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Holiday Cooking

Hey all! Today's list is all about Holiday cooking! Who's ready?


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Mrs. Claus' Christmas Cookies: Make Impressive Holiday Treats [Kindle Edition]

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Christmas Cookies are a necessity for the holidays, but are you tired of the same old vanilla sugar cookies with vanilla frosting? Have you used the same recipes over and over again for the past 10 years? This E-book is just for you! 

Learn techniques for making those Christmas cookies unique and original. 

Use these recipes for more than just Christmas time. These cookies and tips are great for Valentine's Day, Mother's day, birthdays, Thanksgiving and other special occasions as well! Or surprise your family, neighbors or friends and make them on any day of the year.

Favorite Christmas Cookies [Kindle Edition]

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A book full of delicious cookie recipes to share with the family this Christmas! 

In this book you’ll find favorite cookies of the heroes and heroines in the Ten Christmas Brides romance-novel boxed set. Some are the treats our characters remember fondly from their childhoods. Others are the ones they enjoy today—or make to give as gifts. Here you’ll find everything from Almond Crescents, Coffee Pecan Delights, and Swedish Teacake Cookies to Rocks, Butterscotch Brownies and Scottish Shortbread. And each recipe comes with a note explaining how it fits into the author’s story, so you’ll have a little more insight into her characters and plot. 

The recipes are the authors' gifts to you this holiday season. Enjoy these special goodies and have a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes from the authors of Ten Christmas Brides!

Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes: Christmas recipes (Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes) [Kindle Edition]

Not anymore!

Now an entire collection of delicious, easy-to-make and healthy vegan recipes is just a click away. Planning your holiday meals has never been easier or more delicious. 49 vegan recipes await you here; that’s 49 vegan recipes ready to impress your guests, including even the pickiest eaters or non-vegans! While not all of these recipes are strictly traditional for the holidays, they do offer you new, bold flavors to try and use your favorite ingredients, from fresh green vegetables to squash and sweet potatoes.
So what are you waiting for?
Put on your apron and make some holiday times to remember!

Preparing a complete holiday dinner can be a big burden. This E-book is here to make it easier on you. You'll learn everything you need to know about how to select and cook the perfect turkey, ham or chicken. Then you'll learn tips for making delicious dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and other side dishes. Lastly, you'll find some of our favorite holiday pie and dessert recipes to top it off.

Get over 50 pages of nothing but helpful tips, techniques and recipes to make that perfect, magazine cover holiday dinner.

Are you looking for some delicious Christmas slow cooker recipes to make this holiday season? This simple Christmas cookbook has 20 step-by-step recipes for anyone looking to impress the entire family with tasty foods! These delicious recipes will fill the entire house with wonderful aromas and Christmas cheer!

Your Problems Have Been Solved ==> EASY, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES!

It's Christmas and your entire kitchen is filled with food. You have no more room in the oven or on the stove! What are you going to do? USE THE TRUSTY CROCK POT/SLOW COOKER!

Gives your more time to spend with family and friends!

This is the ultimate Christmas cookbook. Before long you'll have everyone asking for more. With a nice variety of Christmas recipes, you can please everyone! (even the picky eaters)
  1. Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal
  2. Cinnamon Roll Casserole
  3. Candied Pecans
  4. Monkey Bread
  5. Bread Pudding
  6. Fudge
  7. Pumpkin Pie
  8. Sweet Potato Mash
  9. Cheddar Creamed Corn
  10. Sweet Potato Casserole
  11. Butternut Squash
  12. Hash Brown Casserole
  13. Vegetable Stew
  14. Baked Potato Soup
  15. Chicken and Dumplings
  16. Christmas Ham
  17. Cranberry Sauce
  18. Stuffing
  19. Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  20. Creamy Hot Chocolate

Gather your friends and family for a holiday cookie exchange. This ebook contains great tips, planning and decorating ideas, and cookie recipes to tempt your sweet tooth.


***Read on your PC, laptop, Mac, smart phone, iPad, tablet or Kindle device.*** 

Somehow, every year, I am always surprised when October rolls around. “Where did the year go?” I always wonder. But almost immediately after that thought is “Oh my gawd, I can’t wait to eat!” And the planning begins for the holiday season ahead. What I love most is how different each holiday is. 

