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Summer's Angel Review

Summer’s Angel
by Tiffany Ann
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Angels, Short story

Summer couldn’t believe it when she was offered a job with one of the leading translators of the written word, Walter Addison. Of course, being his great-niece could have had something to do with the offer. She arrives in Marblehead ready to help her great uncle and his partner in any way she can. 

Leviah is a Fallen Angel having been cast out of Heaven for not choosing a side. He roamed the world for centuries until he met the first Addison. Since that time he has stayed with the family, helping them in whatever way he could. He never expected Walter to choose a vibrant, strong-willed female to take his place as caretaker of the Addison Estate, or assist in the world of translations. 

When Summer meets Leviah sparks fly and the attraction is instant. Now if he can just figure out a way to show her his wings and horns that won’t send her running back to New Orleans. Forget returning to Heaven, he is ready to be Summer’s Angel...

3.0 out of 5 stars Trying to Be sexy but isn'tMarch 8, 2015
This review is from: Summer's Angel (Kindle Edition)
*I received a copy free in exchange for an honest review*
At parts of the story, I'm confused as to who was talking. The way the coversations go, you couldn't tell who was saying what. There were parts that were repetitive. But, as we move on, the story gets a little better.
"I want a vampire that burst into flames when caught in the sunlight, not sparkles like a seventies disco ball." There was some wit and humor in this book.
The story is interesting, an fallen angel that 1 family protects throught out the centuries. But I don't think it was executed well. I felt that it could have been much better without all of the BDSM talk. To me, this was a great paranormal romance. But Levi talked about BDSM so much that it almost ruined it for me. It didn't feel right. The sex talk just did nothing for me. It just did not fit into the story. Honestly without it, the story would have been a 4 star read for me.
Levi was overly dramatic for a fallen angel who was centuries old. It was strange and did nothing to endear me to him.
I did enjoy Summer. She was a little more down to earth and realistic. Uncle Walter was a fun and interesting character.
I think that with some work, maybe some content editing, that this could be a 4 or 5 star read. But as it is, it's just falling flat for me. I really wanted to like it, but it certainly needs work.
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Meet the Author

Tiffany Ann grew up in a small town in the heart of America. Her first memories were of her mother taking her to the library where she fell in love with children’s ghost stories. It wasn’t long before a love of reading turned to a love of writing. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book she loves watching movies and traveling. Tiffany makes her home in Kansas with her cat Midnight.

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