Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

Good Morning! It's Christmas Eve. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I'm sorry, I'm the type that goes over board with the cheer! If you do celebrate Christmas, today's post is for you!!!

*Please note, tomorrow there will be no post.

Before I announce the 12 days of Christmas winners, I have another Giveaway today! 
5 winners will each win a super pack! 
1 ecopy of Bare Back by N Kuhn and
1 ecopy of Bare Christmas by N Kuhn
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Good luck

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Day 3- Genny M
Day 4- Bonnie H
Day 5- Jodi C
Day 6- JoAnna H
Day 7- Colette A
Day 8- Jen M
Day 9- Crystal N
Day 10- JoAnna H
Day 11- Karen A
Day 12- Bonnie H

The Kindle and $100 Gift Card winner is Ellie P
The $25 Gift Card winner is Jodi C

All Winners have been emailed!! Congrats everyone. 

Now, on to the Free Books

Cadence Greer's plans for a happy-ever-after are quickly derailed when her fiancé runs off with his secretary a week before their wedding. Homeless, jobless, and jilted, she escapes to Grass Valley, Oregon, where she takes a job as a housekeeper and cook to seven cowboys on a sprawling ranch.

Trey Thompson is a well-respected pillar of the community, running a successful ranch with his brother. All he wanted was someone to cook his meals and keep the house clean. When he hires Cadence Greer for the job, he gets more than he ever planned on, including a sassy little red-headed orphan.

Come spend Christmas in Grass Valley at the Triple T Ranch, where mistletoe hangs abundantly and holiday magic is in the air.

Aaron Winters, the gorgeously handsome billionaire CEO and philanthropist has always hated Christmas; for him, the festive season holds too many tormenting memories...

Robyn Hurst is one of his many dutiful employees, but won't let anything - or anyone - cancel Christmas for her.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, the traditional charity auctions take place; Robyn finds herself one of the unlucky ones, auctioned away for a date with the highest bidder. Just when she fears falling into the wrong hands, she's relieved to find that a mysterious bidder has saved her. She's even more surprised to discover that it's none other than Aaron Winters himself! 

Soon they find themselves in a most unexpected romance, as Aaron finds a woman truly in love with life, and Robyn finds her billionaire suitor to be more than just a wealthy curmudgeon; can Robyn bring him out of his shell, and teach Aaron the true joy of Christmas?

Book 1--Six Months in Montana, Molly and Christian's story 
Book 2--Mistletoe in Montana, Dan and Traci's story 
Book 3--Mischief in Montana, Isabella and Travis's story 
Book 4--Match-Making in Montana, Anna and Zach's story 

This is Dan & Traci's story. We first meet them in SIX MONTHS IN MONTANA. Dan is Christian's younger brother, who loves the city life and living in Chicago...and is not happy to be stuck for several months in Beauville, MT recuperating with a badly broken leg. His spirits lift when he meets newly single Traci, who is also crazy about Christmas....while Dan would be happy to skip the holiday entirely. She is not ready for a new relationship with anyone, especially a scrooge like him.....but Dan doesn't give up easily…

When widow, Sara Marks, hears her Grams has gone on the lam from Happy Acres Residence on Christmas Eve – on Santa’s arm, no less -- she teams up with sexy stranger, Francisco de la Vega, to chase the couple down with one thing in mind. Keep her Grams from becoming Mrs. Claus. Of course, Francisco's grandfather is not really Santa Claus, but Grams did run off to Vegas to marry him and she's obviously not in her right mind. 

Sara leaves her seven-month-old baby, Lanie, with a friend and she and Cisco head west in the worst snowstorm in decades, chasing his grandfather's '57 Ford Fairlane over the river and through the woods.

Will they catch Santa and his crazy Mrs. Claus before it's too late? Or will love stop them in their tracks?

(Novelette, approximately 17,000 words/50 pages)

The only reason Clay, a notorious thief, likes Christmas is because there's more for him to steal. But when Heather uses a single blistering kiss to force him out of a major score, Clay realizes he must rearrange his priorities or lose the beautiful Christmas elf forever.

Chantelle Warren is just biding her time until after the Christmas celebration she’s planning. Then she’ll ask the Elders to name her mate, because after months of Sebastian’s flirty smiles and almost innocent touches, she's ready for more and confident he's the one. 

Sebastian Robins wants nothing more than to find his raven-haired beauty wrapped in nothing but a bow beneath the Christmas tree. But with feelings already running deep, he has to stand firm. His dragon doesn't like his resolve, and keeps pushing him toward Chantelle's phoenix, but Sebastian can't risk losing his heart if Chantelle isn't his fated mate. 

