Friday, December 26, 2014

Freaky Friday

Morning all! Hope you have had a great holiday! My mini me was happy. The rush and craziness is over. I can spend the rest of the year relaxing. HAHA, the whole week!
Anyways, here's today's Freaky Friday. Enjoy that saucy, sexy Erotica!

Free Books


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On the controversial website, these four friends are breaking the hearts—and pockets—of many unsuspecting victims. 
Sweater Robinson moved to Atlanta with nothing but $300, a dream, and a dark past she wanted nothing more than to forget about. Just when things are starting to look up, someone from her past returns, forcing her to choose between love and loyalty. 
Royalty Jackson is often hot and cold due to his abrasive personality, but one thing that’s certain is his love for making convenient cash. Getting money by any means necessary is the motto he stands firmly by, and he’ll do whatever to get it even if it means turning on his friends and loved ones. 
Lady Carter has a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to most things until a life changing event forces her to make a difficult decision. Will her outcome be the happy ending she always envisioned? 
Capricorn “Cap” Daniels is usually a man of very few words. However, he has no choice but to finally speak up for what he wants. After all, closed mouths don’t get fed…but falling in love brings consequences and conflict. 
Deception and betrayal are at an all-time high, and ‘loyalty’ is simply a word. Will these four friends be consumed by jealousy, distrust, and greed or will they make it out unscathed?

Seth & Amber: The Complete Erotic Tales (A Seth & Amber Erotic Tale)

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From the best-selling author of SECOND CHANCE and WHEN COWS HAVE WINGS comes, for the first time, the COMPLETE 'Seth & Amber' collection of erotic encounters. 

Containing all SIX erotic tales. Join Seth & Amber as they explore and indulge in their fantasies. A simple gift, given in love, opens up a whole new world to Seth and Amber Noonan. 

Happily married and madly in love Seth and Amber push their boundaries and its not long before they are experiencing whole new levels of kinkiness, and as their journey continues they experience some truly sexual situations that only deepens their love. 

This series has had readers hooked as Seth and Amber's journey is revealed tale by tale. Praise for the series so far: 'Emotionally charged and truly amazing'...'Hot, enticing and seductive'...'A true breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre' so why not join Seth & Amber for one hell of a sexy-hot ride? 

This book is intended for open-minded adults, contains scenes of a sexual nature with very graphic scenes of sex and some violence. 

Marie's Hysteria (A Victorian Doctor Erotic Series)

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Hysteria is an erotic series of the Victorian Era that includes graphic scenes and descriptions of a sexual nature. Intended for mature readers only. 

Marie Fontenot resents having her silly cousin Sarah chaperoning her on a simple day trip from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Sure, Marie's had a few flirtations -- and a few transgressions -- in the past, but she can’t get into too much trouble on a half-day train trip, can she? 

But then she spots the man who, like her, has a reputation that precedes him: Dr. Caliban Vandecott, new to the city of New Orleans and practitioner to females with certain needs. Marie cannot abide a lurid controversy in which she has no part. And so she manages to fake a fainting spell so that the doctor might treat her. Right there on the train… 

Love's Master

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Twenty-three year old Lily finds herself widowed and forced to live with her brother and his family, including his eight year old son William, who is nothing short of a terror. Sure she cannot go another day with his behavior, she begins to search for a new nanny and tutor for her nephew with little success. But when she happens across an advertisement in the Times that seems to be the answer to her problem, she is set on a path that will take her where she's never been before. Victorian England is a place of strict social codes, and the sensual world she enters is strictly forbidden for a woman of her social stature. 

Her guide in this world is a man named Kadar, and the feelings he stirs in Lily threaten to change her forever. However, Victorian society is never far away, and her brother intends on seeing his sister remarried and settled into a home near him in Regent's Park. Lily will have to choose between Kadar, who makes her feel more alive than she ever believed she could, and Captain Mason Danvers, the gentleman who can offer her security and comfort for the rest of her life. 

Lust in London (Time Traveling Slut Book 1)

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Hannah Barnett has never had an orgasm, but when her new lover, Matt, finally pushes her over the edge, she’s so undone she’s practically hallucinating…or is she? 

When Hannah gets her bearings, she’s in a luxurious but utterly alien bedroom, and is mistaken for a recently deceased Elizabeth. In short order, she becomes the willing object of Elizabeth’s horny, virgin stepbrother’s attentions. Where is she, when is she, and how will Hannah ever get back home? 

This steamy short story is approximately 3500 words long. Warning: contains explicit sex. One-handed reading required!

