Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gift of Giving

This season, we want to try something different.
Check out what these authors have to say about why they love the holidays.
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Felice Stevens - Hot Date 

What I love most about the holidays is family coming together. Thanksgiving is y favorite holiday because it's not about gift-giving but rather spending the day with loved ones and sharing good food and drink. We always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving's Day parade then the dog show. Afterwards we eat!!
Chanukah isn't an important holiday but because it's near Christmas, we give children small gifts for the eight nights. In addition, I make potato pancakes which I love, and eat jelly doughnuts. Do you sense a common theme? Food!!
Happy Holidays!

Kelly Jensen - Uncommon Ground 

What I love most about the holidays is giving gifts. While I enjoy the shopping part--hunting for just the thing and wrapping it nicely--the opening part is the best. Especially when I feel I've chosen something special. Yes, it's nice to know your gift (and thoughts) are appreciated, but for me, it's more about that second of joy. The quick expression of delight and the acknowledgment that your friend or loved one know you were thinking about them, and just them, for a little while. 

Nic Starr - Finding His Place 

Christmas means summer! It's the beginning of six or more weeks off school for the kids, with long holidays and days spent at the beach or by the pool. So Christmas is the start of fabulous family time!

Christmas Day is all about the extended family spending time together. Sitting around the tree to exchange presents, then gathering in the kitchen to prepare lunch - ham, turkey, and all the trimmings. We all lend a hand as we listen to Mum's favourite carols and sip champagne. We have huge bowls of cherries and a pavlova to finish the meal instead of pudding. After lunch, the younger members of the family usually go swimming while the rest of us sit with a glass of wine and wait for the food coma to pass! The day always runs into the evening, with more swimming, games of backyard cricket, and eating leftovers. In fact, we seem to be eating ham and turkey for days!

Christmas is also a time of reflection. We lost my Dad on Christmas Day, but I like to think he chose that day because he knew we'd all be together, celebrating the day, and so wouldn't be alone on the anniversary of his death. So we raise our glasses and share special memories of the wonderful man he was, while feeling blessed to have each other.

However you spend the holiday season, may it be filled with love and happiness.

S.C. Wynne - Memories Follow 

I love the holidays because of the time spent with family. That sounds like a cliché, but what I love is most of my family is in a good mood during the holidays. Maybe because they get a little time off. It's a lot more fun spending time with family when they're in a good mood because they've had a few days off in a row! Also, I just love that the weather turns colder this time of year, and there is the scent of woodsmoke in the air. I'm not a warm weather person. I think my DNA has icicles in it because I love cold weather. Of course, I live in S. California, so cold weather is relative. But cold weather or not, I look forward next month to buying my tree and spending time with loved ones.

Lane Hayes - A Way With Words 

Jenna Kendrick - On and Off - Coming in January!