#DFRKW Instafreebie Friday

Join us as we party and celebrate the Dallas Fire & Rescue
Kindle World Freebie Friday! You can buy any and all of the books in this world here: http://paigetylertheauthor.com/kindle-world/#books 
Download the 1st chapter of the books, celebrate with authors and enjoy!

Burning Rage by Anne Welch http://bit.ly/2x9iqUx
Tempting Fire by Caitlyn O'Leary http://bit.ly/2zlG7cZ
On Fire by Deelylah Mullin http://bit.ly/2yUTaWm
All Fired Up by Denise A Agnew http://bit.ly/2yClIDk

   Incendiary by Desiree Holt http://bit.ly/2hPlQp1
Whine and Rescue by Donna Michaels http://bit.ly/2yCm1hs
Rescuing Miami by Elle Boon http://bit.ly/2gU4bN2
Fire Wolf by J.K. Harper http://bit.ly/2go5vHs

Firelighter by Jackie Wang http://bit.ly/2zB9DvX
Stealing His Fire by Jen Talty http://bit.ly/2zB9DvX
Smoke & Mirrors by Kalyn Cooper http://bit.ly/2yB8DIs
Burning Mischief by Kandi Silvers http://bit.ly/2io8tA7

Hearts Afire by Laura Garland http://bit.ly/2l1dZJP
Fletcher's Flame by Lexi Post http://bit.ly/2inKuks
Love Triage by Liz Crowe http://bit.ly/2zod9ZP
Brave Hearts by Maddy Barone http://bit.ly/2zmfvbC

Smoke & Pearls by Marianne Rice http://bit.ly/2x93DJi
Through Smoke by Marissa Dobson http://bit.ly/2zBI0D6
Relentlessly Mine by Megan Mitcham http://bit.ly/2zByNe4
Deadly Flame by N Kuhn http://bit.ly/2in74cK

Rekindled by Paige Tyler http://bit.ly/2xRC0Uw
Emergency Cupid by R.L. Naquin http://bit.ly/2gSxU9j
Burn Out by Rachel Rivers http://bit.ly/2in7ik6
Blaze's Redemption by Rayanna James http://bit.ly/2yWEqWY

Undamaged by Regina Kammer http://bit.ly/2yVbpv5
Slow Burn by Ripley Proserpina http://bit.ly/2goFgkh
Chasing Flames by Siera London http://bit.ly/2wAvN2U

Crash & Burn by Silver James http://bit.ly/2yAMpHQ
Dallas Burning by T.M. Cromer http://bit.ly/2zmzlU0
Affinity by Tigris Eden http://bit.ly/2yDURGT


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