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Viking Sunday

Hey all, sorry my list is late today. I was at the zoo with Mini Me today! 

Here's your Historical Romance list. Today it's Vikings!!!! FYI some of these free ones are hot hot hot! Erotic.

Free Ebooks

Maiden for the Vikings: Pillaged and Plundered (Historical Group Erotica)
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"But I can't take all of them! Not at the same time..."

Elizabeth won't marry before she finds the right man. She is innocent, pure and sweet, but the needs of her body are anything but. She wants a real man, not one of the scrawny guys around her little town.

When the Viking captain Bjorn and his band of men show up at her little home, everthing is about to get a lot more rough! The muscled, wild men need to taste and take her. Elizabeth is given the choice of pleasing all of them or have her village suffer. With men as hot as the Vikings and driven on by their insatiable desire to fill her every hole, Elizabeth won't say no.

One thing is for certain, Elizabeth won't be innocent after they get through with her!

"Yes, princess, it will fit. Put it in your mouth and see."

On her way to meet her betrothed, Princess Anabelle's carriage is obstructed by Vikings. The Viking leader, Kanaan, accuses her of trespassing on his lands and Anabelle offers payment so that she can pass. But Kanaan has no interest in gold or silver. He demands her body. Now the untouched princess must pay the Viking leader's asking price by submitting to a public and rough disciplining for her indiscretion.

The Captured Princess is the first steamy installment of the Taken by Vikings series. 

It was 949 AD in Ravenscroft, Scotland. Rhona Croft awakens one spring morning to a life full of possibility. Her marriage to Kendric Blackwood is set for the summer, she's saved herself for him and cannot wait for their first night together as husband and wife.

But as one fateful morning would have it, she looks into the ocean and sees a fleet of Viking ships, operated by none other than the notorious, horny, and blood thirsty pagan named Lars Thorgard. As he makes landfall and ravages Ravenscroft her life will never be the same. The rest, as they say, is history.

Warning: This 5500 word story is for mature audiences only. It contains scenes and themes consistent with bondage, back door play, impregnation, submission to a dominant male and more.

Word count does not include excerpts, those are an added bonus.

After one kiss from Brand, I’m conquered.

He calls me his treasure, and I know he’s not willing to let any treasure go.

Of course, he needs to share his treasure with the others. To them, I’m a rare beauty, something I never was back home. He promises no matter how much I enjoy their ravishing, I’ll always be his.

Inexperienced and as nervous as I am, I’m also excited. I’ve always wanted adventure. Now I’ve got far more than I can handle. Ten Viking warriors are eager to take their share.

Ten Viking warriors are ready to ravage.

PHD candidate Sophia is a curvy scientist on a three month research trip in the ocean off the coast of Norway. She’s bitter over her bad break up with her fiancé and looking for a way to blow off steam. She’d expecting her trip to involve plenty of soul search and time spent alone. She isn’t expecting a hot Viking to fall out of the past and onto her boat!

Baldur was in the middle of fighting an epic battle when a sorcerer slung him through time onto Sophia’s boat. He wants to get back home to fulfill his responsibilities to the men he led into battle, but not before he can spend a little more time with this intriguing woman whose boat he’d just invaded. He can’t get enough of her curves, and she’s bolder and more witty than any woman he’s ever met before!

Sophia’s research is in tatters and she knows she can’t report the crazy electromagnetic signals she picked up when Baldur time traveled onto her boat. She’d be laughed out of her PHD program! But the trouble might just all be worth it as she gets to know Baldur better.

Sophia’s last boyfriend destroyed her confidence in herself and made her doubt her own appeal, but Baldur seems convinced that she’s got appeal in spades.

Can they both leave behind the past in order to build a future together? Will the chemistry between them be so explosive it rips a new portal in space and time?

Warning This ebook contains explicit scenes of passion and desire.For adult eyes only!!!

They'll respect you more if you fight back

Kendra's heard stories told of the huge and powerful, God-like men from the east from travellers that come through her village on the way up to the trading post at Scarth, but she never expects them to descend on her like a dream come true, and steal her away into the night.

