Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sweet Saturday

Good morning, so, you spoke and I listened! You stated you wanted me to try some Clean/Sweet romances every now and then .. so we'll see how today's interest goes before making our decision on what Genre will take over YA Thursday!
So, here's your clean/sweet and religious romances!!

Please, comment on this post to let me know if you picked any of these books up! If you want me to continue posting this genre, I need to see how much interest there is :)

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A Hopeful Heart (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Book 1)
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In A Hopeful Heart, the first novel of the new Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series from best-selling author Amy Clipston, Hannah finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Her community offers her love and support after the untimely death of her husband, but an Englisher offers her the chance of a new life after her unexpected tragedy.

Wealthy businessman Trey Peterson is surprised by his attraction to the gentle Amish woman who works as a housekeeper in the Lancaster Grand Hotel. They share a common bond of loss and are able to offer each other comfort and support as they journey through their grief.

Joshua Glick wants nothing more than to offer his friendship and love to Hannah and her family. Not only is he her late husband’s brother and business partner, he has always been in love with Hannah.

A Hopeful Heart is filled with surprising twists as Hannah tries to balance her life in the Amish community and her growing love for an outsider

How far will she go to follow her dreams?
The Civil War stole a father and brother from Faith Lindberg--as well as Royal Baxter, the man she wanted to marry. With only her grandfather left, she dreams of leaving Noble Springs, Missouri, and traveling west to Oregon to start a new life, away from the memories that haunt her. But first she must convince her grandfather to sell the family's mercantile and leave a town their family has called home for generations.

When Royal Baxter suddenly returns, Faith allows herself to hope that she and Royal will finally wed. But does he truly love her? Or will another man claim her heart?

"Where Wildflowers Bloom invites you to settle down over by the checkerboard at Lindberg's Mercantile Store and get to know the people of Noble Springs as they put the sorrows of the Civil War behind them and embrace life and love anew. Ann Shorey has come up with an appealing mix of history and romance that readers are sure to enjoy."--Ann H. Gabhart, author of The Blessed and Words Spoken True
"The authenticity of Where Wildflowers Bloom transported me straight to post-Civil War times, yet the characters--their hopes, dreams, conflicts, and fears--all rang contemporarily true. Another winner from Ann Shorey!"--Christina Berry, Christy-nominated and Carol Award-winning author of The Familiar Stranger

Ann Shorey is the author of The Edge of LightThe Promise of Morning, and The Dawn of a Dream. She has also published selections in the Cup of Comfort series and in Chicken Soup for the Grandma's Soul. Shorey lives with her husband, Richard, in Oregon.

A CLEAN Western Mail Order Bride ROMANCE! (With a very nice COWBOY!)

With a HAPPY ENDING - as always! (A shortish yet beautiful tale!)

'A short yet BEAUTIFUL mail order bride story! MORE PLEASE!!!' - Christine.R from the OFC

When Emma Sullivan’s parents are tragically and unexpectedly killed in a house fire that takes with it everything she owns, she finds herself in quite an unenviable position of suddenly being penniless.

Overhearing a conversation between the couple who has kindly taken her in during this horrible time in her life, she realizes that if she cannot deal with her grief and start to move on, she just may find herself married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather. Understanding that fact is exactly what she needs in order to start living her life. That’s when she agrees to become a mail order bride.

Simon Callaghan is a rancher in Idaho Springs, Colorado and in need of a wife to help him run it. He has taken out a classified ad to find the right woman to travel west and become his wife. Handsome, damaged, and holding painful secrets, he did not want to risk finding a woman to love. Yet, when he meets Emma, he knows that losing his heart might be something he has no control over.

Could a woman like this ever grow to love a man like him? 

Free to Love is Book #1 of 2 Christian Romance books and offers a FREE Preview of the Inspiration Point Story. It begins with the story of Julie Petersen’s struggle to escape from a controlling mother and the clutches of a rich controlling fiancé who won’t stop at anything to make her his wife. This story highlights Julie’s journey to freedom, her hopes, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to help her grow.

*This is a FREE Preview and not a stand-alone novel*

In this first book, Julie Petersen escapes James, her soon to be fiancé, and her mother, who tries to make Julie conform to the lifestyle of the rich. She leaves home under cover of darkness with nothing more than a handful of clothes, little money to her name, and a strong faith that God will help her survive. During her journey, she meets Mark, a handsome man who touches her heart with his helpfulness and genuine concern for her well being. But before their relationship can blossom, disasters strikes when her fiancé tracks her down and changes the course of her life.