A Little Bit of Sin: Book One

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Synthia is a beauty like no other - not only on the inside but as well on the outside. She's used to men falling over her, but she never made a big deal about her appearance. Accomplished in business, intelligent, with a great sense of style, she's pleased that she can finally get married to a man who she's only content with. Just as she makes good arm candy for him, it's reciprocal for her. Plus after a past incident, she swore she would only allow herself to date well to do professional men who made a legitimate living. Her only fault she could say was her voracious curiosity. And on the day before she knows George is to propose, her best friend puts in her head the one thing she has never 
Done: Slept with a guy outside of her race. With her beauty, she can't just find anyone, so she does what any one in her position and wealth would do: She finds a professional. Let's just hope George never finds out what a good time she had. 

Naughty and Nice (Taboo Erotica)

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"Merry Christmas. I'm your present this year."

With Christmas just around the corner, Rebecca knows what she wants to give the man of the house. Herself. All decked out in a sexy santa outfit, she waits for him to get home, hoping he’ll see past the taboo and give in to his desire. 

Will he give her everything she shouldn’t want—hard and without protection—or will she stay untouched forever? It’s a forbidden first time that’ll get you in more than just the holiday spirit.

Close Up and Personal: Bestselling Spotlight Series

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Book #1 in the bestselling Spotlight series, followed by Book #2 The Berkeley Method. 

Actress and director. The stage is set for passion... 

Drama-school graduate Isabella Green wants to be a script-writer. But when she meets famous director James Berkeley, she’s tempted into the glamorous world of acting. 

Behind the camera, the mysterious Berkeley commands discipline at all times. But Isabella soon discovers this man's dominant tendencies also extend into the dressing room. 

Suddenly Isabella is discovering a side of herself she never knew existed. But she is also learning more about the alluring James Berkeley. Is his desperate past something she can help heal? Or will the flames of passion consume them both when the cameras start rolling? 

Lights, camera, action... 

“Close-Up and Personal takes romance-with-alpha-male books like Bared to You to another level. Get ready for a sizzling new trilogy like the Crossfire Series” Book Group eBooks 

LOOK INSIDE this book to see why readers are loving this actress and alpha male romance. 

Can You Keep a Secret? (Taboo Bundle)

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Sometimes wrong feels so right. 

Three stories of young, innocent college girls who want the one man they can't have. Some are attracted to the man of the house, and others want one they grew up with. They've tried to stay away, but sometimes being bad feels better than being good ever did. 

Included in this collection: 

Correcting Her Lessons 
Please Don't Tell 
Private Show

Filthy Habits (Forbidden Taboo Erotica)

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Filthy Habits is a filthy, smutty, quickie with explicit scenes of taboo erotica. Intended for mature readers only! 

Julie Halloway is nervous about returning to her hometown after three years abroad after college. Tired of running, tired of hiding, she knows it's time to come home and start a new life. 

Ben Halloway is a successful marketing executive enjoying his bachelor status, but pines for only one woman. The only woman he can't have. The woman he hasn't seen in three years. 

When Julie arrives home, Ben is there to welcome her. Their parents are excited to have the whole family together again. But when Ben and Julie are back under one roof, will they fall into old habits? 

Too taboo for any more'll have look inside!

Amazon Goodies 

 $0.99 Title

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the tattoo shop? Lots of hot guys, testosterone, ink and lust. Here's a compilation of short stories that divulge the inner most fantasy of what happens after the ink.

--This is NOT a follow up novella to Resist Me--Can be read as a series starter and a stand alone-- 

I belong to no one. 
It’s the way I’ve chosen to live. Master of my own destiny, finding my way through this bullshit thing called life. 
I learned from a young age how to get my way. Being a woman isn’t a weakness. It’s the opposite. I’ve spent my life being surrounded by four overbearing brothers, but I’ve never been a wallflower. Independent and unwilling to be tied down, I grabbed life by the balls and lived it to the fullest. 
I was enjoying myself, minding my own business at my brothers wedding. Then WHAM. 
Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe? My answer would’ve been no before he tempted me into his bed. 
I’m talking about the big damn bang. 
Everything that I thought was right, suddenly spins on its axis and bitch slaps me in the face. 
Warning: Contains graphic language - mature audiences only

“Tie me up, so I can be free.” –Alayna. 

Erotica romance author and owner of one of the largest publishing companies, Damon Lear, has secrets that keep him out of relationships and into behavior that is taboo to many. He is willing to set his strict rules aside for one memorable night with romance writer, Alayna Wynn, who he meets at his friend’s wedding. He fails at propositioning her, but they share one heated kiss, and he assures her they will meet again. 