Trussed up by her new keepers, Kendra watches as they demonstrate their might, showing the inexperienced girl in search of adventure exactly what they have planned for her. They want to make her their Queen, and each one of these muscle-bound barbarians plans to show the first timer exactly how he means to go about it.

Kendra can't hide her delight, and when it's time for her to perform, she makes damn sure she doesn't disappoint. Lucky Kendra takes it hard and deep, every single way she can, and she doesn't stop until every last one of the fearsome warriors has shown her what he is capable of. Feared throughout the land, these men of inhuman proportions are unlike any she's ever encountered before.

'Protect yourself from these Devils at all costs', she remembers one cynical traveller telling her, but being protected is definitely not something naughty little Kendra feels like she wants right now.


$0.99 Title

Branwyn O’Tyre’s estranged brother summons her for a healing ritual. Fearing he actually plans to arrest her for witchcraft, she drinks a protection potion before he arrives. 

Eirik, a Viking sea captain pretending slumber in the tavern corner, witnesses Branwyn’s magic and offers her safe passage from Exeter if she will attempt to reverse a curse that plagues him. Alas, every woman who touches him falls madly but falsely in love with him. 

There’s only one hitch. If she fails, Branwyn’s heart will fall prey to the same madness...forever!

$2.99 Title


Obsession. Treachery. Revenge. Redemption. Certain themes resonate across the centuries. 

In ninth-century Ireland, Selia is a girl on the verge of womanhood, frustrated by the confines of her gender and resentful of the freedom her brother boasts of. Intelligent and resourceful in a time when neither is valued in a female, she longs for an escape from her sheltered existence. Fascinated by the tales of Viking raids told by her maidservant, Selia’s hunger for independence is fed through the stories of heathen ferocity she hears at the woman’s knee. 

A decision to sneak to the city’s harbor to view the Viking longships leads to an encounter with Alrik Ragnarson, a charismatic Viking warlord whose outward beauty masks a dark and tortured mind. With the knowledge that her father is about to announce her betrothal to a man she doesn’t love, Selia marries Alrik and within a day is on the longship bound for Norway and a new life. 

While Selia’s relationship with her new husband grows, her friendship with his brother Ulfrik grows as well. And as Alrik’s character flaws come to light and tension mounts between the two brothers, Selia begins to have misgivings about her hasty marriage . . . especially when a secret from the past is revealed, one that threatens to destroy them all. 

For years the Vikings had raided their lands and killed her people. Now the enemy lay in her bed… 

Rescuing a Viking pirate from the ocean after his ship wrecked on the shores of Pictland was bound to bring Ilisa trouble. After all, she knew well of the savagery of the Vikings—she had experienced it first-hand. But her heart would not allow her to abandon someone in need. Unfortunately, nursing him back to health rouses a part of her she didn’t know existed and soon she’s the one in need. 

Alrek’s well aware of his own need when he awakens in this beautiful Pict’s home. With his plans to venture to new lands on hold, he resolves to thank Ilisa for her help in any way he can—but not in the way he longs to the most. He must prove not all Vikings are the same. But his own savage past threatens to destroy any progress he makes and her people soon make it clear he will never be accepted. 

Can they bridge the gap between two cultures or will their differences—and the dangers they bring—forever keep them apart? 

Content warning: Contains some adult scenes. 

A Viking nobleman who has turned his back on murder and mayhem. A heroine named for the convent where she was left as a foundling at birth, destined for the religious life. They don't speak the same language, their only go-between an elderly nun with a flatulence problem. This can't be a romance, can it?

Determined to take a break from her past, Megan cozies down in her million dollar Winter Harbor Maine home and focuses less on money and more on dreams. Building boats was a childhood desire she’s determined to pursue. With a love for Viking shipwright skills, she constructs a small scale longship. What she doesn’t anticipate is an unexpected call from the past. 

Of dragon blood, Viking King, Naðr Véurr Sigdir ‘the bold’ knew that the bargain he struck with the seers would likely lead to an unpredictable outcome. What he didn’t foresee is a beautiful, headstrong woman from the future washing up on his shores. 