Mark is a resident of Newport Beach who still suffers from the sting of being dumped by his ex-fiancé. Refusing to give up on love, he hopes to find the right Christian woman to settle down with someday. Mark bumps into Julie at his favorite hangout, Inspiration Point, and is instantly attracted to her. Julie goes missing and now he must figure a way to rescue her from her crazy fiancé who has kidnapped her. Can he rescue Julie in time and profess his love for her? Or will he be too late and miss out on marrying the love of his life?

Battle for a Baby . . .

In this Christian romance novel, poor-but-proud Kendra Forrester doesn’t need an arrogant millionaire to tell her how to raise her sister’s baby. But when handsome Zeke King arrives at her Colorado cabin demanding custody of his brother’s child, strategy dictates that she let him stick around.

Battling mountain weather and the baby’s illness brings these two opposites together, but their own insecurities, their dead siblings’ secrets, and a jealous former boyfriend threaten their tentative bond.

Only the Lord and the Sacred Bond Brotherhood can help Kendra and Zeke form a family for their baby.

This first-in-a-series book is a free Christian romance for your Kindle! Try out this Christian romance series with no risk. It's your introduction to the Sacred Bond series of contemporary Christian romance novels, featuring alpha males who live to serve others.

If you like this book, and want to know how the brotherhood got started, try A Christmas Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series Prequel Novella.

To save others' lives, they will risk their own...

Houston firefighter, Jeff Taylor is a fireman's fireman. He's not afraid of anything, and no situation is too dangerous to keep him on the sideline if lives are at stake.

Lisa Matheson runs a semi-successful ad agency that's on the brink of falling apart. Her employees are incompetent, and her schedule has become exhausting. When she takes on a client with a brilliant idea for a big conference, she thinks that maybe, finally this is her lucky break. However, the fire station wasn't what she had in mind for finding conference speakers. When she falls for a handsome but shy firefighter, it's possible that life might just be going her way for a change. The only problem is she can't control Jeff and the death wish he seems to have...

An Amazon #1 Best Seller for Contemporary Christian Romance novels, “To Protect & Serve” is truly Christian romance at its very best. Filled with faith, hope, and love, Christian romance Kindle books aim to inspire women and men alike while giving them exceptionally romantic love stories they will not soon forget. “To Protect & Serve” fits that category perfectly. These real life characters are not perfect but are struggling to learn to live, while finding faith and love in the process. It can easily fit on your shelf of the most inspirational books.

"Staci Stallings writes Christian romance of the purest and sweetest kind!" 


When Beth Zook's daed starts courting a widow with a mysterious past, will Beth uncover this new family's secrets before she loses everything?

Sixteen-year-old Beth Zook has already lost so much -- first her sister in a tragic accident and then her mamm a year later to cancer. As Beth and her daed Marcus struggle to rebuild their lives in the Amish community of Indianasburg, Marcus finds love awakening in his heart when a new family -- a widow and her two sons -- move into their quiet community. But things are not as they seem, and the more Beth learns about this new family, the more reason she has to fear. Will Beth uncover this new family's secrets before she loses everything? Start reading Beth's story in Book 1 of the False Worship Series.

If you love Amish fiction books, scroll up and grab a copy today.

Lizzie Engel is used to running away. At eighteen, she left her Mennonite hometown, Kingdom, Kansas, with plans never to return. 

But five years later, the new life she built is falling apart. Lizzie knows she's being followed, and she's certain the same mysterious stranger is behind the threatening letters she's received. Realizing she'll have to run again, the only escape Lizzie can manage is a return to the last place she wants to go.

Once she arrives in Kingdom, Lizzie is confident she'll be safe until she comes up with a new plan. In reacquainting herself with the town and its people--especially her old friend, Noah Housler--she wonders if she judged her hometown and her Mennonite faith too harshly. However, just as she begins to come to terms with her roots, Lizzie is horrified to discover the danger she ran from is closer than ever. 

No longer sure who to trust and fearful for her life and the lives of those around her, Lizzie finds she has only one place left to run--to the Father whose love is inescapable. 

Lancaster County has always been her home--but where does her heart belong?

