Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Omega Team Kindle World May Launch

Omega Team Kindle World
From Desiree Holt
5 new amazing novellas! 

Spurs by Kate Richards

Ryder Carmichael is the man to defend the family ranch…if he weren’t home recovering from an injury sustained while on a secret mission in South America. The Vibora, the new deadly weapon they, battle stung him and he fears his military career may be over. He and Andrew, his twin brother, are stunned to learn the man sent by the Omega Team to help with cattle rustlers is none other than a blood relation, Carson Ames, who until this moment believed he had no relatives at all. 

Isbet Gutierrez also has a secret past that threatens her present and future, but her assignment for the Omegas to find any living relations of Carson has been completed. By all rights, she could leave the guest ranch run by the Carmichaels, yet curiosity to see the reunion and an attraction for one of the brothers gets her to extend her stay. 

Resolving a cattle rustling issue should be easy for Carson and his cousins except the real crime going on in the high pastures involves a threat to not only their livelihood but national security. They are diving deeper into perilous territory and it’s a very bad time to fall in love. Ryder’s injury will not heal, and Isbet’s former superiors will not let go. The ranch has been invaded by some of the most evil men in the world. How can they start something when their lives are not quite their own? But how can they deny what their hearts and their minds…and their bodies…insist on claiming? 

Gator (The A.W.E. Crew Book 3) by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

He gave her up once… 

Gabriel “Gator” Moreno arrives in Florida ready to face his past, exorcise his demons and settle an old debt. To kill three birds with one stone, he has pledged to keep Alysa Cortez, his old friend’s sister and the woman who owns his heart, safe from the gang hunting her. What he isn’t ready for is the revulsion he finds in Alysa’s eyes when she sees him at her doorstep. 

She loved him once… 

Alysa Cortez never expected to see Gabriel in his old stomping grounds six years after he hightailed out of Miami and straight into the arms of Uncle Sam. Neither did she expect the burn of betrayal to morph back into desire when she came face-to-face with the new law-abiding, hard-muscled and hot-as-hell soldier. When her brother’s legacy sinks its claws into her, she must put her trust in the one man who’s already broken her heart once—and is bound to do it again. 

Tough Target by Jordan Dane

Camila Borrego, the vindictive head of a powerful Cuban drug cartel, is on U. S. soil to avenge the murder of her father and she will stop at nothing to carry out what the man started. She orders assassination hit squads to target the elite Omega Team and their families, to annihilate them in vicious simultaneous attacks. Blood is shed and the Omega Team is hit hard. 

No one is safe, not even Sam Rafferty’s mother. 

Camila orders her deadliest executioners, identical twin brothers Amadeo and Tavio Vega, to seek and destroy retired Navy SEAL Sam Rafferty and his mother, and the ruthless cartel leader comes to witness the brutal carnage. As Sam’s mother, Geneva Rafferty, prepares her isolated cabin in the Florida everglades to weather a fast approaching hurricane, she’s caught in the crossfire of the deadly triad. She’s gravely injured and narrowly escapes the death dealers by fleeing into the swamp. 

But Camila will discover that Sam Rafferty of the Omega Team is one tough target. 

As a massive hurricane hits land, the storm rages toward Sam as he desperately searches for his missing and wounded mother, alongside Fish and Wildlife Special Agent Kate Cypress, an exotic Seminole beauty from his past who branded him with her love. 

Isolated and alone in the vast and treacherous everglades, Sam and Kate are trapped in the eye of the storm with a cartel hit squad in hot pursuit. With time his worst enemy, Sam has no choice but to take a terrible risk that could jeopardize the lives of both his mother and Kate. 

If he makes the wrong move, he could lose everything. 

Ethan's Promise (Men of Mercy 7) by Lindsay Cross

Ethan Slade was a loner. No parents. No wife and kids. No liabilities. He had one love in his life - the Special Forces. As a member of the elite Task Force Scorpion, he'd been on more near death missions than most soldiers experienced in a lifetime and he liked it. So when his commander put him on a forced two-week vacation, Ethan did the only thing he could - took Grey Holden and Team Omega up on an offer for another mission: provide protection to a senator's daughter at her wedding. 

Kate Richards had a chip on her shoulder. After being fired from her job as a CIA analyst because her boss wanted her in his bed instead of behind a computer, Kate was left without a job or a clue as to what she would do next. Then ran into Athena Madero, who'd had her own problem with asshole bosses and offered Kate a new job - come work for her private security company, Team Omega. 

After years of ribbing and sexual harassment, Kate wanted nothing to do with men. Period. Especially tall, dark and handsome alpha male operative Ethan Slade. The last thing Ethan wanted or needed was to give up his life as a roamer, avoiding any attachments or obligations. But neither of them is prepared for the instant eruption of desire at their first meeting. 

The two come together in an explosion of passion so potent it will leave them both marked for life. But just as quickly as they've come together, Kate is violently ripped from his fingers, and it's up to Ethan to rescue the woman he's come to love before he ends up alone again. 

Cyber Tracked: The Cobra Project (IATO Series Book 4) by Eliza March

Rowan O'Malley, descended from a long line of Irish Nationalists known for their affiliation with the NIRA, is wealthy, brilliant, and beautiful, but over time she's learned to keep her distance from dangerous men. 
The self-made business woman, and one of the most exceptional cyber hackers alive, dragged herself from the dark net and developed system security programs that can't be broken. 
When IATO [International Anti-Terrorist Organization] discovers what she’s capable of, they need her expertise to protect the international military security programs, but once the news about her new program gets out, there's a billion dollar bounty on her head. 
Cade James is assigned to get to her before the bounty hunters. His orders are to keep her alive and stop her from completing her newest project…or better yet buy it...but to do that he'll need to win her trust and her trust doesn’t come easily. 
The former SEAL has no idea how capable the fragile beauty is, physically and intellectually, but when his perfect fantasy woman is more willing to seduce him before trusting him with her life or her project he’s angry. 
She's going to take some convincing that his black-ops ghost group are the good guys, references or no references, especially since she can't find a trace of them in any government or dark net system. And yet in spite of all that, for once she considers following her heart instead of her head. She hopes she isn't wrong. 

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