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Wicked Wednesday

It's Wicked Wednesday. What's your favorite Paranormal type book? Vampires, Shifters... etc... Comment below this post and leave your email. One Lucky Commenter will win a swag pack from me!!!! I have gobs of goodies from cons I went to last year!


Free Ebooks

Eternity: Immortal Witches Book 1 (The Immortal Witches)
Amazon CA
Amazon UK

300 years ago, Raven St. James was hanged for witchcraft. But she revives among the dead to find herself alive. She is an Immortal High Witch, one of the light. A note from her mother warns that there are others, those of the Dark, who preserve their own lives by taking the hearts of those like her. 

Duncan Wallace’s forbidden love for the secretive lass costs him his life. 

300 years later, he loves her again, tormented by hazy memories of a past that can’t be real. She tells him of another lifetime, claims to be immortal. Though he knows she’s deluded, he can’t stay away. And the Dark Witch after her heart is far closer than either of them know. 

Tall, Dark, and Vampire (Dead in the City Book 1)
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She always knew Fate was cruel...
The last person Olivia expected to turn up at her club was her one true love. It would normally be great to see him, except he's been dead for centuries. Olivia really thought she had moved on with her immortal life, but as soon as she sees Doug Paxton, she knows she'd rather die than lose him again. And that's a real problem...
But this is beyond the pale...
Doug is a no-nonsense cop by day, but his nights are tormented by dreams of a gorgeous redhead who's so much a part of him, she seems to be in his blood. When he meets Olivia face-to-face, long-buried memories begin to surface. She might be the answer to his prayers...or she might be the dead of him.

Dani Malloye hates the holidays, and with good reason. Though her best friend tries to force the Christmas spirit on her with giant Santas and elves that light up, she'd rather spend her time doing what she does best--enforcing paranormal law on the streets of Chicago. Nothing like a little evil bloodshed to lighten the mood. Besides, work means she can spend time with her sexy boss, Cornell Sutton. Too bad Cornell is uptight, her new neighbor, and a vampire. Everyone knows slayers and vampires just don't mix. Or do they?
Please note: Title was available for a limited time in the Kiss of Christmas Magic Box Set that is no longer for sale.

The last thing I see before I close my eyes are his silver wings coming toward me. He lifts me up and takes me in his arms. While demons hurl fireballs at us from every direction, I study his face. I realize he doesn’t want me to live; he needs me to. It’s as if his whole existence depends on it… 

When werebeasts emerged from extinction to attack her family, Artemis Williams ran -- from the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, from her nightmares, and most of all from her destiny as a werewolf's mate.

But destiny catches up to her in the form of a dangerously sexy arctic werewolf. Her mate. In her dreams, he sets her curvy body on fire with a single look, claims her soul with a touch--and Artemis knows it’s only a matter of time until he hunts her down in reality, too.

And he's not the only monster lurking in the darkness...

Moonbound is a 20,000 word serial novella and the first installment in the Moonfate Serial. It contains explicit content, and is not suitable for minors. 

We all have secrets. Some are darker than others...

He would do anything for her, but she has a deadly secret...

She is desperate for his love, but he has a duty to kill her...

Does love truly conquer all? Or will the cold grasp of fate leave their hearts cold?

A mosaic of love, mystery and tragedy...

Frostbitten is a tale of star-crossed lovers who are brought together by the cold hand of fate. The first volume of the romantic trilogy, Nocturnal ends with a cliffhanger.

Winner of the SILVER MEDAL in the 2014 Readers' Favorite annual International Award Contest—Category YA Paranormal Romance. Ever since she can remember, Sonia has had to abide by her parents' ridiculously unfair rules like not being allowed to date or even kiss a guy. The only reason she thinks she's being held to these rules is when Sonia was eight, she took a sip of her friend’s drink, causing her friend to do everything Sonia asked. As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Sonia is finally about to learn why; she's a Huldra, a dangerous, yet seductive and magical Norse forest maiden who with just one kiss, has the ability to control humans and appropriate parts of their souls. Keeping the rules hasn't been a problem for Sonia because she's never really been attracted to any guy. But when Anthony transfers to her school, every last rule flies out the window. There's just something about Anthony that she can't resist—the way he seems to be hiding a deep, dark secret that is connected to her, the way his mysterious blue eyes cause her heart to beat more rapidly, his athletic, god-like physique. The closer she gets to her eighteenth birthday—the moment she matures into a fully realized Huldra—the more she finds herself obsessing about him. As graduation day approaches, Anthony starts to show interest in her, but she would never have guessed how life-changing and how dangerous Anthony's secrets are, and how overwhelmingly intense a relationship with him could be.