One moment Carrie Weaver was looking forward to running away with Lancaster Barnstormers pitcher Solomon Riehl--plans that included leaving the Amish community where they grew up. The next moment she was staring into a future as broken as her heart. Now, Carrie is faced with a choice. But will this opportunity be all she hoped? Or will this decision, this moment in time, change her life forever?

A tender story of love, forgiveness, and looking below the surface, The Choice uncovers the sweet simplicity of the Amish world--and shows that it's never too late to find your way back to God.

It's 1884, and love is in the air in the town of Come-By-Chance!

In this much-loved series strong women risk everything to rise above their desperate circumstances, find true love, and wed real men who'll treat them right.

Meet Ruby - She's lost her Ma, and struck out into the world on her own. The good news is she's traveled to Pittsburgh and found a good job as a schoolmistress. The bad news is, the school's owner, the portly, whiskey-breathed Mister Murphy, has developed wandering hands, and Mrs Murphy's preparing to leave to visit her sister for a month in New York.

Ruby sees an advertisement in the Matrimonial News and takes a desperate chance, writing away to the handsome Six-feet-four James Drinkwater.

Will James be the answer to Ruby's plight? Is the handsome Montana man all that he seems? Or will someone else come to Ruby's rescue, so together they can find true love?


$0.99 Title

A Valentine's Day Romance

A Christian Romance Novella for Valentine's Day 

Chef Lindsey Solberg agrees to cater the church's Valentine's Day fundraising banquet as a favor to her teen sister, but she's shocked to discover the bad boy from her high school days is now Riverbend's youth pastor. Seriously? How could he have changed that much? Nick Harrison has prayed for years for an opportunity to make amends. Now Lindsey's back in Riverbend and won't give him the time of day. What's a guy to do except leave a trail of gifts from a secret admirer? 

Lindsey's heart takes a beating when she realizes the boy who was never good enough is now a far better man than she deserves. 

Welcome to Riverbend!

Riverbend, BC, is the quaint Canadian town you wish you were from, where everyone knows everyone, seasons are celebrated, and love is in the air. Look for more Riverbend Romance Novellas through 2015. Pinky Promise is coming in April. 

The Riverbend Romance Novellas are a series of contemporary Christian romance stories. These inspirational romance novellas are heart-warming shorter reads with true-to-life (but fictional) characters who face challenges in finding their one true love. 

Just out of college and completely alone in the world, Maggie Montgomery has one shot left to save her life from an abyss of poverty and hopelessness. Clinging to the last shred of fuel and hope, she arrives at the mansion of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayer. Although Maggie is clearly not what Mr. Ayer and his wife have in mind for a nanny, they agree to hire her temporarily until they can find someone more appropriate to fill the position. However, Maggie's whole world is about to be up-ended by two way-over-scheduled children and one incredibly handsome hired hand. As she struggles to fit into a world she was never made to fit in, Maggie wonders if she can ever learn to become a perfect version of herself so she can keep the job, or is she doomed to always be searching for a life she can never quite grasp? 

Keith Ayer despises his life. As the son of Texas billionaire Conrad Ayer and the fiance to a Senator from Texas' daughter, it looks great on the outside, but inside, he is dying. He would vastly prefer to manage and train his father's racehorses. However, everyone else thinks that is beneath him. He needs to get into industry and build on his father's success. Suffocating under the constrictions of his life, he meets Maggie who begins to teach him that wealth and power is not everything in this life. But can Keith defy the most powerful men in Texas to follow his heart? 

One of the most inspiring Contemporary Christian Romance novels available, “Deep in the Heart” is an Amazon #1 Best Seller. It is truly Christian romance at its very best. Filled with faith, hope, and love, Christian romance kindle books aim to inspire women and men alike while giving them an exceptional romantic love story they will not soon forget. This is one book that will surely find its way onto your most inspirational books list! 

Excited about the prospect of seeing her sisters again, Fanny Hoffman embarks on a journey west with her parents, meeting her fiancé at Fort Laramie. Mr. Jason Hatch, unfortunately, does not appeal to her at all, but, having promised her hand, she is forced to marry him. In a shocking turn of events, Jason collapses on their wedding night, saving Fanny from an unpleasant encounter.

Thinking that she has escaped the cruel hands of fate, Fanny is reunited with her sisters in Denver City, blissfully unaware that her departed husband had a secret. Five children, varying in ages, had been in his care, and it isn’t until Pastor Jack Bailey divulges this bit of information, that Fanny realizes she is now responsible for them. 

