fallen hero’s daughter, a stray who stays, and so much more. In PETIT FLEURS and its companion VIGNETTES, we come to know fascinating and flawed people from all over the world, each with a unique story to tell - scenes of life shown throughout the years. Secrets exposed, tender hellos, and tumultuous goodbyes. 

In this multi-faceted two-book collection of short stories, USA TODAY bestselling author, Louise Caiola, captures those defining moments that challenge and change us, those that serve as the catalyst to our greatest experiences, our dearest memories, our deepest joy, and perhaps our sincerest sorrows. 

Ideal for readers ranging from the seasoned literary fan to today’s savvy young adults. 

Silent Night, Unexpected Night [Kindle Edition]

Ever since his divorce several years ago, Dr. Tanner Rhodes has spent Christmas Eve alone. He has a tradition; he sits by the fire, sips his brandy, and falls asleep by the lights of the tree. When his son Aiden's beautiful friend, Sofia, shows up unexpectedly at his door bearing gifts, everything changes. When had Sofia become a woman? 

Warning - Adult language and some explicit sexual content. 

This is a short, steamy holiday story.

Christmas Lily [Kindle Edition]

When Lily is told she has to move out of her home by Christmas, her hopes and dreams for the future are dashed. Now she has one chance left to save the lighthouse and the legacy of her long lost ancestor, Lighthouse Keeper Fanny Pearson. Lily must perform a rescue mission and prove to the town that the lighthouse is worth saving—a task made difficult by Marek Thayer and his rescue crew, who thwart every rescue attempt she makes. 

Marek can’t help but be drawn to the determined woman. Unlike most women, she doesn’t respond to his charms. But he has a goal of his own, to convince the lovely Lily to go out with him. He will use any trick needed to get her to agree to a date. Can he find the perfect Christmas present and make her his before it’s too late? 

Slice and Dice (Skylar Wolfe Mysteries Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

“Nothing good ever happens before ten in the morning.” ~Skylar Wolfe 
Skylar Wolfe is far from your average PI. Full of snark with purple hair and a quick tongue with no filter from her brain to her mouth, trouble always seems to find her and she always drags her cousin Levi along for the ride. 
But this last bit of trouble she seems to have fallen into is the deadly variety. There’s a corpse at her door (no really, I’m completely serious) with her name all over it. It seems she has pissed off the wrong person. Being Skylar, the list could be a little long. She teams up with Norcrest’s new delicious lead detective, Aiden Livingston and then leads the hunt to find the person responsible. 

Cowboy Crush: (Cowboys of Fire Mountain: Part One) A Billionaire Western Romance [Kindle Edition]

Nook Link

Cowboys of Fire Mountain is a western erotic romance featuring tanned billionaire cowboys, ripped rangers, and a cast of characters who aren’t afraid to let loose in the sack! 

Harmony Creed tried to keep things professional...

Upon arriving in Arizona for a research project, Harmony meets Jeremy Wyle, a charming park ranger with a heart of gold and pecs of steel. While he shows her the ropes, Harmony finds it difficult to resist his easy charisma. 

Just as she’s getting to know the lay of the land, a mysterious, reclusive billionaire named Catch Hanson introduces himself. Jeremy warns her about Catch’s questionable reputation. 

Little does Harmony know that both men may be hiding dark secrets. 

Erotic Fantasies [Kindle Edition]

Step into the pages of several short stories that are sure to whet your appetite and stir your imagination. All things are possible within the dark corners of our mind where fantasies take shape just for our own entertainment. Eleven different stories will take your mind on an erotic journey and arouse your deepest desires. Your body and mind will tingle with delight and your toes will curl as you find that you lose yourself in every story. The authors hope you enjoy their stories and visit their websites where you can learn about the rest of their books.

Amazon Goodies 

$0.99 Title

Let the temptation begin. 

Chase Carlisle has never been so taken by any other woman, but when he met Tessa everything changed. Falling in love with the younger, sexy vixen was easy. She tempted him in ways he couldn’t resist. Now that she was his he’d do anything to keep her happy, safe, and fulfilled. 

Tessa Burke had been mesmerized by Chase almost from the moment she saw the attractive, successful, older man. He helped her during a low point in her life. Their whirlwind romance was just beginning and life couldn’t be better. When Chase surprises her with a tropical, holiday getaway she can’t wait to spend four romantic days alone with him. 

Promises of sun, sand, and swimming are in store for the couple, but will they ever make it out of the luxurious villa? This vacation may prove to be their hottest Christmas ever. 

A short story featuring Tessa and Chase from Tessa’s Temptation. Both books stand alone, but to see how the couple started their journey check out their full length novel available now. 