Caught between twenty-first century America and ninth century Scandinavia, two souls connect. Both determined and headstrong, their battle soon becomes not one made of the eras separating them but all the unexpected moments that drive them closer together. 

Anger. Need. Distrust. Hope. Never-ending desire. All merge, warring and passionate, when a modern day woman and a Viking king surge forward together to conquer not only their enemies but what lies within their hearts.

Sailing to the west of the Norse lands, the Vikings lay siege to an English castle inland. After spying a raven haired beauty, who turns out to be Lillian, the lord’s daughter, Eriik, the Viking Jarl, is determined to take more than Saxon riches back to his home. 
In order to save her beloved home from complete destruction, Lillian accompanies Eriik and his band of raiders to his homeland. Little does she know that not only is she losing her home and family, but will soon lose her heart to the wild, handsome Viking as well. For this stubborn, independent beauty, this might be the utmost indignity of all. 
Viking’s Desire is not only a sexy love story, but an exploration as well. It takes the reader from the quiet knolls of England to the stormy, remote terrain of the Vikings... a thrilling, romantic adventure from start to finish. 

She thinks she can resist me. She's wrong. I'll possess her, body and soul. 

Eirik leads the band of the fiercest warriors in the north. They are known and feared on either side of the wide sea. But he has a thorn in his side- a rag tag bunch of Vikings who keep encroaching on his land. 
Sigrid is a fierce Viking Warrior in her own right, determined to steal back the land that was stolen from her father many years before. Her people are in dire straights and it is her responsibility to return their settlement to it's former glory. 

When Eirik's men capture the Warriors, he is shocked to find that their leader is a woman- not just any woman- one whose beauty would rival that of the Goddess Freya. He determines to show her her place- in his bed- but she publicly challenges him before he can make his decree. If she wins, he will return her people's lands to them. If he wins, she will serve him in whatever manner he chooses. 

"Prepare yourself, woman. By nightfall, you will be mine."

Esme is left behind when the Viking marauders appear in their sleepy village. She hopes to bargain with them, a cask of fine wine for the safety of the orphans she watches over. But once the Viking's fierce leader sets eyes on her, his intentions are plain. 

Magnus cannot believe his sight. The cantankerous woman he's been arguing with through the stone wall turns out to be the fairest creature he has ever seen. He resolves to have her, then and there. He doesn't realize that convincing her will be another matter altogether. With one word, he protects her and seals her fate... 


At not quite fifteen, Stefan’s father finally let him board the longship Sja Vinna to take part in his first Viking raid. Yet, the battle was not at all what he expected and he soon found himself alone and stranded in Scotland. 

Thirteen-year-old Kannak’s problem was just as grave. Her father deserted them and the only way to survive, she decided, was to take a husband over her mother‘s objections. Suddenly she was helping a hated Viking escape. Could Kannak successfully hide a Viking in the middle of a Scottish Clan? And why was someone plotting to kill the clan's beloved laird? 
This book is suitable for ages 14 and above.

$3.66 Title

Viking warrior Brage Nordwald is feared by all--except one woman who could be his greatest prize--or greatest destruction. . .

Undefeated in battle, Brage Nordwald expects another victory when he invades the Saxon coast. Instead, he suffers a crushing defeat that leaves him seriously injured. Taken hostage, he almost dies--until a sworn enemy heals him. . .and stirs an attraction that leaves him defenseless. . . 

She may not be chained like the Viking captive, but Lady Dynna still feels like a prisoner. Forced to wed the cruel, calculating Prince Edmund, Dynna plans a daring, desperate escape with Brage at her side. Setting across the Saxon countryside, the two soon must face a need for each other that could bring them more than they dare dream--or destroy their lives forever. . .

$3.79 Title

Northumbria, 867 A.D.

Beautiful and courageous, the Lady Elgiva is as great a prize as the land the Viking conqueror now controls. Earl Wulfrum has taken her home, and now he will take her—as his unwilling bride. 

Wulfrum is a legendary warrior, but the strong-willed Elgiva proves the greatest challenge he has ever faced. Yet her response to his touch tells him she feels the all-consuming heat as much as he. Their passionate battle can end only one way—in the marriage bed!