Unlucky in love, Maddie LaRocque moves to Calgary at the urging of her college roommate. Maddie’s luck goes from bad to worse when she’s laid off from her job two months before Christmas. Undeterred, she sets up a gift wrapping business in the lobby of the Drummond Building in downtown Calgary where she meets Annie, a ten-year-old who has recently lost her parents. 
When Maddie falls into the arms of the building’s maintenance man it looks as though her luck is changing, but she soon learns that Brent isn’t who she thought he was. 
Maddie’s roommate Lily hasn’t fared too well in the romance department either, having been used for her beauty and Asian heritage by a man in Calgary. 
The moment Chase Drummond spots Lily, he’s stunned by her beauty, but Lily resists his advances, unwilling to have her heart broken by the most eligible bachelor in town. 
Will a young orphan girl be able to convince the two women that love is the best gift of all this Christmas? 

This story was originally published in the Hot, Sexy & Bad anthology 
When public relations expert Olivia Reese stumbles onto evidence of a dangerous conspiracy right before Christmas, there’s only one man she can call for help. Billy “The Kid” Blake is a member of an elite military unit—the Hostile Operations Team—and he’s Olivia’s former lover. 
Billy never forgot the sexy woman who rocked his world—and his bed—before she walked out on him. Now that she needs his help, he’ll do anything he can to keep her safe. But as time runs out and the snow piles up, can Billy and Olivia work together to thwart a lethal plot against the Pentagon without getting involved again? 

Featured in the New York Times bestselling anthology, Kiss of Christmas Magic! 

Nicklaus Maslov left Stone Creek, Montana, in his rear–view mirror three years ago and never planned to go back. His pack’s ways are antiquated, and the girl he loves will never be his. But when his father, the pack’s alpha, sends him an urgent message, he can’t deny the protective instinct drawing him back to his hometown, or the lure of the one that got away. 

Petra Stevens has had her heart stomped on once and vows it will never happen again. When her former lover and packmate returns to Stone Creek, all the rage and hurt she felt when he’d left comes bubbling to the surface…along with other feelings she can’t control. If she can just avoid him while he’s in town, things will be fine. But fate has other plans… 

Billions, Bells, and Bows: A Billionaire & The Barfly Christmas by Adrianne James 
Henry Maximus finally has everything. The company that he loves, the money that cam with it, and finally the girl he longed for since he was a child. Now that Christmas is approaching Henry should be filled with holiday cheer, only instead of decking the halls he is dealing with a serious case of Blue Balls. His beauty Aubrey is an amazing woman who is so career driven that at times, it's all she can see. Henry wants to support her and have the Christmas he always dreamed of. He just has to figure out how to make it happen. 
12 Kisses of Christmas by Angi Black 
It started with a simple Christmas wish. All Cheri wanted was one, good kiss. But when her wish gets out, her oh-so-helpful family is determined to make it come true. Through a series of awful dates and dealing with her seasonal job as an elf, Cheri will find out the true meaning of 'be careful what you wish for'. Only a miracle can make this Christmas wish come true. 

Married Kisses by Nicki DeStasi 
What does happiness mean to you? 
Caroline is living the dream she’s had since she was young—a gorgeous, fantastic husband, and raising her beautiful kids in a big house with everything she could ever want. 
Except a break. 
If Caroline could have one Christmas wish it would be a breather from her responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom to four and a husband who’s never home. 
Will her wish come true? 

A Holiday Haze by Sutton Shields 
Holiday addict Sally Pinzer has only one wish: To be in love during Christmastime. Unfortunately, Sally has long suffered from a 'loveless for the holidays' curse, making her the butt of everyone's holiday jokes...until now. Sally finally has a boyfriend, but things are not as jolly as they seem. This holiday season, Sally must open her eyes to what's real, for if she doesn't, she may miss a bit of Christmas magic that has been right under her nose all along. 

A CHRISTMAS WISH by Monica Sanz and Alice Pierce 
Single mom and widow, Claire Evans expected her son’s Christmas list to consist of toys and video games. What he wished for instead was for her to be happy. Determined to find joy again and make his wish come true, Claire begins rediscovering herself, trying to put the past behind her and start on a new future. 