Embittered and dismayed, she lashes out at the preacher, and the two frequently find themselves at odds, especially after the oldest, Jane, disappears, having run away. Fanny and Jack are united in the quest to find Jane, discovering a surprising attraction. Their love is the bond that will bring this family together. 

The Arizona Brides Series will be available later this summer.

God has a plan for all of us – Anna hopes hers includes a baby 
Anna and Samuel have worked hard to build the bakery up to the thriving business that it is, but more than anything they want a baby. They have watched all their friends have children but God never blessed them, until now. 
As Anna nears her time her father’s illness brings stress and disaster into their simple, peaceful lives. 
“Please Lord, bring my baby into this world and let it be healthy and shine in the light of your love. Send us your strength and guide us with your light for we are alone and afraid and we need your help.” 
As a simple Amish girl Anna does not ask for much, all she prays and hopes for, is her baby. 
But life has been difficult. She has already had two miscarriages and now her health is at risk. Will she carry the child to term this time or will the stress destroy her faith along with her child? While all this is going on an arrogant English man comes calling, will he steal the bakery out from under them? 
As Amish they know that trials are sent to test them and their faith is strong, but is it strong enough to overcome the tribulations that they must face? 
You can read Amish Baby Hope FREE on Kindle Unlimited or buy for just $0.99 for a limited time only. 

MONTANA DAWN-The McCutcheon Family Series, Book One
VCRW Laurel Wreath Winner, Maggie Finalist, Gayle Wilson Finalist, RWA Golden Heart Finalist 

Y Knot, Montana Territory, 1883
When Luke McCutcheon finds Faith Brown about to give birth in her rickety wagon, his first instincts are to ride for help. Instead, he stays and delivers a beautiful baby girl. Unable to leave the pretty young widow and her little son and newborn unprotected in the Montana wilderness, he brings them along on his family's cattle drive, to the absolute delight of the other friendly cowboys.

Olive Hesh and her friends have no husbands, so in order to contribute to their Amish families, Olive decides they should work as maids. When the fancy Sonia Worthington and her grandson, Leo, meet Olive, Sonia offers Olive a lucrative job as her grandson's nanny and will not take no for an answer.
The handsome widower, Blake Worthington, is furious with Sonia's impulsive decision to employ Olive.
Is Blake's continual anger toward Olive because he does not want her there, or is something else causing his anger?
Will Olive be able to keep her new job looking after the young Leo Worthington whom she adores?

Also in the #1 BEST SELLING Amish Maids series:
Book 2 "The Amish Maid"
Book 3 "A Rare Amish Maid"
Book 4 "In My Sister's Shadow"
New Release: Book 5 "Change of Heart" OUT NOW.
All Samantha Price Amish books are sweet, clean romances.

Multiple All-Star Author recipient, the well known Amish author Ruth Hartzler, received the All-Star Book Award for January for this Boxed Set, which was for the Top Selling books 11-20 on Kindle, and also received an All-Star Author Award.
Ruth Hartzler has no grammatical errors in her books. She is a retired teacher and is meticulous about grammar.
The three books are vastly different from each other. The plots are nothing alike.

Collections of the first 3 books in the #1 Best-selling Amish Romance series, The Amish Millers Get Married.

The bundle is available for a short time only.

The 3 books in this boxed set follow one family, but each novel has a vastly different story line. Ruth Hartzler was raised Anabaptist, her father being of many generations Anabaptist, so she has a deep insight into Amish culture.

1) The Way Home.
The four Miller sisters are injured when their buggy is hit by a car driven by Noah Hostetler who is on rumspringa.
The oldest sister, Hannah, is the first to recover physically, but is left with a fear of buggies and worse still, unforgiveness in her heart for Noah.
Can Hannah recapture the love she once felt for Noah?
Will love be enough to heal the wounds of the past?

2) The Way Forward.
Everyone thinks the handsome Amos Troyer is perfect for Esther Miller - everyone, that is, except Esther herself. So when her mother's meddling gets too much, Esther hatches a scheme of her own. She asks her friend Jacob Hostetler to pretend to be her boyfriend. Yet does Jacob have a secret of his own?
How will Esther's secret change her life in a way she never thought possible?

