Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lone Star Burn

Lone Star Burn Kindle World 
from Ruth Cardello
Introducing 5 new novellas from authors Candace Clark, Debbie White, Elle Christensen, 
Judy Kentrus, and Taige Crenshaw

Burning Love by Candace Clark

Silas Shaw set Nashville on fire, then walked away. Determined to take back his life and get the girl, he put his wayward band members on hold and headed back to Texas. In hot pursuit of his hometown love, Whitney Harris, will Silas' romance spark or crash and burn? Can his music and band withstand his absence, or will his personal journey send his career up in flames?

Whitney Harris was left high and dry two years ago when her first and only love, Silas Shaw, left Fort Mavis to chase his dreams. When the newly anointed country music star blows back into town for Thanksgiving, she decides to give him one more chance. Will she be able to handle the heat or get burned again?

See what sparks fly in this heartfelt romantic adventure... BURNING LOVE.

Healing Hearts by Debbie White

Josie knew her marriage was on shaky ground. She’d just had this discussion with her best friend, Polly. But she never expected that he’d do something as crazy as he did, and certainly, not just before their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party their daughter had gone to great lengths at planning. What was she going to say to their friends, their daughter?

To help clear her head and make some decisions, Josie rents a cottage at the beach along the Jersey shoreline. Not even in her wildest dreams would Josie ever have believed what was about to take place during that week-long visit to the beach could actually happen. But it did.

Ranchers Only by Elle Christensen

A ranchers only dating site? 
Go ahead, read it again, I’ll wait. 
No, this is not a joke. 

Just ask Ophelia Cooper. 

Her life is quickly spinning out of control and her best friend decides to cheer her up by setting her up with an account on a ranchers only matchmaking site. Lia scoffs at the idea, but eventually, a cold, empty bed and dirty dreams about the obnoxious, egotistical, but really freaking hot cowboy next door, are enough to convince her to give it a shot.

Or you could talk to James Locke. 

His little sister, Rose, insists that he needs to date or he’ll wind up even grumpier and alone. A misunderstanding causes him to fight his strong attraction to his sexy, red-headed neighbor, turning him into a jerk and burning that bridge. Rose takes matters into her own hands and sets him up on a dating site for ranchers only. A wake up call makes him realize what he might have had with the beautiful Ophelia. So, he decides to try out the site, hoping he still has a chance at love.

We all know you’re thinking that people using an online dating site are desperate. Don’t deny it. Besides, you may be right. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
Hopefully, James and Lia will have the last laugh as they ride off into the sunset, happy and in love.

Undercover Heart by Judy Kentrus

Caleb Hughes Thompson, owner of Hughes Department Stores, business-driven world is shattered when he receives a letter, written by his recently deceased brother. His dying wish is to have Caleb locate his daughter, the result of a one night stand. He should start in Fort Mavis, Texas

Erin MacKenna is a single mom and a third grade teacher in the Davy Crocket primary school in Fort Mavis. One crazy night of indiscretion resulted in the most wonderful gift she’d ever been given, her daughter Danielle. Not wanting to damage her daughter of a preacher reputation, she tells everyone she was artificially inseminated.

Caleb needs someone to help plan Santa Traditions, the children’s holiday promotion at their Fort Mavis location. A teacher in the primary school would be well-skilled dealing with young children. It would also be the perfect place to start searching for his niece.
Heartwarming, endearing Christmas story.

Perfect Match by Taige Crenshaw

When life leads you to your perfect match, you will just have to hang on for the ride…

Violet Anderson doesn’t want anything to do with the arrogant man who makes her want to deck him in one moment and then—well, she wasn’t going to even think about that. They might have to be friendly since they have friends in common but she won’t let him get to her. Except the infuriating man did the one thing that she never expected…he challenged her. And Violet didn’t like being told she cannot do something or losing. So she will accept Nicolas’s challenge even if it tempts her with the one thing she should avoid—giving into the attraction she can no longer deny. Her mind says to avoid him at all costs now—if only she could get the rest of her to listen.

Nicolas Quinn knows what he wants and nothing will stop him from getting it—even the stubborn woman who has gotten under his skin. Violet might act like she isn’t attracted to him but he knows better. Now, it would just be a matter of arranging it so she could get to know him better. Then she would give into what is between them. He’d been around her enough to know one of the things that makes her tick. Violet’s competitive nature is beneficial—to him. 

When a strong-willed woman is challenged by a man who knows her better than she thinks, she realizes sometimes in life when you least expect it, fate brings you a perfect match.

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