Suspenseful, passionate and gripping, E. J. Squires’s contemporary paranormal YA romance brings you on a highly entertaining adventure that you will want to continue on forever. 

Alexandra’s world is shattered when the only family she has is brutally murdered. A series of strange encounters, and her relentlessly curious nature, lead her into the woods where she meets a destiny that has been chasing her since birth. She is brought into a world of demons that is fraught with turmoil and deadly power struggles. Lord Balthazar, a demon prince trying to hold his new kingdom together, seizes the opportunity, taking her hostage in a bid to gain the power he so badly needs. Alexandra’s strong-willed, defiant personality not only gets her into heaps of trouble, but also manages to gain the unlikely affections of the handsome demon prince that is holding her captive. As time begins to run out for both of them, sacrifices must be made. By the time they realize their true desires, it may be too late.

Amazon Goodies

$0.99 Title

He's a celebrity, and a bear, and he never thought he'd deserve a mate like her...

Celebrity heartthrob Riley Hart isn't looking for love in Bearstone Park. In fact, the bear shifter's plan is get out as soon as possible, before the shadows of his past can overwhelm him. But when he meets Leslie, the fiery, full-figured local bartender, he finds leaving isn't going to be as easy as he thought.

Living in a small tourist town, Leslie is used to men coming and going. But she figures it's not every day you get a chance with a hot movie star. Even though she knows Riley isn't the type to stay, and he could easily break her heart, she decides that a night with her on-screen fantasy is worth the risk.

But when one incredible night turns into something more, Riley and Leslie must decide how far they are willing to go for their blooming relationship.

And when a man from Leslie's past emerges, Riley may just have to face his childhood demons if he wants to protect the woman he loves.

Author's note: This book is the sequel to Bearllionaire, found here: However, both can be read as standalone stories. Thanks!

Ten books. Ten internationally bestselling authors. Ten different tales of sexy psychics, empaths and seers who solve crimes, fall in love, make magic and fight to save the world. 

Over 2,000 pages of extrasensory reading await, with three brand new, original novels and over 1,400 5-Star Reviews for the rest!

Book 6 in the Dragon Guard series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series. 

There Are No Coincidences... 
The last bachelor in a Force of elite Dragon Guardsmen, Aaron O'Brien decided long ago that single was the only way to be. Mates and children and happily ever after were for his brethren. He alone has accepted the responsibility of stopping the traitor and restoring peace to his clan. Unfortunately, Fate didn't get the message. 

The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes... 
Intelligent, determined, and levelheaded, Dr. Charlene Gallagher has always found comfort in logic and reason. When the inexplicable jumps up and smacks her in the face, will Charlie cling to her old beliefs or let go and find answers in the one man that clouds her judgment and ignites her passion? 

Fate Will Not Be Denied… 
Nobody said it was going to be easy. The fight will be real. It will take compromise and a love created by the Universe. Only Charlie can take the leap of faith, and only for her dragon... 

This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

Cael is an alpha who has no mate, and he isn’t looking for one. His heart forever belongs to his long lost childhood sweetheart. Years ago, her intended mate laid claim, ripping the two of them apart. Cael has never forgiven him for the injustice. Or her, for betraying him. But even with his bitterness riding him like a bad omen, he can’t look away while she is brutally mistreated. There’s only one thing to do: exact revenge on his enemy, and deal with the woman who betrayed him later. 

Isabesh is in trouble. She’s played her last hand in her alpha mate’s game of control and now her brother might pay the cost. Vesh has been exiled for treason he didn’t commit, but he’ll be left alive as long as she cooperates. The problem is, cooperating means helping her mate wage a war on the man she gave her heart to as a wolfling, and his Ravendale pack. When word gets back to Ozarka that one of their own is the intended mate of the Ravendale alpha, Besh knows she’s running out of time to tell Cael the truth: that sometimes protection can look a whole lot like betrayal.

$1.77 Title

Every weekday in Wendy Fraser’s humdrum life, a tall, dark and handsome guy would walk into the café she works at and order hash browns to go. But he never notices her. Why should he? She’s only an assistant fry chef. Her hair is in a net and she’s in coveralls. 

Until one day, their eyes meet across time and space, and he smiles at her! Ohhh! 

This is enough to send Wendy into a tizzy. On a lark, she follows him as he comes out of the train station one day. Good thing, too, because Mr. Handsome promptly trips over a stray brick and knocks himself into a coma. 