3) The Narrow Way.
The Miller's third daughter, Martha, went on her rumspringa, determined to sample the ways of the Englisch and to start a chocolate making business. Mary has left the Amish well behind her, and is dating the handsome and successful Englischer Gary Wright. When she is arrested for something she didn't do, she calls on the only person she can trust to keep her secret, the Amish man Moses, who has loved her for years.

THIS TIME WITH LOVE is book 1 in the Christian romance series The McKinleys by bestselling author, Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the stories of Eric, Brooke, Alicia and Victoria as their present lives are impacted by decisions and events in their past. This heartwarming series of love, faith and family is sure to inspire and move you.
Six years ago, a new found faith changed Anastacia Stapleton’s perspective on her life and relationship. When the man she is living with refuses to consider marriage, she knows she has to end things with him. Realizing that she can’t continue to live the way she has in the past, Ana runs away from LA and its temptations to the one place her boyfriend had said he’d never go. Minneapolis, Minnesota. As Ana Stapleton becomes Staci Moore, she feels secure in the life she has created for herself and the child she hadn’t realized she carried when she left LA.
Eric McKinley had abandoned the faith of his childhood when he was still in his teens, but after enduring a life-changing trauma, he finds himself once again turning to God. This change of heart prompts him to return to the family he’d become estranged from years ago. Though he thought he had put Ana Stapleton and his feelings for her firmly in his past, Eric realizes nothing could be further from the truth when he runs into her at a singles retreat over the New Year.
Coming face to face with Eric and the emotions of their past relationship has Staci contemplating another disappearance—hopefully before he learns of the child she never told him about. Six years and many counseling sessions later, Staci knows that what she and Eric shared in the past had been anything but healthy. Even as she tries to resist his presence in her life, her heart is drawn to him once again. She can see the changes in Eric, but Staci is scared of reverting back into the person she’d been when they had been together.
As Eric learns about the depth of pain Staci endured as a result of their relationship, he tries to make things right, but will it be enough to help her trust him again? Or will his role in her life never go beyond father to the child they share together?

$1.99 Title

Wildwood Creek (The Shores of Moses Lake Book #4)
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With love and loss tangled together, how was she to know where her life would lead?
Allie Kirkland has always heard the call of her father's unfinished destiny. When she's offered a production assistant's job on a docudrama filming in the hills near Moses Lake, Texas, the dream of following in her director-father's footsteps suddenly seems within reach. The reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step into the film industry. A summer on set in the wilderness is a small price to pay for a dream.

But in 1861, the real Wildwood held dangerous realities. Town founder Harland Delavan held helpless residents, including young Irish schoolteacher Bonnie Rose, in an iron grip. Mysterious disappearances led to myths and legends still retold in the region's folk songs. Eventually, the entire site was found abandoned.

When filming begins, strange connections surface between Allie and the teacher who disappeared over a century ago, and everyone in Wildwood--including Blake Fulton, Allie's handsome neighbor on the film set--seems to be hiding secrets. Allie doesn't know whom she can trust. If she can't find the answers in time, history may repeat itself...with the most unthinkable results.

$2.00 Title

An Amish Buggy Ride
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Quiet and soft-spoken, Kate Zook is the responsible eldest daughter in an Amish family and prides herself on fulfilling her role. Then, one fateful snowy night, she uncharacteristically speaks her mind—and unwittingly plays a part in a horrible accident.
Wracked by guilt over her role in the tragedy that left her brother David injured, Kate devotes herself to his care, going so far as to take on his chores in the fields. Even so, her brother’s resentment toward her grows, and David torments Kate, making her increasingly isolated life even more difficult.
Though Kate’s parents have emotionally withdrawn, someone outside the home takes an interest in Kate and notes her clear grief. Samuel, a local boy, has recently returned from a wild rumschpringe—the Amish term for exploring the wider world—and recommitted to his community. Intrigued by Kate’s gentle yet loyal ways, he begins to fall in love with her. But tensions rise as he refuses to put up with David’s rage. As Kate’s heart begins to stir and cry out for happiness, she must rely on faith to find forgiveness or risk losing out on love.

$2.99 Title

Forever My Love: A Christian Romance (The McKinleys Book 2)
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FOREVER MY LOVE is book 2 in the Christian romance series The McKinleys by bestselling author, Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the stories of Eric, Brooke, Alicia and Victoria as their present lives are impacted by decisions and events in their past. This heartwarming series of love, faith and family is sure to inspire and move you.