First there is HALLOWEEN. Do you remember when you were a kid, when everyone brought in goodies for the school Halloween party, there was always one Mom who brought in the coolest treats? She was the favorite Mom in the classroom. These halloween treats will make you that Mom, or Dad. Or, if you need treats for an office or adult halloween party, you’ll be just as popular. People will be so impressed 
with your creativity and ingenuity. And what’s best about this is that all the halloween recipes in this book are easy recipes. So, it won’t take you much time or energy to be considered a genius.

Then, comes THANKSGIVING. I love all the family time I get, and all the food we get to enjoy. I have to 
say I think this holiday is my favorite because it really is all about the food. Ever since I was very young, my sisters and I were all given little jobs for the preparation of the holiday dinners. As we got older, our talents shone through and we were each put in charge of some particular food making task. I became known as the pumpkin pie queen. And no wonder. I love pumpkin, so I loved making pumpkin desserts. 

Now as an adult the holiday season is often filled with parties where we are asked to bring something. For these events someone always brings a pumpkin pie, so I needed to figure out different pumpkin recipes I could make. Especially for Thanksgiving dinner! Now that I am competing with all the other amazing cooks in the family, I really needed some very impressive Thanksgiving dessert ideas. (I stuck with making dessert, because that's my favorite thing to make.) Over the years I have developed a whole repertoire of easy dessert options I can whip up. I get invited to lots of parties now and everyone can’t wait to see what I bring. I love surprising them with something different and festive. And I love the looks on my family's faces each Thanksgiving when I bring something unexpected and delicious. 

And then quick on the heels of Thanksgiving come CHRISTMAS. The kids are off school. Offices are having parties. Families are coming over for Christmas. This portion of this cookbook is a compilation of treats I have made for exactly these events. Most of these recipes are so quick and easy you’ll be done before you know it. And I love the looks of delight on people’s faces when I show up with one of these treats. Some of them are old favorites that I must make for certain events or there will be a riot. Others get rotated through and enjoyed by different people each year. And the ones I make with the kids…well those are my favorites. Their squeals of delight as they display their Christmas masterpieces are priceless. And then all the wild chomping that follows makes my heart sing. This portion of this cookbook is divided into three main sections: 

Treats: This section gives recipes for a wide variety of Christmas treats. Most are easy enough to make with your kids,all are Christmas recipes you’ll want to try. Some of these treats can make wonderful Christmas gifts also. 

Christmas Cookies: This section gives a couple of very easy cookie recipes. They can be made with kids, won’t take long to put together, and make a great addition to any Christmas cookies swap. 

Truffles and stuff: In my opinion, no Christmas recipes book would be complete without some truffles and candy recipes. Sometimes making candy can be intimidating but I have such easy recipes in this book you’ll look like a pro to all your friends.

30 Recipes for Preparing a Traditional Christmas Feast

Grab your family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, coworkers, and everyone else for the perfect Christmas feast! There is something for everyone to try and certainly something for everyone to enjoy. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones, be kind, laugh a lot, and be sure to eat more than enough! 

Download your copy today to get 30 traditional Christmas feast recipes! 

Carol's Christmas Recipes is packed with 80 recipes for the person who loves to cook at christmas

Carol's Christmas Recipes from bestselling author Carol Vale has combined together a wide variety of christmas recipes that she and her family have grown to love. Some recipes traditional and some are not so traditional but all recipes have that Carol Vale twist people have grown to love. As Carol loves cooking, this time of year is her most favorite time of year to outdo herself in the kitchen. Many of these recipes that she uses have been added to this book. 

Also included in this book are christmas gift ideas and recipes to cook with the kids. These recipes and gift ideas are Carol's gift to you and your family. 

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Amazon Goodies

$0.99 Title

Are you looking for some easy party recipes for special occasions and the holiday season? Then look no farther. The BEST Holiday Cooking Recipes can be a great addition to your collection of favorite recipes for a party any time of the year.

The BEST Holiday Cooking Recipes is filled with good eats and family favorites from years gone by. From appetizer recipes to holiday desserts (and everything in between), you will find scrumptious recipes like:
  • Stained-glass cookies
  • True English Shortbread
  • Baby Crab Cakes
  • Buffalo Wing Dip
  • Cherry Coca Cola Salad
  • Whiskey Basted Ham
  • Norwegian Pie
  • Fabulous Cobbler
  • The Best Hot Chocolate Ever
Step into Emma Buckley's kitchen as she shares some of her time-tested recipes with you. Her easy party recipes are ones that she has enjoyed serving to family and friends for a long time. Her recipes are delicious and easy to make. Be prepared for some of them to become your favorite party recipes, too.