Stolen Hearts by Nicole Zoltack 
All Christiana wanted was to find a way to save her father from the mysterious illness plaguing him when a bandit attacks her. Her father, a knight, had taught her how to defend herself, and she flees. Rafe, knight-turned-bandit based on the lies of a duke, feels guilty over trying to steal what turns out to be medicinal herbs and follows the beautiful Christiana home. He recognizes her father's illness, and the two join forces to save her father and restore Ralf's name. Maybe Ralf did steal something from Christiana after all during that fateful meeting just days before Christmas… 

*Some stories contain steamy sex scenes while others are so sweet you might get a cavity!* 

Tiny Treats is a collection of holiday-themed micro-stories. These are tales that can be read in their entirety in only a handful of minutes. The stories are submitted by dozens of authors who set them in the larger worlds of their other books.

Tiny Treats includes:

Mistletoe Cowboy by Trish Milburn

An Ugly Sweater Christmas by Heather McGovern

Close to Perfect by Suzanne Ferrell

To Santa with Love by Lindsey Brookes

A Perfect Party by Anna Sugden

The Miracle of the Child by Bridget Hodder

Mistletoe Magic by D. B. Sieders

On This Christmas Day by Natalie J. Damschroder

Fashionably Late for Christmas by Tanya Michaels

A SEAL’s Proposal by Tawny Weber

White Christmas Pizza by Donna MacMeans

The Christmas Before Hell Froze Over by Sally Kilpatrick

Snowflake by Monica McCabe

An Unexpected Guest by Beth Pattillo

New Year’s Magic by Jody Wallace

Giving Thanks by Jeanette Grey

A Holiday Miracle by Michelle Monkou

A Bluestone Christmas Homecoming by MJ Fredrick

Haintsgiving by Maureen Hardegree

All She Wants for Christmas by Janice Lynn

The Solstice Ball by Nancy Northcott

Zombie of Good Cheer by Gretchen Stull

Snow and Ghosts by Nicki Salcedo

A Candle in the Window by Dorien Kelly

In Which Miss Gardella Receives Three Gifts by Colleen Gleason

A Miracle for Molly by Trish Milburn

After losing her parents, Jessica can't bear to lose her childhood home and family bookstore, too. When they're taken from her, she has nowhere to go...except the arms of Daniel, Snow Creek's resident hero paramedic. It's not the Christmas miracle Jessica wanted, but it might the one she needs....

* * *

NOTE: This 15,000-word novella also appears as part of the Love on Main Street Snow Creek series.

About Snow Creek...

The Snow Creek series features original novellas by seven New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and iBooks Bestselling authors, all set in the same cozy, California mountain community.

While the characters interact and run into each other's book, each novella can be read individually.

Amazon Goodies

$0.99 Title

A Very Merry Billionaire Christmas (Special Edition Holiday Novella)

$1.15 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK


Eccentric billionaire Conrad Wolverton is throwing the holiday party of the century. Rumor has it, he’s just looking to sell off his mansion, and an in-person showing disguised as an elegant soiree is the easiest way to do it. But whatever the reason, the buzz is that all the rich and influential power couples will be there. Daniel and Maddy Thorne, Benjamin and Jenna Chase, Adrian and Meghan Risinger, and maybe even a surprise guest are rumored to be in attendance.



100% of my profits from this book will be donated to charity. Please see for more details.

Bare Christmas: The Christmas Nights Collection (Bare Series Book 2)

$1.12 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

Penny's husband was abusive. She's trying to retake her life while dealing with the fact that she murdered him. Dodge is a strong silent Texas Ranger who wants to save her. Now someone is threatening to get her back for what happened to her husband though she was cleared of charges. Can Dodge help Penny over come her fear of men? Can he protect and love her enough that she can move on with her life? How can a battered wife trust again? Catch up with Mitch and Kelli and follow Dodge's story in Bare Christmas.

*Please note, this story contains domestic violence which may not be suitable for some readers. Half of the proceeds from this book will be donated to my local Domestic Violence agencies. For more information on domestic violence or if you know someone being abused, you can check out this website for ways to help.

His for Christmas

$1.03 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

I stand very still, holding a pen I shouldn't be touching, in the office of a man I've never met. The man who's standing behind me now. The man who has his hand on my hip.

He's my new boss.

I could fight him, but then he might ask questions. He might find out about my criminal record, the one I didn't mention on the job application. So I let him make me come, but he wants more. He needs more, and for some reason I want to give it.

But if he finds out about my lie, I'll be out on the streets--or back in jail.