Brooke McKinley has room in her life for only one guy. Her ten-year old son, Danny. From her own father’s betrayal to Danny’s father refusal to take responsibility for his son, Brooke has learned to not rely on anyone—particularly a man—for her wellbeing or happiness. But when Danny’s uncle shows up on her doorstep with the news that Danny is the heir to his now-deceased father’s fortune, Brooke finds her control over her and Danny’s life slipping away.

Lucas Hamilton isn’t surprised his brother never acknowledged his son. A child didn’t fit into the lifestyle he’d chosen. But now that Lucas knows about Danny, he plans to take care of him like his brother should have. What he hadn’t foreseen was the boy’s mother making it clear they didn’t want—or need—his help. Over the years, Lucas has gotten used to living in the shadow of his larger-than-life, adventurous twin brother, but now he finds himself wanting to step out of that shadow to show Brooke that she can count on him.

Determined not to let Lucas have the chance to prove her theory on men correct, Brooke resists the temptation to rely on him for anything. However when she finds more than her theory at risk, will Brooke realize that a change of heart may bring her more than just peace? Will Lucas be able to convince her that sharing responsibility doesn’t mean giving up control? And that she can trust him—not just with Danny but with her heart as well?

Home Away from Home: A Christian Romance (Home to Collingsworth Book 2)
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Amazon UK

This Christian romance, Home Away from Home, is book 2 in the Home to Collingsworth Series and continues the stories of the Collingsworth sisters and their struggles and triumphs as they deal with their faith, the bonds of family and love!
Laurel Collingsworth-Davis thought she had everything she could ever want: a beautiful home, a fulfilling career, financial security and a devoted husband. However, at the beginning of their marriage, she and Matt--each for their own private reasons--had agreed to never have children. When her grandmother dies, Laurel realizes that she does, in fact, want to be a mother. She desperately needs Matt to reconsider his position, but when he refuses, she fears her storybook life may be over.
Matt Davis has very real reasons for not wanting to become a father; reasons he's never shared with Laurel. Now he realizes that in order to get her to understand, he may have to reveal more of himself to her than he's ever revealed to anyone. But doing that may very well cost him his marriage regardless.
Will Laurel and Matt be able to trust God to help them overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that stand in the way of them staying a family? Or will their fears drive them apart and end the marriage that had seemed so perfect?

The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters: The Complete Trilogy
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Amazon UK

The complete trilogy by best-selling author of Amish Christian Romances, Sarah Price, and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell.

Follow the story of four Amish sisters who run Whoopie Pie Place, the best known bakery outside of Berlin, Ohio. Each sister has a secret that influences their lives and, unknowingly, impacts each other. Yet, little by little, the pressure of balancing their responsibilities of their daily lives with their individual secrets becomes harder to manage.

The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters is a different type of Amish Christian story. By blending Sarah Price's 25 years experience of living among the Amish in Pennsylvania with Pamela Jarrell's extensive 15 years experience interacting and befriending the Amish in Berlin, Ohio, Price and Jarrell team up to give the readers a new type of story that focuses not so much on romance but on friendships and the reality of day-to-day life living among the Amish.

This book contains all three of the original “books” plus recipes and hymns from the Ausbund. Also, a sneak peek at Whoopie Pie Place, the sequel to this series due out in 2014.

The Long Road Home: A Christian Romance (Home to Collingsworth Book 4)
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

Book 4 in the bestselling Christian Romance series, Home To Collingsworth, The Long Road Home brings to a close the stories of Jessa, Violet, Laurel and Cami. As with the others, this story shares the struggles and triumphs of a sister as she deals with her faith, the bonds of family and love!

When her grandmother's will stipulated she spend a month at Collingsworth Manor with her siblings, Cami Collingsworth agreed because she wanted the money. It's down to the final week, and Cami can't wait to leave and get on with her life. But when things take a serious turn in the meaningless flirtation she'd been engaging in with Josh Moyer, she find herself sharing things with him that she's never told anyone. He's unlike any man she's ever known, and Cami finds herself drawn to him. However, she soon realizes that something important stands between them, and she's left to wonder if Josh cares more about the state of her soul than he does winning her heart.
Josh Moyer knew Cami Collingsworth was trouble from the first moment they met, but that doesn't stop him from trying to help her. However, without changes in her life, Josh knows that nothing more can come from their shared confidences. Even as he encourages Cami to turn to God for freedom from her past, he is forced to face his own and the faltering faith he's tried to keep hidden from those around him.
Will their pasts keep them apart? Or will faith, love, and forgiveness win out?