Don't let this holiday season or any special occasion pass by without trying some of these great tasting dishes. Savory treats are waiting for you. Get your copy of The BEST Holiday Cooking Recipes now. Your family and friends will thank you!

And for only 99 cents, it will be like giving yourself a present!

Are you looking for delicious Christmas drink recipes to make this holiday season? This simple Christmas drink recipe book has step-by-step directions for anyone looking to impress and please the entire family!

Your Problems Have Been Solved ==> EASY, STEP-BY-STEP RECIPES!

It's almost Christmas and your entire family is here. The wonderful holiday aromas from these recipes will fill the air with Christmas cheer and delight! You'llfeel the Christmas nostalgia when you taste these delicious drinks.

Just imagine the aroma of homemade gingerbread cake, the savory taste of bacon-wrapped chestnuts and the festive fruitiness of Santa Claus cranberry punch. For Christmas dinner, try rosemary-garlic turkey alongside cranberry-pecan stuffing. There’s a whole chapter of favorite cookie recipes and you’ll treasure the chapter of memories too!

OVER 39,000 COPIES DOWNLOADED! Don't make your Christmas gift giving harder than it needs to be. These 25 gift ideas are EASY to make, and don't cost much to do so. The experienced crafter might turn their nose up, but for the rest of us, we just want to find gifts to give that have a bit of meaning behind them, don't require learning new skills to do so (who has time for that right now), and are affordable!

Are you feeling that the meaning of Christmas has been lost and materialized? Do you ever wonder if the XYZ Gift Card you purchased for that special someone was ever appreciated? We’ve transformed our holiday gift giving by making our own inexpensive, EASY to make , homemade holiday gifts - and our family and friends love them!

In the past, we often found ourselves battling holiday stress at the stores and the realities of a broken holiday budget - not anymore. In our book you’ll find…..

* 25 Unique, Homemade Gift Ideas
* We’ve Provided All The Instruction You’ll Need
* They Take Very Little Time To Make
* Can Fit Into Any Budget
* Require Absolutely NO Craft Experience
* We’ve Even Included Items Kids Can Make
* And Did We Mention, People Love Them? 

$1.99 Title

Mark your calendar. It's the Christmas Cookie Club! Every year on the first Monday of December, Marnie and her twelve closest girlfriends gather in the evening with batches of beautifully wrapped homemade cookies. Everyone has to bring a dish, a bottle of wine, and their stories. This year, the stories are especially important. Marnie's oldest daughter has a risky pregnancy. Will she find out tonight how that story might end? Jeannie's father is having an affair with her best friend. Who else knew about the betrayal, and how can that be forgiven or forgotten, even among old friends such as these? Rosie's husband doesn't want children, and she has to decide, very soon, whether or not that's a deal breaker for the marriage. Taylor's life is in financial freefall. Each woman, each friend has a story to tell, and they are all interwoven, just as their lives are.

On this evening, at least, they can feel as a group the impulses of sisterly love and conflict, the passion and hopefulness of a new romance, the betrayal and disillusionment some relationships bring, the joys and fears of motherhood, the agony of losing a child, and above all, the love they have for one another. As Marnie says, the Christmas Cookie Club, if it's anything, is a reminder of delight.

The Christmas Cookie Club is about the paths Marnie and her friends have traveled, the absolute joy they take in life and love despite the decisions they've regretted, the hard choices and amends they've had to make, and the sacrifices along the way. Ultimately, The Christmas Cookie Club is every woman's story. As you read about Marnie and her friends, their struggles and triumphs, what makes them laugh and what has made them cry, you'll see yourself and some of the ingredients of your own story. Celebrating courage and joy in spite of hard times and honoring the importance of women's friendships as well as the embracing bonds of community, Ann Pearlman has written a novel that speaks to us all.

More that 200 seasonal favorite slow-cooker a sleighful of clever tips, cheerful artwork and handy how-to's for your merriest Christmas ever!

$2.99 Title

Welcome to the eleventh volume of The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection!!

Are you looking for New and Delicious Spritz Cookie Recipes?

This cookbook has a wide variety of choices if you are looking for Christmas or Holiday Chocolate Cookie Recipes! Christmastime is filled with incredible foods to eat including pies, cookies, desserts and dinner. There are plenty of Christmas Cookies you can make this year, including Spritz cookies (Also known as Cookie Press Cookies)!

Inside this book you will find the best Christmas Spritz Cookies to make at home.