"Skye Warren is such a talented storyteller. I love the way she infuses emotion and eroticism together." - Romantic Book Affairs

Sweetwater Springs Scrooge: A Montana Sky Holiday Short Story (Montana Sky Series)

$0.99 Amazon CA

$1.02 Amazon UK

A Montana Sky Series SHORT STORY by New York Times Bestselling Author Debra Holland

In 1895, everyone in Sweetwater Springs is preparing for Christmas--everyone except Elias Masters, a miserly hermit. Then Elias meets the young grandson of his former betrothed, Marian Williams, and everything changes for him. Can Elias reemerge into civilization, overcome the mistakes of his past, and win back Marian's love?

Sweetwater Springs Scrooge takes place at the same time as Sweetwater Springs Christmas: A Montana Sky Series Short Story Collection.

The Montana Sky Series in Chronological Order:

Beneath Montana's Sky

Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Lina
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Darcy

Wild Montana Sky
Starry Montana Sky
Stormy Montana Sky
Montana Sky Christmas
Glorious Montana Sky
Sweetwater Springs Scrooge
Sweetwater Springs Christmas

By Christmas (Covington Falls Chronicles Book 4)

$1.03 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

Noelle Joy Robinson should have been spending Christmas with her husband. Instead, she’s become the face of jilted brides in Covington Falls after her fiancé runs off with one her bridesmaids on her wedding day. To escape the constant sympathy, she decides to leave town and start over in a new city. But when her father has a health crisis, it falls to Noelle to save the family business and Christmas for the entire town. Soon she’s knee-deep in parades, dealing with a cantankerous ass (the animal kind) and negotiating disputes with Santa’s elves. But a different kind of animal is threatening to disrupt her peace on earth. An angel named Michael, the brother of the man who broke her heart.

Michael Campbell steps in to help Noelle with the holiday festivities, mainly out of guilt. He can’t help feeling he had a hand in ruining Noelle’s wedding and helping her save Christmas is his way of making amends. But soon an obligation turns into so much more, leaving him to wonder if Noelle could ever see past his last name and give him a chance. In the end Noelle and Michael will have to move beyond past heartbreak to find their holiday happy ending…By Christmas.

A Cowboy Under Her Christmas Tree (A BBW Holiday Western Romance)

$1.11 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

Brady Donovan had never had a real home until the day he met Lloyd Langley. But it wasn’t the rambling, warm ranch house that made him feel he’d finally found a place to belong, it was Lloyd’s granddaughter, Taylor.

The curvy woman was beautiful and selfless, always taking care of others without a thought for herself. When her grandfather died, she had only Danny—her older, reckless brother who wanted to leave and ride the rodeo circuit.

Brady had to make a choice—stay with the woman who held his happiness in her hands, or keep her wayward brother from harm. Fighting his feelings for her, he leaves.

Taylor tried to hate Brady for taking her to his bed, then taking off without a word, but one look at his darkly handsome face told her hate wasn’t exactly what she was feeling. Having him under her roof, even if was only for the holidays, was sorely going to try her resolve to keep her distance. Especially when he was so darn helpful—taking over her chores, keeping her brother in line, and getting her the most beautiful Christmas tree. Then making the most delicious love to her under it.

But he was still going to leave again—wasn’t he?

Caribou's Gift: A Hero With Antlers and Attitude (Kodiak Point Book 0)

$1.75 Amazon CA

$0.92 Amazon UK

Darn it, a man had his pride and a caribou a certain majestic presence, all of which could wind up ruined if he abased himself to play a simple-minded reindeer in the town’s Christmas parade.

No way was he wearing tinsel in his antlers.

Like heck was he sporting a red nose and pulling a sleigh.

But he changes his mind when he meets the woman in charge of the event.

Single mom, Crystal, is doing her best to offer her daughter the best Christmas ever. It’s their first in Kodiak Point, and she’s not about to let some vain jerk ruin it.

If playing dirty is what it takes…then bring on the Christmas games.

As Crystal and Kyle butt heads, they discover more than goodwill this holiday season. They’re gifted with a second chance at love.

Moonlight in Winter Park

$1.12 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

All Hope Cooper needed this year was to have the kind of Christmas her family always cherished. But with her parents gone and her only brother having to work, it doesn't look like it's going to work out for her. There's nothing she can do about her parents, but she most certainly can voice her annoyance at her brother's boss for making him work out of town all through the holidays.

Beckett James hates the holidays and everything that goes with them. They were important at one time, but now the only thing that mattered was his company and its continued growth and anyone who worked for him better feel the same way. If not, they could find employment elsewhere and good riddance. With a major expansion deal on the line, Beckett needs to focus. What he doesn't need is Hope to come barging into his mountain retreat demanding that her brother come home immediately due to an emergency.