Contains adult content and graphic sexual situations 

This is a fun, sexy, festive tale to get you in the holiday spirit. No angst or drama. Just sexy times before I introduce you to book two in the Temptress Series where I can’t promise there won’t be angst or drama. 

Approximately 10,000 words. 

A 9,500 word short story. 

All Maggie Carver wants for Christmas is for things to work out with her long time boyfriend Brock. But with his work schedule and putting her second, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen—especially because he plans to work on Christmas. She goes back to her family ranch for the holidays, alone and heartbroken. 

Brock Wells thought Maggie was the one. That they’d be together through thick and thin. Before she heads home for the holidays, she ends things with him. While he loves her, he isn’t sure it’s worth fighting for any longer. 

As the holidays draw closer and the need to spend the days with loved ones becomes overwhelming, can Maggie and Brock find their way back to one another, or will they let their stubborn nature get the best of them?

Penny's husband was abusive. She's trying to retake her life while dealing with the fact that she murdered him. Dodge is a strong silent Texas Ranger who wants to save her. Now someone is threatening to get her back for what happened to her husband though she was cleared of charges. Can Dodge help Penny over come her fear of men? Can he protect and love her enough that she can move on with her life? How can a battered wife trust again? Catch up with Mitch and Kelli and follow Dodge's story in Bare Christmas. 

*Please note, this story contains domestic violence which may not be suitable for some readers. Half of the proceeds from this book will be donated to my local Domestic Violence agencies. For more information on domestic violence or if you know someone being abused, you can check out this website for ways to help.

A Christmas Nights Collection Novella 

Raine’s a Fae with no magic. Banished to live among “Mundanes” in the human world she works as an Inquisitor for Otherworlders. But when her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Kringle, heir to the Santa Claus legacy, goes missing, it’s her job to find him. Problem is, she’d rather he just stayed missing. 

Hurt by everyone she’s ever cared about Raine isn’t about to open up her heart to her “bad boy” best friend Jordan who’s been in love with her for years. Especially since his Pride’s made it abundantly clear that there’s no way in hell they’ll let him marry anyone but another weretiger. 

As Raine investigates the disappearance of Gabriel, she discovers that he hasn’t just run off with a set of twin Christmas Fae for the weekend. Something more sinister is in the works; and if she can’t save him Christmas will be ruined forever. But will rescuing Gabriel bring Raine and Jordan closer, or will old feelings for Gabriel tear them apart forever? 

Saving Christmas is a part of The Christmas Nights Collection. Just type The Christmas Nights in the search bar to find all of the other fun and steamy Christmas short stories by some of Today's Bestselling authors.

Can a gift certificate to a fetish club and a pervertable Christmas decoration bring two co-workers together? 
Cindy has fantasized about spanking Marley ever since her fellow designer admitted to missing the sexual kink after ending a short-lived relationship. Rigging the office gift exchange is simple compared to admitting her growing feelings for the other woman. 
Marley can’t believe Cindy’s thoughtful present. The gift certificate to NYC’s notorious fetish club, Bottoms Up, would be perfect if Cindy herself were the one swinging the paddle, but admitting to having a thing for her co-worker could ruin a perfectly good working relationship as well as a treasured friendship. 

I Love My Marine: Officer Edition Book 4 
Abigail has been writing Simon for several months. She knew of him as a young rogue and adored him from afar. The opportunity to get to know him as a grown man, a Marine, was too much to pass up. 

Hunter Christmas didn't go home often because he had a rep to avoid. This holiday season he had a reason, and not just because he was home from a long deployment. He had months worth of a relationship with a woman he had never laid eyes on and he could hardly wait to meet her. 

Abby is ready to go the distance, but can a wandering eye ever really fixate on one woman? As Hunter's past keeps catching up to them, can he prove he is now a one woman man? 

Find out this Christmas. (Priced for Holiday Cheer!)

Interning over the holiday's at an Easy Listening Radio Station may not be rock-lover Jules's ideal position, but she's eager to get her foot in the door and begin her journey towards her dream of being a DJ. When she meets co-intern Seth, she's not impressed by his farm boy, country style, but you can't always judge a man by his khaki pants. 

At first glance, Seth knows that Jules is the kind of girl his mother always warned him about, and his brothers encouraged him to seek out in the city. More interested in music and lyrics than the DJ booth, Seth is interested in learning everything he can about the business, but welcomes the kind of distraction that Jules provides. 

Can the magic of Christmas bring this country boy and rocker girl together, or will their spark die out when the holidays over? 

Christmas Come Early is part of The Christmas Nights Collection, a collection of sexy short stories, by ten different authors. 

Book 1 of the new Amish Couples series, based on the characters of the best selling Amish Hearts and Amish in College series. 