A distraught Wendy mutters, “You can’t die on me. We’re going to get married and all, now that I’ve finally met you.” She doesn’t mean for anyone to overhear it, but someone does. 

In the ensuing confusion, she is mistaken for his fiancée. She meets his estranged billionaire family, who are just DYING for Dylan (Mr. Handsome) to be engaged to someone he loves. “You may be the catalyst who saves our family,” Dylan’s bear shifter father declares. 

Kirk, Dylan’s fraternal twin brother, isn’t so sure as he suspects that something is not right. Wendy knows that sooner or later, she has to reveal her secret, but how can she do it without hurting the family she has come to love? 

Then Dylan wakes up . . . with unexpected consequences. 

WHILE YOU WERE SHIFTING is a romantic comedy and shifter tribute to ‘While You Were Sleeping’. For more details on the contest, check the book and answer these two questions: 

$2.99 Title

Seven years ago Artemis Williams' world shattered when werebeasts murdered her parents, leaving her marked as the mate of a monster. A monster she never thought would find her. Until he did. 

Now that sexy, arctic werewolf Orion North has finally caught his mate he's determined to claim her curvy body and unravel her secrets. Even if that means helping Artemis track down her kidnapped vampire roommate. It should be easy, but Orion's got a secret, too. And if Artemis isn't careful it will destroy them both. 

Moonhunt is the second part of the Moonfate Serial, and is a paranormal erotic romance BBW novella of approximately 22,000 words. 

From the author of The Crimson Bond Series... 

*In the dark heat of a Louisiana night, handsome and magnetic Dristan St. Julien materialized at Madelyn Brantley’s side and rescued her from an evil she never knew existed – and then disappeared just as abruptly. 

Suddenly, Madelyn’s life becomes one big mystery as she tries to resist Dristan’s charm and sensuality while desperately attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding his connection to the discovery of a young woman’s centuries-old journal. 

As Madelyn probes deeper and deeper in her search for answers, she begins to realize that the superstitions and myths, that run rampant through her hometown of New Orleans, are not necessarily as mythical as she once thought. 

But nothing could prepare Madelyn for her biggest discovery: the provocative and ever-blurring lines between love, life and death. * 

When Grayson walks into the local bank, he expects that it will be business as usual. That is until a local biker gang shows up, armed to the teeth. A few gunshots later and he finds himself on the run - except he’s not alone. Cadence, the deliciously curvy bank teller is by his side and if there’s one thing Grayson is sure of, it’s that this lady just made things a whole lot more complicated. 

With a rival shifter pack on the hunt for him, and his clan at risk, the last thing Grayson needs is to be slowed down by this stranger, even if she’s one of the most beautiful women he’s ever met. But Cadence has a plan of her own, and a dark secret that she’ll have to confess if they ever stand a chance at survival. 

Note To Readers: This is a standalone story and is free from cliffhangers!

Sassy Mates Book 4 ~ Emma and Mason 

Emma Ferro wants nothing more than to accept Mason Wolfe’s offer to be his mate. He’s wild, sexy and can do things with his tongue that should be illegal. But Mason is also overwhelming her with his need to protect and keep her out of trouble. He needs to live and let live. It’s not like she’s killed anyone...yet. Until he learns she’s an independent woman, he’s going to stay waiting. 

Mason Wolfe has a problem of the short, sassy and curvy kind. Every time he leaves Emma alone, he knows she’s going to get into trouble. It’s getting to the point he’s ready to slap a tracker on her butt just to keep his sanity. He’s busy holding down the pack, helping with fighting new rogues and a secondary threat that’s come to town. 

When Emma goes searching for a missing girl, she finds a lot more going on in Blue Creek than even the biggest shifters are aware of. With the help of the least likely person, she’ll put herself on the line in order to save the ones she loves. Mason will have to find a way to help Emma or face losing her forever. 

Reader Note: This book contains wild and growly sex (the hot and sweaty kind), adult language (dirty talk is our middle name), and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like a domineering wolf on a mouthy curvy girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

This is the remarkable first book in the stunning new Wolfpack Trilogy. 

It tells the story of Aisha, a curvy girl who is abused and humiliated by her boyfriend, Heath. He makes her believe that she is fat and ugly. 

When she moves to Alaska, she learns that there are men in the forest who can shift into wolves. Little by little she gets to know them better, there are four brothers, and they are more than willing to show her just how beautiful and desirable her body really is. 