The type of recipes you will find inside 50 Christmas Spritz Cookies – Traditional and Seasonal Homemade Cookie Press Recipes Are seasonal, traditional and unique Cookie Press cookies.

What Type of Easy Spritz Cookie Recipes are in this book?

Christmas is a magical time of year - and the time that so many people look forward to all year long

The meals families and friends share together at this time makes memories that last a life time!

One of the most special meals of the holiday season is on Christmas Eve. Families often get together to enjoy a special meal together with extended family and friends included. In Italy, it's a tradition in many households to celebrate with what is called "The Feast of Seven Fishes." The tradition includes at least seven different seafood and fishes served with pasta and other Mediterranean favorites.
Brunch on Christmas morning is a huge treat. The recipes for this special menu include many that can be prepared the day before so that there's not so much preparation on Christmas morning. What a wonderful way to celebrate together on Christmas morning!
Christmas lunch in England is a highly celebrated event. Many old favorites are served along with a few items that are considered to be decadent treats. Recipes for this meal are written with a few departures from the traditional to keep it interesting.
You'll also have a chance to get printable shopping lists for each menu and a BONUS! See inside the book for details!

Scroll up and grab your copy of these wonderful Christmas recipes today.

Looking for ideas for thoughtful, decadent, and inexpensive gifts?

Food in Jars is just the resource you’ve been looking for! This guide features dozens of mason jar recipes, which make wonderful gifts, sure to be enjoyed by family, friends, co-workers, teachers, and neighbors. Inside, you’ll find detailed recipes and instructions for all sorts of handmade recipe in a jar gifts, including
• Cookie Mixes
• Snack Mixes
• Soup Mixes
• Sauces
• Seasoning Blends
• Bath Salts and Body Scrubs

We’ve got everything you need to know to create these quick and easy treats. Let’s get started! 

If you're looking for some terrific homemade Christmas baked treats, look no further. In this book you'll find 30 Christmas baking recipes that we're confident you will love to add a personal touch to entertaining, gifts, or just a tasty treat. This book features classic Christmas flavors, colors, and shapes. You can bake for yourself, family, and friends. This Christmas you can show your loved ones your creative side. You can demonstrate how talented you are by baking Christmas treats. We are sure that they will appreciate the fresh aroma and the great taste of the sweets you prepare.

Are you ready to get a jump start on gathering your holiday recipes for this year's Christmas baking? Are you interested in learning how to bake mouthwatering assortments? These exceptional recipes will definitely amaze your friends and family this Christmas. Check out this collection of 30 easy, no-fuss recipes to get your Christmas baking season off to a great start! 

Now Updated for the 2014 Holiday Season!!

Do you love the holidays but find that they are gone before you know it?
Do you have the best of intentions to cook great food and plan delicious meals, but the time just gets away from you?
Would you like to create special family moments that your loved ones will look forward to year after year?
Then, this book is for you. Inside are 25 delicious, no-fail recipes your family and friends will love.

Not only that, you will also get a 25-day schedule to get the most out of your baking time.

If you follow the schedule, you will have a homemade supply of yummy treats to give to teachers, take to parties, and to enjoy on your own – all month long!

Ready to start baking some delicious treats? Simply scroll up and download now and let’s get started…

$3.99 Title

Prepare For The Holidays With Great Pastry Dessert Recipes

Wow your family and friends with the most decadent cakes, creamiest cheesecakes, most delicious cookies, juiciest pies and most interesting international desserts!

It’s time to bring the baker in you to the surface and make the best desserts ever! Indulge in these holiday delights with the confidence of having made it yourself!

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a few basic ingredients coming to life into a delicious, scrumptious dessert that includes all the flavors we love for Christmas – cinnamon, orange, chocolate, cardamom, maple, caramel and the list goes on.

There are 50 recipes to choose from. 

Vegan Recipes For Christmas

The first complete collection of healthy and energy packed vegan recipes for Christmas from all over the world!

This book will prove to you that vegans can enjoy their Christmas meal as much as everyone else does with delicious and outstanding dishes, new flavors and interesting combinations of ingredients
This extraordinary cookbook is a healthy and creative alternative to the normal and heavy Christmas dinner which is based on animal products. With this book’s recipes, you will be able to keep to your healthy diet with the great abundance of international vegan cuisine!
Have you thought how awesome it would be to prepare a festive and complete holiday meal, which is based only on natural ingredients and still enjoy wonderful and fine delicacies? If so, this book is exactly for you because it includes 101 vegan recipes from many different cultures for you to make the healthiest holiday meal in the world. And to make your meal even more interesting and unique, you will find within this book 25 original raw food appetizers to boost your meal with a lot of wonderful energy.