Eighteen year-old Hannah and her new husband Jakob have discovered the best possible news: Hannah is pregnant with their first child! 

Most Amish girls spend their pregnancies quilting and sewing tiny clothes, but not Hannah. Between her demanding job at Stoltzfus Bakery, bridesmaid duties in Amish bridezilla Mercy’s wedding, and her unwanted position as mediator during Jakob and Mercy’s many quarrels, Hannah is ready for a break! 

However, Hannah receives more rest time than she’d bargained for when an accident causes her to nearly lose her baby, and lands her on bed rest. Can her marriage really survive in sickness and in health? Will Hannah recover in time to stand in Mercy’s wedding? And can Hannah regain her strength and give birth to a healthy baby? 

Harmony Creed tried to stick it to the billionaire...

Instead, she discovered Catch Hanson’s big, dark secret—but not before nearly falling sway to his strange charms. 

Park ranger Jeremy Wyle vows to help her fight Catch’s evil dealings, but first he wants to take her on a romantic getaway. At first she hesitates-but how dumb would you have to be to turn down a weekend at the Grand Canyon with a red-hot cowboy hunk? 

Stunning vistas aren’t the only thing that’s breathtaking about the Grand Canyon, especially when you’re with a studly park ranger who likes to take full advantage of his surroundings. 

Nothing like the great outdoors to get the blood pumping...

Dear Readers, 

A CHRISTMAS WISH is a continuation of Dane MacKenzie's story, DANE, which can be found for free at all retailers. It is highly recommended that you start with DANE since A CHRISTMAS WISH takes up where that novella ends. The response to the MacKenzie Brothers Novellas has been overwhelming, and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart that you fell in love with this family. I've decided to revisit each of the brothers because of all the wonderful emails I've received over the past couple of years asking, "What happens next?" 

Dane MacKenzie has made mistakes, but despite them all, he's reconnected with the woman he's always loved and the son he never knew he had. But things haven't gone the way he hoped. Charlotte still hasn't set a wedding date, and he's a stranger to his son. The only thing Dane wants for Christmas is for them to be a real family. 

A carefully planned seduction, an old legend, and a family that never gives up on each other will give Dane the chance to get his Christmas wish.

Smut-Shorties: A great on-the-go short to satisfy your craving for smut! 

A Naughty BBW Witch + A Growly Wolf = Hot Lovin’ Under the Moonlight 

Liani Azul went to a bar to test a perfect kiss spell and ended up in the arms of a growly shifter. He did things to her she’d never even heard of before and ended up mated with the hot wolf. But Liani doesn’t break the rules, so she turned away from him. 
After several days of thinking, she realizes she wants the sexy shifter and doesn’t care what the council will do to her. Will he be open to taking her back after she rejected their mating? Giving herself to the wolf in mind and body might be a good start. 

Letting him do all kinds of deliciously naughty things to her might help her cause or it might just be a great way to remind him how perfectly matched they are... 

**Please be aware that this is an Erotica short that contains raw sexual language**

Graduation night was the worst night of my life. 
My heart was shattered, lives were lost, and permanent wounds formed. 

I hate the color red. I hate my old shallow self. I hate life. 

Stuck in my sister's town over the first summer since tragedy struck, I only have my crazy best friend to make life as normal as it can be. 

One broken tooth 
One hot stranger, Finn. 
Makes me hate less and hope for more. This summer has the potential to save me, but only if I find the courage to let it. My name’s Tess and this is my story.

Three gorgeous men stroll into Morgan’s bakery and her life will never be the same 

For months, Morgan has been lightly flirting with a trio of the most handsome regular customers any single female could hope to have. She knows they’re interested in her, but none of them steps forward and makes the first move. 

Morgan would make that first move, if it weren’t for an annoying problem -- she can’t choose between them! What woman could? 

When the day finally arrives that one of the brawny gents, Brandon, asks her out, she’s thrilled. Yet she can’t help regretting the loss of his two friends. 

Morgan thinks she’s prepared to settle for one. The men in her life think differently. Very differently. In fact, they’re hoping she’ll take three. 

Warning -- Contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes only suitable for adults. 

Smut-Shorties: A great on-the-go short to satisfy your craving for smut! 

She's his woman, but not his mate. Alpha werewolf and Master of the City has plans for Cyan Trevais. Plans that involve getting her naked and panting beneath him. But, hot as the sex is, he can't ignore the call of his wolf, or his heart. When his woman's brother demands to know his intentions, Veyr knows he must make a choice... 

**Please be aware that this is an Erotica short** 

(For greatest enjoyment, the series should be read in the following order: Master of the City, Master’s Woman, The Captain of the Guard, Mated to the Master.)