Suddenly it's two alone in a snowstorm. Two alone for Christmas. And two alone to fight an attraction that had been there all along. Hope soon begins to realize she may have misjudged Beckett while he comes to see that there really is something special and magical about Christmas. But once they leave their private winter wonderland and return to their normal lives, will the magic still be there?

A modern-day Beauty and the Beast style Christmas.

A Mate's Wish: (BBW Holiday Paranormal Romance)

$1.15 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

Christmastime at Lake Haven Lodge is the stuff of legends. Tucked away in a crook of the Ouachita Mountains, visitors come to relax and unwind for the holidays. What they don’t know is that it’s run by a clan of virile mountain cats.

Handyman, Renner Blackfoot, is bored with his existence. Filling his bed with random females for his panther’s pleasure isn’t enough anymore. When the lodge hires an extra masseuse to help with the busy holiday season, he finds himself pulled in by her sensuality and wishing he was anything but a shifter. Because the cats have a code: No life mates. No exceptions. Break the code and you’re on your own.

Bethany Robertson has a secret: she knows the handyman and she wants to steer clear of him at all costs. Luckily, she’s changed enough since they were kids that he has no clue she’s the girl who used to comfort him when he cried at night. The girl he tormented in return. She just needs to get through the holidays without Renner recognizing her and then she’ll be on her way. When her secret is revealed after a chance encounter, she wonders if maybe their history wasn’t what she thought it was. And if maybe they have a future.

***Contains adult language and explicit sex scenes. Intended for mature audiences only.

***A stand-alone holiday shifter romance

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match: A London Legends Christmas Novella

$1.13 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

’Twas a week before Christmas, and at the auction house...

At six foot one, Gwen Chambers has felt like a giant her whole life. She’s a calm, capable nurse saving lives in a busy London hospital, but healthy men give her heart palpitations. When larger-than-life rugby player “Little” John Sheldon convinces her to bid on him in his team’s fundraising auction, she discovers how pleasurable heart palpitations can be.

A rugby player was stirring, with desire no one could douse...

John has wanted Gwen since he first saw her, but when he’s injured in a match just before Christmas he suddenly needs her too. Not only can the sexy nurse help him recover, but she might be able to help him look after his daughter—a shy ten-year-old who speaks only French.

But will it be a Happy Christmas for all, and for all a good night?

From decorating the Christmas tree to ice skating at the Tower of London, Gwen helps father and daughter open up and bond with each other—and she bonds right along with them. But when John's agent calls with a life-changing offer, Gwen has to decide how far she’s willing to go for her perfect match. Will their first Noël also be their last?

Christmas with the Reeds (Reed Brothers)

$1.15 Amazon CA

$0.77 Amazon UK

It's Christmas! The Reeds have big plans for Christmas and they hope you'll come and join them for their special day.

$1.99 Title

A Christmas Bride

$1.99 Amazon CA

$2.84 Amazon UK

A rash promise forces a desperate nobleman to find a woman who will pose as his fiancée when he returns home for Christmas in Jo Ann Ferguson’s delightfully romantic Regency-era holiday tale

Her name is Serenity Adams. She’s Timothy Crawford’s fiancée, and he’s going to present her to his grandfather in less than twenty-four hours. The only problem is, she doesn’t exist. Now the desperate nobleman must find a willing woman to play the role of his affianced or risk being disinherited. Providence steps in when he stumbles across an overturned carriage. The injured beauty he rescues has no memory of the accident—or of who she is.

“Serenity” remembers nothing except awaking to the magnificent sight of a dashing, golden-haired stranger. When he asks her to take part in a risky act of deception, she has no choice but to accept. At Timothy’s ancestral estate, she starts to fall for the nobleman who woos her passionately but whom she can never wed. As the truth about her past emerges amid preparations for the annual Christmas Ball, will it cost Serenity her new life—and the man she loves?


Believing that he will be disinherited by his grandfather after promising to bring his nonexistent fiancTe to his grandfather's seventieth birthday party, Timothy Crawford is delighted when he rescues a beautiful young lady from an overturned carriage and persuades the lovely amnesiac to pose as his bride-to-be. Original.

