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Mother's Day with Infidelity Kindle World

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
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With a smile I couldn’t wipe from my face, I glanced around Metro. Friends had converged to help us celebrate, and my heart swelled to see the love, diversity, and support surrounding us.
Drinks flowed, laughter rang out, and hugs were freely given. Friends gave speeches, food was shared, and music filled the air while we all danced.
“We want to thank you all for coming tonight.” Kyle addressed the crowd. “The people here tonight mean the world to us. You’re our colleagues, our confidants, our best friends, and we wouldn’t want to celebrate with anyone but all of you.” Kyle raised his glass. “Cheers!”
“A ditto would be just as effective, but I feel like I need to at least put forth some effort.” I joked as I took the mic from Kyle. “We are truly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives, and having you all here tonight proves to us that love wins. No matter the hatred, the cruel words, the pain…the love we share with those we’re closest to always wins.” I swallowed a lump in my throat before lifting my glass. “Thank you. Cheers.”

Note from the author: So, Kyle’s parents are deceased and Adam’s parents are not supportive of his relationship with Kyle. When I was asked to share a snippet of Devoted for Mother’s Day, I was at a loss for a moment. This book doesn’t have doting, caring, loving mothers.
However, what this book does have is a group of friends who are the true definition of family. Adam and Kyle are blessed with friends they can count on and turn to. Not everyone has a great family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know the love of family. “Mothers” can come in many different forms.

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
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Deleted Scene from
D.D. Lorenzo


There was no point in trying to reason with my parents. Disappointment shone in their eyes. Delivering the news that I was a homosexual wasn’t as liberating as I thought it would be. Saying the words out loud was like letting the air out of an over-inflated balloon. Expelling the phrase “I am gay” released the tightness that had resided in my chest for years, but the hurt on my parent’s faces immediately filled the void. I closed the door of the study behind me, but I couldn’t leave. Not yet.
I leaned against the wall outside of the door, barely breathing so that I could hear their conversation.

“He’ll come to his senses.” The quiet steel of my father’s voice was hushed, and his tone was soothing.

“I don’t think so, and as much as we deny it, I believe that both of us were well aware of Patrick’s attraction to men before today.” The trembled emotion in my mother’s voice broke my heart. I never wanted to hurt anyone; I only wanted to be true to myself.

“I’ll make him understand," my father continued. "He is our only son. He must marry; must have at least one child. Otherwise, what will happen to everything we’ve built?”

“The world is changing, my darling, and we have to change with it.” Now it was my mother’s sweet voice that soothed. “No matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone thinks, no matter what anyone does, that young man is our flesh and blood. He is the best part of both of us, and I’ll never deny or disown him. All of Savannah can go to hell before I do.”