Damon gets his opportunity to seduce her when he rescues Alayna, keeping her from being stranded in an airport during a snowstorm. Unable to leave his penthouse for days, she discovers it is impossible to resist the handsome, mysterious man who wants nothing more than to give her pleasure and make her submissive. Alayna’s heart encounters feelings she wasn’t expecting, and when her needs are not met, they both attempt to move on. 

Damon sees that living the way he did before she walked in and out of his life is now impossible as thoughts of her consume him. He lures her back, and Alayna falls deeper into his world of BDSM. She is surprised to find it thrilling and wants to please Damon more than ever, being a willing participant in his hot fantasies. 

Their relationship is soon threatened when details from Damon’s past are leaked to the media. He’s forced to take Alayna away and share with her his darkest secrets. Exes resurface, family interfere, and paparazzi stalk them, causing chaos. During it all, Damon battles to hold on to control by pushing Alayna sexually, introducing her to new, enthralling experiences. 

He soon realizes he’s losing the hold on his heart when he witnesses Alayna fighting for the both of them. Will she submit to him completely? Do they stand a chance when obstacles from their past collide with their newfound relationship? Or will this news cost Damon his reputation, business and most importantly Alayna? 

This is a sexy, steamy erotica romance that will leave you wanting more. For a mature audience due to explicit sexual scenes and harsh language. 

Some secrets wont stay silent... 

An evening out at the theatre for Lana and Blake ends prematurely with shocking news. 

Frantic, the couple rush home to discover their worst fears. And Blake is forced to confront the realization that his new family is on a collision course with his past — caught in the crossfire of adversaries who won’t hesitate to hurt them. 

Once again Lana shows the strength that underpins her character to keep her family together, but with Blake already weakened by the revelation of devastating secrets, will they be strong enough to face down such menacing adversaries? 

Lana and Blake know that time is running out and difficult decisions must be made, ones that will irrevocably and forever alter their lives. 

And that ultimately, Blake will be called upon to make the greatest sacrifice of all… 

$2.99 Title

For His Pleasure is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, and with each new book, the romance only gets hotter... 

Twenty-two year old Kennedy Saunders is running away from her old life at MIT, and running towards a new life in New York City. A new life working for Red Jameson--and hopefully much more than that. 

Because Kennedy isn't just some random girl trying to break into the advertising business. She's someone who has a connection to Red and Nicole, and she's determined to get closer to them, at any cost. 

But Kennedy is shocked when, instead of working for Red Jameson, she finds herself at the beck and call of Red's new Chief Operating Officer, Easton Rather. 

And Easton is not impressed with Kennedy's high IQ, her ivy league background, or anything else. But he does want something from her. Something that might just cost Kennedy everything, and force her to reveal secrets that will throw everyone's lives into chaos. 

Under His Command (For His Pleasure, Book 17) is a 30,000 word tale of lust, submission, power and ultimately--a love story for the ages. Bonus story included: The first book of Kelly's new hit series, Naked.

For His Pleasure is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, and with each new book, the romance only gets hotter. 

Scarlett Evers has gone back to a life she never wanted. Working as a waitress in Hell's Kitchen, she's trying her best to forget about hot film director Bryson Taylor and the intimate moments they shared before everything went wrong.

But when Bryson appears back in Scarlett's life once more, things become more complicated than she could ever imagine. Because the film he is working on has only gotten crazier, and the pressure is even more intense. 

On top of that, old ghosts from Scarlett's past keep popping up.

Some of them are from the recent past, but others go back a long way--and these ghosts will not rest. 

Will Bryson finally learn to believe in Scarlett and love her, even with all of her baggage? Or will new problems come to light that threaten to destroy their relationship yet again?

With His Belief (For His Pleasure, Book 14) is a 30,000 word tale of lust, submission, power and ultimately--a love story for the ages.


He was Hansel. 
She was Gretel. 
Once upon a time, they shared a prison wall inside a crazy woman's house. 
When they meet again, he has a whip. She wears a mask. And fear runs high - for so many reasons. 
What will happen when the mask comes off, the walls come down? 

Fairy tales are cautionary tales, remember? 

*Part three coming next week. 
*This story is very dark, with many mature themes. If you don't like dark stories, you may not enjoy it.

When my fiance left me at the altar, I thought nothing could be worse. 

I was wrong. 

I wanted to leave my hum-drum life. I wished for an adventure, a way to escape. 

I should have been careful what I wished for. 

Now he has me. I can't run. I can't escape. Every time I try to build myself back up, he strikes me down. 

He's intent on making me his. The worst part? I'm thinking about letting him. 