19 holiday short stories by 19 New York Times, USA Today and award winning authors! Enjoy these tales of mystery, romance, and laughter amid the backdrop of pine tress, gingerbread men, and Santas galore! The perfect short bites for cozying up by the fire with a cup of cocoa...or waiting in line at gift wrapping!
**Holiday Recipes Included!**

Stories include:

Rosolio Red (Franki Amato Mysteries) by Traci Andrighetti
Chasing Tinsel (Miranda Vaughn Mysteries ) by Ellie Ashe
Death of a Christmas Witch (A Crewel to be Kind Mini Mystery) by Diane Bator
Queenie Baby: Pass the Eggnog (Queenie Baby Mysteries) by Christina A. Burke
The Holiday Inside Job by Mary Jo Burke
Hard to Catch a Christmas Thief (Hard Targets) by Wendy Byrne
A Christmas Ghost & Zero Regrets (Dead by the Numbers Mysteries) by Jennifer Fischetto
Christmas Canapés & Sabotage (Culinary Competition Mysteries) by Janel Gradowski
Christmas in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries) by Gemma Halliday
Christmas Al Dente (Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries) by Jennifer L. Hart
Santa Claus, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox Mysteries) by Sibel Hodge
A (Gingerbread) Diorama of Death (Helen Binney Mysteries) by Gin Jones
Mini Pie the Christmas Spy! (Mini Pie Mysteries) by Libby LaManna
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas (Greatest Hits Mysteries) by Leslie Langtry
Ornamental Danger (Working Stiff Mysteries) by Kerri Nelson
Motion for Mistletoe (Jamie Winters Mysteries) by Kelly Rey
Christmas in Venice by Maria Grazia Swan
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Tahoe Tessie) by T. Sue VerSteeg & Gemma Halliday
Santa's Little Mistake by Stacey Wiedower 

Upon arriving on the rough Texas Frontier, with her two sons and a trunk full of dreams for a new life, Olivia Pritchett discovers the man she was to marry has died. The prospect of the long trip back from where she came, to make her boys spend Christmas traveling, is too painful to face. With all her strength, she prevails upon her fiancé's partner to allow her and her boys to see the place where they had pinned all their hopes, and to be able to spend at least Christmas at the ranch that was to be her home.

Monroe Locket wants no part of a widow-woman mail-order bride, nor her snot-nosed boys. He can’t manage to deny her, however, and nothing he does seems to daunt her. Olivia is one determined woman, who makes biscuits better than any two angels trying hard in heaven, and who manages to bring Christmas right along with her.

Once Upon A Christmas is a revised edition of a novella long out of print. With it, Curtiss Ann Matlock once again gives us a space to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, to lift our hearts, and to experience the joy beyond reason.

$2.99 Title

7 Tales of Magick to Enchant You This Christmas Season
Limited Time - Only 99 cents
NO Cliffhangers!
Do you believe in magick? Lose yourself in these enchanting and spooky Christmas tales featuring bewitched mistletoe, a love charm, a spellbound snow globe, a mysterious stag, a ghost, a magical toy shop, and eerie hauntings. These stories are a true anthology, moving from light and frothy magic to dark, pagan tales.

Our heroes are even more delicious: From Contemporary bad boys and billionaires to military men, dark fae, witches and warlocks, and even a Regency Lord. You're sure to fall in love in love with one, or all, of these hot guys.

Mistletoe and Magick was first published as Unholy Nights in 2013 and has been updated and revised.

Reviewers say:
Ashley on Goodreads - Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock gave me this collection of stories to review and I enjoyed every story. Each story has their own unique twists and turns that keep you guessing till the very end.
Autumn from Martini Times Romance Book Blog - I loved the entire set and there is not a meek story in the bunch!

Featuring novellas from popular authors Linda Barlow, Andra Brynn, Carly Carson, Alana Albertson, Kara Ashley Dey, Nicole Blanchard and Cherie Chulick.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Linda Barlow
Thinking only of love and passion, college student Holly Mathers steals an enchanted kiss beneath bewitched mistletoe, but she finds that all magic comes with a price.

In the Bleak Midwinter by Andra Brynn
For Ayla MacFarlane, coming home for the holidays is a prison sentence. The old gods of the solstice still listen and can answer her prayers, but old gods require old sacrifices, and power is sometimes fed in the bloodiest of ways.

Love Charm for Dakota by Carly Carson
Into Cabot's sedate Nantucket world blows Dakota Bishop, possessor of a wild spirit and a magical love charm. Will Cabot succumb to her charm, or will Dakota's witchcraft boomerang on her?

The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson
A curse follows those who perform in the Cambridge Ballet's production of The Nutcracker--every year for the past five; a cast member has gone missing. Now cast as the Snow Queen, can Nieves Alba break the curse, or will she be yet another victim of America’s favorite ballet?