$3.99 Title

Juliana Arthur, the Viscountess Hawthorne, has been thrown out of her husband’s estate and her marriage declared invalid. With a small son to care for, she desperately needs a strong hero to rescue them from poverty and suffering. 

A Viking wasn’t quite what she had in mind. 

Arik Thorgrim is caught between worlds. After dying from a battle wound, he expects to find the glory of Valhalla where he can dwell among the gods. Instead, he’s brought forward a thousand years in time, to a beautiful woman who tempts him beyond reason. 

Juliana doesn’t know what to do with this sinfully handsome Viking warrior who brings weapons into a ballroom and refuses to be tamed. Yet beneath his barbaric ways is a man of honor, a man who vows to face down her enemies and fight for her son’s future. But as Arik wages a battle against her heart, Juliana is afraid of loving a man whose time has already run out…


Caragh Ó Brannon defended herself bravely when the enemy landed—only, now she finds herself alone with one very angry Viking…. 

Styr Hardrata sailed to Ireland intending to trade, never expecting to find himself held captive in chains by a beautiful Irish maiden. 

The fiercely handsome warrior both terrifies and allures Caragh, but he is forbidden territory. He is the enemy…and he is married. Yet Styr harbors a secret that just might set them both free….

Forbidden Vikings 

Resist them if you can!

Warrior Viking Ragnar Olafsson stood by as his best friend claimed the woman he desired the most. There was only one way to quench the deep darkness within him—become merciless in battle. 
When Elena is taken captive, fearless Ragnar risks everything to save her. Now they are stranded with only each other for company. Suddenly every longing, every look, every touch is forbidden. Elena could tempt a saint—and sinner Ragnar knows he won't be able to hold out for long! 
Forbidden Vikings 
Resist them if you can!

Kingdom of Wessex, southern England, 882.

Golden-haired Saxon maiden Lissa of Yriclea is the sole survivor of a brutal assault against her village. After the attack, she is taken as thrall by a vikingr with the disconcerting ability to slip past all the defenses of her heart. Grieving the loss of home, friends and freedom, she must cope with the deprivations of travel across England in the company of the powerful Viking she both fears, and cannot resist.

A bizarre turn of events strands vikingr Brandr Óttarrson in hostile Saxon territory during a raid gone very wrong. Getting back home will take all his courage, strength and wits. Complicating the journey is the lovely woman he desires but cannot have; some troublesome, unexpected companions; and a love-struck Saxon warrior relentless in his determination to rescue the lady he sees as his.

In this ancient time of darkness - and mystical beauty - when adversity, hardship and sudden death are the norm, a courageous woman and a single-minded warrior struggle to overcome perils, cultural taboo, and the ambivalence of their own hearts to win a coveted prize: enduring love. 

When a beautiful Danish maiden is captured by Norse warriors and sold into slavery, she never guesses that she will soon become the willing thrall of a golden-haired Viking who holds captive her heart.

He Would Never Forgive …
After a brutal attack on his farmstead, Wulfric the Ruthless had sworn vengeance on the Danish raiders for killing his young wife. But when he laid eyes on Reyna the Dane, all he could see was a woman of extraordinary beauty, with flowing hair the color of moonlight and a body any Valkyrie would envy. She was his thrall, gifted to him by his brother. Could the beautiful healer also ease the fire burning in his heart?

She Would Never Forget …
Stolen from her home by wild Norseman, Reyna would always remember the face of the barbarian who’d destroyed her life. When she first caught sight of her new master, she thought he was the very man she’d vowed to hate forever. But Wulf’s seductive kisses awoke very different feeling within her. As one deliciously long Northern night blended into another, she realized he was no longer her enemy but her beloved.

The first time he sees her, the witch is clad in nothing but moonlight and mist. From that moment on, Thorne the Relentless knows that he's been bewitched by the maiden in the bathing pool.

How else to explain the torrid dreams that haunted his nights, the fierce longing?Thorne knew of only one way to combat the witch’s powerful spell – to capture her in a Viking raid and make her his own. But once the deed was done, he found himself still more enchanted by his lovely thrall. Could Fiona be speaking the truth when she claimed it was not sorcery that bound him to her, but the powerful yearning of his … Viking Heart.