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
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“Great.” Imina braced both hands on her hips and studied her mentor. A woman who had seen her at her worst and turned her into the creature she was today. Was that a good thing? Who really knew? “Someone should watch out for Ms. Collins.”
“Demetri has a woman who works for him. Deloris. I’ve met her once.” Karen huffed out a laugh. “Was like looking in the mirror, only scarier. That woman will keep an eye on the whole situation. She won’t let anything tarnish the Demetri reputation.”
“Alexandria isn’t a situation, Karen. She’s a living, breathing person.” Imina paced in front of the desk, restless and angry. Sure nothing good would come of that poor redhead’s situation, especially with Demetri involved.
Karen frowned. “Don’t question my judgment.”
“You’re not infallible.” Though harsh, Imina had to speak this truth. Together, they hadn’t always made the right choices for the employees but rather the right choices for Infidelity. 
“You’re speaking out of turn.”
“Someone around here has to.” Imina lifted both brows and met Karen’s gaze.
Her boss sighed then sipped from her drink. “Sit down.”
“Why?” She was in no mood to be lectured over her outburst.
“I want to hear about you and Aiden in the elevator. Anything…interesting happen?”
“What do you mean?” The word—interesting always held far too many connotations. Imina narrowed her eyes. Why was Karen concerned about events occurring inside the elevator instead of questioning why it’d stopped in the first place? “I’ll check to see if security emailed a report.” Using that as an excuse, she stepped closer to the door.
“Uh huh…that’s what I thought.”
Imina snapped around. “Thought about what?”
“Me?” Imina tapped her nail against the doorframe, because this conversation was not heading in a safe direction. Much like her elevator excursion yesterday.
“I just got off the phone with Aiden. He’s taking you out.”
Gasping, Imina stormed toward Karen’s desk. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
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Bella Costello sat at her chestnut vanity table applying mascara to her skimpy brown lashes and tried not to cry. Crying would ruin her careful makeup, but tears threatened because she was reminiscing about the lush, dark fringe of lashes on her son, Luca, even when he was an infant. People used to come up to his stroller to look at his bright eyes, framed as they were by such long, thick lashes and Bella would laugh when the other women griped “it’s always the boys who get them.” It was true. Luca’s were so long they’d sometimes flip back into his eyes and he’d howl bloody murder until she managed to hold him still long enough to get them out. But, oh, he was such a good baby in every way and she missed him—them, her babies, their childhood—terribly.
Luca was her golden boy. In his youth, Bella’s husband, Vincent, was a looker, no doubt about it. Of late he’d been indulging in too much of the good life. But Luca? He was so much more than a mere looker: he was fashion-model gorgeous. Bella almost couldn’t believe the masculine beauty her son was gifted with. Where it came from was anyone’s guess—he certainly didn’t get his perfect nose from either her or her husband. The thing she liked most about her son was that he didn’t depend on his looks for anything… well, except maybe for getting the girls, but that part of his life was over now that he was happily married. The tradition of their men taking mistresses—goomahs they called the sluts—was a thing of the past. Everything else Luca had, he’d earned with his brains and brawn—he spent the time and exerted the effort. Plus, he was wickedly clever, her boy.
Arching her brows, she put the finishing touches on her makeup, sealing it all in with some sparkly mineral powder, and sat back. Not bad, she thought. This old broad still had some life left in her. Bella swept her shoulder-length auburn hair into a low loose bun, pinning it with a hair stick.
OK. She had to hurry. Bree was picking up her mom and then swinging by to get Bella. Bree’s mom was in town from Illinois visiting her relatives in Brooklyn, so Luca and Bree were taking both their moms to brunch for Mother’s Day. Since Bree’s father wasn’t coming, neither would Vincent. Bella hoped there wouldn’t be bad blood between the two men stemming from any resentment Vincent might have over missing the brunch.
Bree’s father wanted nothing to do with the Costellos and didn’t try to hide it much. He did attend his daughter’s wedding but that was as far as he would go. He refused to have any further contact with Bree’s in-laws. Illinois State Senator Buchanan, the perfect Midwestern WASP, didn’t want to sully his reputation and future political viability. So be it.
As she was trying to zip her white dress with the navy-blue zigzags, there was a soft rap at the door.
“Ma?” Luca called. “Are you ready?”
“Yes, honey, come in and zip me up.”
Hesitantly he walked into the room, handsome in his navy suit with an ivory v-neck sweater underneath the jacket. Bella snorted a chuckle at his wariness. “I’m not indecent, Luca. I just need you to get the last part of the zipper.”
“I didn’t say you were, Ma. Happy Mother’s Day,” he said and leaned in to give her a kiss. “Wow,” he added, taking a full look at her, “you still got it, Ma. I remember when I was so proud that I had the most beautiful mother in the neighborhood. I still do.”
Bella shook her head slowly. “I think you’re biased but thank you. You look pretty handsome yourself. Hey, look at us, we match! Are Bree and her mom in the car?”
“Yes. I asked Dad again to come but he said no way. I feel bad…”
Bella shook her head. “Don’t worry, Luca. It’s not your doing. It will all work out.”
“I don’t know, Mom,” he said as he pulled up the zipper and fastened the pearl snap at the top. “Bree’s father is pretty stubborn. He barely will have anything to do with me, never mind Dad.”
“His loss. Meanwhile, Dad and I get to hog the grandkids.” She laughed at his expression. Currently there was just one grandbaby, Carmine. “Come on, Luca, there’s a whole lineup of lonely Bellinis and Bloody Marys on some table in the restaurant. We don’t want to keep them waiting.”
Luca laughed. “No, we don’t.”
They began to exit the room when Luca stopped suddenly and pulled her back. “What is it?” she asked him.
“I just wanted to tell you that I love you, Ma. Thanks for being such a great mom to Luisa and me. We really appreciate it.”
Bella felt tears spring to her eyes. “Thank you, sweetheart. That’s kind of you to say.”
“I don’t know about kind but it’s true. Too many people have terrible parents. Whatever sins can be laid at our door… you and Dad were fantastic parents.”
Bella choked up. “Have you spoken to your sister?”
“She’s waiting at the restaurant, Ma. But first, I wanted to give you this.” He removed something from his breast pocket and handed her a small teal box with a white ribbon—the signature wrap of her favorite jewelry store. “Happy Mother’s Day, mia madre. From your son who adores you.”
Bella finally lost the battle with her tears and she dabbed at them with the tip of her finger. Whatever she did in this life or the one before it that earned her Luca, she thanked her lucky stars that she did. Taking a deep breath, she reached for his large hand, remembering the tiny one that it used to be. She could pretend for today that it still was. “Come on, little boy, let’s go.”

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
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“Hello,” Mom answered after the fourth ring.
“Hi, Mom.”
“Who is this?” she asked
I rolled my eyes. “It’s Scarlett Johansson. I’m calling to let
You know that I’m your long-lost daughter. Jesus, Mom! Who
Do you think it is?”
“Kelsey?” she questioned.
“Mom,” I screeched. “It’s Chelsea!”
“Well, I’m sorry, dear, but you haven’t called in so long that I’ve
Forgotten what your voice sounds like,” she teased

Aleatha Romig and 9 best selling authors bring you the Infidelity Kindle World.
Grab your copy of Inheritance by TC Winters today and check out these exclusive scene featuring Mom! 
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Inhaling, Sera said, “Do you want the girls and me to leave here and go back to my home country?”
“No. Why would you ask such a thing?” The way she’d blurted out the question jolted me, leaving little time to process.
“The house belongs to you. You seem so angry. Perhaps if the girls and I were no longer in the way, you could have a family of your own. I do not wish to add to your distress.”
My gut clenched at the idea of my sisters moving to Italy. “You are my family, Sera. I couldn’t bear being separated from Bettina and Cat. I am angry, but my anger has nothing to do with you. I’m angry you’re alone. I’m angry Bettina won’t have our father to walk her down the aisle. I’m angry Cat is afraid of what she calls the mop or that she even knows the…mop exists. But mostly I’m furious at the monster who murdered Dad.”
Her shoulders slumped and tears streaked her cheeks. “You are a good man, Dante. We have always had an easy relationship. I am happy this will not change. I love you like a brother.”
Not caring about the awkwardness, I rushed to her and held her tightly. “We’ll always be a family. You’re always welcome in this house, even if I marry or you remarry.”
She jerked and her voice changed. “I could never remarry. I would not dishonor your father’s memory.”
I squeezed her shoulders. “You’re young. PapĂ  wouldn’t have wanted you to be alone.” I slowed my breathing in an attempt to control my rampant emotions. “This is a conversation we should save for later. Just know you’re welcome in this home.” With her high cheekbones and Mediterranean good looks, she’d be fighting off advances within a year.

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