How Lovely Your Branches by Kara Ashley Dey
When a new neighbor and his three female companions take up residence across the road in the very house her friend had vacated four months ago, recluse Katie Crowe is intrigued. Gabe’s eyes hold a promise, a way out of her exile, if Katie can break free of the past and the haunting secrets that surround her.

The Perfect Gift by Nicole Blanchard
When faced with the reality of a negative bank balance and a failing marriage, Sera Flaherty finds she’s willing to sacrifice anything to fix her mistakes and find her husband the perfect gift…even if doing will cost more than she bargained for

Until the Twelfth Night by Cherie Chulick
Spending the holidays at an old countryside manor sounded like a good idea, but as rumors spread that the great house is haunted and sparks fly with a handsome houseguest, will Lady Elizabeth regret her decision? 

Will Pardini is a temptation Natalie does NOT need right now.

Months after calling off her engagement, Natalie is trying to rebuild her failing career and impress her eternally disappointed parents. She has too much on her plate already, but the offer Will gives her - to travel the world working as a graphic designer for his luxury hotels - is much too tempting to refuse.

Reformed bad boy billionaire Will Pardini has had his fill of ditzy golddiggers. Natalie is everything he'd ever hoped for but never dreamed could be real. Around her, he's just a normal guy.

Around her, he doesn't feel like such a monster.

Will has been hiding a dark secret... one that shows up just when he thought he would be able to move on with his life. One that threatens to tear apart the fragile connection he's been building with Natalie and turn his world upside down.

Is it right to let someone love you more than you deserve to be loved?

This new adult contemporary romance is a standalone novel over 60,000 words and is the sequel to Break (Billionaire New Adult Romance). HEA ending with no cliffhangers!

A heartwarming holiday story about second chances

Rocky Hill Romance - Book 1

Single mother Samantha Dean doesn't have time for Christmas. Or romance, for that matter. She is weeks away from opening her own catering business, the most important part of her plan to provide her certified genius daughter Patty with all the wonderful things she deserves.
Except Patty doesn't want to go to a fancy boarding school. She wants a father and when she meets bartender Murphy O'Rourke at her fourth grade Career Day presentation, she knows she's met the man of her mother's dreams!
But can she convince her Mrs. Scrooge of a mom that it was time to give Christmas -- and love -- a second chance?

Christmas At Copper Mountain (Taming of the Sheenans Book 1)

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$1.99 Amazon UK

Taming of the Sheenans - Book 1

Since the loss of her family in a plane crash, Harley Diekerhoff has led a quiet life and keeps to herself. Taking the temporary job at the Copper Mountain Ranch as widower Brock Sheenan’s housekeeper seems perfect for her. But her calm cocoon is invaded with the arrival of Brock’s pre-teen twins, Mack and Molly who’ve never experienced a proper Christmas and before she knows it, Harley’s determined to make their holiday perfect.

Annoyed at first by Harley’s interference, Brock is secretly pleased she’s changed Mack and Molly’s world. It doesn’t hurt that he finds Harley incredibly attractive, fierce, smart and passionate. It’s also an added bonus that she’s not afraid to challenge him and get his blood heated! But when sparks fly and the attractions sizzles between them, Harley’s not so sure she can handle something permanent with this dark, taciturn cowboy who doesn’t know how to let her in. But Brock is determined to hold on to her and praying for a Christmas miracle…

A Were, A Bear and Mistletoe: (A BBW Paranormal Holiday Romance)

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$1.97 Amazon UK

Curvy Ember is not having a good Christmas. She was jolted awake by her brother, whisked off into the woods – against her will – to a secluded cabin, and then locked inside…by her own flesh and blood.

On the other side of that door, trapped with her, is her true mate, a werebear named Mack. He’s sexy, arrogant, and hates fat women, which means they could never work. Ember knows that, but darn if Mother Nature will let her turn off her attraction to the handsome grizzly. She’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even when she doesn’t want to be.

The holidays have always been a time for magic and miracles, though, and this Christmas, the sparks will fly, the claws will come out and the truth will be revealed. After all, Mother Nature never gets it wrong.

Warning: This title contains a feisty werewolf with plenty of excess sexiness, a smoking hot werebear who could charm the panties off of any granny, lots of sass, lots of banter, lots of growling; oh, and lots of flaming hot sexy scenes.

Please Note: Author assumes no responsibility for any e-reader damage.

A Christmas to Remember

$2.99 Amazon CA

$1.59 Amazon UK
Everyone loves Christmas – don’t they?