Will you join Aisha on this remarkable, soul-stirring, journey? 
Will you watch how cruel her boyfriend can be? 
Will you find out if she escapes to be with the shifter brothers?

Thirty and single? Well, getcha butt to the Gathering! Wait… what? 

Paisley Twynham is over the whole werewolf thing. It’d been a shock to be magically kidnapped and plopped in the middle of a werewolf gathering. Then she got kidnapped a second time, had the crap beat out of her, escaped, and then met two men who are supposed to be her mates. Yup, all kinds of “over” the Gathering. Her only salvations are her sisters and… the two men she can’t help but drool over. Tall, muscular, sexy as hell, and for some reason, they want her fluffy ass. Maybe she doesn’t hate werewolves as much as she thought… 

Chance and Hawkins don’t quite have a solid Warden bond. Hawkins is holding back while Chance is slowly reaching the end of his patience after ten years of partnership. The only woman who might save them is Paisley. Seductive, curvaceous, vivacious Paisley Twynham. She’s their Warden Born mate and Chance refuses to let Hawkins’ past stand in the way of their future. 

But something else hides in their path that threatens to end their mating before it begins. Or rather, someone. 

$3.29 Title

Book 2 in the Amazon Bestselling Series: Sanibel Immortals. 
For centuries, Sage and Roman Noskov have served the vampiric race, protecting fellow vampires as required of their birthrights. After a family tragedy strikes, showing Sage that the vampire law aids mostly those who break it, Roman urges him to join the real family business: an illegal band of justice-serving mercenaries who answer the cries of help that would otherwise go unanswered. But what happens when Sage and Roman finally discover their mate, right when the very criminals they’re fighting to bring down blow their cover wide open? MFM Mild Bondage and Spanking.

$3.49 Title

By dark of night and shining moon, Arianna, shovels earth from the center of an ancient and crumbling stone circle in her Scottish homeland. Five centuries ago, she buried her new husband here when an Immortal High Witch, one of the Dark Ones, took his mighty heart. But now she’s retrieved it. It beats, still, in the box where it has been imprisoned all this time. She intends to replace it, to bring him back to her. And that he died hating her, blaming her, is just something she’ll worry about later. 

$4.99 Title

In the year since her life was torn apart, Kit Colbana has slowly rebuilt herself. There’s a promise of hope in the relationship with the alpha of the local shapeshifters and she no longer comes screaming into wakefulness. Life’s not perfect but then again, when was it ever?

When her best friend Justin comes to her for help, there’s little question as to what her answer will be. Witches are disappearing and Justin won’t rest until he has answers. Soon, they learn that it’s not just witches who’ve gone missing, but vampires and shifters, too.

Unlikely alliances are forged as Kit and Justin found themselves drawn into a twisted web of lies and betrayal. As the clock counts down and the culprit behind recent disappearances is revealed, those Kit loves the most become the target of somebody who will kill to protect an ugly secret.

Bonus story: HUNT ME, written by J.C. Daniels' alter-ego, Shiloh Walker

$6.29 Title

Is Her Magic a Gift or a Curse...?
All the Malcolms have some magic, but Lady Felicity's ability to read people's emotions simply by touching them or their possessions overwhelms her. She's reached a marriageable age, but how can she ever wed when she can see so clearly a man's guilty secrets?
Only He Can Tell the Difference...
Ewen Ives, itinerant rake and adventurous inventor, knows better than to underestimate the mischief of the Malcolms. But sparks fly when he encounters Felicity, and Ewen can't seem to refuse her plea for assistance...

$7.99 Title

Raven Wood spends her days at Florence's Uffizi gallery restoring Renaissance art. But an innocent walk home after an evening with friends changes her life forever. When she intervenes in the senseless beating of a homeless man, his attackers turn on her, dragging her into an alley. Raven is only semiconscious when their assault is interrupted by a cacophony of growls followed by her attackers' screams. Mercifully, she blacks out, but not before catching a glimpse of a shadowy figure who whispers to her . . .

Cassita vulneratus.

When Raven awakes, she is inexplicably changed. Upon returning to the Uffizi, no one recognizes her. More disturbingly, she discovers that she's been absent an entire week. With no recollection of her disappearance, Raven learns that her absence coincides with one of the largest robberies in Uffizi history--the theft of a set of priceless Botticelli illustrations. When the police identify her as their prime suspect, Raven is desperate to clear her name. She seeks out one of Florence's wealthiest and most elusive men in an attempt to uncover the truth. Their encounter leads Raven to a dark underworld whose inhabitants kill to keep their secrets . . .

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