Elienor knew the Norsemen would storm Brouillard castle. In her dreams, she saw the death of many, but not her own. And she saw him--the golden-haired Viking who would claim her as his prize...

Alarik sought revenge against the French count; what he got was a dark-haired beauty with violet eyes. Beguiled by her strange dreams and her fiery spirit he can barely control the passions she arouses, body and soul... but in a land full of strife, he risks everything to love the woman whose dreams hold their future in thrall.

Based on a true story, this novel reflects a sometimes harsh Viking culture.

Sometimes the only way to love and redemption is to make a deal with the devil.
After the death of her parents, Lady Aurora de Marquise is left with no illusions and little faith. Stripped of her birthright and betrayed by her uncle, escape is her only option. With her life on the line, she narrowly avoids another murder attempt—only to run headlong into Lord Brigham de Mornay, a man most consider a monster.
With her uncle’s henchmen nipping at her heels, Aurora knows better than to trust a stranger—especially one as compelling as Brigham. Well-honed instincts urge her to flee before his abundant charm takes a nasty turn into aggression—and she ends up neck deep in trouble.
But when her uncle manages to track her, the game of fox and hound takes a perilous turn and she is left with the ultimate choice—risk everything trying to escape again or trust Brigham to keep her safe.
Set in northern England near the Scottish border, Warrior’s Revenge is a gritty, fast-paced medieval romance in which second chances are possible, and true love lies just a heartbeat away.

$4.99 Title

Two warriors who never thought they’d find love, especially on the battlefield, but poised against each other, Morgaine and Holger face an attraction more powerful than any sword, stronger than any warrior and more magical than all the powers of Merlin.
Lost in the annals of history, the story of legendary hero, Holger Danske, and his magical romance with King Arthur’s half-sister and the most powerful sorceress in all of history- The Viking Princess has never been told...until now.

Conquering lands, enslaving hearts... Four fierce Vikings from the frozen north find warmth at the hearth of their enemy.

3 full-length bestselling Viking romances and one bonus novella by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors Tanya Anne Crosby, Miriam Minger, Shelly Thacker and Glynnis Campbell.

THE SHIPWRECK by Glynnis Campbell
With his wife and children dead, Viking marauder Brandr has nothing left to live for, so he sets sail on one last voyage. But when he's shipwrecked on enemy shores, he finds himself at the mercy of Avril, a warrior maid with a half-Viking daughter, who takes him captive. Avril refuses to fall victim to a Northman again...never imagining that soon her fiercest foe will earn her trust, invade her heart, and enthrall her senses.

HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE by Shelly Thacker
Abducted from a trade fair by a mysterious warrior, Lady Avril de Varennes awakens on Asgard Island, an enchanted paradise cloaked in mists and mystery, kept secret from the world for centuries. Against her will, Avril weds her arrogant captor, Hauk Valbrand--even as she vows to escape. Hauk believes himself beyond the reach of love, until his fiery captive bride begins to melt his heart of ice. But soon he must reveal the stunning truth about Asgard and its people--and Hauk and Avril must choose between love and honor, duty and desire... now and forever.

THE PAGAN'S PRIZE by Miriam Minger
Bold Viking warrior Rurik travels alone on a mission of conquest, never counting on the golden-haired captive, who inflames him with longing. Taking up his sword to defend her, Rurik swears to claim her for his own. But betrayed by treachery, Russian Princess Zora spurns the man who holds her prisoner, vowing never to yield. But the fates lead them to a fiery passion--a greater prize than any kingdom.

VIKING'S PRIZE by Tanya Anne Crosby
The conquered becomes the conqueror in Viking's Prize. Jarl Alarik Tryggvason seeks revenge against the French count who betrayed him, but he never bargains on the dark-haired beauty with haunting violet eyes. Beguiled by Elienor and her fiery spirit, Alarik is captured, body and soul... but in a land full of strife, the powerful jarl risks everything to love the enemy--a woman whose prophetic dreams hold their future in thrall.

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