In My Sister's Shadow (Amish Romance) (Amish Maids Book 4)
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Amish girl Lucy Fuller is concerned about many things, particularly the diminishing Amish farmland in Lancaster County.
When the handsome Joshua Hershberger returns from his long rumspringa, Lucy fights her attraction to him since he was once betrothed to her older sister.
Lucy assumes that Joshua has returned to take back control of his late parents’ farm, but what will she do when she finds that he has not come back to re-join the community?
And worse, that he is intending to sell his many acres of farmland to one of the land developers?

Change of Heart (Amish Romance) (Amish Maids Book 5)
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Amazon UK

According to Amy Yoder's parents, being an Amish girl of twenty with no man on the horizon is not a good thing.
Amy's father, a deacon, believes he has found a suitable match in a small Amish settlement in Augusta, Wisconsin.
Distraught, Amy is forced to obey her parents, but vows not to like anything about the town, or Andrew Miller, the man she has been sent to meet.
When Amy meets Andrew, she is pleasantly surprised, but he becomes distant and withdrawn when he learns the intention of her visit.
How will Amy win Andrew's heart, when it seems everything is against them?
What will Amy do when she learns what is really keeping them apart?

$3.99 Title

Unforgettable Love: A Christian Romance Novel (Inspiration Point Series Book 2)
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Unforgettable Love is Book #2 of 2 Christian Romance books and the conclusion to the Inspiration Point Story. This book continues the story of Julie Petersen’s struggle to escape from a controlling mother and the clutches of a rich controlling fiancé who won’t stop at anything to make her his wife. This story highlights Julie’s miraculous escape from her fiancé, her rescue by the Berry sisters, her struggle with amnesia, and her struggle to find Mark, the man she loves.

*This book is the conclusion to the Inspiration Point Story. If you have not read the FREE Preview of Book #1 Free to Love, please be sure to download it first.*

In this second book, the Berry sisters find Julie Petersen washed ashore on the beaches of Catalina Island and discover she suffers from amnesia. The sisters welcome Julie into their home where their brother Aaron falls in love with Julie and tries to win her heart. But Julie doesn’t love Aaron the same way and she struggles to remember her past and the people most important to her, including Mark. Julie eventually returns home and James is determined to marry her in a matter of weeks, before Julie remembers their troubled past. Julie battles feelings of doubt and confusion as the wedding date approaches.

When Mark discovers Julie is missing, he sets out to find her, knowing her fiancé is up to no good. He finally meets up with James, who puts on a convincing performance of a caring fiancé. James causes Mark to question Julie’s heart and her intentions, especially after James tell him Julie is involved with Aaron. Will Mark find out the real truth about James and reach Julie in time to share his real feelings? Or will he return home with a broken heart and miss out on the love of his life?

$4.99 Title

Sweet Boundless (Diamond of the Rockies Book #2)
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Newly married Carina DiGratia Shephard longs to make a home for herself and her husband, Quillan, in the rugged mining town of Crystal, Colorado. Quillan, however, has turned away to confront the haunting pain of his troubled childhood. Out of her loneliness, Carina opens a restaurant, and through its success soon attains the independence and identity she has long sought. When Carina is attacked in retaliation for her kindness to the destitute families of miners, everything changes. Will Quillan exchange his bitterness for the forgiveness of God in time to save their marriage?

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The Search, A Novel (Lancaster County Secrets Book 3)
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When worlds collide, can the truth set two young women free?
As a child caught up in a crisis, Lainey O'Toole made a split-second decision with far-reaching effects. Fifteen years later, when her car breaks down in Stoney Ridge--the very town in which that decision was made--she is forced to face the past and discover how her decision has impacted so many.

Bess Reihl is less than thrilled to be spending the summer at Rose Hill Farm helping her intimidating grandmother Bertha recover from surgery. It doesn't take long for Bess to realize that her grandmother coaxed her to Stoney Ridge for an entirely different reason. But once Bess meets hired hand Billy Lapp, the summer starts to hold some promise.

Lainey's and Bess's worlds are about to collide and the secrets that come to light will shock them both.

Beautifully written, The Search is a skillfully woven story that takes you through unexpected twists and turns on the long country road toward truth. Immerse yourself in this heartwarming--and surprising--tale of young love, forgiveness, and healing.

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