Sunday, March 20, 2016

Metamorphosis by Jennifer Carole Lewis Review

Book 2 of the Lalassu 
by Jennifer Carole Lewis
Genre:Paranormal Romance/Occult

Ron McBride thought his life couldn't possibly get any worse. He's been physically transformed, hunted across most of North America and is haunted by the failures of his past. Now it looks like he's about to die in the Canadian wilderness. 

When he wakes up in the tiny community of Bear Claw, he thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Particularly when he meets Lily Charging Bull, a beautiful young woman whose family runs almost everything. But there's a reason why no one has found Bear Claw before. 

Lily and her family are skinwalkers, able to shift between human and animal form. For generations, they've protected the lalassu who can't blend easily with human society, often lethally. The question is, will they offer Ron sanctuary or will he vanish like last year's snow? 

Jennifer Carole Lewis is a full-time mom, a full-time administrator and a full-time writer, which means she is very much interested in speaking to anyone who comes up with any form of functional time-travel devices or practical cloning methods.  Meanwhile, she spends her most of her time alternating between organizing and typing.

She is a member of the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association and the Romance Writers of America.  Without them, she would still be dreaming about being a writer rather than sharing her books with readers.  She believes in conspiracy theories and happily-ever-afters, which makes for some interesting dinner time conversations.

She is a devoted comic book geek and Marvel movie enthusiast.  She spends far too much of her precious free time watching TV, especially police procedural dramas.  Her enthusiasm outstrips her talent in karaoke, cross-stitch and jigsaw puzzles.  She is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction and always enjoys seeking out new suggestions.

For more information about Revelations and Metamorphosis (including behind-the-scenes commentary), more books on the lalassu and updates, you can go to or find Jennifer on Facebook or Goodreads.  You can also follow her on Twitter at @jclewisupdate or email her at

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