Sunday, March 1, 2015

Meet the Cover Model

Did you know, there's quite a few cover models participating in The Arnold Classic

"I am a mature 40 years old up against young kids in their 20's and guys seasoned prime in their 30's. Gonna give it the best I can to be a piece of iron and make it respectable." - John Quinlan

John Quinlan is a cover model, gracing the cover of several titles!

He's competing March 6th at the Arnold Event!

That same night... is Heatin Up Spring.

An author, photographer, model signing and meet n greet!

Are you near Columbus, Ohio? Tickets still available for $25! You can buy them here!

Heatin Up Spring Tickets

So, how does one prepare for this? 
Here's a day in the life of John Quinlan in his own words

A Day in the Life of John Quinlan

Wow, hard to believe I have less than a week to go before I step on stage at the 2015 Arnold Amateur Men's Physique competition this Friday, March 6th in Columbus, Ohio. I'm truly honored to be part of such a great show being promoted by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'm in the D class which I think is the largest group with over 50 guys from countries all over the world. It's like competing in the Olympics on a global platform which makes it all the more special to me. It's been quite the challenge getting ready for this show as up here in Boston we have had record snow fall which closed many of the gyms which prevented me from training on those days. Add in the below zero temperatures while cutting weight during this time making me feel like the hairless cat from Austin Power's "Mr. Bigglesworth" made staying warm that much harder as well. For me the key is to never quit and never give up when that goal is fresh in my mind. That's something I tell my children, always give it your best and never quit as it is a sign of weakness. Win, lose or draw if I gave it my best I can live with the results with no regrets. So here we are and my alarm just went off at the usual 3am. It's the loneliest time in the world, so dark and quiet. Get the body going and make my food and drinks then out the door to the gym to train like a boxer. At this point a good combination of weight work with 45 minutes of cardio fits the bill to get the job done for what needs to be accomplished. Along with training for the Arnold Physique and a few other spring shows my training is geared towards the 2015 blockbuster pilot film project I was selected for. I earned the role of playing one of the main characters whose background is the former Cruiserweight Boxing Champion of the World. My character was created and inspired by boxer Evander Holyfield and is a man whose demeanor is hard and a bit mean although he is one of the good guys. Training for these shows will get me in the physical condition I need to be in for filming in the gym hitting heavy bags and punch mitts with the trainers. So after my workout it's back to shower and take care of my children for the day while watching them eat all the great things I can't like pizza, ice cream and chocolate. These kids have really tested my will power (laughing now) but I know in the end all my sacrifices and hard work will pay off. One of the quotes I live by and always tell people I would like to share with the amazing author doing this interview with me right now, Nicole Kuhn. Nicole is such talented young author and it was me who was honored to be here with her today and I respect her too much not to be honest so here is the John Quinlan quote that really is me, "I was never the biggest guy, I was never the strongest guy and I was never the most ripped when compared to my male counterparts but the one thing I was the hardest worker. I worked my ass off just to measure up because I was never God gifted with anything." The thing I am most proud of Nicole is when all is said and done if God grants me my wish of the ultimate success I can honestly say I earned it through sacrifice, hard work and the dedication to never quit and never give up. God Bless You & I thank you for interviewing me today. Much love and respect always...

Well, now you have it! I'll be at both events! Trust me, I'll be sharing lots and lots of photos with you all!! And just wait.... we may have a few more models to show off soon! 

You can connect with John here:

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