Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dare to Love Kindle World

Dare to Love Kindle World
brought to you by Carly Phillips

Some dares are worth everything…
Luca “Hard Man” Van der Laar is the top bad boy player for the MLS team, Washington Ospreys. Attending a Miami Thunder charity event he lays eyes on a woman he wants to call his own. But can he keep her after their one night?
Kaitlyn Henderson never expected to find a one-night stand at the event she attends. But there he was and there they were. From a family of cops, and as a 911 dispatcher herself, she embraces life, taking it as it comes, understanding that the next second may be your last.
She wasn’t expecting anything more than their one shared night, however he takes that as a dare and is determined to prove there is so much more between them than twenty-four hours.

Heather Winters is cursed. The police and the press might not believe her, and her friends have definitely stopped trusting her, but she knows it's the truth. There's no other way to explain how an average, everyday receptionist could suddenly become the "Black Widow of South Beach. " Or, at least, that's what the papers have started calling her. Now, jobless and friendless, she's on a mission to clear her name--and to make sure nobody falls victim to her curse again. 

Private Bodyguard Jax Lovelace has protected lots of people. Actors, musicians, athletes--you name it. But when the Black Widow of South Beach walks through his door, he starts to think he might be the one who needs protecting. Not only is this woman fierce, but she's the most beautiful bombshell he's ever laid eyes on--and that's to say nothing of her reputation. Still, when she offers him a chance he can't pass up, he finds out that this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than either of them expected...

Will Renee and Marshall be daring enough to begin again?

Renee Gavel is trying to get on with her life. After the loss of her beloved Grandmamma, she’s left alone in the world. Starting her first design job, working for Lucy Dare at Mann and Mann in Midtown, Renee finds comfort in the familiarity of a small cafĂ©, Bel Ami. She also finds the tall, dark and handsome architect, Marshall Mann. 

Marshall Mann is the successful owner of his family’s architectural firm, Mann and Mann. He builds everything, especially when it comes to his life. Everything is planned and goes accordingly, until the tragic loss of his mother and the fateful meeting of Renee Gavel.

Through the miracle of love, these two lonely souls find a way to build something together just to have it crumble with another devastating blow to Marshall’s family. Will they find the understanding and forgiveness to heal their wounds? Or will they allow the losses in their lives to tear them apart, and lose their chance to let their hearts heal and love begin again?

Boudoir photographer Emberly Blair uses her unusual creative talents to do more than snap steamy photos. Her passion? Using artistic sensuality to help other women find their hidden beauty. Rooted in a family tragedy, Emberly’s work is her life’s mission, and she takes seriously every nuance of light and shadow in the images she creates. What she doesn’t take seriously is the uptight millionaire who lands on her doorstep in need of a good headshot, a female escort, and someone to curb his sarcastic tongue.

IT genius and philanthropist Seth Owens doesn’t pay much attention to anything not connected to an electronic grid—until he meets smart and sexy Emberly Blair. He considers her work superficial smoke-and-mirrors, but knows that where there’s smoke there’s flame, and Emberly is it. When Emberly suggests they make a trade—she’ll accompany him to a dedication event where he is the reluctant star if he’ll be her plus-one at a wedding—Seth agrees to walk into the fire.

The fire becomes a sensual blaze that consumes Seth and Emberly. But just as they begin to believe that their love might be strong enough to burn high and hot for a lifetime, Seth makes a move that Emberly can’t forgive. It will take more than a few sparks to relight their relationship—and a deeper understanding by both of them of what it takes to forge a forever love.  

Stacy Sullivan’s life is at a crossroads. Her professional surfing career hasn’t worked out like she’d hoped, but what else can she do? She’s worried surfing is all there is to her, and losing it would mean losing her identity; her everything.
Danny Silko is riding high. He’s a star on his hockey team and all is right with the world. The only thing he could wish for is someone to share his good fortune with.
When Stacy and Danny meet, instant attraction pulls them together. Stacy finds herself getting more involved than she’d meant to, and Danny’s pretty sure he’s found the one. Their outlooks on life and each other couldn’t be more different. Despite everything, will they battle through and find love?

An arrogant heir to a jewelry empire. A sassy saleswoman with designs on a brighter future. One marriage proposal that might secure both their futures.

Billionaire boutique owner Alain Verragio has led his company to the pinnacle of the Miami fine jewelry industry for the past five years. He’s a master of exacting standards in both his professional and his personal life.

Former showroom model Serafina Cristales knows she’s more than just a pretty face. She’s got designs to be the next executive at Verragio’s, but she has to convince the owner she’s got more to offer him than just eye candy.

Things take a turn for the worse when a clause in his father’s will mandates that Alain must marry to keep his inheritance. With only three weeks until he loses everything, he offers Sera a daring proposal—to be his wife, in name only.

Alain knows that his demanding ideals in the bedroom make it unlikely he'll find a woman who will be able to match his desires for a long-term commitment, but Sera surprises him in more ways than one.  Now, what was supposed to be a short term sham to help them both get what they wanted, might be exactly what they both need.

Nadia Pierre has always had a competitive spirit. When a game of “truth or dare” shoves her in the direction of a sexy, brooding stranger at the bar, she realizes just how over her head she is in this game of dare. But Nadia has never back down from a challenge and she isn’t about to now…

Struck by an unwavering attraction to the beautiful but tipsy grade school teacher, Sean Colt isn’t prepared for the kiss that hurls them both toward a night filled with explosive passion. Yet when a sudden tragedy reveals a daunting family secret, Sean discovers his life has been nothing but lies, leaving him uncertain of everyone around him. Except Nadia.

When the ultimate truth is revealed, will it put an end to their budding relationship—or will Sean and Nadia dare a future together despite it?

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