... I'm not sure who I am anymore. 

Author's note: This novella includes dark themes and mature content that might make some readers uncomfortable. It is for ages 18 and up.

Mina Calloway always finds herself in the hands of the wrong master: Gentle at first, then brutally sadistic and abusive. She no longer believes it’s possible to find a man who will be gentle with her. After seeing a kink-friendly therapist for months, the doctor makes her an illicit offer she isn’t yet smart enough to refuse: “Let me find you a good master.” 

Brian Sloan is a borderline sociopath with a dark and brutal past. Only taking his sadistic urges out on the women at a submissive training house allows him to sleep through the night. When Brian sees Mina, she should be ripe for the picking, but her damage is too similar to his own. Can he fight past his demons to protect the one person he considers worth saving? 

Note: This book happens in the same world as Guilty Pleasures with reoccurring settings and characters. However, it is not a direct sequel and it isn’t necessary to have read Guilty Pleasures first. If you enjoy this book, however, you may also enjoy Guilty Pleasures by Kitty Thomas. 

Conflicted by her lust, Amy turns to the only man she believes can help her.

Amy is rare in the modern world, a girl of faith who so desperately wants to save herself for marriage. But when her growing lust becomes too much for her to handle, she turns to her revered mentor Pastor Copeland, who is indeed prepared to help her... by quenching the flames of her passion with his potent seed, and showing her all the pleasures sin can bring. 

5,200 words.

"I like you collared, baby. I like you naked, I like you mine.”

Ellie Stevens has lusted over Kayne Roberts since he first walked into the import/export company she works for a little over a year ago. As Expo’s most important client, Ellie has always kept a safe distance from the man with the majestic blue eyes - until temptation finally gets the better of her. Impulsively, Ellie invites Kayne to one of Expo's infamous company parties her flamboyant boss is notorious for throwing. Unbeknownst to Ellie, the god in the Armani suit isn’t just the suave entrepreneur he portrays himself to be. Underneath the professional exterior is a man with a secret life, dark desires, and nefarious contacts.

In a hidden corner of a trendy New York City lounge, the spark kindling between the two of them ignites. Unable to resist the sinful attraction, Ellie agrees to leave with Kayne, believing she is finally bedding the man of her dreams. Little does she know when she walks out the door, she’s about to be Owned.

Owned is a dark erotic romance. Please pay close attention to the use of the words dark, erotic, and romance. It has intense sexual situations, a Master/slave relationship, mild abuse, and some violence. Reader discretion is advised.

***WARNING: wild, hard, and filthy as hell!*** 

Welcome to your wildest fantasy...
The invitation arrives out of nowhere. No name. No address. Just one simple challenge.
'Play with me.'

The games are intoxicating, each one more thrilling than the last. And pleasure is the ultimate prize.
He knows my secrets. He sees my darkest desires. He can drive me to ecstasy -- and I don't even know his name.

This is your invitation. Now it's your turn to decide.
Are you ready?

Discover the red-hot new series from the #1 erotica author of THE SEDUCTION!
*17+ This book contains spanking, hot sex, and mind-blowing orgasms

This is a standalone novella

After the first sighting, he’s fascinated.

After the first smile, he’s infatuated.
By the first kiss, he’s obsessed.

Nolan sees Chloe through a window of a bakery in downtown Manhattan. At first sight, something about her calls to a piece of him he thought was lost. Without thinking, he begins watching her, and when the moment presents itself, he strikes, claiming Chloe for himself. For a man who is used to getting what he wants Nolan wont let anyone or anything stand in his way.

Gentle isn't in his vocabulary...

Hayley is such a little princess. She's grown up rich, and the inexperienced brat has always had her way, right down to having her pick of the guys at school and every little detail of the relationship. Hayley has particular ideas about what her first time will be like, an expensive hotel, candlelit love songs and sweet tender lovemaking with the boyfriend she'll eventually marry. He'll treat her oh-so-gentle, like the precious gift she is.

There's only one problem. To get to that hotel room, she has to defy the man of the house and his rules. That doesn't go well.

Jack may be worth countless millions now, but Haley is about to get a first hand lesson that he hasn't softened up one little bit since his days in the biker gang. After catching her sneaking out of her bedroom window, he decides it's time for her to earn her keep for staying in his house, and despite being almost too big he takes her hard right there on the lawn without protection.

If this little princess wants to be the queen, she's going to have to take everything the king can give her.

