Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Foot Outside the Door Guest Post

One Foot Outside the Door
by Vina St. Fran
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Good lovin’ is easy…But true happiness is harder to
To anyone on the outside looking in through the door of Cyndarella
Worthy’s life, it looks like she’s got it all. At thirty-two, she’s beautiful and successful, with a handsome brother lover, Thad Mitchell. But deep in her heart, she holds a candle for Bashar Bazzi, the Chaldean immigrant she loved ten years ago. Bashar left for Iraq and she never saw him again, and she assumes he made a marriage within his own community without a backward glance.
Cyn’s girlfriends, Tavie, Denise and Vette, know that their sister still carries the scars of Bashar, but they pray she’ll find love and peace with Thad. Anyway, they’ve got issues too: Tavie’s dating smart school principal, Mack Dooley, but she can’t escape the rumors that he’s playing around; Denise’s marriage to Sean is under pressure because she hasn’t conceived a second child; Vette’s dating an older guy, Louis Burns, but wonders if she’ll ever get a ring on her finger.
When Thad proposes to Cyn and she accepts, it looks like this sister’s finally on her way to true happiness. But no sooner are the celebrations done, when there’s trouble—Bashar Bazzi is home, and he’s ready to settle his unfinished business with Cyn…
The passionate, powerful heart-breaking prequel to Betrayal’s Dust
by Vina St Fran

Vina, can you tell me about a day in your life as a writer?

                I set a goal for myself before I begin to work on a project. I research everything thing pertaining to the manuscript at least 60 days in advance to compile all of my pertinent information so when I sit down to write, I can stick to a strict writing schedule. You have to be extremely disciplined to take on the task and conquer it!
My day as an author really begins at night. As I sit at my computer with fingers flying on my keyboard cranking out chapters, I enjoy sips of any great red wine between chapters. Additionally, I don’t take any breaks if possible, unless needed. I stay focused and forge ahead. My writing maximum during the week is roughly 4-4.5 hours nightly. I typically work on average four or five nights a week on a project over the course of several months to make sure that I am staying on track which keeps me on schedule. 

Vina St. Fran is the author of the Amorous Trilogy series. She writes contemporary romance, and erotica romance for Zam Publishing, LLC. She also is a Political Contributor for The Examiner. A native Michigander, she resides in the Midwest with her family.
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