Sweet western short story. 

Hope Bishop was on her way to Weeping Willow Creek to marry her late husband's best friend when their stagecoach went over the hill, killing her intended. She was thrown from the stage and knocked out, but when she woke up, Dusty Flynn had rescued her and taken her to a rundown shack to care for her. Desperate to find her son, Timmy, she wanted to find him herself, but her head injury wouldn't let her. Dusty told her to stay where she was and he'd go find the boy. 

Dusty found Timmy in a hollowed out tree and got him back to his ma. He was concerned with their welfare since Weeping Willow Creek was a wild, unruly town and women were scarce. When Timmy asked him to take them home with him, he couldn't oblige since it wouldn't be proper without wedding Hope. When a man accosted Hope in the hotel dinning room, he made up his mind he couldn't leave them there all alone and unprotected. He done the only decent thing he could do. He married her and became a pa to Timmy. At least his grandma would be happy he got married, but could they learn to love each other and become a family or would the man who accosted her destroy their lives?

$1.99 Title

Melaniece is looking forward to spending a nice quiet holiday at her vacation home up in the mountains. Expecting to enjoy ripping open gifts with her family, she's surprised when they spring the ultimate present on her: Michael Bannon. Could his unexpected appearance have anything to do with the strange vampire dreams she's been having lately? 

Michael is determined not to blow a second chance with the woman he should have loved years ago, even if it means revealing his true nature. Is a good guy willing to be very bad to get what he wants? Absolutely…always and forever. 

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence. Short Novel. Previously published by Ellora's Cave.

**READER NOTE: Please be aware that these three short stories are explicit EROTICA, and are filled with sexual scenes. Basically good old fashioned smut. They are twisted fairytales but are NOT Dark Erotic in nature. If you're looking for a sweet, traditional romance this probably isn't for you.


Low on money and needing to help her ill sister, Belle joins an elite escort service. Although being with strange men sexually is not something she would have ever thought she'd be doing, Belle is desperate.

Her first night on the job lands her in the home of elusive businessman Jackson "The Beast" Brass. He's a man she has lusted after quietly for the last year, but she knows they could have never been together in more than a professional way. But tonight anything goes.

Although still one of the wealthiest men in the country, Jackson now isolates himself due to being badly scarred from an automobile accident. He knows who Belle is, and has wanted her for longer than he cares to admit. He just hopes she's ready to experience the darker side of pleasure, because tonight Jackson will give her more than she can handle.


He's been watching her. She just doesn't realize it.

After passing out at a frat party, Aurora wakes to find herself in a strange bedroom. Frightened at what happened to her, she realizes she isn't alone, but in the apartment of her chemistry professor, a man that frightens and arouses her.

Grey Dawson has had his eye on Aurora for the last several months. Some would say he was obsessed, but Grey knew what he felt. They were true and real emotions, and Aurora needed to realize that she felt them, too. He watches her, knows her schedule, and when their eyes lock he knows she has to feel the same way that he does. Grey will not stop until he possesses her completely.


After leaving a costume party, Red gets lost and finds herself deep within the woods that surround her town. With her fear of not knowing where she is comes the realization that she is being stalked. The harder and faster she runs, the more she feels like the prey to a very deadly predator.

And then she is caught, and she has nowhere to hide. The man that comes out of the darkness is naked, massive in form, and seems feral. He is solely focused on her, yet he doesn't touch her. The way he watches Red, inhales her scent like he is trying to imprint her into his body, makes her feel shockingly aroused.

He doesn't seem to want to hurt her, but to mate with her, like a beast in the wild claiming his woman. Red should be fighting for her life to escape, not submitting to a man that has these kinds of sexual needs moving through her like a violent animal.

Devastated at losing her parents at eighteen, she continues to mourn their death. Kaitlyn buries herself in her work, dispatching for the Cedar Creek Police Department. When holidays roll around, she works harder. If anyone attempts to get close romantically, she pushes them away refusing to love again. 

That’s before Bryce, the handsome new Texas Game Warden comes to town vowing to change everything. Will he succeed in rocking her world, or will she also push him away? 

$2.99 Title

A sexy, heartwarming Christmas romance by
Award winning author, Opal Carew
writing as Amber Carew

Nick Berringer's life is turned upside down when a very sexy angel stumbles into his life--and his bed--to make this the most memorable Christmas of his life.

Angelique has been alone for one hundred and fifty years. The closest to heaven she has ever been is in Nick's arms. How can she sacrifice Nick's happiness--and his life--for her own freedom?

Length: 16,800 words/84 pages

Plus excerpts for Virgin Wanted by Amber Carew, I Dream of Genie by Amber Carew, and Total Abandon by Opal Carew.

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