Author Disclaimer: This book is intended for readers 18+ only. It is a dark, erotic romance that contains copious amounts of violence, sex, murder, swearing, dubious content, and things that aren't suitable for anyone but adults. This book also contains graphic abuse, some that may cause triggers. Please be advised that I as a person, do NOT content to this type of behavior and I do NOT agree with emotional, and/or physical abuse in any way, shape or form. This is a work of fiction and nothing contained in it is based off of my life, or someone else’s. Please heed the warning when I say that this is dark. It’s not rainbow and ponies, its murder, and darkness that blooms into love.

$3.95 Title

The moment Madison Anders walks into Jared Gentry’s ornate office building, she knows he’ll never hire her. The kind of employee who works at a place like this is the skinny, confident model type, which Madison doesn’t resemble even slightly. But when Jared takes one look at her, Madison becomes frightened—not of him, but of her sudden longing for him take her right then and there. When he moves to fulfill her need, she cannot help but submit to the pure passion and pleasure of his powerful, dominant lovemaking.

Shocked at her behavior, Madison runs from Jared’s office, ignoring his orders to stay put. But before long, Jared shows up at her apartment to explain that he’s a werewolf, and that alphas like him have mates who are destined to be theirs. When Jared takes her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom for her earlier disobedience, she tries to protest, but her body betrays her and his practiced touch after her punishment leaves Madison panting and craving more, which he gives her, over and over again.

After Jared introduces Madison to his second, Ethan, and explains that seconds have the same destined mate as their alpha, she quickly discovers that the two handsome, fiercely dominant men will both be ensuring that her needs are met—both in and out of the bedroom. But not all of the wolves in the pack are happy that their leaders have claimed a human as their mate, and soon Madison’s life is in grave danger. Can Jared and Ethan save her before it’s too late?

Publisher’s Note: Claiming Their Mate is an erotic novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, anal play, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

$4.99 Title

Monster, Traitor, and Avenger, available in one collection!

My life was irrevocably changed that night. The night I was taken. I saved a man's life, but at what cost to myself? Can I convince him to save me in return?

I hate him for what he's done to me. But the longer I'm trapped with him, the harder it is to cling to that hatred. He is an enigma of a man, one who is shockingly arrogant, sweetly contrite, and frighteningly aggressive by turns. And the pain in his eyes is a mirror for my own.

The longer I remain in his grip, the more confused I become.

Is my freedom worth betraying him?

This collection includes all three Original Impossible novellas: Monster, Traitor, and Avenger.

Note: This series contains strong language and scorching sex scenes involving light BDSM.

Lucas Landon is a member of The Grizzly MC, a crew of bear shifting bikers. He lives his life on the edge, and doesn’t follow any rules besides his own. Lucas knows that what he really wants will never be his, and that is Tarren Stoker, the daughter of Dallas, an original Grizzly member. 

When he finally has Tarren in every way, he doesn’t want to let her go. But he has to because he feels she's too good for him. 

When Tarren and Lucas share one sexually intense night, is ends awkwardly. As the years pass and they share another moment together, she realizes that her love isn’t dying but growing for the hardened biker. But when they find a pleasurable medium in their relationship, everything comes crashing down when Tarren finds out she is pregnant. 

Is Lucas ready to be an outlaw father? 

$5.99 Title

“Never question my heart, my courage, my loyalty! To my men and to this family I am all things. But to my wife I am only one. Husband.” – Don Giovanni Battaglia. 

The year is 1992. The Battaglia family awaits the birth of the newest members to their clan. Twin boys will be born to the capo di tutti capi of the Neapolitan clans. By an African American woman who has married the most powerful and feared Mafia boss in all of southern Italy. 

Before the birth Don Giovanni Battaglia makes a decision that shocks the family. He will move his wife out of the Campania to his homeland of Sicilia. Against the advisement of his consigliere and uncle, the family relocates to the beautiful seaside beach town of Mondello. And unbeknownst to the Don the lies and secrets he keeps from his wife are already unraveling as well as his empire. His cousin Lorenzo Battaglia who has suffered a humiliating banishment plots secretly to return. The men of the Camorra, organize against him to take control of a region they feel he has left open to his enemies. And the most powerful Don in Sicily, Marsuvio Mancini, is determined to expose his famiglia tie to Mirabella Battaglia. It is an old Mancini family secret that will bring forth cataclysmic consequences. 

And while Giovanni and Mirabella fight to hold onto their marriage, the family bonds that keep them strong begin to crumble. Will the Don realize the true meaning of preserving honesty, love, and faith in his marriage in time? Will Donna Mirabella find the strength to forgive her husband of his lies to keep the family safe from his wrath? And what will become of the others who are caught up in their cyclone of drama? 

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