Carrie Blake loves her job as a nanny but, while her friends are settling down, all of Carrie’s spare time is spent with other people’s families. Though it breaks her heart, her New Year’s resolution is to embark on a new career and fix her love life.

As Carrie starts her last job, she’s sure she’ll be going out on a high – the house is amazing, the kids are adorable, and she’s in charge of decorating the tree!

The only problem could be her boss… single-dad, Adam Fletcher might be both handsome and successful, but he’s always working. Doesn’t he realise he’s missing out on precious moments with his son and daughter?

As Adam’s family arrive for Christmas including his sensitive sister, Sharon, and his fun-loving elderly Grandpa, Walter, Carrie realises that she might just have found the perfect allies in her quest to persuade Adam to loosen up. There’s still time for Carrie to make this the best Christmas ever… after all,Christmas is the time for miracles, isn’t it? Let the festivities begin! 

$3.99 Title

Writing happy endings is easy. Living one is the hard part.
Georgia Cole—known in Hollywood as the “Holiday Goddess”—has made a name for herself writing heartwarming screenplays chock-full of Christmas clichés, but she has yet to experience the true magic of the season. So, when her eccentric grandmother volunteers her to direct a pageant at Georgia’s hometown community theater, she is less than thrilled. To make matters worse, she’ll be working alongside Weston James, her childhood crush and the one man she has tried desperately to forget.
Now, facing memories of a lonely childhood and the humiliation of her last onstage performance, seven years earlier, Georgia is on the verge of a complete mistletoe meltdown. As Weston attempts to thaw the frozen walls around her heart, Georgia endeavors to let go of her fears and give love a second chance. If she does, will she finally believe that Christmas can be more than a cliché?

Christmas in Cupid Falls

$4.62 Amazon CA

$3.49 Amazon UK

Kennedy Anderson loves Cupid Falls, Pennsylvania. Ever since moving there as an orphaned teenager, she’s worked hard to carve out a place for herself in the tight-knit community. Now she’s mayor and owner of the town’s flower shop. But she also has a big secret…and nine months to figure out how to break the news to the father.
Lawyer Malcolm Carter has always been the golden boy of Cupid Falls—until he discovers the one night he spent with the girl-next-door turned out to have a lifetime of consequences. Now, the mother of his child wants nothing to do with him, and he’s gone from someone who is admired to persona non grata as the town rallies behind its mayor.
Malcom has always known what he wants. But now as Christmas approaches, he’ll have to discover a way to show Kennedy that she could find the only thing she’s ever really wanted—a true home—with him. Convincing her will take the help of Cupid Falls’ quirky residents…and a bit of holiday magic.

$4.99 Title

Married by Monday (Weekday Brides Series, Book 2)

$5.70 Amazon CA

$3.99 Amazon UK

Sequel to Wife by Wednesday—The New York TimesUSA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling novel that launched Bybee’s Weekday Brides series
Carter Billings:
Sandy blond hair and Hollywood good looks, Carter could have any woman he wants. When he makes his bid for governor of California, he knows he must settle down and become a family man. His choice for a running mate between the sheets: matchmaker Eliza Havens.
Eliza Havens:
Eliza’s happy that her best friend has a wealthy, adoring husband. It’s the husband’s best friend—sexy, dashing Carter Billings—that drives her crazy. No man has ever squabbled with Eliza this much…or made her heart race this fast. Matching couples is how she earns a living, but long-held secrets mean getting married isn’t an option. Until now.

$5.69 TItle

A Country Christmas: Return to Promise\Buffalo Valley (Heart of Texas)

$6.39Amazon CA

A Country Christmas might be the best Christmas of all… 
Buffalo Valley
The town of Buffalo Valley, North Dakota—a community in farm country—is undergoing a revival. Vaughn Kyle, who's just out of the army, is looking for a place to live, a life to live. While he's waiting for his ambitious fiancée to make up her mind, he visits Buffalo Valley one snowy day and meets a young woman named Carrie Hendrickson. As they grow close, Vaughn has to question his feelings for the woman he thought he loved. He knows then that he wants to stay in Buffalo Valley, where life is about family and friends—not money and social standing. And not just at Christmas, but every day of the year…
Return to Promise
Rancher Cal Patterson and his wife, Jane—known as Dr. Texas—have recently separated, with Jane going back to her childhood home in California with their children. Now Cal, alone on his ranch, is forced to confront what he really wants in his life, what he needs. Jane is confronting the same questions. How seriously does Cal take his marriage vows? And how important is Promise to Jane? Is there hope for a reconciliation—in time for Christmas?


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