Italian Holidays: Eating In with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Issue 3

Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of public radio’s The Splendid Table®, invites you into her kitchen with the third installment of her e-book series, Eating In with Lynne Rossetto Kasper. This latest issue, Italian Holidays, is a full-fledged Italian-inspired menu that can get you from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

In Italian Holidays, Lynne explains the Italian way of eating (slowly and happily). It includes a collection of antipasti, pasta, three main course choices (including a delicious take on the holiday bird), side dishes and show-stopping desserts. The menu is easily tailored to feeding whoever joins your table, no matter their dining preferences, be they vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. Recipes include Roasted Peppers with Toasted Almond Crumbs, Mozzarella Bites in Fresh Cream, Broken Bridegroom Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Parsley and Lemon, Sicilian Fish Soup, Roast Turkey en Porchetto, Risotto of Cinnamon-Pepper Roasted Squash, Garlic-Glazed Tuscan Kale, Frozen Italian Trifle and many more for creating a memorable holiday feast.

You will also learn about unique Italian cheeses, mussels, olives, and anchovies, and why apple cider vinegar may be the very best buy in vinegars. You’ll get a lesson in how to cook risotto ahead of time and an invaluable guide to buying your holiday turkey — they are not all created equal.

Lynne is the guru of all things food to the worldwide listeners of her award-winning public radio show, The Splendid Table® from American Public Media. To Lynne, recipes are akin to the fingers of your hand; they can stand on their own or flex in many directions. And that's what Lynne does in every issue of Eating In with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, a combination of in-depth cooking lessons and the diary of a curious and highly opinionated eater. Each issue provides a full weekend menu, variations to turn leftovers into new dishes, tips, ingredient advice and audio clips from The Splendid Table®.

$4.99 Title

225 Scrumptious Christmas Recipes: A Must-Have Cookbook for Thanksgiving Too

Can you believe it? The holiday season is upon us again. A season when we run out of time because there’s so much to do. That’s why I’ve collected some of my favorite recipes. I knew you wouldn’t have time to search for all of them. Along with this Kindle version, I also have a paperback 8.5-inch x 11-inch size of this book that allows you to see most of the recipes on one page. A great Christmas Gift, this paperback will be available Thursday, Nov. 22, 2014.
I’ve covered recipes for every occasion, as you see below:

Traditional holiday dinners
Appetizers and brunches
Main courses

The first eight recipes here are included for those who like a traditional holiday dinner:

Roasted turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Squash dressing
Cornbread dressing
Green bean casserole
Macaroni and cheese casserole
Broccoli and cheese casserole
Cranberry sauce
Blue Ribbon Homemade Apple Pie
And there are many more recipes to excite your eyes, delight your palette and more than satisfy your guests’ appetites. Bon Appetit … and have a safe and fun-filled holiday season. Best wishes! 

$9.99 Title

Let Taste of Home help you plan your holiday parties and menus with this idea-packed cookbook. There are wonderful appetizers and beverages, company-worthy entrees, delectable breads, an array of sides and best of all dazzling, divine sweets—cookies, candies, cakes, pies and more. Included is classic fare, as well as updated twists on old-time favorites.

Festive Appetizers & Beverages
Holiday Parties
Joyful Brunches
Christmas Dinner Menus
Merry Entrees
Jolly Sides
Glorious Breads
Yuletide Cookies
Heavenly Desserts
Candy Sampler
Special Gifts of Food
Thanksgiving Gathering

Welcome to the sixteenth volume of The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection!! This is the Super Value Pack – this book has all 600 recipes inside!

Are you looking for New and Delicious Christmas Recipes?

This cookbook has a wide variety of choices if you are looking for Christmas or Holiday Recipes. There are 600 recipes inside, including Christmas Dinner Recipes, Christmas Dessert Recipes, Christmas Pie Recipes, Christmas Candy Recipes and a wide Assortment of Christmas Cookie Recipes.

Inside this book you will find the best Christmas Recipes to make at home.

The type of recipes you will find inside Christmas Super Value Pack – 600 Christmas Recipes – Dinners, Desserts, Pies, Candy and Cookies For The Holiday Season are seasonal, traditional and unique Holiday recipes.

What Type of Easy and Delicious Holiday Recipes are in this book?

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